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Feedback From Around The World

People from around the world have shared their feedback regarding their experiences from attending Dr Demartini's programs. If you would love to add your testimonial to below please click here.


Young Adults Inspired Destiny
At the Young Adults Inspired Destiny program, I learnt to look for traits the most successful people have and find where I have those traits. I now have more confidence to pick up chicks.
Before this event I felt like my life was meaningless. At this event I learnt that it never is and I am now back on track. So from today onwards I will use Dr. Demartini's methods throughout my life. I loved this program 100%.
Thomas Joo
Before this Young Adults Inspired Destiny program, I felt stressed, sad and frustrated. This program assisted me to discover what is important to me. 
Edward Morrish
I love the Demartini Value Determination Process the most. Prior to Young Adults Inspired Destiny Program, I was confused about who I was, where I was going and what I am doing. I learnt how to structure my values and how to deal with stress and fear. Henceforth, I am ready to take on my goals and dreams. 
Baj Marriott
Before Young Adults Inspired Destiny Program I was unsure about where I wanted to go in my life. I now have a greater sense of direction as to where I want to go and what I want to do. I have also learned to see events in my life from a different perspective.
Oliver Murray
Young Adults Inspired Destiny Program helped me to perceive challenges as opportunities and be focused on my dream of being an international businessman. From today onwards I am committed to reaching my goals and dreams.
Stellios Theodovlou
The Young Adults Inspired Destiny Program provided me with clarity on my values, assisting me to know my ultimate purpose. From today onwards I will be living congruently with my values, which will assist me in living my destiny. 
Nena Botoric
I was told for most of my life that I am not going to accomplish anything. Young Adults Inspired Destiny assisted me to get clear on my vision and encouraged me to go after my dream of being a life coach. I now believe that I can achieve my dreams.
Paul Statharsis
I loved the clarity Dr. Demartini provided on how to deal with day to day problems and how to achieve your dreams. Before this event I felt like I had no direction and powerless. At the event I learnt how I can make a change and how to find direction. From today onwards, I will not be ashamed of what I love to do.

Dino Tsakins
I loved the system of identifying my values. Prior to Young Adults Inspired Destiny Program, I felt unguided and was worried about the future. Dr. Demartini taught me how to set a goal and perform it and how to have stronger communication with people. From today onwards I will seek what I love in life and not turn back. 
Jack Gosling
The Young Adults Inspired Destiny Program gave me tools on overcoming my hurdle of facing my fears. I have learnt to value myself and ask quality questions.
Carmen Grant
Before this event I felt tired. At the event I felt energized. So from today onwards I am the master of my destiny.
Hannah Desmond
I learnt more about myself, my goals and my dreams at the Young Adults Inspired Destiny Program. 
Sakura Cook
Young Adults Inspired Destiny Program taught me a lot about myself and ways to overcome fears.
Kenneth Ronnenbergh
What I loved most about Young Adults Inspired Destiny Program, was Dr. Demartini's teachings on the power of association. Previously I had felt like I was in a rut but I am now inspired to reach my full potential and become an Academy Award Winner. 
Before Young Adults Inspired Destiny Program I didn't know what I wanted in life and felt confused. I now know my dream is to travel the world with tourism. I have learnt to value myself and others around me.
Kelsey Dean
I loved everything about the Young Adults Inspired Destiny Program. At this program, I learnt many ways to handle stressful and difficult situations and to transform them into opportunities. Henceforth, I will reading a lot more, expand my opportunities and reaching far to achieve my goals. 
Gina Maronic
I am at the end of my schooling and felt uncertain about where my life was heading.  At the Young Adults inspired Destiny Program, I discovered my values and what steps I can take to fulfill my values and achieve my goals.
Isabelle Gosling
I was confused about completing my degree. Now I know why I started doing what I am doing. The Young Adults Inspired Destiny Program taught me how to set goals and think about various aspects of life in a way that will help me move forward in life in an efficient manner. What I loved most was to be able to learn how to not feel intimidated when talking to potential business contacts.
Adem Ibrahim
Before Young Adults Inspired Destiny I felt uninspired. Now I have learnt that everything is on the way and not in the way. (I will be using a gratitude list from today onwards). This is an excellent course, which I wish I had found years ago.
Prior to the Young Adults Inspired Destiny Program I felt like I wasn't going anywhere in life and felt depressed. This program taught me that my dreams matter and so I will do everything I can to fulfill my dreams. I love this program and I will definitely come back.
Charlie Hyde
Before this event I felt really annoyed because I was wasting a day when I could be kicking with mates. At the event I learnt how to manage my life, be positive and successful. So from today onwards I will follow the principles that Dr. Demartini taught today.
Emmanuel Cordate
I loved Dr. Demartini's in-depth teachings. Before this Young Adults inspired Destiny Program, I felt clouded and unsure of my vision but after this program I know how to own the traits of those who I admire, with more depth and understanding, which will enable to me to live my inspired purpose.
Matthew Papallo
What I loved most about this Young Adults Inspired Destiny Program was the overall coverage of so many strategies that will assist me all through my life. Before this event I felt that I was directionless and unable to take myself forward with confidence. At this program I learnt many skills that will allow me to take the next step.  
Toni Rodwell
In the Young Adults Inspired Destiny program, I learnt how to move things from in the way to on the way. From today onwards I will go after my dream to become the World Taekwondo Champion. 
Kyle Knowles
The Young Adults Inspired Destiny program has been an eye opener for me. I learnt how to appreciate what I have and how I can accomplish my dream. I now believe in myself to make my dream come true.
Shaniese Lowrie
My Young Adults Inspired Destiny experience has made me more confident in my decision making. It has helped me to  realise the opportunities I have and to expand my dreams. I can now use goal setting and manifestation to get what I want. Using the traits that I have now found in myself has made me grow as a person. I am more confident and am dreaming bigger!
Devan Jones
I had a great moment with Dr. Demartini. He is a great man who has a great inspirational gift. I have learned so many things today which I believe will contribute to the achievement of my goals. I recommend everyone who has not attended Young Adults Inspired Destiny to attend.
Henry Kibambe
Young Adults Inspired Destiny was an awesome experience and I learned a lot. Thank you very much and I hope to see you again.
Jaroir Powel Savrda
Young Adults Inspired Destiny has helped me to see a future I can look forward to. I can't thank you enough Dr. Demartini.
Michael Wagner
Dr. Demartini helped me to understand more about myself and how to prioritise my life in a way that will support what would be best for me through what I love.
Stephen Dugmore
I have learned a lot today and I think without attending this seminar (Young Adults Inspired Destiny), I would have not been able to know my vision and mission in life. Thank you.
Alex Kiggundu
I found this program very inspiring to me and it is going to help me in my life. I have a bigger vision for myself and my future.
Chelsea Carey Smith
Thank you to my sister who gave me the opportunity to attend Young Adults Inspired Destiny. It really maximised my thoughts and dreams and vision. Thank you very much. Today's decisions are made to change lives.
Alessandro Gallinetti
Dr. Demartini, thank you for this seminar. Young Adults Inspired Destiny has given me a chance to realise what I would like to do in life. I think it would be great if more young people got the same experience I got in order to succeed in life. This gave me perspective on how to handle that challenges that I am currently facing.
