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The Breakthrough Experience

Get Ready. Your Life
is About to Change.

Dr John Demartini’s Breakthrough Experience - the #1 Transformation
Seminar. Are you ready to step up to your next level of empowerment?

YOU ARE<br> <strong>Unstoppable</strong>


YOU ARE<br>  <strong>Worthy</strong>


YOU ARE<br> <strong>Valuable</strong>



Imagine being able to
step into a life of deeper
meaning and purpose…

  • check You look back on decisions and feel gratitude instead of regret
  • check You reflect on the experiences you thought were challenging with an expanded understanding of how it also served you
  • check You’re no longer burdened by your past because now your whole life makes sense
  • check What you once thought were mistakes, you now see the perfection of
  • check You’re not trying to fix anything because you see how it’s all connected to your greater purpose
  • check You’re grateful for your journey and inspired about your future

Get ready to transform your current situation and achieve your goals and dreams

Get ready to transform

We understand it may be difficult to believe this transformation is possible in just two days. But we guarantee that you will never see life the same way again after you’ve attended the Breakthrough Experience.

For nearly 50 years, Dr Demartini has used a proven way to help people transform what they perceived as ‘in the way’ to view it as ‘on the way.’

Despite some initial skepticism, the majority of students who attend this program are hopeful that these two days will be the turning point that they’ve been looking for. At the Breakthrough Experience, they find real transformation through a unique tool called the Demartini Method. And this becomes their turning point.

Why? Because the Demartini Method works.

There are times when you take a leap of faith without really knowing what to expect

This two day experience was off the charts in terms of content, transformation and a process to integrate into my life. Dr Demartini has a unique teaching style which has one aim and that is to get us to have a breakthrough and he did not fail. I felt total trust in his words, teaching and wisdom and I feel empowered and inspired to manifest my Authentic Self.

- Matthew Horder,
Financial Planner

Does this sound familiar…

  • I feel like I’m not making a difference
  • I lack clarity about my life purpose
  • I’m frustrated at the speed of my progress
  • I’m tired of letting my fears run my life
  • I find life really difficult
  • I’m worried I don’t have what it takes to make a real impact
  • My anxiety is interfering with the quality of my life
  • I’m frustrated by the quality of my relationship/s
  • I’m feeling stressed and overwhelmed
  • I’m struggling to get over my past
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… if so, then you are
being influenced by
your ungoverned mind.

When you use your ungoverned mind, you’ll find yourself reacting without thinking.

The subcortical brain, which includes the amygdala, gives rise to your ungoverned mind. It’s the lower functioning part of your brain also known as "System 1 Thinking."

Its value is in fight or flight, high-stress situations where your ability to react without thinking can make the difference between life and death.

Your subcortical brain gives rise to your polarized emotions and those emotions result in you either being attracted towards that which you perceive supports you or repelled from whatever you perceive will challenge you. Any polarized emotions will result in you reacting away or toward without thinking, without governance.


When you use your governed mind, you’ll find yourself thinking first, then acting.

When you use your governed mind

The prefrontal cortex gives rise to the governed mind. It’s the higher functioning part of your brain also known as “System 2 Thinking.”

Its value is for life mastery, where objective thinking gives you the edge and thinking before acting gives you the advantage.

This part of your brain is responsible for strategic, balanced thinking, foresight, inspiration, creativity, genius, innovation and vision.

System 2 Thinking gives you the greatest resilience and adaptability.

When developed, it gives you your greatest executive function, EQ, IQ and mindfulness.

It’s the seat of your most authentic self. The source of your greatest leadership, influence, self-worth, and power. And it’s a part of your brain that you can develop thanks to the neuroplasticity of your brain.

So it’s a choice. Which part of your
brain do you choose to use?

If you’d love to learn how to apply the Demartini Method to myelinate new pathways in your executive center, then the Breakthrough Experience is for you.

You’ll learn a method that literally evolves your brain from lower function to higher function. It’s a
science and the proven path to mastery.

Book your ticket because your life is about to change

“This seminar has inspired me to believe in myself again.”

- Helen Barrett, Child and Family Play Therapist

The Breakthrough Experience is the only seminar where you’ll see instant transformation

With the Demartini Method, you’ll learn to wake up to the true power of your governed mind, which is the key to mastering your life.

Unlock your true genius and potential. Unlock your true genius and potentia

This can be your story


This can be your story

Dr Demartini has worked with over 150,000 people in the Breakthrough Experience who are now living inspired by their lives, clear on their purpose and making a difference doing what they love.

Become the Master of Your Mind and Your Life

At the Breakthrough Experience we have seen transformation again and again. It’s 100% possible and it’s 100% available to you. Follow the proven path to get you there.

