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By Learning the Rules You Open the Door to Play at the Top of the Game

The 7-Day Prophecy 1 Experience: For Breakthrough Experience graduates ready to live up to their full potential and do whatever it takes to achieve a truly meaningful and inspired life.

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Included: 12-month access to post-program recording
Prerequisite: Attendance of the Breakthrough Experience seminar

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Have you exhausted all the quick fixes and feel like you’re not where you’d love to be, could it be time to look beyond - a bit broader and a bit deeper?

It has been observed:

  1. That the moment you discover the hidden order in your apparent chaos – an order that’s already present in your life, you’ll have the power to take command of the direction of the destiny of your life;
  2. When you come to love and appreciate the reason why your life is the way it is, it reveals the path and strategy to where you’d also love it to be;
  3. Any area of your life you don’t empower is an area that others will overpower and an area that will be filled with obstacles to the even more inspired life you envision.
Since I was in my teens I dreamed of and searched for a comprehensive body of knowledge that was non-contradictory and universal and that could help me build a foundation of principles and methodologies to live a productive, empowered and inspired life by.

I searched through tens of thousands of books, attended innumerable informal seminars and formal courses that could provide or fulfill such an objective, but I found only fragmented, often contradictory ideas and opinions that fell short.

I soon turned to those whose ideas and teachings laid the foundation of knowledge and wisdom that has stood the test of time and that contributed to the advancement of human beings to this day for solace and for the corner stones.

Stone by stone and then brick by brick I laid the foundation and then walls of a great edifice of principles and methodologies that helped me develop this great body of knowledge I deeply sought.

And it is this very knowledge that over the last 50 years that I have been compiling and organizing for the sake of my own quest and for the sake of others who may also desire to build upon and / or follow.

This I compiled into a series of unique educational programs dedicated to the pursuit of life-mastery, leadership and empowerment.

A seven day, more advanced life mastery and leadership program gradually emerged. This I have titled The Prophecy 1 Experience – primarily because I would love to provide you with the opportunity to become a wise prophet of your own destiny and influential leader within the world if you choose to do so.

In this intensive 7-day program – you will explore the application of the universal laws of human behavior and tap into vast wisdom that has stood the test of time from thousands of the greatest minds and thought leaders throughout the ages.

At this powerful week of exploration and emersion you will have revealed - the magnificent hidden order lying within the pairs of complementary opposites occurring within your mental brain networks, your physical organs, your family dynamics, your social circles, your financial decisions, your spiritual aspirations and your vocational structures and services.

This hidden order reveals the rules of the game of life. As you explore these pairs of opposites, you’ll birth a deep appreciation for your life and discover why empowering all 7 areas of life is key to your overall life achievement and fulfillment.

  • Learn the wisdom of the homeostatic balancing mechanisms of your brain and mind.
  • Explore the fields of neurology, neurophysiology and psychology, and uncover the mysteries of neurotransmitters and their corresponding emotions, that arise from your perceptions and impacts your decisions and actions.
  • Discover the mind-body connection and the homeostatic wisdom of the body that leads to wellness and wellbeing.
  • Become acquainted with the feedback systems of the body and the so-called symptoms of illness and how your mind and body use them to guide you to a state of authenticity.
  • Discover the expressions and repressions of behaviors within relationship and family dynamics and become guided through the art and language of sustainable fair exchange.
  • Learn the art and science of pure reflective awareness and true intimacy – the great foundations of enduring love.
  • Learn how to transform family dynamics, dissolve disputes and appreciate complementary opposites.
  • Discover the balance of powers in social dynamics through space and time and how to work with universal laws to influence outcomes as a value driven leader.
  • Learn the principles of wealth building and how to remain focused long-term.
  • Learn how to anticipate the ebbs and flows of financial markets for strategically leveraged investment returns.
  • Get coached on proven strategies to build financial wealth and independence.
  • Explore the anthropological journey of the emergence of religious thought from mystical animism, to mythology, to metaphysics, to philosophy, to the more abstract and objective mathematical sciences and the religious ideas served through time as our brains developed through learning and socialization.
  • Synchronously weave the complementary opposite perceptions into a macro cosmological synthetic picture giving you certainty for your inspired earthly leadership role and destiny.
  • Get shown how to leverage your void highest value to drive enthusiasm to maximize your vocational productivity.
  • Receive hundreds of pages of proven principles, methodologies and prioritized action steps that inspired visionary leaders of great companies have built lasting and profitable enterprises with.
  • Discover the correlations between mental development, social structures, financial systems, business structures, physical development and familial or relationship dynamics and taught how to integrate, influence, and develop all these areas for an overall masterful life.
  • Get access to the full recording of the seminar to revisit for the extended duration of 12 months
  • Do all this from the comfort of your own home

Who is this program for?

The Prophecy 1 Experience is for graduates of the Breakthrough Experience who are ready to delve deeper into each of the seven areas of life and expand to a global level of influence and power.

This program is perfect for you if you’re a student of life, a health practitioner, a personal or professional development coach, business manager or owner with a value on philosophy, metaphysics, mind-body, human behavior, self development and empowering your life.


