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Feedback From Around The World

People from around the world have shared their feedback regarding their experiences from attending Dr Demartini's programs. If you would love to add your testimonial to below please click here.


The Prophecy I Experience

Hi John,

I wanted to take the time to thank you again for the amazing experience you gave us at Prophecy this past week in London. I only became fully aware of your work earlier this year and attended my first breakthrough experience a couple of weeks ago where I gained so much clarity over why certain parts of my life were playing out as they were. It was a no brainier for me to come to prophecy after that and as I said to you on Tuesday it really was above and beyond what I was expecting. I loved all of the days but my favourite days were the first two days as I've been so eager to learn more about the mind but never really found what I was looking for until Prophecy.


I'm grateful to you for doing the work that you do and for sharing as much of it as you possibly can in the time you have with us unlike most others.


See you at master planning :)


Best wishes

At the onset of the course, I must admit that I was quite overwhelmed by the terminology and content of the course, but as the days progressed I started to see how everything fitted together.  On the early morning of Day 6 it all made sense, and I had a moment of enlightenment and inner peace where time stood still as I saw the whole three dimensional picture of how everything is interconnected and interdependent on everything else from the smallest particle to the immenseness of the galaxy demonstrating the incredible order to the universe dancing in harmony to the universal laws of governing radiation and gravitation.
Robin Kolberg
"I thoroughly loved the Prophecy I Experience! It is a lot of information to absorb. I think you can do the course several times and get something different out of it every time. It made me take an honest look at myself and so many things fell into place.  

It was motivating, inspiring and literally life changing! It has levelled my playing field completely. I feel a lot lighter and was able to leave quite a lot of baggage behind. Now I need to integrate all the learnings and apply it everyday to get the true long lasting benefits.  

My heartfelt thanks to John and the team in South Africa!!"
Karen Vipond
"Thanks John, you have helped me clarify and dissolve illusions. You have set me on the path to becoming an ever brighter pulsating star in the universe of infinity."
Marc Peverett; Johannesburg, South Africa
"Thank you for a mind-blowing experience. I have a far greater vision now and look forward to implementing these inspiring principles. "
Mark Upton; Johannesburg, South Africa
"Dear John, Thank you once again for ANOTHER inspirational masterpiece. It seems every course I attend seems to accelerate my soul and take me closer to my goals. You have awakened my awareness and helped me realize how blessed I am and how perfect my life is."
Lee Kritzinger; Johannesburg, South Africa
"After spending 7 amazing days in Dr. Demartini's Prophecy, I say with the utmost confidence that my life has changed forever. I am grateful and inspired to continue mastering my life and through John's education, I am empowered to challenge the future, be grateful for my past and live consistently in the now as a master of my universe. Thank you for the experience of my life. I can't wait for the next adventure."
Alexander Ford; Johannesburg, South Africa
"Thank you for upsetting my whole way of thinking. I now have a reason to go and explore even more of life."
Adri Nel; Johannesburg, South Africa
"The Prophecy 1 experience is amazing. The depth of knowledge imparted to me by Dr. Demartini is absolutely incredible. The fee I have paid is insignificant to the knowledge and learning gained and imparted to me. The volume and quality of information; all which is referenceable is immense. I have never experienced a course or seminar which can compete in any way. Apart from theoretical knowledge is the demonstrated practical application of this information and methods.
The course content covers the seven areas of life; I can confidently state that if I spent my entire life studying in the course of my normal day, I would never ever achieve this level of knowledge. If you have any interest in expanding your vision and life, then do the Prophecy 1 course. It is amazing. Thank you."
Tiny Van Niekerk; Johannesburg, South Africa
"It is so hard to do justice to this truly amazing week of learning, in a few words. My mind has expanded beyond my wildest imagination. I have the tools to use,  that has the potential  to allow me to be extraordinary and dare to be magnificent. What more can you ask from an intense seven days of learning with a master?"
Judy Van Niekerk; Johannesburg, South Africa
"Every time I attend a Demartini Seminar, every area of my life is transformed and expanded. Words cannot do this justice, money paid for it becomes insignificant. If you have any interest in empowering anything that matters to you, start learning this work. Buy his books, listen to his CD's, attend his seminars and then look back as your life and relationships improve. "
Johann Strauss - Lawyer, Johannesburg, South Africa
"Totally inspiring. Thank you for being here and empowering us. The breadth and depth of your knowledge is awesome in the true sense of the word."
Vanessa Shapiro; Johannesburg, South Africa
"Dr. John Demartini  has; apart from impressing the hell out of me that one man can achieve all this at the same age as me, made me super aware that I, in the present, can do much to equilibrate myself to the benefit of myself, my family and my business. I am most grateful."
Andre Hollander; Johannesburg, South Africa
"Once again an awesome (as in awe inspiring) experience. A unique assimilation of a huge amount of writing and scholarly enquiry. Thank you John."
Tim Holmes; Johannesburg, South Africa
"This course is the most comprehensive, integrated training program to bring together an in depth understand of the seven areas of life and provide insights to human behavior that will change your perspective forever. If you truly want to live your inspired destiny, you simply must attend this course.
Along with providing these amazing insights and the benefits from a greater understanding, this course also presents practical tools to help you master your business, increase your wealth and manage your relationships.
Nowhere else in the world, will you get a course like this. It is seven 14 hour days that will rock your world."
Pauline Fitzsimons; Dublin, Ireland
"Prophecy 1 completely disestablishes many myths about our existence in this universe: it is intimidating information at times for different people for different reasons and challenges the individual to reflect on their life on earth and purpose. Depending on the individuals intensity and intentionality to learn and integrate the experience one may literally change any aspect of their life, realise their purpose and establish a plan to be their own Prophecy.
If you want to have ever greater awareness of our existence on this planet and make a difference in your own life and all around you I urge you to attend this programme."
Mark Closel Service Delivery Manager Disability Services Christchurch New Zealand

