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Total Life Fitness

To the person who truly desires to be in tune, total fitness today involves more than a simple body fitness program, it now includes an overall Life Fitness Program.  It includes fitness in all areas of daily life.  For instance, if your finances are weak and out of shape, and you are under constant worry and frustration over it, how can you expect to have true and total fitness. If your relationships and or family are off center, how can you expect to not be drained of energy.  When your life is helter skelter, all your work at the gym, although a temporary boost, is not going to be sustained, let alone regenerative. There is wisdom in getting your life together and more in tune if true and total fitness is your aim. 

But how, with all the many attention grabbing and energy zapping stimuli of the day, do you fulfill this overall fitness?  The first step involves an honest inventory of your overall fitness. The second step involves its grading.  The third and final step involves a commitment to implementing change. 

The following questionaire was designed for the purpose of attaining an overall total life fitness. When filling out this questionaire remember that honesty is of utmost importance. To do an inventory on your present fitness status and to lie about it, is to break one of the most significant secrets to overall fitness, that is integrity.  To take the first step forward on your overall Life Fitness Program, simply answer yes or no to the following questions.

Total Life Fitness Questionaire

  Physical Fitness:

Do you walk at least one mile or its equivalent once a day? 
Are you within 10 pounds of your normal and healthy weight?
Do you work out enough to work up a sweat at least twice a week?
Do you have consistent moderation in the quantity of your eating?
            Do you have a consistent rhythm in the timing of your eating?
Do you receive adequate hours of sleep each day (six to eight hours)?
            Do you like your body and are you proud of it?
Do you stretch out each of your joints at least twice weekly?

Mental Fitness:

Do you look forward to getting up and making the most of your day?
Are you excited about new ideas and look forward to learning?
Do you read something inspiring and uplifting and about what you love daily?
Do you hang out with idea generating people with mind stimulating ideas?
If you are down or depressed do you, instead of wallowing in it, make an effort to   
change your action state and do something productive?
If you are scattered and overwhelmed do you stop to prioritize your actions?
            Do you have a mentor that helps you not reinvent wheels?
Do you take a moment to visualize and affirm your desired outcomes daily?

Spiritual Fitness:

Do you take a moment for meditative silence daily?
Do you stop and count your blessings at least five minutes daily?
Do you center yourself and listen to your heart before speaking?
Do you open up and share your love with others?
Do you write thankyou letters?
Do you visit parks, museums, art galleries or places of worship regularly?
Do you believe their is a higher purpose for each of the events in your life?
            Do you treat others the way you want to be treated?

Career Fitness:

Do you love what you do and do what you love?
Do you have clearly set and written career goals?
Do you have an organized work environment?
Do you break large projects into smaller more manageable pieces and work from priorities?
Do you practice and polish your skills regularly?
Can and do you seek advice when needed?
Do you reward yourself for you accomplishments?
Can you accept valid and constructive criticism?
Family Fitness:

Do you have someone special you romantically love?
Do you let your loved ones know how much they mean to you?
Do you take time for family gatherings?
Do you make an effort to do those extra-specials with those you love regularly?
Do you really listen when your loved ones speak?
Can you truly be yourself around your family members?
Do you let other family members receive the limelight without Jealousy?
Are you proud to be in the family you are in?

Social Fitness:

             Are you willing to take on leadership?
Can you join into a group as a team player easily?
Are you outgoing and friendly with a sense of humor?
            Are you able to listen attentively and follow instructions?
Do you get out and meet new people, at least one new person a week?
Do you make it a point to help others reach their dreams?
Are you supportive of other peoples accomplishments?
Do you speak up and influence others with your ideas?

  Financial Fitness:

Do you feel worthy enough to allow yourself to receive money and wealth?
Do you pay yourself and taxes first, not last?
Do you have a regular savings program?
Do you prioritize your spendings?
Do you abstain from the overuse of credit cards?
Do you pre-plan your shopping and not impulse buy?
Do you avoid wiping out your savings just because of minor emergencies?
            Do you have a separate savings program for vacations?

To take the second step forward on your overall Life Fitness Program simply grade yourself on your preceding answers.  For each question answered yes give yourself five points.  For each question answered no give yourself zero points. Now total up all your points.

Your third and final winners step is to take action. Overall Life Fitness is yours for the taking.

If your total points range from 0 to70, your total Life Fitness status is very poor. If so, you need a jumpstart and an immediate overhaul before you end up totally out of shape. Start reviewing the preceding questionaire and begin taking immediate action today on its many implied fitness tips. Begin doing one at a time. Work on as many of these tips as you comfortably can. Push yourself though. You may need a mentor or coach, and if so, call on one. You will be amazed at how rapidly your overall life fitness can be upgraded with some extra attention. 

If your total points range from 75 to 140, your total Life Fitness status is fair. If so, you could benefit from reviewing the preceding questionaire and incorporating many more of the tips to overall fitness it provides.  

If your total points range from 145 to 210, your total Life Fitness status is good. You are definitely above average, but, you could still benefit even more by reviewing the preceding questionaire and incorporating as many of its implied fitness tips as possible. This good status is an easy status to become complacent in, so do not just let yourself plateau at being good, go for excellence. It may take some extra work, but your worth it.

If your total points range from 215 to 280, congratulate yourself, for your total Life Fitness status is excellent. You are quickly approaching an overall Life Fitness.  You are either presently a leader or a leader in the making; a role model for others to follow. You have an integrity that makes you a winner.  Your personal power and fitness will be an inspiration. You have become your own coach of your own inner winning team. All that is left for you to do is to simply polish up those last few fitness tips so your overall fitness can keep on shining.  

Dr. John Demartini is a human behaviour specialist, educator, author and the founder of the Demartini Institute.
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