Discover The Rules of The Game of Life

The Prophecy 1 Experience dispels many of the myths commonly held about human existence and awakens you to simple truths that will put the power of true knowledge in your own mind, heart and hands to empower your life and help you create the greater and more inspired life you envision.


It’s time to prepare yourself for a more
inspired you, vastly expanded beyond
any present boundaries


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Summation Of The Greatest Wisdom And Solutions To Help You Master Your Life

At the Demartini Institute we know that you are an individual constantly striving to play at the very top of your game.

In order to be that way, you need the knowledge to help you solve your current issues and close the gaps where you’re not empowered so you’re able to accelerate towards achieving what you envision.

The challenge is you’ve probably tried a number of solutions that haven’t given you the results you thought they would, which could make you doubt yourself and question if you have what it takes to achieve your dreams.

We believe you deserve to be, do and have what inspires you and we know that you’re perfectly designed for your unique mission on earth.

We understand you're one of the few individuals in the world who've woken up to the realization that your real power comes from within.

That’s why Dr Demartini has spent 5 decades researching and extracting the greatest wisdom and solutions from the greatest minds and compiled that into the 7-day Prophecy 1 Experience curriculum to enable you to stand on their shoulders so you’re equipped to truly empower your life.

Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: Register for The Prophecy 1 Experience
  • Step 2: Stream the Full 7-Day Seminar and Learn the Rules of The Game of Life
  • Step 3: Apply the Principles and Accelerate Towards The Life You Envision

So invest in yourself by clicking below, so you can stop feeling like you're off track and second-guessing yourself and instead start making significant progress towards the achievement of your most meaningful life, goals, and dreams.


"Seven incredibly inspiring days"

The Prophecy 1 Experience is seven incredibly inspiring days! It has empowered me in my personal life, as well as in my career as a psychologist.



7 Days Learning the Rules of the Game in order to Master the 7 Areas of Life

The seven areas of life forever calls us to expand, grow and experience the finer things in life.

By giving ourselves permission to live to the fullest and function at the highest, we exemplify what is amazingly possible and give permission for others to do the same.

The greater our lives, the greater will be our contribution to the whole of humanity.

At the end of our lives we will ask ourselves at least one important question: Did we do everything we could with everything we were given?

We want to be able to say absolutely yes, we have.

We are here to raise the bar and stretch ourselves beyond our previous limits. We are here to inspire others to do the same so humanity breaks through any stagnant ways of our previous generations and is catapulted forward to newer and ever more magnificent ways of being, doing and having.

  1. Mastering Mental Understanding and Wisdom
  2. Mastering Physical Health and Wellbeing
  3. Mastering Familial Love, Relationships and Intimacy
  4. Mastering Social Power and Leadership
  5. Mastering Financial Independence and Freedom
  6. Mastering Spiritual Immortality and Truth
  7. Mastering Vocational Service and Success


Master Mental Understanding and Wisdom

Mental Understanding

You have an intrinsic drive to expand your mental capacities and grow your knowledge about what is truly most important to you.

Take a deep dive into the workings of the brain and the mind as you explore:

  1. The Universal Law of the One and the Many
  2. Increasing your concentration and focus
  3. The 7 levels of consciousness
  4. Problem-solving and creating solutions
  5. How to create power questions and make powerful decisions
  6. Tapping into the innate intelligence
  7. Overcoming the fear of not being smart enough
  8. The functions and levels of the brain
  9. Using reason, intuition, and abstract transcendence
  10. The power of language and using your voice
  11. Resolving mania and depression
  12. How to increase your reading speed
See Full List

Master Physical Health and Wellbeing

Master Physical

You desire to be vital and fit, and handsome or beautiful. You want to sip from the fountain of youth as long as possible. You have places to go and things to accomplish that require an energized body animated with wellness.

Take a deep dive into the body, health and wellness as you explore:

  1. How to deal with physical stress
  2. Dealing with loss and managing grief
  3. The connection between the mind and body
  4. How to increase your physical vitality
  5. How and which diets work
  6. Interpreting the signs and symptoms of your body
  7. The underlying causes of cancer and how to prevent it
  8. Health and disease – increasing your wellbeing
  9. The impact of drugs, plants and herbs on your body
  10. Overcoming the fear of not having enough energy to achieve your goals
  11. Effective ways of exercising your body
  12. Developing your magnetism – attracting the other sex
  13. How to slow or reverse the aging process

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Master Familial Love, Relationships and Intimacy

Mastering Familial

Family is also genetically programmed into our being and our natural desire to manage it effectively is one of the greatest training grounds for then managing ever greater social dynamics.

Take a deep dive into family dynamics as you explore:

  1. Dissolving infatuation and resentment
  2. Understanding divine love versus human love
  3. Defining and finding your soul mate
  4. Marriage and divorce, break-ups and make-ups
  5. Developing trust and managing distrust
  6. Understanding gender phenotypes
  7. Understanding family dynamics and sexuality
  8. Sexual orientation
  9. Repression and expression of sexual desires
  10. Overcoming the fear of losing your loved ones
  11. The difference between sex and lovemaking
  12. Dealing with family ‘dysfunction’ and conflicts
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Master Social Power and Leadership

Mastering Social Power

Could anyone truly say they want to be forgotten or insignificant?

