The Demartini Values Training Program

Use the full driving power of human behavior to expand human potential. Be trained in the Value Application Processes to drive greater inspiration, productivity, focus, autonomy, and enthusiasm in all aspects of life for yourself and others.

* Hosted live by Dr John Demartini online in 3 different time zones, suitable for the Americas, Africa/Europe and Australasia
ENROLL NOW Date: April 30 - May 1, 2022
Included: 12-month access to post-program recording

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4-Day Seminar


Master the Value
Application Processes


Implement a Productivity
Process That Actually Works

Even if you’re at the top of your field as a coach or
business manager, you’ll be falling short of helping your clients fulfill their greatest potential if you’re using motivation instead of leveraging their intrinsic drive.

It’s a fact that coaches and managers who use an individual’s unique hierarchy of values and have the skills to link everything they teach to those individual’s values, get the greatest results in productivity.

At the Demartini Values Training Program, you’ll learn how to master this valuable skill so you’re leveraging intrinsic drive instead of relying on outdated motivation techniques.

  • Get coaching and feedback from human behavior expert, Dr John Demartini
  • Participate in practical breakout sessions
  • Master the Values Application Processes
  • Know how to identify values, priorities, and genius of your clients and teams
  • Get a digital manual and all the seminar diagrams and worksheets
  • Become a human behavior specialist skilled in human transformation
  • Access to the recorded training for 12 months after the program
  • Do all this from the comfort of your own home or office

Who is this program for?

The Demartini Values Training Program Is perfect for you if you’ve read the Values Factor or listened to Dr Demartini present on the topic of values and you’d love to take your understanding of values to a new level and master the multiple applications of values in all 7 areas of life.

It is also for anyone interested in human behavior in order to maximize human potential and engagement.

Whether you’re a student of life, a personal or professional coach, therapist, a manager, business owner, in HR, sales or marketing, or if you’re an educator or mentor of any kind, this program will be of huge value to you and those that you serve.


Realize What Your Team and Clients Are Capable Of

Values is the key driver of growth. Get a full understanding of what drives human behavior and the science of getting results.


Your Livestream Training Includes:

  • 4-Days training with Dr John Demartini
  • Practical breakout sessions
  • Digital Demartini Value worksheet forms
  • Digital manual outlining course content
  • License certificate to use the Demartini Values Application for 2 years

"The most valuable and significant training program I’ve ever done."

"The Values Training Program has been one of the most valuable and significant training program I’ve ever done. It has equipped me with tools for myself as well as for my clients."



Become Licensed in the Application of Values

For Coaches, Mentors, Managers, Business Leaders and Anyone Dedicated to Empowering People

I have been helping millions of individuals worldwide with this knowledge for decades - people such as health professionals, coaches, consultants, therapists, trainers, psychologists, lawyers, entrepreneurs, business leaders, government leaders, sports personalities, celebrities and mothers and young students and watched individuals transform and empower their lives as well as those they served.

I love sharing the distillation of all my years or research with those who would love to master their lives and contribute to others.

I feel certain that attending this training program will not only be rewarding but also financially fulfilling in many more ways than first meets the eye.

It is practical and it is reproducible and efficiently demonstratable.

Your inner knowing and heart wants to make a difference and do something even more extraordinary with your life. And so with the principles and methodologies I will provide during these four days - now you can with even more certainty.

I look forward to seeing you there.

The Demartini ~Dr John Demartini Certificate

Learn How To Strategically Use Human Behavior To Get Greater Results:


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Register for the
Training Program

Step 2

Master the
Application of Values

Step 3

Drive Performance.
Get Results

"Reach higher levels of leadership, engagement and productivity."

"The Demartini Values Training Program was amazing. The teaching of the business application process will definitely help me assist companies and organizations reach higher levels of leadership, engagement and productivity."



How Do You Know That You’re Accessing The Greatest Potential in Either Yourself, Your Clients, or Your Teams? Attend The Demartini Values Training Program

During the seminar, you’ll have access to Dr John Demartini throughout the training to make sure you fully understand the principles and applications of values.

You’ll be equipped to drive greater autonomy, enthusiasm, productivity, focus, and inspiration.

  • Instantly apply what you learn in practical breakout sessions with fellow participants
  • Real time feedback from Dr John Demartini as you’re mastering the work
  • A wealth of information to help you build a solid foundation in the understanding of human behavior and what truly drives productivity
  • Have your own personal transformations as you apply the processes in the training
  • Leave with a system you can implement immediately to get results with your clients and teams

Why Attend the Demartini Values Training Program?

Nearly every presentation I have done and continue to do worldwide, for many decades now, has revolved and continues to revolve around the most significant driving factor in human behavior and achievement - human values.

Since I was 23 years of age I wondered what makes some individuals do what they say and walk their talk and others not do so and limp their life?

I soon came to realize that when some individuals set goals, objectives, and missions that are truly aligned or congruent with what they intrinsically value most they became spontaneously inspired, disciplined, reliable and focused on their intentions and increased the achievement of their most meaningful pursuits – they begin to walk their talk and lead the way for others.

