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Human Behavior Specialist, Educator, Business Consultant and Internationally Published Author

Corporate Modules

Dr John Demartini has a range of programs and short presentations for the health, personal and professional industries ranging from talks to full day programs, including one on one personal or professional consultations.

Dissolving Distractions and Remaining Focused

Every day that employers and employees become distracted from their primary objective they cost their national or international corporations hundred of thousands, millions or even billions of dollars. If an employee doesn’t have an organized mind and a clear set of priority actions he or she will spend an enormous amount of time, energy and thought on low priority distractions. There are times in almost everyone’s life when things just seem to pile up and become overwhelmingly distracting. This is the time when they need a simple tool that can help them sort through it all and bring some sanity, order and organization back to their lives. The “Distraction Resolution – Business Development Module” is such a marvelous tool.

Prioritizing Actions and Delegating Responsibilities

When managers neglect to do their higher priority activities or delegate their lower priority activities to subordinates they set the stage for their teams to do the same. By focusing on those priorities they save their company time, energy and most importantly, money. There’s an art to doing it and this is one of the most important arts to master, for without its mastery no company can grow beyond a mom and pop organization.


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