Ivana Postregna

Trained Demartini Method Facilitator, Subtle energy transformation specialist

Do you wish to be more fulfilled in your life?

Would you love to be healthier, wealthier and gain a greater  love for yourself and others?

Ivana Postregna is a Trained Demartini Method Facilitator and a  specialist in Subtle energy transformation. She has over 15 year experience in this field and has helped thousands of people to progress, transform and become inspired in their life. Since 2008 Ivana has been an active Demartini facilitator and implemented the skills learnt directly from John Demartini into her personal life and her client’s lives.

Ivana’s main focus is to have her clients feel emotionally cleared, poised and centred after a session, so that they can get on with what they love to do and live a life filled with enthusiasm, purpose and presence.

Ivana covers a range of issues that are able to be dissolved and transformed into love – from intimate relationships to family dynamics, from finances to networking and building a business, and also from healthy eating to weight control and lifestyle. She assists clients to see the reality of any conflict at hand and transforms it into a space of love and gratitude so they can see the bigger picture. Ivana does this by clearing emotional charges and judgements that clients may have, which stops them from achieving their next level of growth and fulfilment. Some of these blocks may be:

  • Fear of rejection or fear of abandonment
  • Fear of not being good enough, healthy enough, or just not having enough
  • Financial burdens, bankruptcy, decline in sales
  • Not dealing with reality or coping with constant conflicts
  • Stolen from, mislead or felt cheated
  • Guilt or shame of hiding something
  • Fear of success and growing to the next level
  • Unable to maintain healthy relationships
  • Fear of your ex taking all your money, self esteem and vision

Just to name a few….

She says: “Once you have cleared your emotional charges and blockages, your perceptions shifts, whatever was holding you back are dissolved and your mind will start to focus on what is really important to you. The outcome is that you will be focused on more inspiring things. Things can build your wealth, yourself worth and your net worth. This is what I specialize in.

Ivana loves what she does and loves watching her clients transform into fulfilling, inspiring and prosperous individuals. Ivana is an international facilitator of human behaviours and suttle energy specialist. She has in-depth skill and insights into client’s issues and how to solve them. She facilitates people to break through their fears, shames and guilt’s; and onto new ways of thinking, acting and being.

Concurrently Ivana owns a successful business in Melbourne Australia which allows her to feed approximately 3000 people a week. She built the business from ground up and has implemented systems and check lists into the business to have it running automatically on its own. Her knowledge in business is vast from, budgeting, to marketing, profit margins, time lines, buying and selling, management of staff and administration, and increasing overall moral for effective productivity and profits.

Ivana’s mix of a business mind set and finances gives her an extra edge to her professional and business cliental.  Not only do they resolve and clear financial conflicts and business problems but also find solutions to their most difficult matters in the business world.

Ivana has inspired enthused and uplifted people from all walks of life with the Demartini method and suttle energy transformations. Her skill and knowledge helps clients break through to new levels of inspiration, understanding, empowerment and confidence.

She inspires people to living the life they wish and dream to live.

If you wish to know more, please contact Ivana on the details below:

Mobile: +61 421 335 418
Skype: ivana.postregna
Facebook: Ivana Postregna

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