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The Compass

USD 25.00
Produced by John Spencer Ellis
1 x DVD Set


Life is a journey filled with choices and experiences.


You can only live your life to the fullest when you are true to yourself, set your values high, and follow your compass. The Compass is the opportunity you need to design the life of your dreams. There has never been such a complete solution for overall life success and fullfulment. The Compass is a life transformation story that will guide you on a journey of self-discovery. At the core of The Compass are specific life lessons about belief systems, authenticity, and understanding who you really are in order to live out your desitiny.


Jonathan, the main character, escapes his suburban life after a tragedy that alters his existence and plans for the future. Numb and paralyzed by grief, Jonathan decides to journey across the globe in an effort to realign his inner compass. He sets off with a backpack, leaving behind his career, friends, family and home, to journey around the world. His travels begin in the dry desert of Nevada, and continue on to the pristine mountains of the Adirondacks, and then to a medieval village in Romania. In every destination Jonathan encounters one pivotal person who offers a major life lesson, and he begins to realize that each individual was placed there for a reason, and represents a specific element of life. 


The Compass is a metaphor for the journey of life, with its intermittent peaks and valleys. Each desitination Jonathan visits is unique with a diverse mix of people, representing the kaleidoscope of our individual lives. His journey of self-discovery will move you to contemplate your own life, gaining valuable lessons along the way. 


Featuring Dr. John F Demartini and others

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