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Advice for Your Teenager

Advice for Your Teenager

by Dr John Demartini


Do you think that low self-esteem during teenage years can be a barrier to being a successful individual as an adult?  (Successful meaning achieving their idea of happiness, whether that be a family, or money, or a dream job).


When you set realistic goals that are aligned with your highest values and that inspire you and you have planned strategies that you can clearly see how you can achieve such aims, then your self-worth will continue to rise, because you will walk your talk. Whenever you exaggerate yourself or what you say you are going to do and set unrealistic times frames on them without having the strategies to fulfill them then you are designed to have the negative self-talk surface from within you to remind you to set real goals in real time with real strategies. If you exaggerate yourself you will awaken your own internal thermostat which will humble you back into being the true you. The key is congruency and setting out to achieve truly meaningful actions that you can't wait to get up in the morning to fulfill. Fantasies create nightmares, but inspiring realities create dreams.


Do you think teenagers should have a good idea of where they want to go (jobs, career, more schooling) after college when they graduate high school?


Deep inside everyone is an inherent knowing. Some people are a little older before they access what they already deeply know. We sometimes let fears cloud the clarity of what this purpose or mission is, but none the less, this yearning is sitting inside us waiting for us to unveil it. The sooner you unveil your great chief aim the more momentum you can gain.


Many people have told me that high school is only important if you want to go to college and that once you get into a college, nobody looks at your high school experience anymore.  Do you think this is true?


Your primary, secondary and certainly tertiary education will be one of your greatest life assets as will be your street (quaternary) education. The key is to continuously ask yourself how you can apply what you are learning and how will your education help you fulfill your highest values and aspirations. It is not only what others perceive about your level of education it is your own perception. It is the certainty and wisdom that you develop that ultimately counts. Consider it wise to never imagine you are done with your continued education. I hope to be learning something new even at my passing.


And lastly; if you could give one piece of advice to the teenagers at our school what would that be?


Identify what your true highest values are (see the 'Determine Your Values' section on my website) and then ask how each educational class within your school curriculum will help you fulfill your highest three values. The moment you see how what you are studying will help you fulfill what is most meaningful to you, your mind will be inspired to learn that information and your retention will soar. You have a mission to fulfill, so learn whatever you can and get into inspired action.




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