The greater your service to the world and more powerful your influence the more likely you will leave your mark in history, not for the sake of grandeur, but for the sake of higher fulfillment and contribution.

Take a deep dive into social dynamics and leadership as you explore:

  1. How to transcend external opinions
  2. Understanding and dealing with racism
  3. Languages and social structures
  4. How to influence other individuals
  5. Understanding predator and prey dynamics
  6. The balance between idealism and realism
  7. Politics, policy, laws and justice
  8. Expanding your sphere of influence
  9. Growing your power, certainty and presence
  10. Overcoming the fear of being rejected or being unpopular
  11. Good, evil, right, wrong and moral dilemmas
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Master Financial Independence and Freedom

Mastering Financia

You are hard-wired to desire more of what money can provide and what and how it can influence and serve. The accumulation, management and mastery of money offers us a way out of mediocrity and on to the journey of finer experiences that life can offer.

Take a deep dive into financial mastery as you explore:

  1. The driving forces of wealth
  2. Long-term strategies for creating financial independence
  3. The relationship between spirit, matter and money
  4. Understanding poverty and prosperity
  5. How to balance spending and saving to raise your lifestyle
  6. Decreasing emotional volatility in wealth building
  7. Understanding the laws of production and consumption
  8. Using the Law of 72 to plan your financial future
  9. Dynamics of giving, receiving, gain and loss
  10. The Law of Attraction and how it really works
  11. Identifying what form your wealth is currently in
  12. How to deal with loans, debts and insurance
  13. How the market trade cycle works
  14. Understanding charity and donations
  15. Overcoming the fear of not having enough money
  16. Risk and reward strategies
  17. Acquiring and inheriting wealth
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Master Spiritual Immortality and Truth

Mastering Spiritua

You share a common need with the rest of humanity for an inner spiritual quest, one that calls you to inspired actions of humanitarian service or to the arts or esthetics or even the finer, more masterful and mystical settings in life. Whatever your individual values are they will be reflected in your unique and honorable spiritual expression.

Take a deep dive into spiritual mastery as you explore:

  1. Defining GOD and the relationship with man
  2. Understanding where we come from and why we are here
  3. Finding your spiritual quest and purpose
  4. Understanding the religions of the world and their origins
  5. Identifying who you are and your unique strengths
  6. True and false religiosity
  7. Overcoming the fear of breaking morals and ethics of spiritual authorities
  8. Understanding good and evil, heaven, hell, angels and devils
  9. Understanding time and timelessness
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Master Vocational Service and Success

Mastering Vocational

When you’re living in your highest values, you’ll wake up a desire to develop a meaningful career and provide greater and more influential service for the satisfaction of accomplishment as well as for financial remuneration and prestige.

You’ll want to make a difference and fill other human needs by creating businesses that provide vast benefits, change lives and impact the world.

You’ll want to conquer the challenges that a business offers and experience the inspiration of achievement.

You’ll want to participate in a cooperative and competitive environment of the greatest productivity.

Take a deep dive into business mastery as you explore:

  1. Expanding vision and purpose in your business
  2. Loving what you do and doing what you love
  3. Creating a unique service and identifying your niche
  4. Your strengths and weaknesses
  5. Outlining your vocational goals
  6. The principles of delegation
  7. Management strategies
  8. Hiring and firing
  9. Balancing your personal and professional life
  10. Performance standards and maximizing your growth
  11. Overcoming the fear of failure in your business or career
  12. Developing your products and services
  13. Sales and marketing tips and principles
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If This Sounds Like You, The Prophecy I
Experience Is For You:

  • I’m seriously seeking to understand the rules of the game of life
  • I’m seriously seeking to understand the rules of the game of life
  • I’m wanting to understand how to influence the system and create what I intend
  • I’m wanting to know how to expand my vision and influence
  • I’m wanting to know how to manage staff, grow business, get ahead of the game and optimize productivity and profitability
  • I’m serious about learning the rules of the financial game in order to become financially independent
  • I’m looking to understand human behavior and empower both personal and professional relationship dynamics
  • I’d love to be able to dissolve any event, conflict or emotion that hinders my day-to-day life
  • I’m focused on growing my influence and power
  • I’d love to know how to influence my health and vitality
  • I dream of living a significant, meaningful life
  • I’d love to make a difference in the world

"Change your perspective forever"

“This course is the most comprehensive, integrated training program that brings together an in-depth understanding of the seven areas of life and provides insights into human behavior that will change your perspective forever. Nowhere else in the world will you get a course like this.”



