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In the Midst of a Mid-Career Dilemma?


According to human behavioral specialist Dr John Demartini, staying in a unfulfilling job just so you can retire may not be the wisest path.

Demartini believes retirement is a man made myth and the value of spending your life doing what you love and loving what you do is priceless.

“Many people believe that youth is a heavenly time of optimism and energy before the 'hellish' decline into old age and death. That’s true only if you make it so, and you really do have the power to choose at any time along your career.”

“This pernicious retirement myth has little to do with the reality of life and human potential. I know many people in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s that are still doing what they love and loving what they do and still going strong. Chronological age is certainly not the only determining factor.” Comments Dr Demartini


Interview Yourself

The quality of your life is based upon the questions you ask yourself. Think about what you've truly loved doing throughout your career and ask yourself what your ideal job would ultimately look like.

Expand your mind

Take the time to read, research and study this area or areas of interest. Look for mentors and people in your desired profession or skill area to speak with.

Make a plan

Once you have evaluated your options take the time to set out plan and give yourself permission to create your own business if that is what you wish.

Know when you are ready for change

While it sometimes takes a crisis for us to make a change in our lives, a good indication that you are no longer fulfilled is a lack of energy and enthusiasm on a daily basis. When the pain of desperation overrides the pain of action you’ll move into your new career.

Reinvent the role you have

As an alternative to a completely new career path, it may pay to simply make a few changes to the role you currently have and/or look within the organization you are currently in to see where you feel you are able to serve best and serves you best.

See the solution

You are never too old or too entrenched in any given profession to make a change. Focus on the experience that you've gained and the skills you have acquired rather than possible excuses for not moving forward.

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