The Mind - Body Connection  
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The Mind - Body Connection

In this enlightening presentation Dr Demartini shares the essence of healing philosophy and healing consciousness.

The many symptoms that your body experiences are your body’s way of trying to reveal the areas in your life where you have imbalanced perceptions.

If you bring your perceptions into balance, you can normalize your physiology and your body will return to wellness. 

Dr John Demartini has focused on this topic for almost 5 decades. 

He’s extensively studied both conventional and alternative healing modalities. 

He’s a chiropractor with nearly 5 decades of practical experience working with clients. 

He’s also a human behavior specialist, so he’s been able to uniquely entwine his knowledge, practical processes and clinical work to develop a comprehensive system that not only explains the mind-body connection in simple terms but also the link between different psychologies and health conditions. 

He’s even gone one step further, he’s developed a practical step by step approach called the Demartini Method to clear the underlying emotion so that the wisdom of the body is able to do it’s work. 

If you’d love to access this wisdom, register for the Mind-Body Connection course so that you too can understand: 

  • how your perceptions impact your parasympathetic and sympathetic systems;
  • why imbalances in the mind result in imbalances in the body;
  • how to balance your perceptions to bring back homeostasis and thus healing in the body;
  • the 4 cardinal pillars of healing.   

The Mind Body Connection online class is a 4-part module.

Our mind and body is designed to guide us to live our most powerful, inspired and authentic life. 

If you’re looking to prevent disease; or if you’ve been faced with various health issues and you’d love to know how to bring balance to your mind and body; or if you’re looking for ways to defy the aging process and boost your vitality; or if you’re curious and you’d love to learn about the mind-body connection, then this module is for you.

The Mind-Body Connection online course will fill you with a deep appreciation for the power of the mind to heal the body.

A must for anyone interested in health, vitality and life! 

Duration: 92 minutes

The Mind - Body Connection

4 sessions — Introduction to the Mind - Body Connection

The Mind - Body Connection

Get the Demartini Experience through 4 videos in 1 module

Special offer - $99

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