"The Prophecy program was one of the most profound experiences in my life. I felt so uncertain about doing it, if I am really ready, if it is possible to get so much value out of it and if I would be able to do anything with it in my life afterwards..


From the first hour I was fascinated by this perfect mix of the depth and complexity of the material and that it is presented in such a clear and simple way. It really opened me to break through my old beliefs which is just so empowering and put me in a totally different league. The increased certainty, self confidence and presence is still there and keeps me on track of actually doing what I want instead of only dreaming about it.


The quality of the people in the program is one of a kind, very special friendships developed and it is hard to put into words how grateful I am to be part of this community of inspired individuals. Do it! You deserve it!"

Robin Köhler, Trainer - Germany

"I had heard the term 'Prophecy' as the name of a course and thought, "That's a big call naming a course Prophecy, they would want to have something worth sharing for that label!"


At the time Prophecy was being advertised I had plenty of reasons why there was no way I could attend, you know them, not enough time to attend, pressing deadlines, things that needed my constant attention etc. I had attended a few of John's programs previously and know the man is worth spending time with, but simply I was 'self helped out' and busting to place the focus on my growing business.


I did have a nagging feeling that I was meant to be there, so I bit the bullet and attended. To describe the experience as worthwhile would be an understatement. I walked away with such mind and heart muscle growth and absolute clarity about my personal purpose and life mission that it was like I created the roadmap of my business as well as personal journey ahead. I thank John for his wisdom, style and tenacity to hold us accountable in achieving these goals.


As a self employed business consultant the results were amazing, I had to close my books on work and new clients by the end of August for the year 2006 a quality problem to have! I have started the year 2007 with projects and jobs booked for every month of the year through to 2008, my message is resonating with others - why not it was after all part of my personal mission that was penned at Prophecy 2005. Make the choice to go it is worth it!"

De Backman-Hoyle, Director Inspired Workforce Performers - Australia

‘For so many years I had so many questions. Prophecy I answered not only the ‘whys', but also the ‘hows' and ‘what ifs'.  If you are ready for a radically new view of your life and your role in it - strap yourself in for the ride that is Prophecy I'

