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Current World Challenges

By Dr John Demartini


Unquestionably the events occurring recently or currently in the world could be perceived as only terrible ‘challenges’ or ‘disasters’, but then we would be allowing our incomplete perceptions to run our reactions. Every event has two sides, the so-called negative and the complementary opposite side the positive. These are also called the drawback and benefit, or crisis and blessing or challenge and support, or terrible and terrific sides. The key is not to wait until the other side is later realized and self-evident. The key is to look immediately and find the other side that is ever present.

Each of us can have the wisdom of the ages without the aging process or the wisdom of the ages through the aging process. There is always two sides to every event. The amazing unity of the global and local relief effort, the family reunions, the creativity, the partnering. the innovation, the return to basics and real priorities, the caring gestures and assistance, the world impact, the realizations of the importance of love and not just being right, the balancing of the social equation between the haves and have nots, the few and the many the empowered and disempowered.

Nature levels the playing field at times to readjust the game of life. I find it wise to keep my eyes open on both sides and not react out of ignorance, but to act out of wisdom. Love is discovering and appreciating both sides. Nearly 20 years ago there was devastating Andrew. It soon became Saint Andrew as the benefits became recognized. I spoke to a gentleman from Japan today and he stated that Japan has been deeply benefited by the event as much as challenged. People are discovering who their neighbors are. Families that remain are closer. Gratitude is emerging for the life that remains, that was partly being taken for granted.


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