Book your ticket because your life is about to change
Redefine Your Past

Redefine Your Past

Dissolve your emotional baggage and limiting beliefs by learning transformative tools to reframe your perspective and rewire your brain

Clarify Your Present

Clarify Your Present

Understand yourself and take command of your life as you define your inspired vision, mission and purpose

Claim Your Future

Claim Your Future

Leave the seminar with the tools you need to materialize your dreams and step up to the next level of your work, finances and relationships

The Breakthrough Experience Seminar Teaches
You the Proven Path For Transformation:

The Breakthrough Experience Seminar

With new skills and methods you’ll use the rest of your life, the Breakthrough Experience truly
changes the trajectory of your life

Know <br><strong>yourself</strong>


Be <br><strong>yourself</strong>


Love <br> <strong>yourself</strong>


We guarantee incredible value or your money back
100% money back guarantee

We guarantee incredible value or your money back

Your satisfaction is our topmost priority.

If at any point during day 1 you don’t feel that you’re receiving the value you were promised, we will provide a full refund.

Start today and imagine where you could be a year from now.

When you use your governed mind

"The program is definitely intense, but the results are some transformations you couldn’t find anywhere else. If you sign up, please note it’s the point of no return. Do not sign up if you’re not determined to have a mind-blowing but soul-quenching transformation. Thank you, Dr. Demartini and team for the events you create. I’ve transformed my life many times over ever since I’ve discovered your philosophy! Looking forward to the next event!"

- Nicoleta Dan, Transformational Life Coach

This is THE MOST effective way to learn to master your mind, dissolve your fears and center on your purpose.

When you use your governed mind

We provide science-backed concepts, never-before combined in a holistic approach that is easy for you to understand and apply immediately.

This is not a pep rally – this is the perfect junction for you if you’re ready to put in the work to transform your life.

Mastering your mind is an invaluable skill to help you move forward in life. The skills you develop at the Breakthrough Experience will extend into every aspect of your life.Book your ticket

Meet Dr John Demartini

I created this seminar to help you break through whatever barriers may be keeping you from experiencing your true and enlightened nature.

It presents a completely accessible science and philosophy, and reveals and explores universal principles that underlie your very existence.

Most important, this is an extremely real and practical process for understanding why you live the way you do and how to transform your life into your inspired vision.

This seminar is the synthesis of my 5 decades of research, clinical experience and professional teaching.

In the Breakthrough Experience, you will learn a formula for materializing your dreams, discover the secrets of opening your heart beyond anything you have imagined, find out how to increase your love and appreciation for every aspect of life, receive profound insights on how to create more fulfilling and caring relationships, reawaken your birthright as a true genius, transcend any fears and illusions surrounding the myth of death, and reconnect with your true mission and purpose for life on Earth.

Now it’s time to awaken your true potential signature


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"The Breakthrough Experience is one of the most life-changing programs one can attend.”

It enables you to see the perfection in life and that nothing is ever really missing in our experiences. It definitely beats therapy.

star star star star star
- Lelemba Phiri, Investor
"Every day I feel grateful
for the knowledge and wisdom I gained at the Experience.”

I can’t image my life without applying the Demartini Method on a daily basis. I don’t know at which speed I would have gotten where I am now without it.

star star star star star
- Lara Rongen, Communication advisor

Book Your Ticket

Book Your Ticket


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After you complete the seminar, you will be


Taking command of your perceptions, decisions and actions, giving you unprecedented resilience and adaptability


When you reflect on your past experiences, you’ll see the bigger picture and the perfection of yourself, others, and your life


Feel enthused and driven with forward momentum as you pursue the vision, purpose, and mission that you are uniquely destined to accomplish


You are clear on your path forward and able to embrace both pain and pleasure in the pursuit and fulfillment of your purpose


Your confidence, authenticity, and greatest leadership emerge as you value your unique genius, and align with your highest values


You are certain you’re on your unique path, have the tools you need to step up to the next level and have the wisdom to see that life is on the way


Who is the Breakthrough Experience for?
How long is the seminar?
Can I bring my spouse?
Do I need to read his books first?
Do I need a college degree to understand these concepts?
Will I have access to a recording of the program?
What kind of support will I receive during the seminar?
What kind of support will I receive after the seminar?
Do you offer payment plans?

If you still have questions, book a call with us!

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The Breakthrough Experience will transform the trajectory of your life


The tools that you learn at the Breakthrough Experience bring about a profound paradigm shift in your life. It's almost like seeing the world in black and white and then someone hands you a set of glasses and your world is revealed in color for the first time.

It's a paradigm shift that can never be undone.

The ripple effect of the insights you'll have will change every aspect of your life forever. Your relationships, your work, your finances, your family, your business. Everything.

"There’s a hidden order in the universe that few people ever get to know, but those that do, their lives are changed forever." - Inspired by G. W. Leibniz

We look forward to welcoming you to the Breakthrough Experience.

Book your ticket because your life is about to change