The Breakthrough Experience Curriculum

What is covered in The Breakthrough Experience?


What is covered in The Breakthrough Experience?

Whatever your challenge may be, Dr Demartini will assist you in overcoming the obstacles in the way of you achieving the results you desire. Resolving emotional issues allows you to increase your enthusiasm for life as well as increase your fulfillment across all 7 areas of your life.

Day 1

  • 31 principles of life
  • Sensory and motor functions
  • Passive and active components of the human mind
  • Intention and attention
  • Feedback systems of physiology, sociology and the mind
  • Dynamics that attract tragedy, challenge, humbling circumstances and distracting low priorities
  • The building block of all matter in the Universe
  • The difference between evolution and revolution
  • Answers to the four cardinal questions of life
  • The definitions of fear and guilt
  • The Hierarchy of Values
  • The 7 powers in life
  • The 7 correlating fears that block empowerment
  • 15 Delusions that lead to negativity
  • The ABC’s of Negativity
  • The illusions of gain and loss
  • The scale of consciousness and time frames
  • Practical application of The Demartini Method®
  • Perceptions and labels
  • The law of reflection and transparency
  • Dissolve Infatuation, self minimisation
  • Dissolve resentment and fear
  • Dissolve self aggrandisement and pride
  • Dissolve self minimisation, shame and guilt
  • Dissolve exaggerated labels and enhance communication
  • Dissolving unrealistic expectations
  • The Great Discovery
  • Dissolve fantasies and nightmares

Day 2

Dr. Demartini is able to assist you:

  • Signs of illumination
  • Life principles 32 – 44
  • Clear your past to love your present
  • Clarify what you would love to Be, Do and Have in life
  • How to deal with grief, death, bereavement and sorrow
  • How to write your purpose statement
  • Clarify your purpose
  • The Manifestation Formula
  • Link all 7 areas of your life with your purpose
  • Visualisation and affirmations
  • Write what you would love in space time
  • The Hero Within
  • Identifying high priority action steps
  • Daily priorities
  • Breath
  • Source of Inspirations
  • Empowering your 7 areas of life
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