How to Empower All Areas of Your Life

DR JOHN DEMARTINI   -   Updated 1 year ago

Dr Demartini shares 7 powerful questions you can ask yourself to empower and experience personal growth and mastery in all 7 areas of your life. Any area of your life that you don’t empower, others are likely to overpower.


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DR JOHN DEMARTINI - Updated 1 year ago

There are seven areas of life that you are wise to empower if you would love to master your mind and master your life. By empowering these areas, you are more likely to fulfil your dreams and maximize your potential in life.

Before I begin discussing the seven areas of life, I’d like to take a moment to outline the value of identifying your unique hierarchy of values or in other words, what’s most important to you.

After 50 years spent studying, researching and teaching human behavior around the world, I believe that knowing your unique hierarchy of values, or highest priorities, is the wisest place to start if you are inspired to master all seven areas of your life.

Whether you wish to grow your finances, leadership, influence or your business, whether your intention is to transform your relationship, health or any area of your life, it all starts with understanding what's highest on your list of values.

Your values influence every aspect of your perceptions, decisions, and actions.

It’s only when you get clear on what’s most important to you (what’s highest on your values), and you build your life around that, that you take the handbrake off on your life and finally start to see the progress and results you intend.

As such, if you haven’t already, I would love you to take 30 minutes to complete the Demartini Value Determination Process on my website. It’s free and will help you to clarify the most important areas of your life to focus on so you can nurture the authentic version of you.

I often say that the quality of your life is determined by the quality of questions you ask yourself.

This is something I teach in my signature two-day Breakthrough Experience program - quality questions to balance your perceptions, and neutralize and transform polarized emotional feelings into integrated feelings of presence, certainty, gratitude and love.

I have included a few quality questions below to help you empower each area of your life.


Your highest values are typically what inspire you and drive you to excel. They are also the areas where you tend to acquire the most knowledge and expertise.

When you seek to learn something new, it's important to consider how that knowledge will specifically help you FULFILL what you value most and ALIGN with your mission and purpose in life.

If you are inspired to empower yourself mentally and experience personal growth in this area of your life, it is wise to ask yourself:

How specifically is the content I am learning helping me fulfill what I value the most, my mission in life, and my authentic identity?

So, when you come across new information, such as books, articles, videos, ask yourself how specifically it will help you fulfill what is highest on your list of values. By doing so, you will likely absorb, retain, and apply the knowledge effectively, thereby maximizing your learning capacity.

This applies not only to self-learning but also to communication with others. When you communicate in a way that aligns with their values, they are more likely to learn and retain the information.


In the business realm, it's wise to recognize that employees don't work solely for the company itself, but rather to fulfill what they value most.

When they can see how their job description and the overall mission, vision, and goals of the company align with their individual values, they tend to become more engaged and inspired, eagerly looking forward to work each day. As Warren Buffett famously said, they "tap dance" to work.

However, if employees cannot see this alignment, they may seek distractions, such as surfing social media, taking breaks, or daydreaming about vacations and retirement, instead of being fully engaged in their work.

Engaged employees tend to be more productive and inspired, and time seems to fly by. They are also more likely to experience eustress, a wellness promoting form of stress, rather than illness promoting distress.

Therefore, as an employer, it’s wise to ask:

How specifically do their job duties and the company's mission help them fulfill what they value most?

If you are an employee, you can ask yourself a similar question:

How specifically is this job duty and the mission of the company helping me fulfill what I value most?

Furthermore, effective communication in business, whether as a leader, manager, executive, sales manager/executive, or any role, requires caring enough about the other individual to understand their highest values and effectively communicate how fulfilling your own values helps them fulfill theirs and vice versa. This goes a long way to fostering respect, dialogue, and meaningful communication, as opposed to autocratic monologues where people mostly tune out.


Moving on to the third area, which is financial, it's wise to understand that the unique hierarchy of your values determines your financial destiny.

If you don't have a mindset focused on building wealth and a genuine desire to grow your wealth, it is highly unlikely happen.

If you don't place a high value on asset accumulation and wealth building, you will likely end up spending your money on other depreciating consumables that are more important to you, which is absolutely fine. There's no right or wrong when it comes to your values. But unless you value building assets they are unlikely to accumulate and begin working for you.

However, if you claim to want financial independence and wealth, yet your highest values are not aligned with that, you will likely end up feeling frustrated and disappointed. And you are not likely to have money ever work for you.

Setting goals that are not congruent with your highest values will tend to lead to self-criticism and dissatisfaction.

It's important to understand that people who do not value themselves, serving others, or wealth building, tend to buy things that decrease in value. On the other hand, those who do have a high priority on assets building tend to invest in things that increase in value, not only in terms of finances, but also in their own self-worth and overall quality of life.


When it comes to relationships, it's wise to understand that the individual you're with, and the values they hold, shape their identity. Similarly, your own identity revolves around what's highest on your own value system. If you can't see how their highest values align with yours, you may feel the urge to change them. I believe it’s wiser to remember that people don't want to be changed; they want to be loved for who they are.