"Nothing mortal can stand in the way of an immortal vision." Dr. Demartini's work really stretched me to look at how everything that's happened in my life has brought me to this moment, and is leading me to my destiny! I have been empowered by the strength of my own vision to change the world. I am so grateful. Young Adults Inspired Destiny is definitely a day to look back on as a turning point!  Thank you, much love and blessings to you!
Young Adults Inspired Destiny made me look at life with new eyes. It inspired me to follow my dreams and not let anything get in the way. It also inspired me to assist others to create a more fulfilled society. Thank you so much.
Anna Sophia Savrda
I would truly like to thank Dr. Demartini for this opportunity and helping me establish my values. When I arrived, I only thought of myself as a future employee. Thank you for assisting me to visualise and dare to dream of a bigger picture. This seminar has really inspired me and helped me explore other areas of life.
Sendrah Ndlovu
Nothing can stop you but you. You can do whatever you set your mind to. Just do your best. Never live in anyone else's shadow. Let your highest values. What I learned today inspired me.
Young Adults Inspired Destiny has been an amazing experience. Today opened my eyes and made me realise my potential. It guided me to know exactly what I would like to do and how I'm going to achieve it. I realise that there is nothing like an obstacle if you see everything on the way and not in the way. Now, my path is open and I can grab opportunities that come my way with both hands and achieve the extraordinary.
Today at Young Adults Inspired Destiny, I learned how to live my life to the fullest. I learned how to be in control and master all 7 areas in my life. I also learned how to connect my higher values to all areas and how to master the way of seeing things in a different and a clearer way. I am inspired like never before. The mind is powerful and you can achieve anything you want by prioritising. I have finally found my destiny and what I would like to do with the rest of my life. Thank you.
Alishia Wessels
Young Adults Inspired Destiny really assisted me to help me find my goal. My highest value is what I love doing and is where I am heading in future. I will reach my destiny. Thank you.
Anthony Dorrington
Wow, this (Young Adults Inspired Destiny) was an amazing day! I am so grateful that my mom decided to send me to attend the course. I have learned so much, even about myself; what I would love to do, how to resolve stress, guilt etc. Dr Demartini really touched, moved and inspired me. I have much greater goals in life now, and know there is a higher goal I can set for myself. Thank you Dr. Demartini and team for creating a difference in my life!
Cindy Dorrington
Young Adults Inspired Destiny has assisted me in linking my goals with everything that I am doing, and to overcome my fear and focus on everything I am doing. I have also learned to ask the right questions. I have learned to accept other people as they are and know that I don't miss anything. I have all the traits, prioritizing my highest values to achieve my goals.
Salome Marima
Thank you for the great experience (at Young Adults Inspired Destiny). I really enjoyed listening to Dr Demartini. I have been to three of his courses now and find it really amazing. By the way - the Speed Reading course was amazing! I would really encourage my friends and family to attend.
Šade Sadie
Today (at Young Adults Inspired Destiny) I have been inspired to do what I would like to do in life - something I love! I am going to study economic law, mastering in Actuarial Science. I will contact you once I have achieved opening and building the greatest investment companies in the world! I have so much love for what you have done today. I live guilt free from the hobo I didn't help!
I would like to thank Dr. Demartini for the great seminar we had (Young Adults Inspired Destiny). Now I have a clear vision of what I would like to achieve and how to start achieving it. It is really an honour to connect and have a teacher like Dr. Demartini.
Uopolang Mokqedi
Today, thanks to Dr. Demartini, I believe in destiny. Today I believe in destiny because I know it's more than by chance that I am here (at Young Adults Inspired Destiny). Not only that, but not in any fibre of my being, do I doubt that my destiny is waiting for me to master and conquer it. Thank you John, you have awakened my potential and I am now ready and equipped to bring it to life.
Caylene Marais
Young Adults Inspired Destiny has been an eye opener for me. It has made me realise that there are millions of people that do not have this opportunity. I have realised there is a bigger purpose for me on earth. This has inspired me and has inspired me to inspire others.
Tyrone Marais
Young Adults Inspired Destiny has inspired me to feel more confident in letting my true goals and mission become a reality. I would like to share what I experienced today and the knowledge that I got because I know it would benefit others as it has benefited me too. I would like to thank Dr Demartini for the great words and knowledge he has given me. Thank you.
I have learned that everything is possible and achievable. I have been living to how people defined and did everything to their expectation. Through the Young Adults Inspired Destiny program, I got a chance to know that I have the qualities and capabilities to do what I would love to in life. I can now say that I am able to achieve what I would love.
Imatsepemakgan Silvia
It was a life changing experience. Even though I am 14, I know what I would love to do with my life. Young Adults Inspired Destiny gave me a whole new perspective of looking at things.
Josh Boonzaaier
I'm a 23 year old black female in a society that judges me based on affirmative action. This programme (Young Adults Inspired Destiny) made me realize that no dream has a limit and I need not focus on what others think of me. Identifying my highest values can only make me a better person and I am now able to prioritize the manner in which I wish to meet my goals.
Refilewe Tebogo Maneli
The power of the mind combined with the recognition of our highest values lead to greatness. At the end of the day, it's the human agenda and serving our people that accumulates wealth and contributes to our fulfilment. As Dr Demartini said "rather have the whole world against you than your own soul" I will live by this for years to come. Thank you for Young Adults Inspired Destiny.
At Young Adults Inspired Destiny you helped me to realise that my disability of being deaf in my right ear was not actually a disability, but gave me the ability to understand others and use it to help others overcome their disability.  And I am so grateful for this because you helped me believe in myself and I have more confidence now, more than I could ever have imagined. You have really touched my life and I hope to meet you again, sometime in the near future when I have achieved the goals you helped me dream of and tell you about all my new dreams and goals I am aiming for. Thank you.
Samantha Cook
Young Adults Inspired Destiny made me realize that the depression and anger I had because of my break-up was simply due to a distorted view of reality. I was comparing my current reality with an unrealistic fantasy, which I kept fostering and feeding in my imagination for months. I felt depressed because the person I was and still am in love with rejected me, but I realize that I didn't really lose anything. I lost a temporary fantasy that wasn't going to work anyway. Further, I wanted to study Dietetics but wasn't able to because I didn't have the compulsory pre-requisite subject Science, in school. Thus I applied for journalism which I have throughly enjoyed, but only to an extent. I didn't enjoy reporting, recording, interviewing, abiding by media law but instead enjoy writing. I am still obsessed with foods and diets and nobody has to motivate me to do research on it and create clever low calorie recipes. One of my highest values are diets and physical appeal. This program made me link my journalism course to my value on diets and creativity, by writing a "Slimmers Choice" recipe book with calculated calories and tips, all the things that are of value to me.
Mignon Peens
Dr. Demartini will lead you on the path of self creation. His philosophy is simple, relevant and very logical. It is essential to self growth. I would like to thank you for making this possible.
Riaan Swarts
Young Adults Inspired Destiny is very inspirational and has changed my outlook on life completely. Thank you.
Lydia Alford