853 Topics Synthesized from the Greatest Minds















  • 1. Mastering Mental Understanding and Wisdom

    Order; Universal Laws; Laws of Human Nature; Law of the One and the Many; Decompensation VS Reduction; Love; Sphere of Influence / Realm of Resource: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID); Concentration / Meditation: Focus; Awareness / Consciousness: Connectome, Mind Upload, EEG, Your Mind / “I” / Self, Consciousness, Quantum Cognition, Consciousness Brainwaves, Degrees of Consciousness, Superconscious / Conscious / Unconscious / Subconscious / Collective Unconscious, Conscious / Unconscious, Immanent / Transcendent Minds, Human Animal Minds, Lower-Minded Reflexes / Impulses / Instincts, Purposive Behavior, Higher-Minded Meaning, Conditioned / Unconditioned Reflexes, Mystery Box, Filtering, Perception Thresholds, Simple / Complex Ideas, Repressions, Sensory Gating, Hypofrontality, Selective Attention, Reality Predicting, Free will, Electric / Magnetic Fields, Absential Noumena, General Anesthesia, Brain Transcendence, Primary Visual Cortex V1 – V6 Conscious Visual Awareness, Self / Other / Body Awareness, Integrated Self / Soul – Higher mind, Sense of Agency / Sense of Ownership Split, Functional MRI Patterns, Autopilot, Higher Mind / Lower Mind, Void Compensations, Intuition, Ungoverned Teenage Brain, Depth Psychology, Metacognition, Integration, Routine / Addictive Habits; Self- / Other- Reflection; Dissociation; Single- / Multi- / Super- / Tasking; Mental Reflection; Ideas; Inner Vision; Philosophy; Dialectic; Epistemology; Ontology; Metaphysics; Ideals; Education / Learning: Sleep Learning; Intelligence; Memory; Antimemory; Imagination; Thinking; Creativity and the Brain; Genius; Savantism; Mind Mastery; Pleasure / Pain; Acute / Chronic Pain; Axiology: Your Values, Universal Values, Congruency, Value Injections; Individuality / Authenticity; Teleology; Autotelic; Technology; Telenomy; Good / Evil; Seven Levels of Consciousness; Neural cliques; Paradoxes / Conflicts; Truth; Lying; Problems / Solutions; Questions; Cognitive Errors; Decisions: Pros / Cons, Prudence, Objective / Subjective, Language Influence, Certainty / Reaction Time, Pupil Size, Consequences, Neuroeconomics; Individual / Social; Short / Long Term; New / Habitual; Foresight / Hindsight; Brain Regions; Trial and Error; Heuristics; Induction / Deduction; Cause / Effect; Thesis / Antithesis / Synthesis; The Pineal Gland; Innate Intelligence / Educated Intelligence; Wisdom; Sensory Reality; Sensory Reading of Others; Clear Congruent Mindedness; Dominant and Recessive Memes / Personas; Internalization / Externalization; Ideas / Viruses; Brain; Brain Mastery; Glial Cells; One Neuron / Many Neurons; Interbrain Communication; Brain Layers; Id / Ego / Superego; Anxieties / Phobias; Morality; Self-Delusion; True / False Selves; Brain Foldings; Brain Regions; Stem Cells; Comparative Brain Development / Emotions; Stress / Ungoverned Behaviors; Autonomic Homeostasis; Neural Oscillation; Neurofeedback; Neurogenesis; Neuroplasticity; Neurotransformer; Neurosynaptic Pathways; Brain Noise; Electromagnetic Brain; Protein Vibrations; Brain Processing; Orientation Response; Microsaccades; Eye Rolling; Energy Thoughts; Reason / Intuition; Abstract Transcendence; Self-Actualization; Organized Ideas; Mind Tangents; Information Processing; Assimilation / Accommodation; Discipline; Left / Right Hemispheres: Handedness; Present Moment / Future / Past; Understanding; Self / Other Knowledge: Mirroring, Chameleon Effect, Embedded Cognition, Pride / Hubris, Your / The Living Cosmos; Unifying Reflections; True Present Being / False Imagined / Remembered Personas; Facilitation / Inhibition; Mind Pops; Linguistic Engrams; Exaggerations / Minimizations; Illness / Pathos; Buffers; Psyche / Soma; Memes / Genes / Phenes; Sleep: Broken, Memory, Energy, Reticular Activating System (RAS), Whole / Part Brain, Primal NREM, Toxin Flush; Yawning; Empathy; Psychopathic Spectrum; Mania / Depression; Self-Worth / Self Esteem; Inner Dialogue; Voices; Growing Feedback; Credit / Blame; Writing; Language; Meaning; Laughter; Voice; Music; Study of Philosophy; Study / Learning / Teaching.

