How To Build Momentum And Become Unstoppable

DR JOHN DEMARTINI   -   Updated 1 year ago

Dr Demartini explains how identifying your true highest values and then living by your highest priorities increases the probability of you living your life with incremental momentum where your achievements then become unstoppable!


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DR JOHN DEMARTINI - Updated 1 year ago

Do you perceive that you are stagnating or not making progress in one or more areas of your life? If so, perhaps you feel that you may be holding yourself back in some way or that you spend a substantial amount of time comparing yourself to what others have or have achieved and wondering why they seem to be building momentum with their achievements, while you’re treading water.

A feeling of stagnation may not feel comfortable but if wisely interpreted, it can provide you incredibly valuable feedback to help guide you towards what is truly most important and a more inspired, fulfilled, and meaningful life. Where you as a result build so much momentum that you too become unstoppable.

Here’s how:

I like to use the analogy of a train when talking about momentum. Most people will have seen a train pulling heavy cargo. It starts slowly as it pulls the massive weight behind it, before picking up speed or velocity as it goes. You may remember from your school days that momentum = mass x velocity: the mass of the train multiplied by its speed velocity results in its momentum.

It may be helpful to think of that train track as a metaphor for your unique, primary purpose, mission, or objective that you have in life. In other words, the objective that's most important in your life or what I call that which fulfills your true highest values.

Whatever is most important, most meaningful, most inspiring, most intrinsically calling you, the objective that you love doing that you can't wait to get up in the morning and do. That’s your train track path. That’s your mission. That’s your purpose.

Whatever is highest on your values, you tend to spontaneously act upon. However, when you do some actions that are low on your list of values, you tend to procrastinate, hesitate, and frustrate, and may need someone to extrinsically motivate you to do it.

It may surprise you to know that you tend to be most efficient, effective, and inspired when doing what is highest on your values. It’s also when you tend to have the least resistance, the most intrinsic drive, and when your engine becomes unstoppable.

If you live congruently with your highest values, you also increase the probability of being clear about what your track is - your mission in life – and be spontaneously inspired to act on it without inner resistance. As such, you tend to have the fastest speed and accomplish more in less time. In other words, you build momentum.

For example, you may have experienced a time in your life when you set a small goal and achieved it, and immediately set an even bigger and more challenging goal. If you achieved that, you may have set a much bigger and more unobtainable goal. Your goals keep growing and expanding, and you built momentum to help make you unstoppable.

To sum up so far:  when you pursue something that's deeply meaningful and inspiring to you and then achieve it, you tend to want to achieve something greater.

However, when you do something that’s LOW on your values, you tend not to want to work so hard.

You likely try to avoid any challenges and seek the ease of immediate gratification instead. This is also when you’re highly likely to procrastinate, hesitate and frustrate on something that takes a lot of effort because it’s low on your values.

If you’d love to build momentum, it is wise to align your life so that you are living congruently with your highest values, and keep prioritizing your life accordingly.

Think of a child who loves online gaming, as an example. He is not likely to need reminders or motivation to do it and will instead jump online and begin gaming every chance he can get.

On the other hand, he may not feel inspired to do his homework, read a book, or take part in a particular sporting activity, he may then procrastinate, hesitate and frustrate while finding every excuse not to do it. In other words, his life already demonstrates his higher values or priorities.

The same applies to your own life. In other words, your life already demonstrates what is intrinsically important to you, even though you may not think so right now because your perceptions may have become imbalanced and clouded.

If you're not consistently moving towards something that's deeply meaningful and inspiring, and you're not building up an accelerated pace or faster velocity towards it, you're unlikely to get to a point where your momentum is unstoppable.

That is the life-transforming power of discovering what your truly most inspiring mission is. Your unique mission is an expression of your highest value. Mine, as an example, is teaching self-mastery principles and methodologies in the field of human behavior.  It’s why I teach the Breakthrough Experience almost every week because I am deeply inspired by the impact it has on the lives of the people who attend. And I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon, because when you are doing what you love and on a mission you become unstoppable.

Like the boy I mentioned above who loves online gaming. Many parents will know that children who love gaming will play into the early hours of the morning, if you let them. And, as soon as they finish one level, they’ll immediately begin the next level, and the next, and the next. They build momentum, they build their skills, they become more confident, and they become unstoppable.

Try get that child to do homework for a subject he finds uninspiring or unfulfilling, and you will likely have a very different outcome. Why? Because:

  • Whatever's HIGHEST on his values, he loves doing and tends to become unstoppable.
  • Whatever's LOW on his values, he tends to stop doing and becomes unmovable. You can't get him to move.

