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How to Create the Life YOU Love

1. Every day sit for a moment in silent meditation and concentrate on exactly what you would love to create in your life. Imagine every detail you can and then even more. Imagine your life exactly the way you would love it to be. Let your imagination be real enough to have it come true, yet ideal enough to inspire and stretch you.

2. Write as many details as you can imagine down and begin a dream or goal plan. Writing these down helps make dreams come true. Remember the details.

3. Every day take at least one if not three or even seven action steps to make this goal come true. What you move toward move towards you.

4. Keep records of every synchronous and goal aligning event that occurs, they surround your life. Write all the events that come true each day that demonstrates that you are moving in the direction of your goals.

5. Keep refining your goals, so as to become clearer and clearer each day on your outcomes.

6. As they begin to become real be sure to add new ones all revolving around your chief aim or purpose in life.

7. Be thankful for every supportive and challenging event that helps provide you feedback and fulfillment.

8. Remember the art of creation is set goals aligned to your values* then hold the image through time – the only way to hold the image through time is to keep it in motion and the only way to keep it in motion is to focus on the ever finer details.
Dr. John Demartini is a human behaviour specialist, educator, author and the founder of the Demartini Institute.
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