  • 2. Mastering Physical Health and Wellbeing

    Life / Death; Philia / Phobia / Pride / Shame; Bereavement / Grief; Top Five Regrets of the Dying; Wealth / Wellness; Perturbations; Real / Imagined Emotions; Diathesis Stress Model; Eustress / Distress; Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD); Equilibrium; Homeostasis: Negative Feedback, Positive feedback, Antagonistic Pleiotropism; Moderate Omnivorism: Agribiome, Moderation, Protein; Chocolate; Sugar; GMOS; Seasonal Food Selection; Environment; Dietary Journal; Psychosomatics; Pleasure / Pain; Reflection; Wellness; Drugs; Benefit / Harm of the Healing Arts; Signs / Symptoms; Diagnosis; Plants; Synthesis of Opposites; Rejoicing / Suffering: Pleasure / Happiness/ Fantasy / Pain / Sadness / Nightmare; Mortality / Immortality; Wellness Care; Voluntary / Involuntary; Sensory / Motor Imbalances; Balance of Health / Disease; Memotype / Phenotype / Genotype; Death Genes; Harmless Building / Harmless Destroying Microorganisms; Bacteriophage Adherence to Mucus (BAM); Parasite-Microorganism-Host Biocycles; Viruses; Life / Death Equilibrium; Tonic / Toxic Autoimmunity; Microchimerism; Stimulating Natural Immune Reflexes; Autoimmune Anti-allergies / Allergies; HIV; Autoimmune Acceptance / Rejection; Cancer; Spontaneous Remission: Diagnosis, Metastasis, Over Diagnosis / Over Treatment, Early Diagnosis, Cancer Treatments / Side Effects, Stages, Physiological Evolution, Biochemical / Protein Evolution, Hallmarks, Genetics / Epigenetics, Transposable Elements / Transposons / Retrotransposons, Genetic Switches, Copy Number Variation, Genome Variability in Non Coding Regions, Unstructured Proteins, Immediate / Primary Early Genes, Jumping Viruses, Telomeres, Psychological Factors, Epigenetic / Epimutations, Tumor Initiating Gene / Proto-oncogene, Karyotype Instability / Aneuploidy, Stem Cell Therapy, Non Coding RNA, Blood Vessels / Oxygen, Developmental Biology / Cellular Differentiation, Cellular Electrical Polarization / Fields, Embryonic Stem Cells / Dedifferentiation, Morphogens / Signal Molecules, Immune Surveillance, Embryonic Stage / Degree of Malignancy, Dendritic Cells, Treatments / Effectiveness, Immune System, Inflammation, Cell Danger Response, Immunotherapy / Vaccines, Hayflick Limit / Telomeres; Infection; Vaccination; Copper; Evolutionary Roots / Ancient Toolkit; Mutations; Tumor / Subset Cells; Bacteria; Bacteria / Stop Spreading Molecule; Field; Cell Wall Flexibility / Rigidity; RBC / WBC Levels; Blood Sugar Levels; Lipid Levels; Water Levels; Mind / Body; Muscles; Opiates / Substance P; Binging / Fasting; Equilibration; Exercise; Breathing; Magnetism; Water: Vibration of Water; Vitality; Longevity.

  • 3. Mastering Familial Love, Relationships and Intimacy

    Reflection; Infatuation / Resentment: Halo Effect; Critical Mass; True Love; Illusive Love / Passionate; Romantic Infatuation; One / Many; Relationship Addiction Dopamine; Attraction / Repulsion; Flirting; Dating: Competitive Ovulating Women, Age Differences Between Mates; Twin Soul Mates: Mating Preferences / Ovulation, Partnership Paradox; Diamond Ring Engagement; Gender Differences: Regression Towards a Mean / Androgyny; Sexuality; Purchase / Rental; Marriage: Marital Bliss, Marriage Factors, Kissing; Time Distortion; Space Distortion; Caring: Communication / Dialogue; Inventories; Judgments / Decisions; Emotional Blackmail; Break Ups / Make Ups; Trust / Distrust; Rescuing / Enabling; Family Questions; Gender Phenotypes / Hetero- / Homo- Sexuality: Bible Belt / Gay Porn, Sexual Determination, Sex Typed Childhood Behaviors, Homosexuality, Homophobia, Spectrum of Genders, Androgyny, Pheromones, Christian Morality, Pedophilia; Marriage / Divorce; Marital Affairs: Secrets, Overdog / Underdog, Complementary Opposite, Faithfulness; Sexual Polarities / Extremes; Sex: Orgasm, Vibrator, Frigidity, Masculinity / Femininity, Masturbation, Extramarital; Fertility; Exogamy / Endogamy; Sex Ratio of Births; Internal Fertilization; Fetal Development; Babies; Bonding; Childhood Memories; K and R Reproduction Strategies; Social Class; Dependency / Independency; Penile (Father) / Vaginal (Mother) Envy; Parental Polarity; Affording Wives; Temperament; Siblings; Family Conflicts; Stress / Child Development / Learning; Teenage / Eye Rolling; Teenage / Risk Taking; Eternal Family; Family Chemistry; Extroversion / Introversion; Rules; Crying; Bullying; Demartini Method Forms – Sides A, B and C; Reflection; Infatuation / Resentment: Halo Effect; Critical Mass; True Love; Illusive Love / Passionate Romantic Infatuation; One / Many; Relationship Addiction Dopamine; Attraction / Repulsion; Flirting; Dating: Competitive Ovulating Women, Age Differences Between Mates; Twin Soul Mates: Mating Preferences / Ovulation, Partnership Paradox; Diamond Ring Engagement; Gender Differences: Regression Towards a Mean / Androgyny; Sexuality; Purchase / Rental; Marriage: Marital Bliss, Marriage Factors, Kissing; Time Distortion; Space Distortion; Caring: Communication / Dialogue; Inventories; Judgments / Decisions; Emotional Blackmail; Break Ups / Make Ups; Trust / Distrust; Rescuing / Enabling; Family Questions; Marriage / Divorce; Penile (Father) / Vaginal (Mother) Envy; Parental Polarity.