Stephanie Burton
Through The Prophecy I Experience I have seen the misperceptions in areas of my life where I was trying to find balance for 15 years. I found the brilliance in relationships I resented and things I resented in myself.
Martin Sam
I learnt there is an alternative to "life as it was" to a "life that is possible". Thank you - you changed my life!
Adriann Menen
I found the Financial Planning aspects of The Prophecy I Experience to be inspirational and practical. It provided me with new tools which I will use to start my own business.
Colleen Van Reenen
It is clear to me now that the Demartini Method truly does have 1000 uses.
Sandras Phiri
The Prophecy I Experience made me realize that I do not have excuses any more, just reasons and methods to help me live an inspired life.
Johan Thuynsma
The time taken to look at the seven areas of life is a lifetime of learning. I have learned that there are pains and pleasures in life and that everything is perfect the way it is, but now I have the tools to help me on my journey through life. It was an experience that has changed my life and who I am forever.
John Vanderwhitte
A series of brief synchronised events led me with an open mind and heart to The Prophecy Experience - an experience that blew my socks off! With congruency, insight, vision, astute knowledge, passion, inspiration, humor and a no-nonsense approach John taught us about the seven areas of life interweaving his teaching with Cosmic laws, the teachings of the Ancients, quantum physics, systems theory in Biology and demonstrating in each area that each part of us, like each part of the Universe is not only connected up with the rest, it embodies the nature of the whole within it. John you are a genius, a teacher, visionary, and inspire. You are eloquent, witty and a leader and pioneer in human consciousness research. For me, you are an exemplary model of congruency. You live what you think, teach, feel, believe and are inspired about. I implore all who seek an expanded global vision based in the truth of universal laws, focus and inspiration to become masterful in all the seven areas of your life... Do not walk, do not run, Sprint to the next Prophecy experience!!
Cheryl Frootko
Prophecy was very inspiring. I have built a new foundation for my life. I honor you for your courage, your honesty, and your search for the truth and my special gratitude for answering all my questions during the seminar. Thank you for your wisdom and supreme clarity as you helped prepare me to receive the magnificent new level of awakening in my life. No words are adequate to express my gratitude for the blessing of your teaching in my life.
M Patel
You taught me something in Prophecy that was a wake-up call in prioritizing my values on financial freedom. I never looked at the importance of managing money if I wanted to be a millionaire. I took the domestic goddess viewpoint. I just thought by ‘manifesting' the money then it would appear. Another 'La-La' theory but I do now see the light! I have to think like a millionaire. Since London I have taken the various steps you taught in class and started paying myself first. In just two weeks I made an extra $2,000.00 for my business bank account. Again thank you with love from the bottom of my heart.
Prophecy I was phenomenal. I have never before come across someone with such a vast fountain of knowledge on so many fields - I did not think that an individual like this could exist. Dr Demartini truly appears to know everything about everything - like a living encyclopedia - only he has gone a step further and integrated it all. I feel incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to learn directly from such a genius. Who said that the time of the great philosophers was over?
Aasiya Salauddin Ahmod
This week was an obvious next level in the evolution of my life. In retrospect, I can see the moments and events in my life where I went from one stage of development to the next - usually taking years, i.e. grade school, husband, children, college, and marriage. This step took me one week....what an acceleration! I am absolutely humbled at having had this opportunity.
Dr. Jamie Neely
It's a mental, physical, social, financial, spiritual career and family tune up. You have helped me re-focus my life. My business plans are so much clearer and the action steps are no longer overwhelming but enticing now. I can truly see/visualize my successful business. Now that I can see it in my mind's eye, I can create it on the outside.
Peri Shawn
Dr. Demartini has opened my mind to a level I never thought was possible. After doing Breakthrough I had a profound change in the way I saw the world and I feel as though I've been even further awakened to the perfection around me. Dr. Demartini was able to teach me about natural laws and show me their daily applications to help me reach my dreams. I can't imagine where I'd be without his teachings and inspiration.
Dr. L. Shulman
This course allowed me to jump out of the restrictions that I had been placing on myself in many different areas of my life. New patterns of thinking and processing have been established. I have faced issues in my life ‘head on' to recognize their beauty and significance no matter what my perceptions were at the actual time of the event. I feel like I am free to create my own life.
Susanne Glaholm
This seminar will teach you how to have mastery in each of the seven areas of life. Dr. Demartini's wisdom and inspiration has had a profound impact on my life.
Dr. Jason Roth
A privilege to be in the presence of a man dedicated and inspired to empowering and transforming the world through love and gratitude. For that I am eternally grateful and in turn I am inspired to do the same.
Kerry-Lee Garner
"The Prophecy has been one of the most profound experiences. Life changing and mind blowing are the 2 descriptions I can give you. Life and the world has taken on a new perspective and progress is unavoidable. Thank you it has been amazing."
Jacobus Malan
This seminar has changed the course of my life. It's opened my mind and soul up to possibilities that I never thought possible - thank you Dr John Demartini
Harsha Prag
I would like to thank you for opening my mind and my heart to the possibilities of the universe and can recommend this journey to anyone that has an enquiring mind and wants to expand their experience beyond their perceptions. You have awakened my consciousness to embark on a quest to learn more about the marvels and secrets of the cosmos. Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge in such a loving manner as a teacher and a master.
Anneke Pettenburger
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