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World Cup Fever and Now What?













Human behavioural specialist Dr John Demartini explains why South Africa's mood may swing from excitement to national mourning and mild depression in the days after the World Cup . He also shares how to prevent or overcome such dips.


When we become excited and possibly irrationally exuberant about a temporary social environment we often become blind to the challenges and downsides that are brewing. Potentially unrealistic expectations can set us up for a fall or let down and result in a social depression.


The depression results from the unrealistic expectation on the continuance of the assumed high. As long as we are addicted to the highs we become confronted by the lows.


It is wiser to keep a steady more balanced outlook on the near and long-term future. Just like a magnet has two complementary poles, so too does our social life - it has two polarities. One will not occur without the other. By understanding this inherent balance of factors we can set a more realistic course for our future.


It is essential that South Africans continue to initiate new inspiring goals such as the recent World Cup and continue to innovate and generate novel ambitions that are solid, real and contribute globally to keep the social and resultant socioeconomic engine rolling in to the future.


A balanced realistic viewpoint with inspiring new projects that catalyze new jobs and a greater appreciation for the people of South Africa is essential to bring South Africa repeatedly into the lime light across the world.


Capitalizing on human and natural resources and supplying new products, services and ideas that contribute to local and / or global issues or concerns will perpetuate South Africa's acknowledgment and advancement on a global scale.


Clearly defining the next projects in the near and far future to rally the nation towards ever greater achievements and socioeconomic development and growth is essential.  Identifying the needs and wants of the nation and across the world can bring out the best and the most creative talents that can harness from within the nation. All sectors of society have something to contribute. All levels of society can participate. All ethnic groups and colours can add their unique contribution to what South Africa can do for the world next. Within in SA lies a mighty power. A power to bring out greatness simply by caring more for the ever growing collective which rewards each individual.


It is wiser to focus on the flowers of possibilities than to pull out the weeds of depression resulting from not having the next inspiring yet realistic objective to fulfil. Life is not about getting easier. It is about tackling ever greater problems head on and transforming once previous crises into blessings, previous challenges into opportunities. Depression is a comparison of a current reality to a fantasy of what we imagine it should be.


Realistic but inspiring goals projected into the present and future awakens a drive to growth and more lasting achievement. South Africa has the spirit to transcend temporary lows, setbacks and transient objectives and plough forward a new row of cultivated thinking and foresight, more than enough to take itself onto the world stage continuously in ways even more noticeable than strictly soccer.


The World Cup is simply the first step, so its aftermath does not have to be a stumbling block. It showed the world that South Africa has the human ingenuity and resources to play on a field of amazing possibility. It now gives South Africa permission to do something even more extraordinary in the years to come.    




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