I have understood and learned a lot. I have a clear vision with what I would love to do with my life. I learned so much.

Gerogia Mumford

The Young Adults Inspired Destiny Seminar helped me to realize my potential, not to fear it and to go after my dreams. I can't thank Dr. Demartini enough for changing the way I see and approach for life.

Young Adults Inspired Destiny is eye opening and definitely beneficial. Thank you.
Calvin Fourie
The Young Adults Inspired Destiny course has opened my eyes to realise the power of my dreams and ambitions and given me a vision which I haven't had in a long time. Thank you.
Storme Burger
Dr. Demartini, you have really inspired me and helped me to plan and go far in life. All I would like to say is THANK YOU. Now I know where I want to go and what to do to fulfill my dream to become a professional golfer.
Dylan Metcalf
I loved the Young Adults Inspired Destiny seminar. It would be great if the entire world could attend this seminar. I have learned so much in 10 hours today, more than I have been taught in my life. Thank you so much, you are a legend Dr. Demartini and I can’t wait to attend another course.
Chris Fick
On the 5th of January we received our Grade 12 Matric exam results in South Africa and I achieved a University Pass mark. Dr Demartini I am dyslexic like you and I want to thank you so much for changing the way I felt about what I was able to achieve. Each time I attended Young Adults Inspired Destiny I was inspired to do more, be more and believe in myself more. If it wasn't for you and my Mom believing in what I could achieve I would have given up.
Every time I looked up from my books I read your quote card "I am a genius and I apply my wisdom" and I know this changed something in me and was a big part of my success. This year I have been accepted to study B.Ed (Foundation Phase Teaching) at University so that I can qualify as a Grade 00 to Grade 3 teacher and help children learn, no matter what their challenges might be, just like you have helped me. Thank you Dr Demartini! My dreams are coming true because of you!
Jessica Dudley
"Thank you for clearing everything up, as a child I have always had big dreams but never thought they were attainable. Thank you for paving my future for greatness."
Jade Curtis
This course has made me realize that no matter what negative aspect or event you may come across in your life, you can always transform it into a positive in order to benefit you as best as possible.
Aish Deva Harris
I learnt lifelong tools to use in my daily life to achieve more than I expected before I came. Inspiration, knowledge, peace, determination and a life of possibilities where there is NO limit. If you think you can or think you can't, either way you are probably right.
Alke Stopforth
He's amazing. I can literally feel the problems in my life changing into a new dimension of opportunity. His positive attitude keeps your brain constantly thinking about things that you think matter, without droning on or getting boring. I can see exactly why people are constantly interested in him. His lectures are invigorating.
Andrew Hellens
Helped me and made my mind up on what it is I want to study to benefit me and reaching my destiny quicker.
Angelo Dodios
I enjoyed it, learned a lot, found out exactly what I want to be when I am older and learned about life, careers, love and values. I thank Dr. Demartini for speaking to us and it was great meeting him and very inspirational. I really believe I can do good in what I aspire and hope to one day to become famous.
Anika Marais
I am who I am, that is my destiny. My goals and values are important and unique and I must do whatever it takes to make them come true.
Bianca Visagie
Today I got an inspiration to dream big and believe in myself. Today showed me how I can learn more sufficiently to eventually become the world's most wildly recognized lawyer. Today I basically learned that there are no limitations in life and I can do whatever I want to do.
Bradley Taylor
Everything that I learned today, I was already aware of and I was living my life according to it. This is because my father instilled it upon me since birth, as he has been living the same values and belief systems. Basically, that you can achieve anything you put your mind to. The reason I came is because I needed it to be clarified and come from someone else's points of view. This is exactly what happened today. Thank you Dr. John Demartini
Conan Harris
This is what I needed to believe that I can become an engineer. This was amazing and glad my mum brought me here. I would love to do it again one day. I have learned so much in one day, than I have learned in a week at school. Awesome stuff. No matter what I have done or not done, I am worthy of love.
Connor Crawford
Today I feel so inspired to start doing what I love to do. And to start my life's journey. I really enjoyed it and now I will live my life the way I wanted to. Thank you.
Daniella Ferreira
Today I learned to believe in myself, to know I am worth something in life. I learned to face my fears and live to my greatest potential. To love and not to judge other people if they have dreams, to think deeply about life. To leave a legacy in this world. That I did something wow in life too.
Dintle Semakele
I got out of this day that I can do more and how to reach my goals and set them and break them down, take them step by step. This has helped me to see what I want to be and how to deal with stress and depression and how to teach people and see my true potential.
Dylan Metcalf (13 years of age)
Everything in this program was so valuable. I walk out of here with a changed mind. Not only has Dr. Demartini changed my perspective on life, on obstacles, on opportunities but everything is organized. My goals are set aside and somehow I feel like I am on my way to a meaningful role and goal only I can fulfill. Thank you for putting me on the way. Loving myself and others unconditionally seems more meaningful than ever. Thank you.
Elme Ravenscroft
I learned that no matter what I have done or not done, I am worthy of love. I learned that I can benefit from anything that happened in my life. By changing my perception on life I can achieve my goals. I discovered my true values in life and how they influence the way I look at the world.
Ilona Marais
I need to let you know that your work in The Secret gave me inspiration. After a car accident and a broken back L3-L4 and after being told I was never going to walk again, to in fact walk 2 years (2007) after my tragic accident. So I found out you were in SA and had to come. I am so grateful I did. Forever in thanks.
Jason Meyer
Today was the second time I was doing the Young Adults Inspired Destiny program and it has been a huge reminder of letting me know, no matter how big my dreams are, nothing can stop me from making them happen and therefore once I am done with Matric this year, I will go to college and become an amazing pre-school teacher who will open up pre-schools around South Africa as well as make money from what I would love to do.
Jessica Dudley
I learned a great deal and would simply like to thank you Doctor for equipping me with these life skills and now I truly believe my dreams in life; spiritually, family-related, financially, vocationally, physically are 100% awakened. From one of your biggest fans, I say thank you.
Jonathan Mentz
I learned that the only thing I need to determine my own destiny is to make a decision and follow it through. That it will be easy as long as I do what I love and never let another person undermine that.
Kaylin Van Aswegen
Today may be the day that will change my life forever. I feel more inspired and motivated to follow my dreams and pursue my destiny than I have ever felt before. I have had a brand new outlook on myself, my parents, friends and everyone that plays a part in my life as I now realize that we each have different values and I now know that I can take positivity out of every negative experience that I have faced. Thank you Dr. Demartini for helping me realize that I can do whatever I set my mind to. I will definitely bump shoulders with you in the future.
Keke Moloto
This class/ conference has helped me see a greater being. I have found a greater value in my values. I have found ways to improve myself in all 7 sectors in life. This conference has helped me to see things in the perspective of things being ‘on the way' not ‘in the way'. I have also learned how to balance my life by just living my life the way I plan and understand God in my perspective. I see myself doing great things on the music scene. Thank you Dr. Demartini.
Kevin Pooe
I feel more motivated to achieve the goals and dreams I have always wanted to achieve. I will turn challenges into opportunities. I won't have one opportune moment; my whole life is the moment. And I will live it to its fullest. I have a better sense of direction in my life and attitude towards my goals because I know I will achieve all of them.
Kyle Rip
I walked in this room with a negative attitude and I am proud to say that I will walk out with a positive one. I have learned so much and wouldn't be anywhere else. Thank you Dr. Demartini.
Lesego Nyamane
Today I arrived here with the vision of completing my vision and having a successful future. The only problem I constantly came across was that of the linking between the two. Through Dr. Demartini's seminar, I understand the concepts of 7 values and through this I finally grabbed the concept of applying these values in achieving my goals. Thank you Dr. Demartini.
Mario Ferreira
Today I learned about how to turn things that are in the way into things that are on the way. All my dreams that I allowed others to obstruct I am going to follow again. Oh and really like the energy of Dr. John Demartini. Truly inspiring.
Matome Sadiki
Today I learned how to achieve what I want out of life. I also have acquired the tools to do so. I think that this should be tested and studied at schools so that everybody may have the opportunity to know what their goals are and so that they may be able to better themselves.
Michael Corrie
Today was truly a life changing day and an eye opener. I will go home tonight knowing what I want to do and I will get it done. Thank you very much Dr. Demartini I hope you enjoy the rest your stay in South Africa.
Miguel Jose
Today I learned how to use experience of the past to reach my destiny. Also learned not to carry baggage. Also a matter of whatever is on the way and not in the way. I learned about fulfillment as well.
Mpilo Tyobeha
6 months ago I was in a mental institution for depression. I was the person who everyone else nut who did not see herself. I have not dared to believe in myself in 2 years. Today I was inspired for the first time in a long time. I am remembering my worth and accepting my imperfections. Thank you. See you in 2021.
Mpumelelo Mpumi Tshabalala
I learned that nobody but you can control your life. Always follow your dreams. Everyone has different values and everyone is unique. Don't change anyone to be like you and don't change yourself to be like anybody else. If something is not important to you, don't spend all your life doing it.
Natasha Lorraine Corrie
It was an eye-opener, the seminar allowed me to identify the person within.
Nelson Nunes
Your talk was amazing, motivating and inspiring. Dr. Demartini taught me so much in every aspect of my life. I am glad I came today because I can use my knowledge and the information he gave me for my hierarchy of values. Thank you Dr. Demartini.
Nicole Gray
I thought that I had heard almost everything that people could say about your life and destiny without finally understanding how to get to where I want to be, but after today I understand fully how I can work towards and achieve what I want and it will be very helpful when I start applying what I learned.
Nyiko Mogodi
Inspired in doing what I am passionate about doing. Life does not have to be a drag and stressful. Doing what you love can be your occupation. Work can be a vacation for you. I have really gotten inspiration and tools to drive my highest value and do something amazing with my life regardless of what other people may think. As it is not what you do but how well you do it.
Phakamile Mzimela
This workshop was good as it gave me ideas on how to be a successful sportsman. I enjoyed the various aspects brought up by Dr. Demartini as I believe it will help me throughout my life. I realized that I have the same ability as the best sportsman in the world and that I can reach my full potential.
Pranish Desai
Today I learned that whatever I want to achieve I can. I learned that I will soon become the world's best  trader. I know that from now on I will look at things as on the way and not in the way. I have noticed that all my subjects have value. Wisdom is the instantaneous realization that a crisis is actually a blessing. I have noticed that I am here to be a master of my destiny not a victim of my history. I noticed and learned how to set my goals. I also see that everything I do has a ripple effect in a great way in the world.
Ryan Taylor
A truly inspiring day. I am now driven and motivated to achieve my dream. I now feel that I am capable of achieving my dream and nothing is going to stop me. Thank you John.
Ryan Entwhistle
I found out what and how I am going to go about setting values, goals and looking at different opportunities. I learned how to deal with my own and my parent's dreams for me and how to join the two together. That you could be everything and achieve anything you want to.
Sammy-Joe Dias
Failure is not an option. No matter what I have done or not done, I am worthy of love. Every situation in my life happens to fulfill my greatest value.
Stanley Sunguru
Thank you so much, I was really inspired and it has made me work even harder towards my dream as a pro tennis player. It was really motivational and I am going to tell all my friends. It also helped me understand some of my difficulties. This talk has made my mind up and I am going to give 100%. Thank you.
Steele Greyling
Knowing now I believed my dreams were impossible, it's all different now because I believe I can do it and I will because I will make it so.
Thomas Stewart
I am more focused and enlightened about life and where I am going with it. I also know exactly how to overcome any obstacles I may face and have a greater meaning to myself. It was very inspirational and exciting.
Vusumuzi Mayaba
I learned that if I truly, truly deep down in my heart know and believe that I want to be something great, I can achieve it. As long as I have the passion, drive and love for it, anything is achievable. There may be times when I am down and out but I must just remember that I have to treat each and every experience as a learning curve. Mistakes don't happen by accident because each and everything happens for a reason. And as long as I synchronize with the universe I know I am destined for greatness. Thank you Dr. Demartini. You have inspired me and I will forever be grateful.
Mbali Ndlovu
I learned to be honest and not to be naïve in my decisions. To dream bigger and trust myself and not to be so dependent on my parents and faith. I believe in me more. I appreciate my voice more.
Juran S. Manuel
It was a very enlightening presentation, very inspiring and motivational. It gave some helpless people hope to do what they think they are capable of doing. Dr Demartini spoke of his experiences, which were related to people who were here. There is a lot that can be done in the relation to the spiritual part or aspect of the presentation implying that the Lord is our savior and we cannot do anything without him. Now reach others with the knowledge that yes, certain things and times can be done by themselves  but the Lord is also here when we are down. And the Lord is no boogey man, he lives in each and every one of us. Thank you. God be with you always.
Sbusiso Radebe
Today was a very good experience and I had a very good time and I learned a lot of things about life, how to handle your life and goals to help you achieve what you want to be or what are you going to do with your life and how are you going to do that and how it affects your life in a good way or bad.
Kagiso Tlhoaele
Today I have learned that I got to do what I love and love what I do. Therefore create profoundly, from within and from my own feelings. There is nothing on this earth that is not achievable, if I put my mind on it and act on it on a daily basis. I am going to achieve it. I want to be an entrepreneur and from now on I am going to concentrate on things that will add value to my dream.

