A Grateful Mind Opens Up A Loving Heart

DR JOHN DEMARTINI   -   Updated 2 years ago

Dr Demartini explains why anything you are not grateful for will run your life. The more you are grateful for all you ARE, DO and HAVE, the more vitality you’ll have and the more likely you’ll be to be a master of your destiny instead of victim of your history.

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DR JOHN DEMARTINI - Updated 2 years ago


How your perceptions, decisions and actions affect your levels of gratitude


You have three things you have control of in your life: your PERCEPTIONS, DECISIONS, and ACTIONS.

If you take command of and prioritize your ACTIONS to the very highest priorities, you’ll have the highest probability of having the most gratitude.

When you live according to your highest values or top priorities, your blood, glucose and oxygen go into your forebrain, or prefrontal cortex, which is the executive center of your brain.

So, any time you fill your day with the highest priority actions and do what is most important, meaningful and inspiring in your life; you wake up the part of your brain that is involved in inspired vision, strategic planning, objectivity, execution of plans, and self-governance.

This is also when you tend to feel the most fulfilled, grateful and able to handle anything resiliently, as opposed to when you’re attempting to live by your lower values and you feel like you’ve been putting out fires all day, ticked almost nothing off your priority list. When you attempt to live by your lowest values you’ll tend to find yourself feeling unfulfilled and unappreciative of your day.

So, if you're not living by priority, you're most likely to be less grateful. However, this is something you can take command of.


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You can sit down at any point in your day and decide the quality of day you’d love to lead and if you choose to ask yourself equilibrating questions, or questions that awaken your mind to both sides of your daily events simultaneously that when answered, brings your mind into balance, you can transform any perception of an event in your day into one which centers and empowers you.

Quality Questions such as: What is the highest priority action I can do today to help me fulfill my most inspired mission on earth, to help me serve the most people, and to be able to fulfill my life?

You can also ask: No matter what has happened in my life today, how's it helping me achieve what I really love? How's it helping me fulfill my mission and purpose in life and what I feel is most fulfilling?

Asking yourself this question and linking your perceived current situation with what is most important to you, activates the medial prefrontal cortex in the forebrain, which is not only called the executive center but also the GRATITUDE CENTER.

As such, you are able to see the hidden order in your perceived chaos and are more likely to become a master of your destiny instead of a victim of your history.

Taking control of your perceptions and decisions, then allows you to take control of your ACTIONS.


Gratitude enhances all seven areas of your life:


  • Spiritual - you become more present, caring and loving when you are grateful.
  • Mental - you have less brain noise and a clear mind when you are grateful.
  • Vocational - you become more productive and engaging when you are grateful. You are likely to care about meeting the needs of your customer and employees. You will also tend to have less noise in your brain and live by priority, while also awakening your genius and leadership.
  • Financial - you become more objective and reasonable when you are grateful. Your services that build your financial assets are more likely to appreciate in value than depreciate. If you prioritize your actions and act upon them in priority it will help you build wealth and serve people in ever-greater numbers, you'll grow your wealth potential.
  • Familial - you are more dialogue oriented than monologue projective, as well as patient when you are grateful. A relationship is not meant for you to be always supported but instead to help make you authentic which requires a balance of support and challenge. Asking: How specifically is what this other individual is dedicated to, whether supportive or challenging, helping me fulfill my highest values, you’re likely to become more resilient, adaptable, appreciative, and able to say with integrity, “I'm thankful to you and thank you for what you're doing. I didn't see it, but now I see it.”
  • Social - you are more caring of others and centered when you are grateful. You tend to display more equity with those you lead or influence, and are more likely to create or lead a culture or pathway than follow a culture or pathway.
  • Physical - you are more poised than poisoned when you are grateful, more homeostatic than emotionally erratic. You also tend to be more vitalized, have more energy and physiologically be more balanced in health.  Gratitude and love are still the greatest healers on the planet.


Every situation contains something to be grateful for


Every situation is neutral until you subjectively bias your perceptions and label it otherwise. It inherently has both sides. It is neither positive nor negative until you filter it through your values or polarize it to one side or another and narrow it down with your temporary moral or ethical label.

There are at least two sides to every event in your life.

It is not what happens to you that matters as much as how you perceive it. Your daily events can appear to be negative at first glance. And then a day, week, month, year, or a decade later they can appear to reveal their other positive side. And so too in reverse.

