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Doing Whatever it Takes



Doing Whatever it Takes

by Dr. John Demartini


It is truly amazing to be able to experience what transpires when you are willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill your dreams. Over twenty years ago, when I was a practicing chiropractor and speaker I was confronted by a logistics dilemma. My practice was growing rapidly and my Health Education and Awareness Lectures used for practice promotion were expanding faster than my clinical facility could hold. I had reached a capacity dilemma. I had already expanded my nightly lectures to my front reception area and outside on the sidewalk and included loudspeakers, but the numbers were simply getting too big to best serve the attendees. I had considered utilizing the nearest hotel, but the distance, cost and impracticality of the whole move would not serve the objective of having clinical tours after the lecture at my facility. I was uncertain what to do.

On the very next Monday I was walking down the sidewalk in front of my clinic to go to the Quick Copy company and I noticed that The Boot Center that had been in business next door for the last year had suddenly over the weekend vanished. The space next door was amazingly and completely vacant. I immediately thought what a perfect space for my lectures. So I ran back into to my clinic and called the leasing agent responsible for leasing the space. But, the agent was not available and so I left a message. Later I left another and over the next day nobody returned my calls. So, because I urgently needed the space and because I figured that the worst thing that the leasing company could do is simply charge me rent, which I was certainly ready pay for, I simply called a locksmith to open up ‘my’ perfect new lecture hall.

I then proceeded to purchase 60 folding chairs for my guests, a lectern, a podium, and many plants to liven up the space. I also repaired the damaged carpet, put a mural on the wall and turned on the electricity. Then I called one of my patients who owned Infinite Video Productions to film my upcoming lectures with an abundance of lighting. I also purchased two megaphones to blast out into the giant parking lot so ‘anyone’ driving by would have to hear my lectures from over 600 feet away. There was a 10 cinema complex in the shopping center that my clinic was part of. I realized that 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. was the perfect time to conduct my lectures so as to maximize the number of potential drive by attendees. This is when most of the shows ended or began. I had conceived of this idea because of one of my spiritual mentors Robert Schuller at the time and his drive in Church in Garden Grove California.

That next Thursday night at 7:00 p.m. I rounded up as many attendees as I could to fill up the chairs and began to blast way with my inspiring message. 

Do whatever it takes and let nothing stop you from your dreams.



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