The Breakthrough Experience

DR JOHN DEMARTINI   -   Updated 10 months ago

When I think back to the spring of 1989, when I experienced an Inspired vision and message to begin presenting a new seminar program titled Breakthrough to Higher Power – The V. I. P. Program, little did I know the impact it was going to have on millions of people around the world.


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DR JOHN DEMARTINI - Updated 10 months ago

In 1989, I was flying from Houston, Texas to Montreal on my way to do a presentation to a group of doctors. While in flight, I meditated and inwardly experienced an inspiring, heart opening, tear bringing, vision and message: Breakthrough to Higher Power - the V. I. P. Program. I saw a group of individuals sitting around a board table working on their individual missions and most inspired objectives, breaking through whatever challenges they perceived they faced.

I wrote what I inwardly sensed down. It was lucid and more than moving. As you probably know that in your life, when you experience an inspiring tear, you know there's something meaningful brewing, something that's authentic, something that, you know is important to follow through on or pursue.

And then my inner voice continued to say: An idea whose time has come, within the tiny acorn lies a mighty oak.

I wrote these visions and messages down in a Jack Boland goal journal, which still sits in my primary office in Houston, Texas. That day, I decided to immediately act on that vision and begin creating and designing that seminar program.

I soon invited 12 people to the first program in my office in Houston, Texas and I presented the Breakthrough to Higher Power - the V. I. P. program. V. I. P. For Vision, Inspiration, and Purpose. For Very Important People, for Vitality, Intensity, and Power.

I did it again a few weeks later and another 12 people came and I started running this program regularly.

After doing it three or four times, I noticed that people kept calling this new program The Breakthrough Experience because it was such a life transforming experience. So I changed the title to reflect their wording and The Breakthrough Experience was born.


When I was 17 I had the opportunity to meet Paul C. Bragg at the Sunset Recreation Hall in Waimea Bay, Hawaii. He was a special guest speaker that night.

I was literally just coming out of a near-death surfing experience, and this gentleman spoke and inspired me that one life changing night. He made such a huge difference in my life that night, that my life trajectory changed.

Before that night I thought I would continue on my path of surfing and make surfboards: But it changed that evening. I wanted to overcome my learning, reading and speaking challenges and someday become intelligent. I wanted to travel the world and learn and become a teacher. I wanted to do what this gentleman did for me for others. I want to inspire people, help them to awaken their inspired mission and vision and help them to overcome any obstacles in the pursuit of their unique dreams.

So, when I later experienced that vision and message in 1989 about the Breakthrough to Higher Power – the V. I. P. Program and it was renamed to The Breakthrough Experience, I felt I was building even greater momentum to do what I set out to do when I had my original inspiration that night I met Paul Bragg.

He had such an impact on my life that my life’s trajectory changed from living in a tent and being a long-haired hippie, surfer kid to now traveling full time around the world and getting to be a global teacher.

An amazing shift occurred because of one man, one night, with one message.

I remember back nearly 20 years ago when I was doing a live interview on a national TV show in the U.S.  I had just come out with a book titled You Can Have An Amazing Life in Just 60 Days. The host of the TV show turned to me and said, “Now Dr. Demartini, you don't really expect people to believe they can change their life in 60 days, do you? Isn't that a little unrealistic?”

This TV host was somewhat skeptical. I immediately, yet calmly, looked straight into his eyes and said emphatically, “Sir, it would be impossible to convince me you cannot change your life in 60 days. My life changed in 60 minutes by meeting one man, in one hour, one night. So you won't be able to convince me it can’t be done because I’ve done it and I’ve watched thousands of other people do the same.”

life changing


The Breakthrough Experience started with Breakthrough to Higher Power – the V. I. P. Program and became The Breakthrough Experience back in 1989. I've now presented this program 1,186 times and I’m still presenting this seminar every week almost. I can’t think of anything else I'd rather be doing than sharing this special program with its inspiring principles and methods of how to live a meaningful, fulfilling, and purposeful life.

I've been a researcher and teacher now since 1972. Once I learned how to read, I devoured everything I could get my hands on. That led me to eventually speed read nearly 31,000 books and many more thousands of journals and articles.

I love learning about anything that can help people master their life and maximize their human awareness and potential. So, I've been standing on the shoulders of giants studying the greatest teachings for over 5 decades now.

I remember my mom said to me when I was about to turn 19, she said, “Son, what do you want for your birthday?”