My mission statement: Whatever you think you can or cannot do, either way you are right. Thank you Dr. John Demartini. You are a great teacher and we will meet again in the future. God bless you abundantly.
Teboho Makau
I learned that I have to take control of myself to run my life. And that there is never pain without pleasure. Have goals, aim high. How to be a successful leader. I am never right or wrong to what I admire.
I am saturated with information. I have learned that it is important for me to identify my highest value so that the things that I do can correlate with my values. I have learned to identify traits of great people and myself. Identifying traits helps me not exaggerate nor minimize myself. I have learned that if something is ‘in the way' it is garbage. Always search for ‘on the way' in situations.
Brenda Mankga
I have learned to turn regret, guilt and depression to be ‘on the way' and not ‘in the way'. I am a master of my destiny and no matter what I have done or not done I am worthy of love. Thank you very much Dr. John Demartini.
Busisiwe Maduna

The program was actually fulfilling because I got the chance to learn a whole lot of things. Today I got the opportunity to learn that the outer-side of me does not determine how I feel. What I actually value is not right or wrong. What is on the highest list of my values is what has the most priority.

I learned that the things we value most determines our destiny. As an individual I should be loved for who I am and my uniqueness. I also learned that I am unique when I am true to myself. If I do not do something extraordinary somebody else will push me to ordinary. Whatever is highest on my values is my identity. If you do not decide things for yourself other people will decide for you.

As a person you need to take charge of your life. As an individual you should not be driven or motivated from outside, you should be driven from within. You should also define your goals or other people like your parents will decide for you.

Jeridah Langa
This workshop has helped me to understand a lot of things regarding all the seven aspects of life and I also realized that I am a master of my destiny. Now I am encouraged to take control of my life and I know that however big the dream that I have is and how ever impossible people think it is, if I put the energy, time and my mind in reaching it, I can and I will. It helped me to understand that I can achieve many things rather than limit myself and I don't need anyone to convince me that I can be great and successful because I know it and I believe it. I am the world's biggest entrepreneur.
Loretta T. Tsumele
It is profound, inspiring and grooming. Today was my day to actually realize my goals and that I am not a failure in life. I am a changed person from today. I have attended many seminars but today it was quite interesting. Dr. John Demartini, you changed my life. Now I see myself as one of the best successful financial managers in one of the best companies around the whole world. The hospitality that I received today, it was in higher grade. I am speechless. I will like to have the session like this again. Dr. Demartini you are the best of them all.
Nyathi Nkateko Winnie
What I got is that I am the dictator of my destiny and that it is important to listen and follow my inner voice no matter what the world says. My values don't have to be real to others just as long as I have the plan and dedication towards achieving them. Everything I want is achievable. I need to take care of the reason why I want to do what I want and the how will take care of itself.
Petunia Malete
Thank you Dr. Demartini for helping me realize the greatest within me. Now I will never go back to my old life. I have written a book that I want to publish. Now I know that it is possible as long as I put my mind and heart.

I love your passion; no man can do what you do without passion. Thanks again to the Dr. Demartini Team for giving us a chance to attend this event as Cida City Campus students. Meet the greatest speaker and writer in future. Thanks Sir.
Siyabonga Ndlozi
Today I finally learned tools on how to achieve my goals. To turn challenges into my advantage, to become opportunities. To always look at everything on both sides. To visualize my goals and live my dream now.
Violet Mohotloane
I have learned what a true master is, knowing how does ‘on the way' help me fulfill my highest value. Now I know my dreams and how can I fulfill them by making them realistic now. I leaned how my subjects I am doing now are going to benefit me in the goal I want to achieve. I learned about finding what is ‘on the way', not ‘in the way'. I know how to use my weakness as a strength and that I do not have to be reminded about what I want to do. I will use my seven strengths to live my destiny.
Khunou Olebogeng
Dr Demartini has inspired me. I realize how significant it is to stick to your goals, and also to listen to your heart when decision taking. To be here today I think I have done the most productive thing in my life which would help me dramatically in my future. You rock Dr. Demartini. May the good Lord protect, guide and bless.
Connie Koma
I learned to not let other peoples bad judgments about me take me down but to stand up and tell them that I am the WORLD'S GREATEST. All their bad comments, I can turn them into something that is benefitting me. " What I think about and thank about, I bring about.' Today was a life changing experience and I don't want to forget what I learned because Demartini's quotes are my building blocks.
Frederick Lekalokala
Today I learned how to achieve my goals because heaven knows that the things that are happening now isn't what the future foretold because after Grade 12  I don't even qualify for varsity. But I learned I am closer to my dreams than ever before. I am very thankful I got the light pathway which I thought was destroyed.
Malesela Lekalakala
I have learned how to be myself. How to reach my goals in life. I must never let people overpower me. I have learned that I should listen and respect my dreams. Have higher value in life and take care of them so that I can fulfill my dreams. I am the person that I am. I am who I am no matter what I have done or not done, I am worthy of love.
Hope Mohweledi Maepa
I have learned about how to choose a better career and how one can be successful in his or her life. Dr. Demartini plays a good role in my life concerning on how can I choose a better career in life.
Maepa Gipson
Thank you very much Dr. Demartini. It has been a great pleasure to be with you here today. I really enjoyed your presentation. It was so marvelous and motivational. You really changed me from today.
Makgopa Patrick
I was really inspired by what you said to us. I realized that any celebrity I know and admire is no different to me. Even the girl that I want, I have a little bit of confidence to approach her as I am taking her off the pedestal. I hope I will eventually get the confidence to tell her how I feel but I don't care if she rejects me. I will find ways which she made me stronger.
Kamogelo Makhubalo
I learned more about how to set goals in my life. Whatever is highest in my value is what I must focus on and determine my achievement. I have been inspired. Anything I put in my goal will occupy space and mind.
Mamuthupi Phathutshedzo
As a teenager I have always felt small, felt that I will never do something wonderful for myself. I told myself that I would never be successful or reach my goals. After today all that has changed. Yes, I have failed, I have fallen a 1000 times. But today I realized I am not the only one. The founder of Ford (cars) went bankrupt twice before finally getting it right. I am an engineer. Thanks to you.
Thapelo Manthata
Today I have learned that my improvement is based on my perception. Never let people interfere in your values. I am not wrong for my values. I am just unique. Because what I do inspires me, prove my identities, everybody lives by certain priorities. I am thankful to whom I am; because being unique makes a difference.
Manthate Emmanuel
I have learned that no matter what I have done or not done, I am worthy of love. And if I want to achieve my goals, I have set objectives on these goals.
Mataboge Petrus
I learned that I should listen to my inner voice and now I know that what is the most highest value and that reveals who I am. I know inside me that I am a master of my destiny and not a victim of my history. No matter what I have done or not done, I am worthy of love. I really enjoyed being here.
Dipolelo Matjipa
I wanted to be transformed and motivated and now I can stand up and say I am motivated and inspired by Dr. Demartini. I used to lack self confidence but now I can stand up and tell others what is on my mind. The way of communicating with other people, social movement.
Sello Moabi
Today I have learned a lot of things that no one else will ever teach me. Dr. Demartini changed my life I now know what my values are and I will achieve what I want in my life. My low self esteem is so dead. I am dedicated and definitely going to achieve my goal. I am a GEOLOGIST now and I am financially stable. I have erased all the negative thoughts. God bless you Dr. Demartini.
Mmapula Mohale
Today I have learned so much information. This information I have learned today, it will really help me to reach my goals and get everything I want. Thanks Dr. John Demartini you really helped me a lot with the information and motivation you have given.
Kgahliso Monnye
I gained a lot of self confidence. I learned how to deal with different types of problems e.g. stress, depression. I am very inspired to achieve my dreams and goals. I learned how to separate between something that is ‘on the way' and something that is blocking the way. I learned how values influence everything I do and how I react to the outside world. I would like to thank Dr. Demartini.
Morulane Alfred
Today was a very great day. I had such an amazing experience. Dr. Demartini has inspired me in a very big way and right now I have a clear mind of what my values are. I now know that I have  to take everything in my life, that is ‘in the way' and put it ‘on the way'. I also learned that I have a purpose in my life and I am able to achieve my goals if I put my mind to it.
Motsamai Dorah
For me being one of the students at Dr. Demartini's class was a big privilege as I got inspired, motivated and was taught a lot of things or ways to reach for our goal. The advices were very meaningful and understandable, eg. I am a genius and I apply my wisdom. They got us to know we are, what we can do in order to achieve our goals or values. We must just be confident, determined and break all the obstacles in the way.
Mphahlele Piletjo
OH WOW! I had a wonderful time indeed. I never thought I was going to benefit that much. Today I learned a lot about life but most important thing that I learned today is never ever let anyone to minimize you because if you could let them, you will find yourself not reaching for what you wanted. May the good God richly bless you in your future endeavors.
Ntseoane Tshegofatso
It was my first time having to attend a program of this magnitude. I am now open minded about what I want in future and which ways I must go to make them work. I learned that in life I will always have support and challenges towards my highest value. I learned that to succeed you need to follow your value what you're good at. I also learned how it is important to be disciplined and relate what you learned at school to what your aim as a dream to fulfill. I think what I learned I will just stay focused on what I need.
Ramasobane Terence
I have learned that everything is possible no matter what the challenge is, if I work hard I can achieve anything I set my self to. I must teach myself to make good decisions of what I want because if I don't, someone will make that decision for me. And I must teach myself to be empowered so that I can empower other people. It was such a good experience for me because some expect that I talked about I did not but today I managed to talk about them.
Gontse Sethokgo
Firstly I would like to thank God for giving one opportunity to be chosen to be here. I am happy I spent the rest of my day here, I liked every moment because we only did what was productive in every given moment. I am happy I got the chance to be here because I find it worthy to be here, now I am motivated, I am going to prioritize my highest values to achieve my dreams. Thanks Dr. Demartini because now I know, "No matter what I have done or not done I am worthy of love."
Katlego Collen Tebatso
Dr. Demartini changed my life today. I as a young adult have been motivated and touched by his words. I wish he can keep on changing others lives. I love you Dr. John Demartini.
Tebeta Ronny
I feel empowered yet I came here as an empowered individual. I always thought I was wrong but now I know that I am doing what I do based on my values. It doesn't have to be always right but it merely happens to be different. It is through this session that I can reclaim my dreams because I had thrown them out of my life for the perception I had about life which are wrong. Thank you Dr. Demartini.
Nthuteng Tsatsane
I must sacrifice in order to reach my goals, have personal empowerment so that I can study hard to become and assistant engineer.
Tsebo Tsie
Whoa!!! Today I had the most amazing opportunity to truly receive tools on self actualization and on how to achieve my goals in a constructive manner. Moreover I learned on ways in which to let go of my pride and shame so that I can strike a balance in my life. Most of all, one thing which I will hold onto forever, until my bones grow weary, beard becomes grey and eyes turn silver that I can do whatever I want under the sun and can succeed in it. Only if it correlates with my highest values.
Lizalise Dingalibala
Dr Demartini you are awesome when it comes to inspiration. Continue doing a good job Dr. Demartini. I have been sparked today. This day is one of the days which are special in my life. Thank you Dr. Demartini
Alex Kiggundu