  • 4. Mastering Social Power and Leadership

    Self-Wrongeousness; Infatuation / Resentment; Infatuations / Resentments Form; Emotional Recognition Form; Thank You Letter Form; Communication Lessons to Se;lf From Others; Reflection; Insights From the Outside / Nature “Nurtures” Naturally; Expression / Repression; Racism; Injury; Boomerang Effect; Support / Challenge; Territory / Topology; Crowd Evaluations; Prejudice; Language; Transformation / Equilibrium; Social Structure; Sociobiology / Evolutionary Psychology; Unintended Consequences; Order / Disorder; Opposites; Oppositional Microtrends; General / Private Will; Custom; Conformity; Eutopia / Dystopia; Peace / War; Bioweapons; Idealists / Realists; Pleasing / Displeasing; Right Hand / Left Hand; Us / Them; Allies / Enemies; Predator / Prey; Traitology / Typology; Slavery; Imperialism; Propaganda; Historical Revision; Elite Stimulus / Response Control; Ideal / Real; Honesty / Dishonesty; Praise / Reprimand; Judgeless Judge; Policy Makers; Conspiracy; Leaders; Social Diversity; Laws; Justice; Sociopolitical Structure; Bipolarity; Narcissism / Altruism; Monarchy / Democracy; Human Will / Divine Will; Contingency / Necessity; Many Homes / One Home; Rapid / Slow Change; Sphere of Influence; Globalization / Separatism; Crime; Scapegoats; Power; Balance of Powers; Leadership; Public / Private; Eternal Struggle; Power; Master Media / Mass Media; Communication; Speaking; Problems / Solutions; Paradoxes; Political Extremes; Moral Dilemmas; Right / Wrong; Debates; Polemics; Good / Evil; Intrinsic / Extrinsic Values; Aristotlian Teleological Ethics: Morality.

  • 5. Mastering Financial Independence and Freedom

    Genuine Wealth; Evolution of Wealth; Spiritual / Material Wealth; True Fortune / False Fortune / Wealth; Acquired / Inherited Wealth; Hidden Assets / Wealth; Money: Money Neutrality; Financial Independence / Dependence; Financial Independence; Financial Education; Financial Planner; Financial Fulfillment Cone; Financial Team; Financial Goals; Financial Higher Aims; Financial Master Plan / Divine Design; Financial Insurance; Financial Estate / Trusts; Banks / Banking:Deposits, Risks; Homes / Home Loans; Banking Securitisation (Structured Finance / Credit); Wise / Unwise Debt; Transforming Your Debt Into Investments; Living Debt Free; Loans to Others; Crowd Funding; Consumerism; Vanity; Lifestyle; Saving / Spending; Investments / Investing: Investment / Give / Receive / Fair Exchange; Great Money Managers / Investors; Pundit Predictions and Forecasts; Investors / Hedgers / Arbitageurs / Speculators; Investment Risk; Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM); Risk / Reward; Risks; Black Swans; Diversify; Law of 72; Leverage; Public / Private Intervention; Market Trading Cycle; Production / Consumption; Market Mania; Manic / Panic; Over Zealous Optimism / Under Zealous Pessimism; Recession / Depression; Selecting Stock Investments; Arbitrage; Options; Contracts For Differences (CFDs); Rare Elements; Energy Investments; Oil; Real Estate; Real Estate Investing / Rental Properties; Vacancy Chains; Auctions; Currencies; Cryptocurrencies; Rarity; Speculative Economies; Lottery; Gambling; Selling Investments; Patience; Prioritize; Stick to the Investment Basics; Economic Inequality; Bipolar Financial Personas; Predator / Prey; Having / Not Having; Worthy / Unworthy; Employer / Employee; Over Work / Under Work; Over Pay / Under Pay; Luxury / Necessity; Abundance / Lack; Gain / Loss; Prosperity; Poverty; Charities.

  • 6. Mastering Spiritual Immortality and Truth

    Stages of Religious Development; The Divine; God; Equilibrium; Grace; Truth / Lie; The Great Mystery Questions; Divine Will / Human Will; Immortal / Mortal; Divine Mission / Human Passion; Interpretation of the Divine; Mystical Thoughts; Hallucinogens; Belief; Hierarchy; Pattern / Order; Apophenia; Pareidolia; System One / System Two Thinking; Anthropomorphism; Inspired Purpose; Truth Seeking; True / False Prayer; True Meditation; Religion; Masters; Chance; Solitude / Multitude; The Mysteries;Union / Division: Unitive Consciousness, Reflection / Deflection; Tolerance / Intolerance; Doctrine; Religious Layers; Religious / Non-Religious Beliefs; Religious Worship: Dissociative Identity Disorder, Epilepsy, Delusions,Drug Induced; Religious Founder; Religious Reformation; Tree of Religions; True Religion / False Religion; Blind (False) Faith: True Faith; Good / Evil; Angels / Devils; Meaning; Heaven / Hell; Light / Dark; God Images; Timeless / Time; Sin; Fear / Guilt; Balance / Harmony; Happy (Elation) / Sad (Depression); Spirit / Matter; One / Many; Cause / Effect; Actions / Reactions; Names; Cooperation / Competition; Boundaries / Self / Not Self; Liberation; Values; Disposition; Soul; Personification; Construction / Destruction; Omnipresence.

