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Feedback From Around The World

People from around the world have shared their feedback regarding their experiences from attending Dr Demartini's programs. If you would love to add your testimonial to below please click here.


The Healing Mind

Public Talk: The Healing Mind


"I work with people all the time and the insights you shared tonight have really helped me to know how I can address some of the health issues that I work with in consults. Excellent presentation!"

Jack Alberts

Public Talk: The Healing Mind 


Thank you Dr Demartini for the knowledge you shared on healing tonight. This talk is amazing. Your knowledge on this subject seems inexhaustible and it was fabulous to learn so much about the body in such a short time.

June Malan

Public Talk: The Healing Mind


Brilliant presentation. I have learned more about healing in 2 hours than I have in all my adult years.

Sue Fox

Public Talk: The Healing Mind


Dr Demartini's talk on the body mind was phenomenal. I have never stopped to think about how my thoughts impact my body but it makes so much sense. His knowledge on this subject is astounding. 

Rick Jarvis
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