Empyreance II  
Includes 24 videos in 5 modules

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Empyreance II

During Empyreance II™, Dr John Demartini explores the mysteries of the subatomic and the astronomic mathematical realms, sacred geometry, the creation evolution process, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Lost Books of the Bible, the Nag Hamadi Library, Hermetic Teachings, The Life of Christ and much more. 

Empyreance II - Day 1

5 sessions — Dr Demartini addresses day 1 of EII from page 1 - 200 in this module

Empyreance II - Day 2

5 sessions — Dr Demartini elaborates on the various Gospels.

Empyreance II - Day 3
Empyreance II - Day 4
Empyreance II - Day 5

Empyreance II

Get the Demartini Experience through 24 videos in 5 modules


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