Miracles do not happen in contradiction with nature, but in contradiction with what we know about nature. I like this quote as it has changed my life. I enjoyed the program and enjoyed all the session as they made me a better person.

It was my first time attending this program and I indeed had the best day of my life. I have learned a lot and the rest is up to me to apply everything I have learned in the program. I have discovered things that I never thought I will be capable of doing, it made me believe that anything is possible and we must always do what we love and do it to our level best.


My life has changed for the better. I am now a positive thinker and inspired to be a change agent in my community, province, country and the world at large.

I never thought I would reveal my talents because I was afraid to do that, thinking about how people are going to respond to me, but now I am proud and confident to say no matter what people say about me does not determine the person they think I am. I am going to stand for what I believe and live my value (integrity).

No matter what I have done or not done, I am worthy of love.

Thank you, it has been great finding that EVERYTHING is ON the way. Thank you for not allowing forsaken dreams. WOW.
Joan Buchanan
I got a reminder that adversity can be a blessing depending on my reaction. I can't control everything in my life but I can gently mould my reaction to it and take it onto path. Thanks.
Matthew Kushner
Since I was born, I never got a chance to learn so much about life; highest values, lowest values in it. I have never come across an inspiring Youth Day like this before in my life. I have learned a lot and I have even renewed my mind so to guarantee that my dreams are going to come true no matter what. This was an amazing day. I have even sharpened my brain. I thank God about this day. It is the best I have ever had.
Dr. John you are a true motivator.
Alfred Kerebotsoe
Thank you a lot Dr. John Demartini. You are such a great and wonderful person. I wish you were here with us every day. How I learned about myself. Love you. Take care and teach as many people as you can.
Kekana Sadie
I learned how to fulfill my highest values and how to approach my friends. I learned a lot of terminologies from Dr. John Demartini. I learned that if people rejected you, they challenge you, don't be a victim. I learned that no matter what I have done or not done I am worthy of love. I have the highest value on my career and nobody will stop that.
Bertha Kanokang
Today I learned what my values are, I got an opportunity to identify what I want to be in life and what I am destined to become. I learned that I should see things ‘on the way' and not ‘in the way'. I learned that I have got to set goals to achieve what I want in life, I was able to realize that I am capable of doing anything I want to do in life. No challenge is going to stop me from fulfilling my dream.
Tlotlang Bogatsu
I have learned how to pursue my career and how I can reach it. This was an amazing day for me. Dr. John Demartini is a good motivator and he gave me courage.

Now I can identify things that are not important in my career and which are important. Whatever I do or say is the internal person of myself. No matter what I have done or not done, I am worthy of love.
Baloyi Sadam

"The Young Adults Inspired Destiny course was literally the most amazing experience of my life. Those 10 or so hours felt like minutes and sent my mind reeling with all the opportunities this life has, will and continues to present me."


"Dr John Demartini has shown me that I, Victoria Ann van Basten, can accomplish anything and everything I put my mind to. At the tender age of 15 I have been let into a world where the sky is the limit, where the futures are bright and where the dreams are colourful and blooming with hope. I can see now how I am a genius and how I apply my wisdom as I have placed these wise words into my daily routine.  I feel that after attending such an amazing workshop I have a head start during my time on this huge and difficult planet, something which is truly irreplaceable."


Thank you all so much. I honestly cannot express my gratitude in writing. . . . If I were with you right now I would have to give you a giant hug.

Victoria Ann van Basten (15)
"I have learnt so much and my life has been changed by this seminar that I have been privileged to attend. Thank you for helping me express myself better and for revealing to me through your exercises my true self. When we meet again you will be very proud of what you see."
Thembelihle Dube (19)

Monday September 20, 2010 was a very special day in the annals of Edumap College.  62 students and 3 lecturers attended Dr John F. Demartini's ‘Young Adults Inspired Destiny' workshop in the Sandton Convention Centre.  The students come from disadvantaged backgrounds, many could scarcely understand or speak English when they arrived early in 2010 - certainly not one had ever had such an experience.  The cordial welcome from the Demartini team put everyone at ease; the beautiful upmarket venue added a mind-opening edge of excitement.


The students were inspired, uplifted, moved and delighted with the information,

insights, examples and the humour Dr Demartini offered.  They moved with him from precepts to hopes to convictions; they loved every minute.


Perhaps some of their spontaneously voiced thank you's say it all:

  • Kentse Seleke thanked God for the talent He gave Dr Demartini and for inspiring him to share his extraordinary learning and understanding with us all.
  • Dineo Ramafoko felt inspired to sing a song.
  • Mafomane Mbiza spoke (for the first time) of having had to overcome early cripplement in her legs.  She is now quite a mover and shaker in the College netball and girls' football teams.
  • And then, a very moving surprise for us - Tshepho Mokoena wrote and shared a poem to express his profound awakening and thanks, which he referred to as a kind of rebirth. He could hardly manage a simple English sentence in February this year, so his self-confidence in expressing himself in a poem to 100+ people was special.
  • And lastly there's Hope - Motheo Mogale - who is changed forever.  No more just a sweet, caring face, when we meet she says, in greeting, "I'm a genius, and I apply my wisdom!"
Matthew Kushner Dean of Students Edumap College

"I think Dr. Demartini helps a lot because after everything we did today I feel more confident and special amongst all. I now know that I can apply my wisdom to get myself money and bring changes to the lives of people. I now know that I am a genius that is going to conquer in this world. I now believe that with my powers I will become the person I always wanted to be, and making money is simply and enjoyable if you only do things that you have passion for and love your work. I hope we will keep in touch Dr. Demartini.'

Moilwe Mantswe Godwill (19)

‘After Dr. Demartini's Young Adults Inspired Destiny, I know that every dream is true, no matter how unbelievable or big. Today I learned that there is nothing that is stopping me from fulfilling my dream.'

Refiloe Molale (19)

‘My son, Marijn, thoroughly enjoyed the course on Monday and would love to attend more courses geared up for his age group.'

Cindy Van Latum

"The day was wonderful because I have learned a lot of things about myself that I didn't know about, for example I didn't know that my highest value is success, but today I realised that. I am now confident enough about my future. I know and I confidently believe that I will be an agent of change. Things that I've learned today are that I will be the one who's going to help myself to achieve my dream. I will stand boldly and progress because of the power I have within.'

Xolisile Mncube (19)

‘I have never been inspired as much as I have been inspired today by Dr. Demartini. I've learnt and acquired some significant skills that will help me not only change my life for the better, but also impact the world at large. I will definitely be the master of my destiny and not a victim of my history."

Peter Wanejiru (21)

‘The lesson has been wonderful and it has taught me that a small thing can make a difference in a human's life. Dr. John Demartini, you have motivated me so much and you have showed me that there is more to life than what we say.'

Thato Merementsi (20)

‘I don't know whom to thank, whether you or God, but all I know is that, from today, my life will never be the same again. May God grant you all your heart desires. Keep on spreading love and wisdom to all young minds. Now I know where I am going to invest my time and my energy. Thank you.'

Marvin Msani (23)

‘I am a dream and I know which way to take in order to make it in life. I marked 3 D's Dr. John Demartini said and wrote a poem about them.

Do not stop

Do what you love and love what you do

Design your life

Maybe you misunderstood

So let me reintroduce myself

I am not lay, stupid, demotivated and there's nothing wrong with my mind

I am smart motivated and I am a positive thinker

I won't stop

So do not stop until you say thank you

Do not be a victim'

Sibongile Gumbi (19)

‘This program is a great initiative as it has helped me learn a lot of things about myself which I never knew existed. I have never in my life thought of myself as a powerful human being, but now I know I am.Ccontinuation of this programme will help millions of others out there who are yet to know their destiny. Dr. John Demartini is a very inspirational person.'

