The Universal Law of The One and The Many

Dr. John Demartini discussing the one primary universal law underlying the many secondary laws - the law of the ‘One and the Many.

From the subatomic world to the macro astronomical world, and anywhere in between, including all of human behavior

Understanding the Universal Law of the One and the Many can help you set realistic expectations for yourself and others, thereby creating more meaningful results and greater achievements.

When I was 18 years old, I met an elderly gentleman called Paul Bragg, an exceptional teacher who inspired me to pursue a career in education. It was he who first mentioned the term “Universal Laws” to me – something I went on to study in greater detail.

In pursuit of the knowing the great universal laws I discovered one of the greatest – The Law of the One and the Many.

And the more I studied the Universal Law of the One and the Many, the more I began to see it applied on a micro level in the subatomic world, on a macro level in the astronomical world, and anywhere in between, including all of human behavior.

I’d like to elaborate further and give you some idea on how this could be useful to know and to apply into your life, and how it can give you a competitive advantage.

 The Universal Law of the One and the Many: An Overview

In essence, the Law of the One and the Many states: from the One comes the Many and from the Many comes the One. In other words, within the one is the potential for the many, and within the many there is inherently the one.

Here are a few examples of the Law of the One and the Many

  • In the universe – This law can be seen in the form of the one initial universe apparently expanding and then forming many super galaxy clusters, and these universes then potentially contracting back into the one. Or, in more current terminologies, the expanding Big Bang (one to many) and the contracting Big Crunch (many to one).
  • On earth – In geology, Wegner’s plate tectonics integrates many tectonic plates into a super continent and then disintegrates a super continent back into individual plates. In oceanology, fiery equatorial heat rises (one to many) and watery polar cool falls (many to one), initiating circulation and redistribution of natural resources or elements. In meteorology, heat rises, expands and dissipates (one to many), while cool falls contracts and concentrates (many to one), initiating seasonal weather and socioemotional patterns.
  • In the body – In organic- and bio-chemistry, there are nucleophilic substitution (many to one) or elimination (one to many) reactions. In enzymology, enzymes catalyze anabolic (hydrogenase — many to one) and catabolic (dehydrogenase — one to many) reactions to build and destroy in order to maintain metabolic equilibrium. In the nervous system, the parasympathetic autonomic nervous system anabolizes or builds from many to one and the sympathetic autonomic nervous system catabolizes from one to many.
How the Universal Law can apply to your own life:
  • The more you force yourself towards the many, the more nature forces you back to the one, and the more you will force your way back to the many again. So, from the one comes the many, and from the many comes the one. If you understand that it’s nature’s way, you’re likely to accept it and not fight it.
  • When you understand this Universal Law, you will also be more likely to set realistic expectations in your own life. You will also be in a greater position to make a vast difference in the world because you are more likely to try to meet the needs of others and not just your own needs.
  • If you inflate yourself, you are being inauthentic. If you deflate yourself, you are being inauthentic. However, if you are being yourself and find that balance between one and many, you are better positioned see that everything around you is a reflection of you. This is something I teach extensively in my signature program, the Breakthrough Experience.
  • The German philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer once said that you become your true self to the degrees that you make everyone else yourself. When all the parts out there are reflections of what is inside you, you will have mastered your life because you’ll have equity between yourself and them, and equanimity within yourself. You’ll also be more likely to maximize your potential, be inspired by what you do, become more certain and present, and feel more love and gratitude.
  • What is interesting in relationships – if you fire yourself up and go into pride, you may eventually be humbled and brought back down. If you go down and dilute yourself, people around you may try to lift you up in an attempt to get you into equilibrium because of the law of the one to many. So, you may find that you tend to receive criticism if you get cocky and receive praise if you are feeling humbled. This is nature’s way of constantly trying to get you into equilibrium in your life.
  • This law can also be seen in business relationships – if you get puffed up, talk down to your customers and don’t meet their needs, you are likely to be humbled as a result of a lack of sales. In other words, thinking that the one (you) is more important than the many (your clients) can lead to a lack of sales and resulting lack of revenue that inspires you to begin thinking about the needs of the many again. The reverse also applies – if you’re altruistic and sacrifice yourself for the many, you might reach a point where you need to begin thinking about your own financial needs again. In both cases, nature tries to find an equilibrium or an equitable position of fair exchange in all relationship dynamics.
  • This law can also be seen in social leadership skills – if you try to be a leader (one) and you forget about the needs of the people (many), you might become a tyrant and be humbled should a revolution occur. If you try to sacrifice too much for the people you lead (many), chaos and disorder may result, which may then inspire you to begin leading more authoritatively (one). Once again, nature will always attempt to get you back to a state of equilibrium.

To conclude, I think that we all deserve to understand this law. If you take the time to think about it and explore it further, I am absolutely certain that it will give you a competitive advantage in the world, more realistic expectations, more appreciation, more productivity and more fulfilment. That is why I encourage you to go ahead and check out and then join me for the Breakthrough Experience where I expand on this great law of laws to help you do something even more extraordinary in your life.

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