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Clarify Your Goals and Create Your Clear Path Forward in Your 500+ Page Life Plan at Dr John Demartini’s Master Planning for Life Workshop

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If you don’t know the specifics of what you’d love to create, you’ll not know with certainty what’s the next priority step to take

People who KNOW WHAT THEY WANT, become crystal clear on the priority steps to take to achieve their goals.

At Master Planning for Life, you’ll clearly define what you’d love to be, do and have in all 7 areas of life.

Get real-time coaching from Dr John Demartini as you’re guided through over 2000 powerful questions to create your 500+ page life plan.

Spend 3 dedicated days mapping out in detail what you’d love to create in all 7 areas of life:

  • Develop your mental empowerment plan
  • Plan out your empowered business objectives
  • Define your inspired relationship blueprint
  • Plot your financial destiny
  • Define your physical empowerment plan
  • Build your social and leadership plan
  • Get clear on your spiritual mission
  • Clarify what you’d love to be, do and have
  • Walk away with your very own 500+ page blueprint for your amazing life
  • Do this all from the comfort of your own home

Who is this program for?

Master Planning for Life is for anyone interested in spending dedicated time to work on their goals and map out their inspired action steps toward the life they envision.

If you’re a student of life looking to gain greater clarity of what you’d love to create for your life, then Master Planning is perfect for you.

If you’re a health practitioner, life coach, business manager or owner wanting to create an expanded blueprint for your business and plan out the details of what you want to create in all other areas of your life, Master Planning will take your life to a whole new level of empowerment.

"It’s fantastic, thought-provoking"

"I got a lot out of this. The questions were comprehensive and really stretched me, which I was grateful for. It gave me clarity about what my legacy will be. This document and learnings from this workshop will be my foundation for achieving this."



Your Very Own Master Plan

Once you have completed this amazing workshop you will have your very own Master Planning for Life book that you can continue to develop and refine for the rest of your life.

Your Master Planning for Life book will include an outline of exactly what you intend to create in the 7 areas of your life as defined in your:
















Dedicated Time to Plan What You Envision

Perhaps you’ve always meant to sit down and plan your life, but you’ve never had the discipline or the clear time to get around to doing it? These are the perfect 3 days to focus on building the life of your dreams.

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It’s Time to Set Your Goals And
Give Clarity to Your Mission


Step 1

Register for the Workshop
Sign up for the 3-day Master Planning for Life workshop with Dr Demartini

Step 2

Build Out Your Masterpiece
Work through 2000 quality questions to define your amazing life

Step 3

Implement and Achieve Your Inspired Life Plan
Get into action one prioritized step at a time to build your inspired life

Life Mastery Starts With Clearly Defining Where You Are Headed

We know that you’re driven to live a life of meaning and purpose and that you have a strong desire to excel in all areas of your life.

Getting clear on exactly what you’re trying to achieve is the most important place to start if you’re to know where to aim your efforts and the priority steps to take each day to achieve your goals and dreams.

The problem is, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by daily distractions and lack clarity on what you want, which will leave you feeling confused, uncertain and ultimately, unfulfilled.

You deserve to fulfill your dreams. We understand how frustrating it is to want to do something amazing with your life but feel like you’re confused and uncertain as to what to do or where to focus.

That’s why Dr Demartini’s inviting you to join him for his 3-day Master Planning for Life Workshop where he’ll guide you through a 2000 step by step process to map out your inspired life plan.

You’ll walk away with a 500+ page life blueprint; ready to implement your plan one priority step at a time.

Enroll now, and finally give yourself the time to clarify what you’d love to dedicate your life to creating.

It’s your time to focus on what really matters, YOUR LIFE.