Nomusa Sithole (20)

‘I thought I had a lot of challenges and I could not achieve anything beyond average and ordinary, but now I am free from all of that negativity. Dr. Demartini has opened my eyes. I have no challenges I cannot handle. My only limit is my imagination'

Omphile Pooe (20)

‘I feel extremely new, confident, intelligent and great in a service of just 7 hours. I learned that it does not take years to transform but your heart and a person to lead you to that transformation. I now believe in myself and know that all my dreams will come true. Thank you very much Dr. John Demartini.'

Smilly Sehuiwana (19)

‘I found that today has been the most grateful day of my life. I really found myself expanded. Indeed I can see myself in five years time as a successful man. Today I didn't get fish to eat, but I got taught how to catch a fish. I feel determination in my blood. I am so glad, I never had a smile on my face but today I had a smile and I will always have it.'

Godfrey Mosotho (19)

‘Young Adults was a life changing experience. I mostly understood that all the decisions we take are determined by our values. I know that we have greatness within ourselves and that we can excel in something. It is very important to do something that you enjoy, because you are fulfilling your purpose an you will never work for the rest of your life, (that is the highlight of the programme and more)'

Sihle Madonsela (18)

‘Listening to Dr. Demartini has been a great and wonderful experience. I truly learnt a lot from him in terms of knowing and doing what I was destined to do. I quote "Give yourself permission to do something extraordinary". I was one of the people who stayed, remained in their comfort zone & didn't want to expand because of what the world will think of me. As from today I know that I have the maximum capacity to be not just an ordinary individual but to be an extraordinary being. "I have the right to empower myself before someone overpowers me."' Ntokozo Ngcobo (20)

Ntokozo Ngcobo (20)

‘I sincerely thank Dr. John Demartini for helping me discover how unique I am and how to start fulfilling relationships. From today, I give permission to myself to dream and visualise extraordinary things.'

Cedric Yumba Kasengo (20)

‘Dr Demartini has taught me a lot about values. This class has changed the way I felt about myself. He has also helped me face my fears. Dr. Demartini is the man!! You rock!! I am the master of my destiny!!'

Siphesihle Mkhize (22)

‘I had a great time, I feel inspired. I learnt that there are good things that I thought I did not have. Now I see everything is possible, it only depends on my interests. I have learnt that the hierarchy of my value is to determine my destiny'

Kgotlhang Andrew (18)

‘I have attended the Young Adults Inspired Destiny on 20th September presented by Dr Demartini.  I have learned so many things.  I have discovered my strength and weaknesses.  I have learnt that everyone has an opportunity to become successful.  If you don't know your values it is either you are comparing yourself to someone else or you don't know yourself. I now know that there is nothing that can stop me from achieving my dream.  I will not look at where I come from but I will look forward to where I am going.  I now know that I have to do what I love and I will love what I do.' 

Seerane Prudence (20)

‘Dr Demartini cultivated my mind.  I am adding him to my prayers.  I am grateful for him and may his legacy continue and never stop.  He is a man of stature.  I am living my dream from today! Thank you.'

Thando Mbatha (20)
‘Be yourself. "I am a genius, I apply my wisdom".  The greater the service, the greater the rewards.  I can achieve anything.'  
Tshepho Mpusheng Makgolane (20)

‘This experience was amazing. Dr Demartini helps you determine your values; helps you realize what the difference is between realistic and unrealistic; helps us set realistic dreams and goals and Dr Demartini helps you understand that we are capable of anything.  Helps us make positivity out of experience we have faced, that we are busy facing an that we are going to face. I have learnt to know yourself, to understand the importance of values in order to understand others; to bring the best out in others so they have the chance to bring the best in you.  Dr Demartini gives you discipline and the strength, determination, confidence and belief within yourself so that no one will over power you, but for you to apply your wisdom and fulfill your purpose in life.  Thank you Dr Demartini.' 

Kirsten Prophet (17)

‘I was absolutely inspired to see beyond where my eyes can reach.  I am honored to have been given opportunity to come here.  This was an eye-opening experience!  Life is not about where you come from but it is about whether I believe in my dreams and am willing to make an effort in achieving them.  I am a genius and I apply my wisdom - that is the song I will be singing from today onwards.  I have learned and will apply that the hierarchy of my values dictate my destiny.  This is, was and shall be a turning point of my life.  Dr Demartini is one weird funny but inspiring person.  This is the most eventful event of my life.  I will always be grateful for this day.  Thank you very much.  By the way, I am a genius and I apply my wisdom.' 

Rebone Victoria Mojapelo (20)

‘Well, I have learned that there is an opportunity, in every challenge I come across and it is only within myself that I can let good things happen to my present and my future.  I believe and I will begin and I know what I will become.  I am going leave an extraordinary legacy.  From today I have come to realize how big I am.' 

Mmatawane Matlala (20)

‘My decision can change my life forever and I must bear in mind that I am the change that I seek. No one can come and improve or revive my goals, I have to stand up and fight for my future.  The obstacles that I am facing during my life are the keys for me to realize my future.  My future is in my hands. I am genius and I apply my wisdom.  Nothing is impossible in my life until I stop trying to achieve my goals.'

Thapelo Victor Phaahlamohlaka (19)

‘To meet with Dr Demartini is an honor and I feel I am privileged to meet him.  He is the most inspiring star I've ever met in my entire life.  He is a good speaker with patience.  Even for attending his one day lesson it seemed like I've been with him for many decades.  He taught me how to cope with challenges and to be independent in life.  May the lord bless you, thank you.'

Matlakala Douglas (19)

‘I have learnt:

-      Face everything with a positive mindset

-      Problems you may have only strengthen you

-      Aim high

-      Where you come from doesn't determine your future

-      Go and live it'

Morua Jacob (19)

‘I have learned that if you want to be something in your life you must not give up but must make it happen.  You are a real inspiration.  I want to make my dreams come true.  I apply my wisdom. Make a change today.' 

Vinllo Katlego Maleto (19)

‘I have never met someone amazing like Dr Demartini.  I have never been this inspired in my life.  He made me realize that I'm also important in life.  He made me explore my hidden talents that I have.  His words "There is no such thing as failure," really changed my life.  I'm not afraid to face my fears.  I am self-confident, I am a genius, I am important and I am going to achieve my goals; and all this because of Dr Demartini.' 

Kgothatso Awendoline Kgwete (19)

‘This day had been a life changing day for me. I have learned so much about my capabilities and that the dreams that I have which must be fulfilled.  I have learned that I can do it no matter what the circumstances.  I truly appreciate the work Dr Demartini does and I feel truly inspired from within to become the best that I am destined to become.' 

Baatseba Semakane (19)

‘Firstly I would like to thank God for Dr Demartini.  He has been an inspiration to me, and has brought vision on how to become a better person.  Dr Demartini, you really have changed my life today.  I do believe that I will change my life which has been driven by your inspirational words of wisdom.  I had no idea of my values and didn't believe in my capabilities; I was really lost and I didn't know how to drive my future forward, but now that I know that "Nothing is impossible." I have learnt that I should face my fears.  Thank you for teaching me the tools to face my life.  May the Great God Bless you.'

Lobelo Millicent Lesego (19)

‘Dr Demartini is an inspiration.  Thank God for Dr Demartini being here and all of us being able to see that everything is possible and everything you want, you can get.  I am a genius and I apply my wisdom.'

Thamara Sekonya (18)

‘I learnt the importance of values; I can only be the best me; Values fulfilled=life fulfilled; The only thing that is in the way of success is negativity; there is always room for more learning.'

Itumeleng Molef (19)

‘Dr Demartini has given me a lot of information and guidance and now I see the world as small.  Dr Demartini deserves the best prize in the world because he dreams and from now on we will know how to survive.'

Donald Maphanga (19)

‘I learnt so much at this convention by Dr Demartini. I learnt that if you don't find things that inspire you, you will find things that don't inspire you. Live what you dream.  I am a master of persistence; I do what it takes.  I am a genius and I apply my wisdom.  In life there are great challenges and greater accomplishments within them.  What you did and are doing is productive to someone's life.  Big thank you Dr Demartini.' S

Stephan Boykie Sello (20)

‘I have learnt that my strongest point is in my highest values.  I am good at socializing there I need to figure out how my subjects are relative to my strongest values.  I need to stop looking down on myself and know that I am a genius and I apply my wisdom.  I have my weaknesses and strengths.  I just need to know how to apply them to my goals and how I can work on changing my weakness into my strengths.  I now need to combine my body mind and soul.  I will not stop until I achieve my dreams.  I was driven by Dr Demartini to run after my drams and I believe and have faith that I will achieve my dream.  Thank you.' 

Dineo Ramafoho (20)

‘I have learnt plenty of lessons during this event.'

Maile Namishi Tshegofatjo (19)

‘I think meeting Dr Demartini changed everything in my life.  He is one of the greatest inspirers whom I needed to see and listen to.  I promise that one day people will experience more precious things from you by me.  This world will be full of extraordinary testimonials.  Thank you!'

