The Breakthrough Experience - Paperback

This book is about breaking through the barriers that keep you from experiencing your true nature as light. It contains an inspiring combination of science and philosophy, presented in a completely accessible way that makes even the most profound concepts easily understood. Through the extraordinary but true stories of ordinary people having astonishing and moving life experiences, you'll discover and explore the universal laws and principles that underlie your very existence.

Most important, this is an extremely real and practical manual for understanding why you live the way you do, and how to transform your life into your highest vision. You'll learn a formula to manifest your dreams, discover the secrets of opening your heart beyond anything you've ever imagined, receive profound insights on how to create more fulfilling and caring relationships, reawaken your birthright and a true genius, transcend the fears and illusions surrounding the myth of death, and reconnect with your true mission and purpose on Earth. Mainly, this book will deeply touch and inspire you with respects to your own greatness and potential, and to the magnificence of every single human soul.

This is not just a book. It is what the title implies - an experience - and it's impossible to go through it without being moved, challenged and changed.

Welcome to... The Breakthrough Experience.