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The Values Factor - Paperback

Imagine a career where every day feels like a vacation.

A life where you're able to find the person you love and have a nourishing and fulfilling partnership. Imagine being able to fulfill your purpose for being here on earth.

The Values Factor will show you how to have all of that and more.

Dr. John Demartini has discovered the key to fulfillment in all aspects of life.

Through the thirteen-part questionnaire and inspiring real life stories you will uncover what you value most.

''I want to extend words of gratitude for "THE VALUES FACTOR" book. I thoroughly enjoyed the values determination process and more especially, since I am an educator, the book totally transformed my philosophy of Education by exposing me to how I can link the subjects that I teach to the highest values of my learners. My inspiration doubled when I read Pg. 178-197.  I am definitely on a mission to transform the education space and associating with you via social media platforms and reading your books is a magnificent foundation that I will be eternally grateful for.''  -Kabelo