Clarify Your Purpose  
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Includes 11 videos in 11 modules

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Clarify Your Purpose

Unlock the Power of Purpose

Dr Demartini’s latest online module, Clarify Your Purpose will help you to:

  • Get clear on your purpose and vision
  • Give you insights on how to empower your life
  • Show you how to manage obstacles and challenges along the journey.

Any area of your life you don't empower, someone else will have the ability to overpower you in. When you’re clear on your purpose, when you’re living by priority, when you link all the areas of life to your inspired mission, you can become unstoppable and build incremental momentum towards an amazing life.

What’s covered in this 10 part online module:

  • Defining meaning and purpose
  • The relation between values and purpose
  • Determining your values
  • The significant role of values in pursuing purpose
  • The magnitude of purpose
  • Judgments clouding the clarity of your purpose
  • Fears blocking your purpose
  • Living with purpose in all 7 areas of life
  • Delegate distractions and live by priority
  • Signs of living on purpose

Sign up for this online module and discover how to activate your inspired mission. It’s time to live an amazing life fulfilling a purposeful mission.

Module 1

1 sessions — Defining Meaning and Purpose

Module 2

1 sessions — The Relation Between Values and Purpose

Module 3

1 sessions — Determining Your Values

Module 4

1 sessions — The Significant Role of Values in Pursuing Purpose

Module 5

1 sessions — The Magnitude of Purpose

Module 6

1 sessions — Judgments Clouding the Clarity of Your Purpose

Module 7

1 sessions — Fears Blocking Your Purpose

Module 8

1 sessions — Living with Purpose in All 7 Areas of Life

Module 9

1 sessions — Delegate Distractions and Live by Priority

Module 10

1 sessions — Signs of Living on Purpose

Module 11

1 sessions — My Message for You

Clarify Your Purpose

Get the Demartini Experience through 11 videos in 11 modules

Special offer - $149

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