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Demartini Value Determination

Know Yourself. Be Yourself

Determine Your Values


(Dr Demartini on Determining Your Values)


Although determining your values can be practically useful in your daily reality, in actuality, nothing is void or missing in the first place, it is only in another unrecognized form. But what you perceive to be 'missing' will become what seems to be 'important'. So this is why our private voids give rise to your public values. You fulfill a void and value through either a perception or an action. 


To determine your unique hierarchy of values using Dr Demartini's Value Determination Process click here:





If you are still unsure of your values, or would like assistance in understanding the value determination process, changing your values or understanding values / voids on a deeper level, join Dr Demartini at the Breakthrough Experience. View our events calendar to see when the Breakthrough Experience will be in your area.


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Dr Demartini's Daily Update

When you are truly inspired by something, you cannot fail because you don't give up!

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