The speed at which you see both sides is a reflection of the wisdom you have and the breadth and depth of your awareness.

If I told you that you are ALWAYS:

  • Nice and never mean
  • Kind and never cruel
  • Generous and never stingy
  • Positive and never negative
  • Peaceful and never wrathful

Your intuitive ‘BS’ meter would go off and let you know that is not the whole you.

If I told you that you were ALWAYS:

  • Mean and never nice
  • Cruel and never kind
  • Stingy and never generous
  • Negative and never positive
  • Wrathful and never peaceful

Your intuitive BS meter would again go off and let you know that is not the whole you.

But if I told you that you are SOMETIMES:

  • Nice and sometimes mean
  • Kind and sometimes cruel
  • Generous and sometimes stingy
  • Positive and sometimes negative
  • Peaceful and sometimes wrathful

Your intuition would immediately say within that that is true with certainty.


Events or actions are neither positive nor negative


You are neither one label nor another as a whole individual, but at any one moment, you could be perceived to be one or the other.

When your highest values in life appear to be supported, you can display one side - "nice". But when your highest values appear to be challenged, you can in turn display the exact opposite side - "mean".

So too for events in your life - they are neither positive nor negative until you, with your incomplete awareness, label them to be so.

When you see both sides simultaneously, you become grateful for the hidden order within your apparent chaos.

Whatever you label one-sided will run your life until you return it to balance and become grateful.

A perfectly balanced mind becomes grateful.

Anything you are ungrateful for becomes baggage and anything you are grateful for becomes fuel.

Wisdom is the instantaneous recognition that every:

  • Crisis is accompanied by a blessing;
  • Challenge is accompanied by an opportunity;
  • Door that is shut is accompanied by an open window.


Wisdom is the synthesis and synchronicity of complementary opposites


The sooner you see both sides the wiser and more grateful you become.

Seeing only one side of an event will run your life until its complementary opposite side is revealed.

When you’re infatuated with someone, you’re conscious of the positives (confirmation bias) and unconscious of the negatives (disconfirmation bias).

When you are resentful towards someone, you’re conscious of the negatives and unconscious of the positives.

You embrace your conscious and unconscious sides simultaneously when you become fully conscious and grateful.

Your intuition is attempting to awaken you to this wiser state of poise which is the source of feeling truly grateful.


Anything you are not grateful for will run your life


Anything you cannot say thank you to will occupy space and time in your mind and run your life until you do see both sides equally and become grateful.

The result of gratitude is what matters and what liberates your mind!

You can be accountable and diligent on your own and discover the hidden order. Or gratitude can be generated through self-reflection, which is wise and productive. You can even seek assistance from a knowledgeable specialist or facilitator to see the balance and become grateful.

Once you see things ‘on the way’ instead of ‘in the way’, you’re set free of the bondage and burden of incomplete and one-sided emotional perspectives.


In Conclusion


Operating from a state of appreciation and gratitude is not only the secret of fulfillment, but it’s also the secret of decreasing the editing, fractions, side bending, and wanderings in life.

You have more vitality when you are grateful for all you are, do and have.

You become less burdened by subconscious emotional baggage when you are grateful for events and experiences in your life. You become more uplifted and more enlightened.

True gratitude reflects the state of mental order and poise.

Balanced objectivity is more empowering than emotionally biased perceptions.

Give yourself permission to see both sides and liberate your mind and life from unnecessary burdens.

A grateful mind opens up a loving heart.

Gratitude is the key that opens up the gateway of your heart. This allows the love that resides within to radiate to those you love.

Wise Action Steps to Begin Implementing In Your Life:

Every single day: Stop. Reflect. Think about what you could be grateful for. Make it your aim to be appreciative of your life. Acknowledge the magnificent life you experience.

It is wise to take the time to prioritize your life and take control of your perceptions, decisions and actions.

If you haven't gone on my website to complete the free, confidential Demartini Value Determination process, I would love you to do that. I am certain it will help you determine what is truly most important to you so you can prioritize your life according to what's meaningful and not prioritize it according to what you think it SHOULD be.

Document what you're grateful for on a daily basis. I have the largest collection of gratitudes of anybody I've ever met and I do it every single day. I am certain that it makes a tangible difference in your life if you take the time to actually stop and reflect on the things you're grateful for, and how everything is on the way and not in the way.



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