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Demartini Method Facilitators

Working one on one, private or corporate

Ken Pierce

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Ken Pierce
Master Certified Demartini Method Facilitator

Ken Pierce is a Master Certified Demartini MethodTM Facilitator, a board certified psychologist and business consultant. Ken Pierce was one of the first psychologist's in the world to be certified by Dr. John Demartini. Ken has over 30 years experience in private and corporate practice.


Ken is an international speaker, author and corporate trainer who also holds Senior Faculty status in the William Glasser Institute of Los Angles and is a former faculty member of both Holland College and the University of Prince Edward Island. 


Ken has published in the areas of: leadership (Using Lead Management on Purpose - with a Foreword by Dr. William Glasser), early childhood education (The Foundations of Early Childhood Education), school yard bullying (The Dance of Bullying - co-authored with Alice M. Taylor , with a Foreword by Dr. John Demartini) and most recently, dealing with prostate cancer (A Grandfather's Tale - with a Foreword by Dr. John Demartini).


Ken had also created or produced several audio visual learning aids from his work with the Demartini Institute including: The Breakthrough Experience on PowerPoint - a New Learning Tool - a CD developed with Dr. John Demartini; Bringing Balance to Life and Purpose to Work - a DVD presentation by Dr. John Demartini; The Physics of Bullying - a DVD presentation; An Evening on Marriage - a CD/DVD presentation and An Evening on Parenting - a CD/DVD presentation.


Through his company, Clarendon Consulting, Ken provides individual and organizational consultation services. Ken's clients include individuals from many walks of life and organizations of all sizes. Ken's corporate client list include: Health Canada, Great West Life, The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, The Atlantic Lottery Corporation, Farm Credit Corporation, Blue Cross - Medavie, Department of Education, Connors' Bros. Ltd., Veterans Affairs Canada and Bell Canada, among others.


Ken is known in the corporate arena for his gifted and inspiring work. His presentations have been described as "powerful," "insightful," "dynamic" and "very useful." He has developed numerous programs for personal and organizational transformation.


Some of the areas where you can work with Ken using the Demartini MethodTM include:


Spiritually: Connecting with who you are, clarifying your values and purpose.

Mentally: Discovering your genius, uncovering your innate perfection and self-empowerment.

Vocationally: Resolving confusion, dissolving obstacles and designing your own destiny.

Financially: Uncovering all forms of your wealth and transforming them toward goals.

Socially: Building a strong network of friends, colleagues and community who honor your values and dreams.

Familial: Developing loving and lasting stable relationships which sustains you.

Health: Creating a vital and flexible physical presence reflecting health and wellness.


Ken is available for consultations by email, over the telephone or in person at prearranged times. To Book Ken Pierce Click Here


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