Thabang Collin Dikutla (20)

‘Today I have learnt and discovered more about myself.  All the dreams I have I will be able to accomplish because of this program.  I learnt to see the benefits in every situation.  I am now strong and using my mind and believing more in my dreams than before.  I am the master of my own destiny.  No matter what the background and situation may be I can make it. It all begins within me.  I will do everything I can do to achieve my dreams and goals.  Today I discovered what I am best at and learn to love what I do. Thank you Dr Demartini and God Bless you.'

Thobeka Patience Sikhakhane

‘It has been an interesting day. Dr Demartini was very inspiring to listen to especially since he was able to use his own experience.  The learning process was marvelous as he taught ways to deal with life's challenges.  I haven't been this inspired in my whole life and today I got more than what I expected - I have learnt so much.  Because of the program today I am a better person and see my future and all the opportunities at the tips of my fingers.' 

Chuene George Setwakwa (18)

‘Today I was inspired to value every single thing that I do.  Dr Demartini thank you for showing me today that everything happens for a reason.  I did not have enough money to go to university and am thankful that I was brought to Edumap college to upgrade my marks and have all the opportunities that I have today.'

Xolile Peterson Olifant (19)

‘I am now certain that nobody has a meaningless dream no matter how stupid it sounds to those around you.  It is the first time I learnt how to lower some of my values, i.e. identifying the drawbacks in them.  After this session I realized the power of writing the intangible dreams in order to turn them into tangible realities.  I am activated, inspired and empowered for the readiness and the fulfillment of my dreams. I have edited my personal statement from: "In a million are a million leaders but only a few are distinguishes."

To: - "In a million are a million leaders but only those who identify their highest values are distinguished."'

Bonginkosi Msimango (21)

‘I have learnt that there is more to life than what you think, when you think big and visualize your life.  Your values are the masters of your destiny because they are the determinants of your destiny.  I felt inspired to be the best that I want to be and reach my highest values in life.  I thank Dr Demartini for his wisdom and wise words that made me rethink how I perceive life and my purpose for living.' 

Njabulo Menze (20)

‘Dr Demartini has made me more clear on my inspirations and help me to focus on my stuff.  I need to pay more attention at how to make my lowest stuff on my hierarchy inspirations and let it go upon my hierarchy.  I can't wait to come to the next talk. You are truly inspirational. You have inspired me to live my legacy.'

Clyde Keevy (20)

‘It was an awesome experience to meet, sit and listen to Dr Demartini.  I gained a lot and the way I now perceive things has changed a great deal. I didn't know that values change and we need to focus on the benefit that will bring impact onto those values.'

Motlelapule Seleka (23)

‘I learned that I am a genius.  I apply my wisdom.  I have to do whatever I want by faith.  Never give up when it is hard.  I must have the vision about what I want to do in my future.  Everybody has unique values.'

Matlakala Lekoba Lucia (19)

‘There is more into life than just what people say. Everyone has a purpose.  If you want to make it in life, you have to set your values right.  Have faith, knowledge and understand that everything is possible.  Walk the walk and talk the talk. Motivate yourself from within.' 

Beauty Phoris (19)

‘Know what your biggest values are.  Everything that is happening to you, that you are not happy with, will help direct you to somebody you would like to be.  We did have all the seeds but we did not know where to plant them.' 

Tjabadi Reneiwe

‘I have learnt a lot of things today that I didn't know how to apply in my life before.  After this day I will apply all I have learnt from this day to do the best things in my life. I am really inspired and believe that no matter what the challenges I will meet in my life, I will conquer and change the world. Dr Demartini is the best.  He has really changed my life.  I can feel the change right here right now.  This is the turning point and I am not turning back, but moving forward.  Thank you.' 

Maepa Matjatji Melvin (19)

‘I, Tiisetso Poo, hereby declare that Dr Demartini's teachings are great and needed in this world.  By his teachings I am inspired to inspire other people in this world.  I now know that we are all genius and able; there are no mistakes, but everything happens to fulfill our purpose in this world.'

Tiisetso Poo (20)

‘On behalf of CIDA students, staff and management, you came to us to empower and inspire.  Thank you for supporting in what we do.  Thank you very much.  May God Bless you more.  I love you.'

Violet Mohotloane

‘The workshop to me carried a very deep message, which is to change your attitude, and renew your horizons.  This workshop has meant a lifetime change and has awakened my genius self.'

Lakiou Pheboane

‘I thank you Dr Demartini.  Your work is superior. You are truly inspiring.  I now feel I am ready to take on the world. May God help you continue with your excellent work of building and shaping our future.  God Bless Dr Demartini.' 

Rector Tyayintyayi (16)

‘The program was fascinating, stunning and well organized.  Dr Demartini is great.  I  have learned a lot during the program.  I didn't reckon that I would hear such amazing ideas and inspirations.  I am really a genius.  I apply my wisdom.'

Karabo Phadi (22)

‘If I can dream it, I can do it.' I will set out to do exactly what I want to do and I will not let anyone empower me.  I will empower myself in all 7 areas of my life.  If I want something badly enough I know I will get it.  My life starts now!' 

Sasha Harwood (16)

‘Everyone is a genius in this world including me. I can become anything I want if I just believe in myself and do the most productive things.  I have learned to deal with stress and change.  I had issues bottled in me, but now I have learnt to express myself and talk to someone because other people probably have more serious problems than I do.  I know my values and how to upgrade my low priority values into more important ones.' 

Justice Rammutla (19)

‘I come from a disadvantage family in Limpopo.  I come from a family of 11 people all living together.  I am a hard working person and I am dedicated to whatever I am doing.  I completed my matric in 2009 but never met minimum requirements to enter university and I am now upgrading my Physical Science and mathematics results.  I am heading to the way of completing my missions and goals in my life.  I will not stop until I become what I want to be in life: an engineer.  I will not stop dreaming until the day catches me dreaming.'  Leso Mika (18)

Leso Mika (18)

‘I had a great day today because I got most of the important advice of my life.  My experience here was fantastic and valuable to my life.' 

Makafane Stanza (20)

‘It is better to think positively, study and upgrade yourself, than to fall back in self pity and downgrade people.'

Marinus (21)

‘Today was really enjoyable and it made a huge impact on my life.  I'd like to thank Dr Demartini for his effort in inspiring me in my life and helping me clear my obstacle's so that I will be able to reach my full potential. Yes, I am a genius and I will apply my wisdom.' 

Johannes Butinyana Motswadi (19)

‘I have learnt to focus on my higher values and now have more of a chance to excel.  Also, it is about the perception of each challenge that we face, which determines how far we go. Whatever one does has a big global impact irrespective of how it looks.  It is very important to associate with people who are not victims of history but see every opportunity to shine.  This a life changing event which enabled me to improve on the area I was underperforming in.' 

Tafadzwa (22)

‘When I started off this year I was not very confident. I had many dreams but no idea or plan in how to fulfill them.  When I came to listen to Dr Demartini speak, I was reminded of all my advantages and all the wisdom I have accumulated over the years.  I have become more confident and more determined to sow the seeds which were planted in me.  I feel more driven than I was.' 

Duduzile Mashigo (18)

‘Today's exhibition was some of the most exciting, inspiring and interesting exhibitions ever.  I was inspired and will now grow as an individual. I was financially unsavvy and I have now learnt how to spend my money wisely and after today I am able to use my money wisely.'

B. Kagiso Modise (19)

‘Listening to Dr Demartini has helped me a lot in realizing how to take a challenge and break it down until you can find the benefits in it.  Therefore realizing that all challenges I am going to face will ultimately benefit my life.'

Stephany Kirner
‘Today I have found things that inspired me, I am now even planning on changing my career.  If I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Demartini before applying to varsity I would know that I was in the right field.'
Masenye Thapelo (19)

‘I've always wanted to become an inspirational speaker so I enjoyed every second that I spent with Dr John Demartini.  He is so powerful and I would like to see myself doing the same thing one day.'

Obakeng Mmampebae (20)
‘In this session I have learnt a lot and am very happy and thankful.  Dr John Demartini taught me a lot.  I thought I was stupid and I couldn't make it this year and the coming years, but now I will say this statement : "I am a genius.  I apply my wisdom." And I promise I will follow and listen to it.  It is very helpful.'
Tshepo Lesele (18)

‘I have found my potential, now I know I am special, and now I know I am a blessing to the world.  I know where my destiny is.  Dr Demartini is a Godsend.  I felt the world was against me and on top of me, but after meeting with Dr Demartini I feel relived.  I feel the burdens have been lifted off me.' 

