Online - Empyreance VIII - UK  
Includes 15 videos in 5 modules

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Online - Empyreance VIII - UK

Probe the solar mysteries through the ages as we explore tantalizing theories and the latest findings on the topic of the Sun and our conscious evolution on Earth.
During the 5 days of Empyreance VIII – The Sun, I will take you on a syncretic journey over thousands of years of inquiry and bring you up to date with the most current understanding of the Sun.
All relevant research is now prioritized and collated in two large, inspiring texts which will offer you a significant in-depth summary of the greatest panpsychic, theological, philosophical, chemical, alchemical, scientific, nuclear atomic and optical findings from the most original and brilliant minds.
I will be presenting the grand master design of the Sun and its life providing energies. It will certainly be a mind expanding, eye opening and thought provoking solar adventure like no other.
To more fully understand the human condition, it is wise to begin with a deeper understanding of our Solar relations – the source, origin, developing ground and home of potentially all life forms including human beings who primarily and presently live on planet Earth.
Over the millennia, mystics, mythologists, religious theologians, meta-physicians, philosophers and scientists have all viewed the Sun in many varying lights. Collectively they have participated in a syncretic development of one of the greatest disciplines of inquiry known.
But, how does one come to fully know or truly comprehend the Sun? This is exactly what we will be pursuing over these five special and enlightening days.
Through the ages, the investigations of the Sun have developed from the more mystical and metaphysical to the more physical and mathematical interpretations. Today, the Sun intrigues us just as deeply.
It is my intention to help you penetrate the solar mysteries and probe deeper into the subtle relationships between the Sun and the innermost cosmic human being.
I am looking forward to watching you become enlightened as your insights begin spontaneously popping and your inner awareness begins to radiate and expand.
Join me as we stand on the shoulders of the great giants as we put our minds into the glue of some of the greatest geniuses, original visionaries and Nobel laureates ever known.


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Online - Empyreance VIII - UK

Get the Demartini Experience through 15 videos in 5 modules


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