Jackie Mortimer

Trained Demartini Facilitator, Professional Angel Intuitive/Clairvoyant Reader

Jackie Mortimer is a Trained Demartini Facilitator and a professional Angel Intuitive/Clairvoyant Reader and she also has a background in NLP, Matrix Therapies, Theta Healing, Meditation and Well Being.

Jackie has been on a Personal and Spiritual Development Journey for over 30 years and she continues to dedicate her life to personal and spiritual growth.

About Jackie

Jackie participated in her first Breakthrough Experience in 2007 and another four breakthroughs thereafter, three where she facilitated and another one for her own growth. She also attended two sessions of Prophecy I, two Trained Demartini Method Facilitator Programs and a Demartini Values Training Program and she continues to educate herself through the Demartini Institute.

Jackie also dedicates her life to teaching individuals how to listen to their inner selves so they can maximize their true potential and fulfil their destinies.

Jackie’s expertise lies in the area of relationships, discovering your life purpose and listening to your intuition.  After overcoming a loss of her mother at three weeks old, being mentally abused by her step-mother, falling in and out of relationships and doing poorly at school, Jackie uses her unique abilities applying the Demartini Method to assist individuals to see the Divine Perfection of their life, to dissolve their emotions into states of love and grace and bring clarity and balance into people’s lives.

Jackie’s love of sharing her innate wisdom has assisted her clients to tap into their inner strength and wisdom to a new level of awareness whereby they gain a different perspective to live and experience great relationships and master their destiny.

Jackie is available for consultations over skype or telephone by a pre-scheduled appointment.

Contact Information:

Phone: 0412 612 608
Skype: Shakiangel1

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