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Is There More To Life Than Just Being Happy?

What if you discovered there was something much more fulfilling than just being momentarily happy?

Over the last four decades, Dr John Demartini, human behavior expert, author and international speaker, has helped thousands of people ignite a new flame in their life by focusing on the importance of personal values.

Author of four decades worth of personal development books, Dr John Demartini shares the insights of his 44 years of research, having worked with thousands of couples struggling to find their illusive happiness.

In truth, there is only a balanced form of love. Everything else is a one-sided romantic fantasy, or illusion.

No one around you is committed to making your life fulfilling and amazing every day, that is primarily up to you. But you can find someone who can help you do what fulfills your life and you, them. A fulfilling life will include helping others, and the special one you love most, fulfill what they would love most, which helps them want in turn to help you fulfill what you would love most.

Dr Demartini believes that one of the pillars of stable relationships is understanding each others highest values and how they complement each other.

He says it is essential to know and embrace your personal values and empower all seven primary areas of your life before looking for your loving partner. Just like you are inwardly asking yourself what is in it for me, they are also asking what is in it for them. If you desire to attract a great catch it is reasonable for you to also be a great catch.  Loving mates are magnetized when you are authentic and empowered in as many of the seven areas as possible, that is you are intelligent mentally, achieving vocationally, high earning financially, caring familially, influential socially, well and attractive physically and inspired spiritually.  
By empowering your life you increase the probability of doing something amazing along with someone amazing. 

Learn to love your life. Discover how to be resourceful in your perceptions and actions, then no matter what happens in your life, there is something you can do to achieve something extraordinary from it.

Dr Demartinis relationship equation is based on opening the doorway to self-clarity and empowerment. Instead of worrying about finding fleeting happiness, more wisely ask yourself What are your top three highest values and how can you fulfill them? What would you absolutely love to do in life? What are the highest priority action steps you can take today to achieve this? And when you meet your potential mate ask yourself, What are your mates top three highest values and how can you help them become fulfilled. 
The more you value you, the more the world will value you. The more you love others for who they are the more they will turn into who you love. 

You deserve to live your dreams. Do not disregard your quality of life by undermining the important questions which help illuminate your personal values and allow you to be the greatest and most authentic version of yourself.

You must find out what is important to you, and afterwards see where your partners values align with your own. This is so that you can both feel loved for who you are – not someone elses idea of who you should be.
Your fulfilling will be built upon a foundation of gratitude and true and balanced love which will allow you to achieve true understand of what really makes your relationship last. 
For gratitude is the key that opens up the gateway of the heart and allows love from within to come radiating out.

So count your blessings. This will release the healing power of gratitude and love and help you realize you already have everything you are looking for, all it takes is a little bit of attention and communication.

Dr. John Demartini is a human behaviour specialist, educator, author and the founder of the Demartini Institute.
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