But when other individuals set goals that were not aligned or incongruent with what they valued most, though they claimed they wanted to achieve certain outcomes, they were not spontaneously doing the actions essential for their declared outcomes and they kept requiring extrinsic motivation and would easily become distracted.

I discovered extrinsic motivation was a symptom more than a solution to great achievement.

I eventually came to realize by the early 1980s that people did not go to work for the sake of a company, they went to work to fulfill what they valued most and that their engagement, creativity and productivity at work was proportionate to how congruent the job description and mission of the company was to their highest values.

I also noticed that many of the students in my professional school were often studying simply to pass the next test instead of truly wanting to learn and master their content long-term.

They were in the pursuit of an immediate gratification more than a long-term vision and mission.

But those that excelled were more engaged and could perceive how the curriculum they were participating in would help them fulfill their highest values and dream.

In 1983, I noticed that some professionals in business were visionaries and inspired and were doing whatever it took to achieve amazing outcomes and others were plateauing repeatedly or stagnant and constantly comparing themselves to heroes but struggling to achieve what they claimed were their dreams.

Again I discovered the human value factor determining the distinction between the prosperous and impoverished, the talkers and the walkers.

By 1984 I was realizing how human values played in relationship dynamics and families and how they determined either the respectful dialogues or disrespectful alternating monologues that ‘loved ones’ were participating in.

It became clear that unless two individuals could truly perceive how their partner’s or another family member’s highest values were helping them fulfill their own highest values that each would experience futility attempting to change the other.

Neither felt loved for who they were, which was an expression of their highest values which determined their identity.

By 1986 it became clear that social or business leaders were individuals that were more congruent with their highest values and exemplified this by their persistent intrinsic drive and their brains higher executive functioning skills.

It became clear also that when an individual was congruent with their highest values their resilience and adaptability went up and their wellness quotient and heart rate variability or autonomic allostatic regulation rose.

And the moment individuals were congruent with their highest values their levels of spontaneous inspiration, equanimity, mindfulness, gratitude and love for life went up - their spiritual expression.

All areas of life were found to be enhanced by helping others be more congruent with what they truly valued most.

So I could not do a presentation for all these years without making sure this most vital element of life mastery was shared, taught and skillfully implemented.

This was one of the reasons I have the Demartini Value Determination process shared so freely on my website to give people an opportunity to transform their existence into persistence.

Value determination and the many value applications, which I present during the four days of the Demartini Values Training Program became one of the cornerstones of all of my teaching around the world.

Because I watched what this body of knowledge did for me in my life and for my students in their lives – in those who determined their hierarchy of values and began structuring their lives with more congruency – I felt it part of my life mission to share it.

It has liberated so many students and clients from frustration, distractions, self-depreciation, and catapulted their creativity, productivity and momentum building achievements and helped them make a difference and leave their legacy.

The Demartini Values Training Program offers one of the most powerful sets of principles, methods and services that you transform your life with and those you care about and desire to serve – whether it be your clients, or loved ones.

It is a hands-on practical all day every day training like no other.

Imagine focusing for four days intensely on mastering the most important factors in human achievement and also learning the most essential skills at helping yourself and others master and fulfill their lives.

It is a training where when you finish you will be able to bring tears of inspiration to yourself and others and get paid for contributing to your and their lives in a most meaningful and lasting way.

Sign up and join me now for this special life transforming and empowering training program - filled with a unique body of knowledge that creates results as I pass the torch that has blessed me for so many years on to you so you can carry it on to others.

The Demartini ~Dr John Demartini

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What Others Have Said


Simo Chaah - Coach

"I gained so much value from this course. John refreshed us on the source and background of axiology and then we spent time working together with specific processes to support employees, management, the sales process and communication. I highly recommend this course!"


David Woodier

Author and Coach

"Eye opening experience giving me clarity on the principles behind values and the applications thereof. I have confidence that I will be able to make a massive impact in my own business and others going forward."


Grant Sherwood


"Very valuable in helping me market my products, services and increasing staff engagement."


Cannelle de Ruig

Life Coach

"I gained so much value from this course. John refreshed us on the source and background of axiology and then we spent time working together with specific processes to support employees, management, the sales process and communication. I highly recommend this course!"


David Woodier

Author and Coach

"Eye opening experience giving me clarity on the principles behind values and the applications thereof. I have confidence that I will be able to make a massive impact in my own business and others going forward."


Grant Sherwood


"Very valuable in helping me market my products, services and increasing staff engagement."


Cannelle de Ruig

Life Coach

Dr John Demartini

Dr John Demartini is a human behavior specialist, a polymath, philosopher, international speaker and best-selling author.

His work is a summation of over 299 different disciplines synthesized from the greatest minds in most fields of study today.

His extensive curriculum focuses on helping purpose-driven individuals master their lives so that they’re able to more extensively serve humanity with their inspired vision and mission.


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