  • 7. Mastering Vocational Service and Success

    Business – Raising Financial Development on Your List of Values; Business Transitioning to Entrepreneurship; Business with an Inspired Cause; Business Needs Assessment; Business Mission Importance; Business Mission Statement; Business - Professional Biography / Profile; Business Professional – Speaking Introduction Form; Business Definition; Business Core; Business Model; Business Vision; Business Objectives, Strategies and Tactics; Business Values and Principles; Business Specialty (Competitive Advantage); Business Structure and its Capitalization and ROI; Business System Processes Flow; Business Processes – DMAIC; Business Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA); Business Fees; Business Billing and Collections; Business Strengths and Weaknesses; Business Opportunities and Threats; Business Service; Business Productivity; Business Employee Cost; Business Governance – Private / Public; Business Policies; Business Organization; Business Organizational Hierarchy; Business Space and Time Horizons; Business Distractions: Demartini Distraction Resolution Process, Demartini Distraction Resolution Form; Business Tangents; Business Goals and Goals Accomplishment: Demartini Goals Accomplishment Form, Demartini Monthly Goal Accomplishment Graph, Demartini Daily Goals and Achievements Form: Demartini Monthly Goals and Achievements Form; Business Time Management: Demartini Daily to Do Form, Demartini Perfect Day Form, Demartini Quarterly Delegation Decision Form; Demartini Daily Inter-Department Request Form: Demartini Daily Delegation Form, Demartini Weekly Delegation Form; Business Delegation; Business Outsourcing; Business Leader Greatness; Business Owner Accountability; Business Accountability Checklist; Business Liability; Business Mentors / Coaches / Teachers; Business Persistence / Perseverance; Business Promptness; Business Meetings; Business Risk; Business Mastery; Business Decisions; Business Office Settings; Business Management Feedback; Business Hiring /Firing; Business Employee Onboarding; Business Employee Handbook; Business Employee Retention; Business Job Descriptions; Demartini Task Request Form; Business Purchasing Supplies; Business Employee Salaries; Business Incentives; Business – Objective / Subjective Management: Business – Key Performance Indicators, Demartini Employee Accountability Form, Demartini Quarterly Employees Review and Appraisal Log; Business Employee Feedback (Praise – Reprimand); Business Social Loafing Effect: Business Cooperation and Competition (Conflict), Demartini Method Forms (Side A, B, and C) – Other Than Yourself, Demartini method Forms (Side A, B and C) - Yourself; Our Clients Speak; Our Clients Referral Request; Business Optimism – Pessimism; Business Ups - Downs; Business Teams; Business Gender; Business Return; Business Employee Engagement: Employer Engagement and Productivity Form, Employee Engagement and Productivity Form; Business – Asking For a Raise; Business Labor Unions (Collective Bargaining); Business Boards (Senior Executive Leadership); Business Management; Business Caring; Business Practice; Business Professional; Business Responsibilities; Business Change; Business Training; Business Cash Flow; Business Plateaus; Business Work Ruts; Business Quality; Business Multitasking; Business Effectancy – Efficiency; Business Email Inboxes; Business Workload; Business Performance Standards; Business Ownership; Business Franchising; Business Floating (IPO); Business Exit Strategy; Business For Sale; Business Valuation; Business Deals; Business Growth; Business Novelty / Innovation; Business Birth and Death; Business Decline; Business Organizational Renewal (Ecosystem); Business Fitness; Business Leadership; Business Retirement; Business Advice; Business Branding; Business Obsolescence; Business First and Last Impressions; Business False Concensus Effect; Business Advertising; Business Marketing: Business Marketing Vision, Business On-Line Marketing; Business Competition; Business Referrals; Business Transition Time; Business Selling: Demartini Sales Enhancement Form; Business Customer Service: Demartini Customer Focused Thankfulness Form.

"Expanded the way I show up in the world"

"When I walked out of the Prophecy course after 7 days, it felt like I stepped into a whole new world. This course has expanded my being, my mission and the way I show up in the world. Spending a full day on each of the 7 areas of life affirmed the underlying order and balance there is in everything."



When You See the Order, You Can Influence the Order

If you perceive that your life is out of order, you’re probably seeking whatever outer solutions you can find to solve the ‘chaos’.

If you’re like most individuals trying to solve issues, you’ve probably applied outer business solutions, financial solutions, relationship solutions, health solutions.

But if you keep waking up and the solutions are not significantly moving the needle, then it may be wise to also turn within.

It’s only when you see the hidden order of your whole life, as it is, that you finally become grateful for the magnificence of your life.

Instead of attempting to fix yourself, or get rid of half of yourself, or improve yourself and some assumed imperfection, you finally have the opportunity to love and appreciate yourself for who you are, as you are.

When you’re grateful for your whole life as it is, it will open the door and take you to what you love.

Only when you see the order of your life, do you gain the power to influence the already ordered world around you.

This will help you ultimately understand why all of your life’s manifestation ultimately comes from within.

So the business growth you're seeking, the relationship you envision, the financial empowerment you’d love, the life you’re trying to build, all of it emerges from within.

That’s why working with outside solutions without simultaneously doing the inner work is likely to be futile and leave you with micro-progress instead of the macro-progress you intend and envision.