I was born on Thanksgiving Day. I said, “I want the greatest teachings on the face of earth by the greatest writers, greatest minds who ever lived from around the world.”

She said, “Are you sure you don't just want a T-shirt?”

And I said, “No, mom, I want to stand on the shoulders of giants, I want great knowledge.”

I wanted to be wise. I didn't want to be an idiot like I was told I was going to be as a child. I wanted to be somebody that accumulated and shared great knowledge – great and innovative ideas that served humanity.

My mom called her brother, my Uncle Ralph, and he sent two giant 6 x 6 x 6 foot wooden crates to our house, filled with thousands of books on every imaginable field.

I was in heaven.

I sat and started devouring the books he’d sent. I read 20 hours a day reading anything from the greatest minds, anything in the greatest fields, anything that would allow me to get some insight on how to maximize human awareness and potential to help me master my life and help others do the same.

When I was about 19 I was watching a new TV show called Kung Fu, starring David Carradine who was a martial artist that had been trained by a Shaolin master. And I thought, “I want to become a master of my life like this man.”

I defined mastery at that time as someone who has mastered each of the seven primary areas of live. 

I wanted to master my mind and be able to create original, creative and ingenious ideas that awakened genius in others and contributed something that served humanity across the planet.

life changing

I wanted to create a global business that made a difference and served people and that would leave some sort of contributive mark in the world.

I wanted to have financial independence and be able to work because I love to, not because I had to.

I wanted to have a global family dynamic, which is one of the reasons I live on a ship called The World that continuously circumnavigates the world.

I wanted to go and hang out with amazingly talented movers and shakers, which I've been blessed to do by meeting over 9,000 of these people now. And I wanted to create and lead a movement or culture more than just fit in and be a follower of one.

I wanted to do something amazing with my physical and be an enigma physically and be youthful with stamina even at a so-called ripe age.

And I also wanted to go and fulfill my inspired mission of inspiring other people throughout the world because I believe people deserve to have an inspired life. That was to me, mastery.

But everybody has a different idea of what mastery is.

You have a different idea. Yours may be raising a beautiful family or maybe a spiritual cause or maybe being a great Olympic medalist, I don't know. But whatever it is that's meaningful to you, I wanted to have the opportunity to help individuals like you do that.

When I teach the Breakthrough Experience, I get the opportunity to watch lives change. I get to teach people how to:

  • identify what they truly value most
  • live intrinsically
  • be spontaneously inspired from within
  • delegate lower priority things so they're not trapped weighing themselves down and self-deprecating and self-distracting.
  • take command of their life and its direction
  • be a master of their destiny, not some victim of history
  • dissolve emotional baggage stored in their subconscious mind
  • transcend the impulsive and instinctual limits of their subconscious mind

Over the past 50 years I’ve been fortunate enough to have developed a process called the Demartini Method. It’s a powerful reliable and reproducible science that dissolves emotional baggage - misperceptions that people judge in themselves or others that distract them from fulfilling their most inspired mission.

This method is like a goldmine for transforming people's lives. That's what my dream was. What Paul Bragg did for me, I'm now doing for other people. To me that’s absolutely inspiring to be able to do what you dreamed of.

When I present the Breakthrough Experience, it's a mind expanding and heart-opening experience. It's a transformative weekend. It is 25 hours of dedication to helping people, such as yourself, break through whatever they see in the way so they see life on the way, not in the way.

life changing

Some attendees have intellectual or problem solving challenges and feel they are not reaching their full mental capacities. Or they're having learning or retention problems, or maybe they're trying to go and get an advanced degree and they're having information management difficulties. I show them how to work through whatever their challenges may be.

Or maybe they're in business and they're not able to scale up their business, they're stagnant and they're not clear on their mission or their vision or they're not knowing how to prioritize or delegate or hire. Whatever it is, I explain to them how to master and maximize their business potential and navigate through their obstacles.

Or maybe they're trying to build wealth. And no matter what they do, they can't seem to get ahead financially. I show them how to transform their value structure in such a way that they can now receive money and make money and actually defer gratification and build lasting wealth in their life.

Or maybe they have relationship challenges or perhaps they're planning a divorce. I show them how to dissolve the angers and resentments and all the baggage that they have in relationships so they can love their life again and appreciate the people they're with or in some cases mediate a more functional and mutually winning departure.

