The Law of Planning

Dr John Demartini explains that now more than ever, the law of planning will help you transform the apparent chaos into opportunity.

Now, more than ever, the law of planning will help you transform this time into opportunity.

You’ve probably heard the old adage, ‘If you fail to plan you plan to fail’.

This is just as true today, especially in this time of global challenge with Covid-19.

In this video Dr John Demartini explains that now more than ever,  the law of planning can benefit you during this coronavirus challenge

At 17, I learned another great morsel of wisdom from the 93 year old gentleman who became my first time mentor.

He told me, ‘if you don’t plan your life, someone else will and you’ll live someone’s dream.’

He asked me to write a plan for my life that would last 100 years, so when I was 17, I began my Master Plan – my blueprint for living a masterful life. This mentor has since passed away, but if I could, I would certainly hug him to say, ‘Thank You for making such a significant difference in my life.’ Even today, I still refer to and refine this original Master Plan. It goes wherever I do.

What does this mean for you especially during the current turmoil and change we’re all experiencing as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic?

Make it a habit to every single day, sit and take a few moments to organize and plan your life. Address your Spiritual, Mental, Professional, Financial, Familial, Social and Physical development. Put something down for each one of these major categories as you begin to outline your unique journey, your desires and your vision.

Type your plans into a computer or write them down on a paper as you take your dreams from inside your heart and make them tangible realities. There’s something magical in translating abstract thoughts into recorded words – and a short pencil is better than a long memory.

Sometimes you might have a jumbled idea, but when you write it on to crystallize and manifest themselves. You’ll literally start to attract the people, ideas and events that you hold in mind. The plan helps you become the director of your living production.

Everyday take a few moments – even if it’s only ten minutes before you to bed or when you first wake up – to look at the map you’ve started. Refine it and keep fine tuning it. I began when I was 17 years old with the aim to share my inspiring ideas with many people, and see and set foot in every country of the world. Today many years later, that first rough draft has become reality.

You’re the captain of your ship and the master of your destiny. Start with your own Master Plan: Simply take a few moments everyday to draw out and design your own life, just as an architect designs a skyscraper.

Imagine trying to erect a building without a blueprint – the workers couldn’t get anything done. You have in a sense, all the motivated workers sitting inside you, but they can’t leap into action until you follow the Law of planning.

Everyday take a quick break to keep defining and refining your Master Plan. You’re the Master.

PS. Words of Power

Divine guidance assists me in writing my Master Plan for life. I become the author of my life as I write my Master Plan. Everyday I reread and rewrite my Master Plan for the seven areas of my life.

Through my Master Plan, I focus daily on my purpose and grow in doing what I love. I take my dreams from my heart and crystallize them on paper! My dreams manifest as I write and see them on paper. I refine my plans and my dreams for life every day.

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