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Study Tips from Dr Demartini


Nervous about studying for exams?  Dr Demartini shares some tips to make studying more effective:


  1. If you are studying something that you can't see is adding value to your life - it will go into short-term memory.  So ask yourself repeatedly: How is studying this going to assist me to reach my goals in life.  In other words, link it to what is most valuable to you.  If you can't see how this is going to assist you in your life, you are going to struggle.  If you can see the value, you will be inspired.
  2. The purpose of an education is to increase the probability that you will have greater opportunities in your life and be able to provide a great service to people.  So don't just learn to pass the test - look beyond that.  Make your goal bigger. Think of what type of service you are going to provide with your new-found knowledge.  See yourself beyond the exam and school and find a cause for the information you need to learn.
  3. Try and avoid stimulants when you study. They will only give you a temporary high which will be followed by a ‘crash'.  You want to keep your physiology steady - so drink lots of water.
  4. Pace your study instead of cramming at the end and running the risk of feeling overwhelmed and stressed.  If you study every day by the inch, it becomes a cinch.
  5. If you are experiencing fear and anxiety, it is because you are not prepared. The more you study, the less the fear.
  6. Maintain balanced emotions by asking whatever is happening in your life, how is this helping you to fulfil your objectives?
  7. Fear will guide and stimulate you to prepare better. So if you are focused on the fear of failing Matric and not graduating - use the fear as a catalyst to put in extra effort now.
  8. If you feel anxious during the exam, balance your breathing.  As the breathe wanders, so does the mind. Breathe in for seven seconds, hold and then breathe out for seven seconds.  Do this several times and your mind will become present and poised.
  9. Any questions you don't know, just move on and concentrate on the ones you do know and what you know will grow. The answer is within you, so calmly return to those questions and often your intuition will lead you to the answer.
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