Or maybe in social settings, they're intimidated and they're afraid of speaking up and out and they're subordinating to other people and need assistance on how to make the difference they desire and awaken their dormant inner leader.

One of the biggest challenges that stops people from doing extraordinary achievements is comparing themselves to other people and putting people on pedestals or in pits - instead of putting them in their hearts.

At the Breakthrough Experience, I teach attendees how to dissolve their polarized emotions that result in imposter syndromes and help them return to authenticity and their heart. I show them how to communicate and have reflective awareness so they can have true intimate relationships and love.

I also show attendees how to have vitality because when their living by their highest value and their inspired by their life, their physiology rallies, and even illnesses transforms because their illness is a feedback system inside their body to try to get them to be centered and authentic.

So if you want to be authentic, come to the Breakthrough Experience. It’s where you’ll discover the science of congruency and authenticity. You’ll experience tears of grace, and you’ll know that this is you. This is where your power is. You will discover a hidden order in your apparent chaos.

The facades and the imposter syndroms are not where the power is.

When I think back to 1989, when I had the special vision and message to present the Breakthrough to Higher Power – the V. I. P. Program, little did I know the impact it was going to have on millions of people around the world.

Now I have dedicated facilitators that are trained in the Demartini Method as a result of that program, and they're out spreading the impact of the vision and message and taking the Demartini Method and going out and doing something extraordinary with their life and those they pass this special torch to.

I'm very inspired by what happened in 1989. That one moment when I followed an inspiration that led to a movement across the world because of The Breakthrough Experience and the method.

A book has come out on it. And many more by other authors referring to it

There's a movie that's coming out on it.

It has now just touched thousands upon thousands of lives.

The Breakthrough Experience is a distilled portion of my life's work summarized in a two-day experience. It's a culmination of all 50 years of research plus. And it's what I love doing – transforming lives and helping others master theirs.

There's no way you can go through The Breakthrough Experience without having a shift in your trajectory in life.

At the end of the Breakthrough Experience, I often ask: “How many of you have learned something this weekend that you could have gone through your entire life and would have never learned?” The entire class puts their hands up, every time.

Why learn by trial and error, Instead of reinventing the wheel, why not stand on the shoulders of giants? The Breakthrough Experience is the result of me standing on the shoulders of thousands of giants in many fields of study and disciplines. great scientists, great philosophers, Nobel Prize winners, great psychologists, great theologians, great thought leaders, great inventors, the great minds in business and in finance and I've summarized and synthesized their works.

At the Breakthrough Experience, you get to stand on those shoulders and take advantage of their knowledge and wisdom so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Why not take advantage of the knowledge that I’ve been fortunate enough to acquire over the last 5+ decades of intense research?  The knowledge that has allowed me to fulfill my goal of mastering each of the seven areas of life and live a fortunate and inspired life globally.

Why not leverage their wisdom and my decades of synthesis to level up your life?

The information in this special program that has stood the tests of time is life-changing and I can't wait to share it with you.

Just like when I met Paul C. Bragg that night when I was 17 and my life changed, I want to do the same for you. I want to be able to bring that same impact and amazing information and shatter any myths that you might have run your life by.

Paul Dirac, the Nobel Prize winner said, it's not that we don't know so much, we know so much that it isn't so. I'd like to build you a foundation of knowledge that'll stand the test of time so you can dedicate your time to mastering your life and building your legacy.

We all want to make a difference. You deserve to make the difference you dream of. That's why I would love for you to come and join me at The Breakthrough Experience.

It's a family culture of like-minded individuals. Every time I present the program, I have people come and say: I feel at home. This is where I feel I'm most authentic. I can be loved for who I am and share my inner most vision and dreams openly and build momentum.

If you want to be loved for who you are, come to The Breakthrough Experience. If you want to express your love and do what you love in life, come to the Breakthrough Experience.

That one day in 1989, I did not know what that was going to lead to, but I'm so grateful I followed and pursued what was inspiring to me in that moment.

I want you to do the same. I want you to follow your tears of inspiration and live an authentic life and do something extraordinary and make a difference in your life, and in the lives of others and a difference in the world today, tomorrow and beyond your lifetime.

The ripple effect of your inspired vision has the power to transform generations. All you may love to ask yourself is how big a game do you want to play?

The Breakthrough Experience: Get Ready. Your Life is About to Change

Within the tiny acorn lies a might oak. An Idea whose time has come.


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