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The Heart of Love

USD 17.00
Author: Dr. John Demartini


How to go Beyond Fantasy to Find True Relationship Fulfillment


The Heart of Love helps you apply Dr. Demartini's trailblazing philosophy and revolutionary understanding of human behavior specifically to your situation. If you're looking for your soul mate; want to reignite the spark in a longtime relationship; long to safeguard your marriage from infidelity; or are committed to creating more authentic friendships, family connections, and business partnerships, then this book is for you. The Heart of Love gives step-by-step instructions for linking what's important to you with another person's values so that both of you can feel loved for who you are - not someone else's idea of who you "should" be.


It also explores sexual dynamics and the experience of grief that can come with death, divorce, and other potentially painful relationship "endings". You'll come to understand what really drives human behavior in romance, business and families. Ultimately, you'll be inspired to fulfill the true purpose of your connections with others, awakening to your own wholeness - the divine magnificence present in every human soul. Dr. Demartini invites you into the Heart of Love, which transforms any relationship into one of gratitude and true fulfillment.

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