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The Perfect Mother

By Dr. John Demartini
World-leading Human Behaviour Specialist, Educator, Author and Business Consultant.

Mothers, today, are bombarded with books and media describing an image of the perfect mother. They promote the ‘right' thing to be, do and say. Many mothers compare themselves to these social ideals, judge themselves accordingly and develop the perception they are making mistakes while raising their children.
In truth, no matter what you do, you cannot make a mistake. When you stop to look at the truth of your every action, you will see that the things which you thought might have been hurtful or inadequate, in fact, served your children. 

Mothers tend to criticise themselves in a variety of ways.  They feel guilty if work or socialising disallows them from spending enough time with their children. They worry about how they discipline. They feel pressured by schools, family and friends and constantly compare themselves to other mothers. Stop and ask yourself how each of your actions is assisting your children?  You will soon realise that no matter what you do or don't do - you are playing a vital role in helping them grow and develop. 

Everyone needs a balance of support and challenge to help them maximally grow. So instead of perceiving your children as being neglected while you work, see how your absence assists them to learn independence, grow their maturity and self-esteem.  Instead of perceiving your discipline as detrimental, recognise the benefits of teaching them how to evaluate their actions and adapt their behaviours to align with other peoples' values.  This will enable them to interact more effectively and be more successful in the world. 

This Mothers Day, celebrate being a mother and take the time to be grateful for your wisdom, love and your intention to nurture and expand your children's' potential. Just know you are perfect as you are.

Dr. John Demartini is the best-selling author of nine self-help books translated into 22 languages. He is also a health professional, an expert on human behaviour and personal transformation, an educator and a business consultant. He teaches full time assisting people across the world to see the order in their lives. He consults to business leaders around the world and has appeared on numerous documentaries including The Secret. He is also the Founder of the Demartini Institute.
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