The Prophecy I Experience Online 2014  
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Includes 34 videos in 9 modules

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The Prophecy I Experience Online 2014

7 Day Seminar, An online treasure! Your empowerment experience sharing profound wisdom and knowledge across all 7 areas of life. This digital program is only available to Breakthrough Experience Refreshers. Includes all the footage from the 7 day LIVE program and a digital manual which you can access online plus all the digital editable forms from the manual. Refreshers to the Prophecy 1 Experience contact for a Prophecy 1 Online Refresher Rate of US$3000.


1 sessions — Welcome to the Prophecy 1 Experience. This program is an empowerment experience in all 7 areas of life. An inspired journey giving you the edge, expanding your influence and creating opportunities for your global leadership.

Day 1: The Human Quest for Mental Understanding & Wisdom

9 sessions — When you are infatuated or resentful, admiring or despising or putting others up on a pedestal or down in the pit, you are not able to maximize your learning capacity.

Day 2: The Human Quest for Physical Health and Wellness

5 sessions — If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?

Day 3: The Human Quest for Familial Love and Intimacy

3 sessions — When you are infatuated with or resentful to your relationships, they will run your life. Whatever you are infatuated with or resentful to will occupy space and time in your mind and keep your mind in bondage until you become free through the balance of true love.

Day 4: The Human Quest for Social Power & Leadership

4 sessions — Mankind functions within a global social intelligence that maintains a balanced hidden order of love. A great deal may be learned about society by studying man and so too, a great deal may be learned about man by studying society.

Day 5: The Human Quest for Financial Independence and Freedom

3 sessions — Genuine wealth is measured and assessed by the conditions of all things that make life collectively worthwhile. Genuine wealth implies total life wealth. Many people are accustomed to looking at wealth strictly in financial terms or property and possessions. But genuine wealth is much more than that and we know it intuitively.

Day 6: The Human Quest for Spiritual Immortality and Truth

5 sessions — Why does God exist for some, but not for others? Not everyone believes in God. Many individuals change their religious beliefs throughout their lives and generally at least once by age 24. They may convert to, or abandon their previous religious beliefs by that time. Although religious affiliations are more fluid in young adults, they tend to become more stabilized as people age. People are generally either theists or atheists primarily because they were socially raised that way, but also because of their individual personalities.

Day 7: The Human Quest for Vocational Service and Success

3 sessions — What new something are you bringing to the world, something customers want that is different from or greater than what other companies are providing? What is your company’s unique added value- what would be lost to the world if your company disappeared? Why does your company matter? What is your company’s unique or distinct contribution? What exactly is your business? Why does it exist? What is its reason for existing? Who are your primary customers? What are your primary products and services? Where do you geographically operate?

Dr John Demartini on Determining Your Values

The Prophecy I Experience Online 2014

Get the Demartini Experience through 34 videos in 9 modules

Special offer - $3,800

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