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Writings and Insights

Written, Audio and Video from Dr Demartini

Dr Demartini has created a number of articles, audio recordings and video insights which we have accumulated in this section for you to read, view and listen to. New material will be added regularly so please keep an eye out for new writings and insights posted for your enjoyment.



Are you an avid list maker or do you prefer to go with the flow, having a rough idea in your head of what needs to be done? List making has more benefits of which most people are aware, and if you learn to do it right, this practice can actually make you healthier, happier, calmer and possibly even better off financially.


Are you taking command of your life? Are you filling your day with truly meaningful objectives and actions that fulfil and inspire you, or are you letting the overruling world around you determine your fate?


Dr John Demartini, has a warning for those who adopt an attitude of fake it till you make it, authentic confidence, he says, is a natural by-product of living in alignment with your highest values and will help propel you toward achievement, whereas a facade of bravado will always be doomed to fail.


Dr Demartini shares his wisdom on Love and Happiness.


Between positively and negatively charged particles is a center point of light. Between positively and negatively charged emotions is the center point of love.


Dr John Demartini gives tips on How to Create the Life YOU Love


Dr John Demartini discusses how to combat bullying in the workplace.


A study many years ago by John Norcross, a psychology professor at the University of Scranton, proved that 77 percent of people who made New Year's Resolutions maintained their pledges for a week but by the end of the two year study that success ratio had dropped to 19 Percent.


Dr John Demartini explains how to address feelings of jealousy and envy.


The fear of public speaking is one of the greatest fears the majority of people ever face. But if you understand the actual reason for your fear and are able to work through this, you will be able to stand up and present a meaningful message and go on to pursue many more social achievements.


Learn how to control the 7 primary fears that limit your potential and self belief, says world renowned human behavioural specialist Dr John Demartini.


My mother told me when I was almost four years old, as she was putting me to bed one night Son before you go to sleep tonight make sure you count your blessings Great truths are often hidden within such simple words.


Human behaviourist Dr John Demartini offers some expert advice on how to awaken great self-confidence.


When was the last time you experienced a crisis? Did it seem like it was the end of the world? Did you feel helpless, frustrated, burned-out or just down and depressed? Did you say to yourself, This is the last straw. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired! This has got to stop. I can't go another day like this.


Human behaviourist Dr John Demartini explains the importance of setting goals that match your highest values so that you can live a fulfilled life.


The key to loving each day and gaining from every experience that occurs - in the seven areas of your life


Human behaviourist Dr John Demartini explains how to live by your own unique hierarchy of values so that you live an inspiring, meaningful and fulfilling life


There is no such thing as the fear of the unknown, There is only the fear of what you imagine is about to happen. Fears are content specific. Dr Demartini offers expert advice on how to overcome your fear of failure.


It's not hard to slow down the signs of aging, both mentally and physically. Dr John Demartini shares 12 effective tips for slowing down the signs of aging.


Dr. John Demartini discusses the seven areas that people and nations need to fulfill in order to succeed and avoid being over-powered by others.


Dr John Demartini explains how stress accelerates the aging process and offers advice on how to combat this.


Your perceptions play a pivotal role in your wellbeing.


When we are confident about ourselves and what we are doing with our lives, we tend to succeed in our endeavours. Dr. John Demartini offers some tips on how to live confidently.


Have you ever wondered why you are not getting what you want? View my video included in this article and download the transcript to understand why you perceive you are not getting what you want and how to proceed to get what you want.


Anxiety is a form of fear where we assume that we are about to experience through our senses or imagination in the future - more pains than pleasures, more losses than gains, more negatives than positives, and more challenges than supports. But again such imbalances don't truly exist except in the minds of those unwilling to see both sides of life synchronously.


Any area of your life you are not empowered in, someone else can and probably will overpower you in. It is wise to empower all areas of your life. There are seven areas or forms of empowerment that can help reduce the probability of being bullied.


Seasonal depression can be due to the perceptions and comparisons an individual makes between their current daily reality and an unrealistic expectation, delusion or fantasy he or she may be holding on or addicted to. Dr. Demartini shares action steps to assist you in dealing with Winter Time Blues.


There are seven common fears and guilt that fragment our full potential. The difference between somebody who does what they love and someone who doesn't is the former has the ability to identify their fears and has a strategy to break through them.


Every event in life has two sides - a positive and a negative. Anytime we perceive only half of an emotional equation instead of loving and appreciating the whole, we become stressed physically and emotionally.


To dissolve feelings of depression, follow Dr Demartini's action steps to Demartini It:


Sometimes when people try to go out of their way to be so-called generous and supportive they end up spoiling someone, and their generosity leads to false expectancy and dependency. A true balance of challenge and support can go a long way.


It is ultimately your perception of what happens to you that is the true source or cause of your effect.


The two basic emotions, fear and guilt, are the most challenging emotions affecting our overall physical and emotional well-being. They can sabotage our vitality, imbalance our physiology and rob us of our inner poise.


When you make lists of action steps and prioritize them you feel more productive, efficient and a greater sense of self-worth. As a result your cortisol levels go down, your endorphins go up, you feel more fulfilled, calm and reduce your stress levels.


How to Create the Life You Love in 8 Steps


If you practice and refine your ability to tune in to your purpose and set the goals you wish to achieve throughout your life, 'impossible' things can happen.


It is truly amazing to be able to experience what transpires when you are willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill your dreams.


Have you ever achieved a long sought goal that you had set and then immediately felt a surge of confidence and began setting the next new one? Did you raise the bar? Our expectations and standards tend to climb as our goals become accomplished.


Dr Demartini gives advice on how to escape the clutches of multi-tasking madness


It's easy to be grateful when life is giving you roses. The task becomes more complicated when you're feeling the sting of the thorns.


While many people feel uplifted by the approaching festive season, not all of us experience the joys of the holidays in the same way. Apathy, depression and even suicidal thoughts dominate the minds of some. Dr. John Demartini attributes many of these feelings to people building up unrealistic expectations during this time.


You know you're stressed any moment your mind is not present and certain and your heart is not grateful and loving. Many common events in daily life can initiate varying degrees of stress, but in any case stress ultimately boils down to imbalanced muscular or physiological reactions resulting from neuro-hormonal responses arising from imbalanced sensory perceptions, ones generally accompanied by fear and guilt.


Nervous about studying for exams? Dr Demartini shares some tips to make studying more effective


How spiritually attuned are you? Utilizing the YES or NO question and answer method, answer this questionnaire to determine whether you are intuitively tuning into your soul and empowering your life.


For some people saying 'no' is really difficult. They find it more daunting than looking after kids, running a business or even climbing a mountain. How often have you found your head screaming 'no' and your mouth articulating 'yes'? Then you are angry with yourself afterwards.


10 tips from Dr Demartini to assist you manage your life.


Of course you know that stress impacts your life - everyone knows that. But what if you could turn that stress into success? What kind of life could you then lead? The first step to achieving a more successful and fulfilling life is to alleviate stress.


A personal message from Dr John Demartini addressing the importance of setting priorities in your day. When we do we focus on high priority items not low priority items and our lives accelerate in the direction of our goals and dreams.

Dr Demartini's Daily Update