Path To Power  
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Path To Power

You Can Live With The Masses In A Reactive World Or Turn On Your Power When You Embark On The Path Of Self-Governing Mind Mastery.
The most powerful realization of the modern century is that you have power over your mind when you master your perceptions, which gives you power over your life.

It’s your choice where you play in the game of life. If you’d love to truly master your life, then Dr John Demartini is ready to show you the steps to mind and life mastery.

Dr John Demartini’s all new online learning module Path to Power addresses:

  • Mind Mastery - Discover the value of self-governing executive function in mastering your life
  • The Neurology of Power - Overriding your faster neural subcortical brain and developing your slower neural cortical/prefrontal cortex and resultant executive function for life mastery
  • Amygdala Dominance - The signs and symptoms of living in your survival brain
  • Prefrontal Cortex Dominance - The signs of living in your thrival brain
  • Authentic Power - How to live your most authentic life
  • The Psychology of Power - How balancing your perceptions and seeing both sides increases your self-governing executive function
  • Values of Power - Discovering the power of values and linking for congruency, productivity and greater achievement
  • Power of Vision - How to clarify your most inspired vision, mission and purpose
  • Executive Function Development Exercises - An introduction to the series of over 22 mind mastery exercises (The Demartini Method) that can further accelerate your path to power

Path To Power

9 sessions — Mind Mastery is Life Mastery Dr John Demartini Shares 9 Aspects that’ll Help You Increase Your Self-Governing Executive Function and Accelerate Your Path to Power

Path To Power

Get the Demartini Experience through 9 videos in 1 module

Special offer - $169

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