I’ve often spoken about this in relation to students at school and how, if they can’t see how the classes they are taking in school will help them fulfill what they love most, they’re unlikely to become engaged in the content of the classes. It’s like pushing them up a steep hill in an effort to get them to complete those tasks or classes, which is the opposite of momentum.

Like thousands of other people I have worked with, taught, and consulted for over the years, you may be surprised to hear that your life already demonstrates your mission or purpose and that’s an expression of your highest value(s).

You don't have to look anywhere else but your own life demonstration to determine what’s most important to you or what you value most.

As such, if you would love to find your purpose, it is wise to determine what is most important to you, which you can do by taking the FREE Online Value Determination Process on my website.

Here are 5 of the 13 questions you’ll be asked when you do the process online:

  1. What three items or objects do you fill your intimate and personal space with most and what are these items used for most?
  2. How and on what do you spend your time most constistently?
  3. What energizes you most and what do you consistently have energy for most?
  4. What do you spend your money on most?
  5. Where you are most organized and ordered?

If you look closely and objectively, there's a pattern that will begin to emerge and something you can't miss.

Once you have identified your unique hierarchy of values, it is wise to then begin structuring your life around what's most important.

As I mentioned earlier, my highest value is teaching in the field of human behavior, my second is researching and writing in the same field, my third is traveling the world to teach. So I consistently prioritize my daily tasks where these three objectives are placed above everything else and, in doing so, I build momentum much like a train going down a hill fulfilling what I love.

In all likelihood, you know someone who is similarly focused and who will work into the early hours of the morning – not because they have to, but because they’re inspired and on a mission.

As I often say in my presentations, nobody goes to work for the sake of a company, they go to work for the sake of fulfilling their values. Nobody goes to school for the sake of just taking a class, they go there to fulfill their values. Nobody gets in a relationship just so they get in a relationship unless it's fulfilling their values.

Every decision you make is based on what you believe will give you the greatest advantage over disadvantage at any moment in time in relation to fulfilling your set of and highest values.

It’s for this reason that it is wise to prioritize your life by asking yourself: What is the highest priority action I can do today that can help me fulfill what's most meaningful to me, my purpose in life, and that serves the greatest number of people?

It is then wise to delegate tasks that are lower on your list of values or lower priorities.

If you're not delegating lower-priority tasks, you won't be able to spend time on the highest-priority tasks that help you become masterful, build momentum, and be unstoppable.

Give yourself permission to do what's really most important.

If you make a list of every single thing that you do in a day, all day, every day for weeks, and take a look at what you're doing and then take a look at where it is on the meaning list: How meaningful is it? How productive is it? You may just realize that you are majoring in minors and minoring in majors, instead of doing what's really most important and high priority to you. In doing so, you tend to hold back momentum and lower your velocity.

  • When you do something HIGH on your values, your energy goes UP.
  • When you do something LOW on your values, your energy goes DOWN.

Your energy is what drives your momentum. So if you raise your energy, you're likely to speed up the process, be more effective, efficient, prioritized, and empowered.

One of the many reasons I love to teach the Breakthrough Experience program, is so I can help you identify your highest values and help you to get crystal clear on your ‘train track’ – your mission and purpose in life. I also show you how to dissolve emotional distractions, phobias and fears that may be holding you back from taking command of your life, aligning it with your highest values, prioritizing and delegating, and ways you may be subordinating to other people.

When you compare yourself to other people and put them on a pedestal, you minimize yourself as a result. When you minimize yourself, your energy and confidence tend to go down, you tend to avoid taking action or delegating, and hang on to emotional baggage that weighs you down and slows your momentum.

It’s for this reason that I encourage you to identify your highest values, prioritize your life, and give yourself permission to be authentic and to express what you value most. In doing so, your energy will begin to go up, you will gain momentum, and you’ll become inspired and grateful for your life. That’s how you become unstoppable.

To sum up:

Many people who feel stuck and lacking momentum in their lives are likely not clear as to their own mission and purpose in life, are subordinating to other people, comparing themselves to other people, clouding the clarity of their mission, not living by highest priority, trying to please others for fear of being rejected, and holding themselves back from doing something extraordinary.

A feeling of stagnation may not be comfortable but it can provide incredibly valuable feedback to help guide you towards a more inspired, fulfilled and meaningful life with so much momentum that you become unstoppable.

It begins with identifying your highest values, prioritizing your life accordingly, and delegating lower-priority tasks to free more time for you to complete higher-priority tasks.

Please visit my website to take advantage of the FREE, Demartini Value Determination Process, and for more information on my signature two-day Breakthrough Experience program where I will personally take you through the process of identifying what it is that you would love to do with your life.

There is no reason for your life to be anything less than extraordinary – I would love to help you discover your WHY, your WHAT and your HOW.

See you at the Breakthrough Experience.


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