Be Guided Through 6 Transformation Processes At The Master Planning For Life Workshop

  1. 2000 Plus Quality Questions - To guide you through a step by step process to clarify your goals in all aspects of each of the 7 areas of life: Mental, Vocational, Financial, Familial, Social, Physical and Spiritual
  2. The Demartini Value Determination Process – To clarify what your life demonstrates is truly most important to you so you can structure your daily priorities according to what you value most
  3. The Manifestation Formula - The formula Dr Demartini has used for nearly five decades to masterfully create and achieve the extraordinary life he has been blessed to live
  1. The Purpose Statement Clarifier - Bring empowering certainty and inspiration to your mission statement that serves and fulfills yourself and others and balances altruistic doing and narcissistic having into a true ontological state of intrinsically driven being
  2. The Leadership Formula - The 'Five S’s' of Leadership followed by great leaders to leave their immortal legacies
  3. The Science of Goal Setting and Achievement - Filter out unrealizable fantasies and set true and meaningful objectives utilizing chunking and linking processes that initiate spontaneous and meaningful action

Through planning, you create a fulfilled life, one filled with greater satisfaction and accomplishment. By not planning, you remain in a vulnerable world of stressful reaction.

Take charge and build your life the way you would love it to be today.

"...leave with a plan for your life"

"The workshop is hands-on and you’ll leave with a plan for your life that you’ll keep refining for the rest of your life."

DANIEL G. TAYLOR - Mental Health Speaker and a digital marketing officer


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Your 3-Day Goal Setting and Planning Workshop

Watch Dr John Demartini explain the value of planning your life and how the process he’ll share in the Master Planning for Life workshop has created the foundation for all his achievements to date.


What Others Have Said

"This workshop is priceless. The clarity of purpose and focus is worth every minute and every penny. My relationship with my wife, who I met one month after Master Planning for Life 2018 is priceless. I am coming out of MPL 2022 with a detailed plan for relaunching my coaching business next month, as well as a refined purpose and vision for my life with my family and building a legacy."


Peter Jessen

Mindset Coach

“The last time I attended a Demartini workshop my life had a drastic change. I have experienced great success. If you want to clear your doubts, learn how life works and how to control your life and destiny. Invest in your future and take this course. The money you spend is a small investment to the income and life changes that you will reap."


Rudy Garcia

Chemical Engineer

"Master Planning for Life gave me insight into parts of my life that were just happening by default and allowed me to consciously set an intention in and plan for all areas of my life. Massively valuable for someone who wants to set their own course in life and loves to be stretched with insightful questions"


Andy Campbell

CEO & Business Owner

Master Planning for Life - Where Your Goals Give Clarity to Your Mission

Napoleon Hill said it beautifully in his book Think and Grow Rich, “a deep burning desire for something that will automatically result in actions will bring results”.

So getting clear on what you really, really want is key to creating the life of your dreams.

That’s why I put together a detailed series of questions, over 2000 of them in fact, to help you scan all the areas of your life, to help you to work out what exactly you’d love to create.

This is the essential place to start, to get clear, to have a plan, something that you are certain you want to create in order for the universe to hear and fulfill your inspired intentions.

Your power of manifestation comes from a clear intention and consistent action through time to achieve it.

You really can create an amazing life when you get clear and by following the steps I’ve laid out for you, you’ll activate a powerful manifestation process that through time will literally blow you away.

So many of my students come back to me after a year to share how amazed they are by what they’ve achieved since they created their plan.

When they realize how powerful this process is, they return year on year to continue to set bigger goals and build upon their original plan. I myself allocate time every day to update my master plan.

I’ve many times had tears of inspiration when I look back through my manual and see some of the goals that I’ve set and see how they’ve already become real.

I would not dedicate the time to do this daily, if I wasn’t convinced that this is the wisest allocation of my time.

I structure my day around priorities and I know that when I want to achieve something, allocating the time to plan is the highest priority action I can do to achieve it.

So perhaps you’ve always meant to sit down and plan your life, but never got around to doing it. Or maybe you just don’t know where to begin. Or possibly you didn’t realize how powerful the planning process is. Whatever the reason, now there is help.

Master Planning for Life will give you the time, direction, and guidance to develop a detailed plan, to map out exactly what you envision in life. And when you’re clear on what you’d truly love to have, it becomes destiny.


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