Buys Inocentia (21)
This was the greatest moment I have ever had in my life. I have learnt and now understand myself and other people too.  There is a phrase that I will talk and keep on meditating each and every day: "I have what it takes, I am a genius.  I apply my wisdom."
Vunene Baloyi (19)
Today I feel that I have been equipped with the revolutionary knowledge that not only has and will continue to change my perception of the world around me, but also be the driving force behind how I perceive my personal circumstances and more importantly, how I can with the tools I have been given by Dr. Demartini dictate and determine what I want my experiences to be! Today I have been reminded that I am allowed to dream, and surprised by the fact that I always had the tools to materialize them. Thank you Dr. Demartini for cleansing the doors of perception!
J. Joubert (23)
Found out what my goal is and how to achieve it. Realize my values. How to make my life better. Been depressed, raped, suicidal and today has made me realize how I can look at the positives, how I benefit from it and how to not let it burden me anymore. Able to let it go and see it as something positive. I feel more free and feel I now have energy to go for my goals.
N. Dett (23)
I learnt that for every negative there is a positive. I learnt that I want to be extraordinary and I will make it happen regardless of my personal situation. My father died recently and that was very stressful but because of his death, he left me a lot of money which is now going to pay for my studies in LA. Today I really learnt the true gift that came from that tragedy. I also learnt that if I believe I can, it will happen!
A. Jekkels (19)
I got out of this experience how to deal with stubbornness and depression. I learnt how to face and tackle obstacles which kept blocking out and were eating away at me inside. I have seen how my form of abuse from a teacher was hugely upsetting and knocked me down, however thanks to Dr. Demartini, I have seen that there are bigger issues which people face therefore there is no point living in a vortex, but facing my fears and benefiting from it all.
S. Deist (17)
I got to reiterate the basic principles I have learnt using Dr. Demartini's work and with a deeper understanding of them. I have a greater understanding for their significance in making my dreams come true! And I know they're going to come true!
Liroy Lourenco (23)
I got the inspiration of self accomplishment, I feel that I can do anything and it's all about how I perceive the situations that come my way as to the outcome.
G. van Goethem (17)
Young Adults Inspired Destiny made reaching for my goals a lot easier. Finding the positive in every negative is something I found extremely helpful. Not to idolize someone or put them in the pits will make sure that I don't get big headed or discouraged and this course has helped me realize when I'm doing that. The course was awesome and I recommend it to everyone. 'A negative is just a positive that needs looking for'
Jonty Fletcher (14)
Today I have learned to look at the blessings and be grateful for all that I have. I learned that it's only my perceptions and that I am the master of my perceptions. I can and I am able to be what I want.
N. Mhlanga (23)
Today I realized that I'm unique and can live life to the fullest by following my values I can achieve my dreams. I may have made mistakes in the past, but I can always change them. I've learnt to always respect others perceptions and values. In every problem I have encountered, there's benefits in it. I've learnt to always use my history to overcome my future obstacles and to live and love others!
I have learnt never again to conform to other people's values and expectations, but to remain true to myself and prioritize my values! I also learnt how to help others get what they want so that they can also help me get what I want.
G. Motsei (20)
I have learnt that I can create opportunities in things I thought I'm wasting my time doing and that if I set my goals congruent to my values I am definitely going to achieve them.
T. Makau (19)
I learned that people all have different value systems. Nobody's wrong, just different. People love to be loved for who they are. You gain inspiration, power to live your dreams, learn to know yourself and you master your own dreams. I learned that any situation in life is a success waiting to happen, there is no reason in life you cannot succeed.
Z. Mbalo (21)
I found that I don't need anyone to make my dreams come true. I believe in myself and I love myself again. There is no dream bigger than me. I will be wonderful and the most fantastic person I can be. Dr. Demartini has changed my whole outlook on life and I thank him from my heart. Wow, I wish the day never ended.
J. Freathy (17)
I learnt a lot about myself. I learnt to have faith in myself and to go for my dreams, to listen to myself (the voice inside) and to take life's challenges and turn them into successful, life changing opportunities. Thank you Dr. John Demartini for awakening the truth inside of me.
S. de Jong (22)
What I learned today was a confirmation that I control my destiny. I can't blame my past for everything. I was given steps to implement and control my life and allowed to be me. I learnt that depression is feedback from setting unrealistic goals. I control my future and I want my money to work for me, not for me to work for my money. Thank you a million times over for this opportunity.
K. Maphike (21)
Dr Demartini, the more I learn from you the more my dreams and opportunities become visible and I am just a mindset away, I am becoming the change I would love to see in the world. I am on a quest to learn in your footsteps. I feel as though I'm breaking through some shield that's always been hidden. When you speak I feel like all is possible. You make me want to learn, listen, read and find out all the secrets and laws that we live by.
K. Mojapelo (22)
Knowing what values are and how they are aligned to my dreams and the seven areas of life. I feel anything is possible. It has been a learning curve and a healing process. Most of all it's a set towards greater things. I'm more sure of my abilities as a person. Thank you very much.
Precious (23)
I have learnt that we must always be grateful even in difficult situations because there are blessings in them. Self-love. Always value myself.
T. Dludlu (21)
I learned that anything is possible if you set our mind to it. I now know I can own my own shipping company and that if I really want it I will be a wealthy business man.
E.A. Vos
Being myself can actually make a big difference.
A. Oosthuizen (18)
Today has taught me how to truly know myself and how to take every challenge and turn it into an opportunity. Today's lesson has inspired me to reach for my dreams and taught me how to make it possible!
C. Oosthuizen (21)
I can do anything I set my mind to do. I am different than any other person. I must not give up on my dreams. I must always seek for my purpose from within in order to achieve my goals. I am the most important person in my life. More importantly, I have learned that I have love, I'm worthy of love and I can give love.
A. Simanja (25)
I had a lot of fun and I realized that I can be who I want to be
T. Serote (20)
I learned how to make the most of my life. I also learned to live my life in seven categories which are: Spiritual, Mental, Vocational, Financial, Family, Physical and Social, and grow everyday towards fulfilling each and every one of them. I also learned to appreciate more of what life brings my way in order to receive more rewards.
J. Tobakali (20)
I learned so much today. What was most important was knowing my values. I learned that everything is possible. I realized that we learn from mistakes and mistakes groom our future. I also learned that someone you admire is the reflection of yourself. I learned that nothing in my past defines my future. Thank you for the best class!
D. Monareng (23)
I learned that nothing cannot happen in my life that won't help or add to my advantages or values. My perception determines how I feel and how I feel determined by my questions! I learned about 7 powerful areas of my life and self-worth. I'm influencing the world.
S. Mabsemelae
What I got out of today has been a life changing experience, I've been through so much in my life and I thought I had come to terms with what had happened, Dr Demartini helped me realize that I had just settled for being average and that, that is just not good enough, I have the potential to be the best and that is what I will become, no more half hearted efforts from my side. My values have been affirmed and each day I will question how I can use that to my advantage. Thank you Doc, you're a legend.
Jason (19)
A study method that I am going to put into good use. Found out what I want most out of life and how I can achieve it, it's up to me now. Learnt fancy new words I can take to English class!
T. Springer (17)
Found out what I want out of life and how to get it. How to use my values to make my life better. Figured out that I can do what it takes to lead an amazing life.
J. Gilmour (17)
I must forget about what happened and focus on my highest values. I have a big influence on the world. No one will take responsibility if I don't take it for myself. When dreaming big, you will achieve great things.
S. Mhlongo (19)
I got to see the benefits of my tragedies. I learned I can reach for my goal with the right mindset; I just have to break it down into smaller chunks. I got self inspired. Great experience. Thanks. PS. Great positive attitude towards life!
M. Lottering (20)
"Learned how to make my dreams come true and that I have the power to be the best and that I can do anything I want."
J. van der Westhuizen (17)
"Today I learned that nothing is beyond my reach and what I see in others is exactly what I have in myself. Also how my values depicted my view on the world and the way I approach things in life is a reflection of my values."
N. Girdherlal (22)
"I learnt an understanding of how to figure out my values and their worth. How to use my values to further myself in all seven areas of life. An attitude of gratitude towards others and myself in that to become who I truly want to be. Only I can determine my purpose in life and I need to believe that to achieve the limitless possibilities of the universe and my own unique talent, gifts and values."
P. Goncalves (17)
"I've been given the tools and the knowledge to reach my goals and aspirations. The ability to see that I am the only person who can determine how far I allow myself to grow. No one, no thing and no circumstance or event can influence me negatively if I ask the right, quality questions in life."
Kevin (18)
"You have given me a whole new perspective on life. Suddenly I see that I can deal with challenges and that my life is important. You have shown me that I'm unique and now I can tackle and solve my problems and become who I want to be. And I can show others that they can do exactly the same because everyone has a lot to give. Thank you!!! It was worth every second!"
D. Morgan (19)
"I got inspired today! I can do whatever I want in life. I got to learn more about my future, my values. I want to be the best I can be! 'Nothing' and 'I can't', doesn't exist anymore. Thank you."
A. Booysen (18)
"I learned how to make the most of what I've got in order to get what I want. I can't ask for anything more than that, so thanks."
A. Williams (17)
"I have my own values and I should not be intimidated by other people because as we are not better than others, we are just different. Each of us is unique in our own way."
Y. Makoae (22)
"I have a clearer direction of where it is that I want to go and of who I am. I am grateful for being shown ways in which I can communicate effectively with people and conquer those challenges that come my way. I now want to embrace every challenge and every person and learn as much as I can about myself and be able to spread the knowledge and love to as many people as possible. I believe I can follow my DREAM and be successful in all 7 areas of life. Thank you."
D. Kane-Berman (22)
The importance of knowing your values and aligning them with whatever you want to achieve in your life. Whatever I criticize people with I actually have it. The different sources of power.
S. Khoza (21) - Young Adults Inspired Destiny
Learnt what my values were and how to see the good in all bad situations. It's an experience I won't forget.
J. Coetzee (17) - Young Adults Inspired Destiny
Dr Demartini's Daily Update
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