Applying a patch won’t transform the underlying issue. It is wise to simultaneously address the root cause, which is that you’re not seeing the full perfection of your current life and situation - until you do, you’re robbing yourself of your true power to create your amazing life – you are unconscious of certain factors.

So anytime you want to change your life and get away from where your life is at, which is actually expressing an unconscious or hidden order - the universe is going to bring you challenges that will get you to go back to love the foundation of where you’re currently at.

That means that you’ll see the order and see how what you were trying to change is in fact, on the way. When you do, you earn the right to build upon that foundation.

When you love where you’re at, it takes you to what you love.

In order to become more fully awakened or conscious and aware of the hidden order that is already present, it may require asking new sets of questions that make you aware of what you were previously unconscious of.

During the Prophecy 1 Experience seminar, Dr John Demartini will share such questions that will make you aware of that which may appear to be missing in your awareness and take you through a series of principles and methods or applications involving life’s pairs of opposites that you were introduced to at the Breakthrough Experience so that you see the hidden order in all 7 areas of your life across multiple ologies such as psychology, physiology, philosophy, neurology, ecology, economics, sociology, theology.

The individual who becomes aware of the greatest order leads the way for others.

That means that as you see the order in all the applications across the 7 areas of life, you birth a macro strategy for each area and by the time you’ve completed the Prophecy 1 Experience, not only do you have a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of the inherent order of life, but you also have a nested hierarchy of macro overviews and strategies for your life in order to empower and master your life by.

When you see the once hidden order in all 7 areas of life, you then have the power to influence the order with your intentions to create what you envision. And that’s how Prophecy 1 helps you to create the life you envision.

It’s a powerful 7 day program and the ripple effect of what you learn from Dr Demartini will continue to expand its influence for the duration of your life and beyond.

Not only that, its influence will create a ripple effect that radiates out into your family, your business, your community, city, country and the world as you create your inspired vision and make the difference you’ve always been driven to do.

You are deserving of the life you envision, it is your destiny and your birthright.

You will have a higher probability of achieving everything you envision and more by applying the knowledge and insights you will receive from this course.

Register for the Prophecy 1 Experience and get ready to love the life you live so that it can take you to the life you envision.

The opportunity for a masterful life is days away.

What Others Have Said

"If you want to have ever greater awareness of our existence on this planet and make a difference in your own life and all around you I urge you to attend this program."


Mark Closel

Christchurch, New Zealand

“Once again an awesome (as in awe inspiring) experience. A unique assimilation of a huge amount of writing and scholarly enquiry. Thank you John.”


Tim Holmes

Johannesburg, South Africa

"Thank you Dr John Demartini for re-awakening my love and gratitude for the world, the solar system, the galaxy and the universe.


William Nikiforides

Property Developer

"The Prophecy I Experience made me realize that I do not have any excuses any more, just reasons and methods to help me live an inspired life."


Johann Strauss


"Thanks John, you have helped me clarify and dissolve illusions. You have set me on the path to becoming an ever brighter pulsating star in the universe of infinity."


Marc Peverett

Medico-Legal Expert

"Dr John Demartini has, apart from impressing the hell out of me that one man can achieve all this at the same age as me, made me super aware that I, in the present, can do much to equilibrate myself to the benefit of myself, my family and my business. I am most grateful."


Andre Hollander

Chief Executive Officer

"If you want to have ever greater awareness of our existence on this planet and make a difference in your own life and all around you I urge you to attend this program."


Mark Closel

Christchurch, New Zealand

“Once again an awesome (as in awe inspiring) experience. A unique assimilation of a huge amount of writing and scholarly enquiry. Thank you John.”


Tim Holmes

Johannesburg, South Africa

"Thank you Dr John Demartini for re-awakening my love and gratitude for the world, the solar system, the galaxy and the universe.


William Nikiforides

Property Developer

"The Prophecy I Experience made me realize that I do not have any excuses any more, just reasons and methods to help me live an inspired life."


Johann Strauss


"Thanks John, you have helped me clarify and dissolve illusions. You have set me on the path to becoming an ever brighter pulsating star in the universe of infinity."


Marc Peverett

Medico-Legal Expert

"Dr John Demartini has, apart from impressing the hell out of me that one man can achieve all this at the same age as me, made me super aware that I, in the present, can do much to equilibrate myself to the benefit of myself, my family and my business. I am most grateful."


Andre Hollander

Chief Executive Officer

What To Expect at The Prophecy 1 Experience Program

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My Message To You:

I’m Dr John Demartini and it’s my inspiration to share the wisdom I’ve synthesized from 1000s of years of knowledge from theologians, philosophers, Nobel prize laureates and other great minds in science, business, finance and health.

Stand on the shoulders of giants and implement this great wisdom in order to gain the ultimate advantage in all 7 areas of your life.

The Demartini ~Dr John Demartini

Dr John Demartini

Dr John Demartini is a human behavior specialist, a polymath, philosopher, international speaker and best-selling author.

His work is a summation of over 299 different disciplines synthesized from the greatest minds in most fields of study today.

His extensive curriculum focuses on helping purpose-driven individuals master their lives so that they’re able to more extensively serve humanity with their inspired vision and mission.

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