Trying to change someone or trying to change yourself so you can live in their values can so easily undermine the relationship. Often, conflicts arise when individuals are not living congruently with their priorities, and they unwisely and futilely project their values onto each other.

To have more empowered and respectful dialogues with those you care about, it is wise to ask yourself:

How specifically is what they're dedicated to, their highest values and the actions that they live every day, helping me fulfill what I’m dedicated to, my highest values and what I’m living every day?

By linking and writing down the answers to this question repeatedly, you will notice an increase in mutual respect and smoother communication

The more you link and appreciate each other's highest values, the stronger your relationship dynamic likely becomes.


When it comes to leadership, it's wise to live congruently with your highest values and true identity.

This means having integrity, expanding your space and time horizons, and giving yourself permission to pursue a bigger vision.

When you align your actions with your highest values and purpose, your self-worth increases, and you tend to become more disciplined, reliable, and focused.

Leadership is essentially about congruency - doing what you love, what inspires you, and what is deeply meaningful to you and what serves ever greater numbers of others.

When you wake up inspired to do what is highest on your values, prioritize your life accordingly, and delegate lower priority tasks, you automatically step into a leadership role. I believe that everyone has a leader within them, but it's often dormant because they may be subordinating to external influences, injecting values that cloud their own mission, trying to be someone they're not, or beating themselves up with self-limiting beliefs.

In reality, these are just feedback systems to get them back to authenticity and help wake up their leadership.

To become more empowered in leadership, it is wise to ask yourself:

What are my highest priorities and what are the highest priority actions I can do to help me fulfill them?

A key aspect of leadership is asking yourself what is highest on your priority list and identifying the actions that will help you fulfill that – some objective that serves others and solves a social problem. It's also about delegating other tasks and giving yourself permission to lead. You can either follow the culture or lead the culture.

I believe that it’s more fulfilling to be an individual that makes a difference and stands out, rather than trying to just fit in.


When it comes to your health, your physiology sends you signs and symptoms. These signs and symptoms serve as feedback mechanisms to alert you when your perceptions are skewed and your perspectives are imbalanced.

For example, when you are impulsively infatuated with someone or instinctively avoid and resent someone, it indicates that you are likely not balanced in your thinking. You may be too humble or too proud to acknowledge what you see in others is also within you.

When you lack equanimity within yourself and fail to see equity between yourself and others, you tend to judge and seek or avoid, which tends to leave you feeling empty and unfulfilled.

This judgmental mindset creates physiological and epigenetic signs and symptoms in your body, such as autonomic responses. This is vital feedback to try to make you aware that you are not seeing the whole picture, and are judging others and yourself in some way.

By understanding how to INTERPRET these signs and symptoms, which is one of the topics discussed in the Breakthrough Experience, you can become aware of what your body is trying to reveal to you.

It is wise to ask yourself:

Am I truly living congruently with my highest values and living by priority, and how is what’s happening in my life helping me fulfill my mission - the thing that I'm most inspired by and that is deeply meaningful to me?

Asking this question can help you experience eustress, which is a positive form of stress that arises from embracing both sides of life and having a balanced perspective, instead of distress. As such, your wellness quotient will likely increase.


I believe that spirituality is not confined to specific activities or lifestyles.

An individual who dedicates their life to raising a family is just as spiritual as a monk sitting on a mountaintop, in my view.

All activities that authentically inspire you, whether it's sports, wealth creation, business growth, meditation, yoga, art, socializing, or politics, can be a spiritual path when you live according to your highest values. It inspires you and serves as an example to others.

It is wise to ask yourself:

What is it that I would absolutely love to do that fulfills and inspires me and serves others equally?

To sum up:

Any area of your life you don’t empower, will be over-powered by someone else.

You are not a victim of their over-empowerment, you’re simply not empowered in that area of your life.

When it comes to mastering and empowering all areas of your life, there are seven divisions that I refer to:

  1. If you don’t empower yourself in your mental capacities, you’ll likely be told what to think.
  2. If you don’t empower yourself in business, you’ll be told what to do.
  3. If you don’t empower yourself in finance, you’ll be told what you’re worth.
  4. If you don’t empower yourself in relationships, you may end up doing or agreeing to things you don’t want to do.
  5. If you don’t empower yourself socially, you’ll be told what propaganda to believe.
  6. If you don’t empower yourself physically, you’ll be told what drugs to take or organs to remove.
  7. If you don’t empower yourself spiritually, you may be told some antiquated dogma that may not be rational or self-empowering.

Plus, the more areas of your life you don’t empower, the more likely you are to feel like a victim of your history instead of a master of your destiny; that the world is controlling you; and that you are living by duty and not by design.

In my opinion, that’s not the wisest way to live.

I believe that if you live in accordance with your highest values and ask quality questions, you can empower all seven of those areas of life.

I have spent 50 years doing whatever I can to help people do that and am certain that there’s a science behind it, which I have partly shared above and what I teach in far more detail in the Breakthrough Experience.

If you haven’t already determined your highest values, I would love you to go through the FREE Value Determination Process on my website.


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