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Feeling Depressed? Demartini It!

Feeling Depressed? Demartini It

 Feeling Depressed? Demartini It! 

Whenever you have a fantasy about how you think your life should be instead of being grateful for how it is, you split yourself in two. The fantasy appears to be more positive than negative and as a result you compare your reality to it. You then become sad and depressed whenever you perceive that your life doesn't match the unrealistic ideal in your mind.

To dissolve feelings of depression, follow these action steps to Demartini It:


Identify what specifically you are depressed about, in other words what do you think your life should be? Or what do you think you should have or experience that would make your life somehow better? E.g. You may wish you had more money, a relationship, a better body or lifestyle - whatever it is, write it down on a piece of paper.


Imagine for a moment that your life is actually the way you think it should be. Now ask yourself, if it was that way, what would be the drawbacks? You will need to find between 20 and 50 drawbacks to this fantasy that you are comparing your life to.


Now ask yourself what are the benefits to you of the way your life is right now, as it is. Again you will need 20 to 50 benefits. Repeat Step Two and Three until you feel a click and your heart opens with gratitude as you realize the perfection of your life the way it is! When you bring down the fantasy with the drawbacks and you bring up your reality with the benefits you bring your mind into balance and you dissolve your feelings of depression and replace them with a deep appreciation and gratitude for life as it is.

Below is a short video to further explain the concept and application of the Demartini Method to dissolve depression. Please watch it and if you feel it would be a value to your friends and family, then share it with them too.

For more information on dealing with Depression or dissolving any other emotion that may be holding you back, contact the Demartini Institute and ask about the Breakthrough Experience, a 2 day seminar presented by Dr John Demartini. The Breakthrough Experience will show you how to solve your challenges and how to live your most inspired and empowered life:

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