Online - The Secrets to Financial Mastery AUS 2021  
Includes 5 videos in 2 modules

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Online - The Secrets to Financial Mastery AUS 2021

If your goal is to have your passive income exceed your active income so that you’re free to do what you love – meaning you work because you love to, not because you have to, then I have a very special program coming up in May 2021, that you’re going to love! 

I'm a firm believer that the purpose of financial independence is to have the freedom to do what you love and to make a difference in the world while doing so.

“Money without meaning leads to debauchery, but money with meaning leads to philanthropy.”

  • Dr John Demartini

If you'd love to have your money working for you, instead of you having to work for it, then I’d love to invite you to this special program, The Secrets to Financial Mastery

This unique program will be a 2-day experience presented by me, Dr John Demartini, where I'm going to share the principles and methodologies of growing wealth methodically and strategically so you can have your money start working for you.

I'm absolutely certain about the principles that I’ve learnt from the world’s wealthiest because I've applied them to my own life and it’s helped me to achieve not only financial freedom, but an ultra-high net worth individual status. I've also shared this work with thousands of my students and it’s helped them to achieve their financial freedom.


We’ll not only focus on building wealth but we’ll also include a bonus section on mastering business because many of you are in transition in your business due to the current pandemic. Maybe you want to scale up, maybe you want to start a new business, whatever stage your business evolution is at, I’m going to include booster bonus material on building business, to make sure that you have an ever expanding source of income, to be saved and invested to build your financial independence.

I'm going to share the psychology, the mindset and the strategies of taking whatever you actively earn and turning it into something that’s passively working for you.

This program is not a quick, get rich game. It's not about gambling. It's not about taking risks with your money.

It's going to be something that's methodical and strategic. Something that’ll guarantee a return over time.

 I'm going to show you how to build wealth, the way the smartest people have done for decades if not centuries.

I'm interested in you investing your assets into something that serves ever greater numbers of people, raising your lifestyle and standards methodically, and having your money grow and work for you in a way where you’re seeing yourself making progress month by month.

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Online - The Secrets to Financial Mastery AUS 2021

Get the Demartini Experience through 5 videos in 2 modules


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