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How healthy is social networking?

Social Networking

by Dr. John Demartini


Like any situation, social networking has two sides. On the one side it could represent time consumption, distraction, overwhelm, gossip, obligation, unrealistic expectations, false assumptions, social masking, repression and on the other side it could provide an opportunity for growth, advancement and new relations.

Online friendships can be fun, heartfelt and lead to meaningful relationships or entice us into fantasies with potentially unrealistic expectations which may rob us of appreciating our remaining daily life.

People have different ways of connecting to others. Some may form relationships with people in the ‘traditional' social settings, some in business circles, some through the online environment. Neither forms are better or worse. Both have benefits and drawbacks.

I often look forward to meeting new people online, and become attached to the idea of new, wonderful beginnings, only to become disappointed over and over again. What can I do to stop this vicious circle?

Dr. Demartini:
Have a balanced expectation. Everybody has two sides, don't ever expect to have a one sided person, it is delusional. Frustration and depression are a by-product of our comparisons of our current balanced reality to a one sided fantasy of how we believe life is ‘supposed' to be.

Why do people become obsessed with other peoples profiles?

Dr. Demartini:
Anytime you are too humble to admit that what you see in others is inside yourself and you become infatuated with them and put them on pedestals you will minimise yourself in turn and fear their loss and become the underdog. This can lead to obsession, broken heartedness. These are lessons that ultimately teach you to grow your self-worth.  

Why am I always getting angry or upset by what is happening on the internet?

Dr. Demartini:
Anger is often a result of unrealistic expectations being unmet. It is wise to reflect on your perception of what the person did and look carefully at yourself before you judge them. People and events have two sides. If we look carefully we can always find the other side and grow from the event. It is wise to take the time to discover the hidden benefits instead of allowing ourselves to become victims of our history.




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