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Feedback From Around The World

People from around the world have shared their feedback regarding their experiences from attending Dr Demartini's programs. If you would love to add your testimonial to below please click here.


The Breakthrough Experience
"Once again I felt my heart open to a new level of gratitude and love; I was going down-hill getting board with where I was vocationally, and strongly considering retirement. I am re-energized and re-committed. Thanks, John."
Margaret Boarman, Newburgh, IN, Feb., 1999
"I learned how one realization has a profound impact on many areas, actually all areas of my life.  Learning to see the good that comes from the bad is a moving experience."
Renee Fulkerson, Kansas City, MO, Feb., 1999
"I was able to gain a true love for my wife with whom I had been having difficulties. I think we are on our way to an unbelievably better relationship. I always knew I wanted to be a financial planner/consultant, and was able to visualize speaking and teaching through this experience. I now have a purpose statement and can hardly wait to get started on my new mission."
William R. Fulkerson, Kansas City, MO.
"The collapse process was much more than I had expected. During the seminar I began to realize that a lot of the traits and resentments I had toward my brother were in me. I began to realize that I truly loved my brother, and that I missed him. In writing down things I liked and disliked about him, I began to love and appreciate him more. Each dislike brought about a ‘like' and valuable trait that I had developed in myself."  
Author unknown, 1998
"I acquired a better knowledge of what love is, and that it is both good and bad. I recognized how judgmental, selfish, and self centered I had become toward my family. I am hopeful and inspired to know that there is a process that I can utilize on a daily basis so that I can serve in a more productive and focused manner. I know that there will always be good and bad, and that THAT is OK, that is normal and just how life exists. I am leaving this weekend with new tools to utilize on my patients, my family, and people that come into my life.  Thank You."
Dr. Debora Logan, Austin, Texas, Oct., 1998
"This is singly the most wonderful, painful, freeing experience I have ever had. I am certain that I will do many, many more, and that the tools from this experience will enrich my life for years to come! (This is a very short version of my benefits!) Thank you!"
Gin Keller, Austin, Texas Oct., 1998
"I realized my purpose is to be a teacher and a healer. I was given the tools to assist me in pursuing my dreams and my goals. I now see more clearly the incredible balance in the world. I feel closer to the creator and honor myself more. I will use the collapse process often to neutralize 'Button Pushing Behavior.' Thank you, Dr. Demartini for your gifts and your contributions."
Teri Luongo, Plano, Texas 1998
"I have read over 30 personal growth and development books, and traveled hundreds of miles over the past two years to try to learn what I just learned in one weekend. Breakthrough took me to a new level.  Thank you, thank you, for showing me who I really am! Thank You!"
Michael R. Powell, Alexandria, MN, 1998
"I saw clearly that when I find fault in others it is a reflection of fault I'm finding in myself.  This blocks my expression of love for my-self, my family, and my business. This weekend opened my heart to an even higher level of love."
Daniel Lavanga, Southhampton, PA, 1998
"I have learned a new way to love myself and other people. It has greatly encouraged me to finally go for some of the dreams I have always had in my heart but were afraid to try. I feel more independent than I ever have before, and know that I am worthy of happiness, success, and peace in my life. It also made me realize my true need to find a spiritual source in my life. I understand clearly why I need a clear mind and heart to repair my health problems. I'm sure at this point there are many other positive things that will come from this experience, and for that I am eternally grateful."
Cheri Cummings, Rockwall, Texas, 1998
"It moved my life from living in the past with anger and shame, and focused me on the present. It allowed me to see the all those past events were just stepping stones to bringing me to the NOW."
Rock Alan Riley, D.C., Canton, Texas, 1998
"Your seminar gave me a new way to view people and not be as judgmental. It helped make me less critical and more appreciative of others. I have great respect for your passion and determination for what you do. I also appreciate how you took whatever time was required to stay and answer my questions on the second day.  This further illustrates that you care, and that you love what you do."
Randy woodward, Everett, WA 1998
"This seminar helped me to look at people with new eyes and to realize there are no absolute rights or wrongs. These were labels I used to judge others by. I feel that I now have a broader perspective on life and can deal with character traits in myself that I formerly denied."
Brian O'Hea, D.C., Lynnwood, WA, 1998
"The problems, concerns, and ideals that have gotten in my way of personal growth have been put into perspective. I realized that the same things I condemned in others are within my-self.  Learning to love myself and others for who they are has been a rewarding and new experience for me.  I thank God and the doctor for my new found knowledge and strength."
Michelle Bono, Vanceburg, KY, 1998
"Thank you for showing me a deeper state of love and the connectedness of events in our lives so that we will experience the wisdom of God within our hearts with eyes open to his truly blessed events. Thank you for being a part of my life and allowing me to play a part in yours. May God bless you and fulfill your dreams."
Rusty Reynolds, Plano, Texas, 1998
"I have learned that the events and people in my past have given me a gift. Every negative event that has happened has given me a positive effect somewhere in my life. Where I had hatred and resentment for people in my past, I now feel love. I can thank my brother and my parents for everything that has happened and truly feel blessed by it. I thank you John, for giving me the ability to see the blessings in all people and events in my life. It has truly helped me to love myself and those around me completely."
Laura Doran, Frisco, Texas, 1998
"On Saturday night when I drove home, I felt much calmer and lighter.  Something I knew I had inside of me was searching and need application and tools. This work is everything I believe in, and I was so looking forward to coming. I am thankful for the lessons I have learned and more thankful for the light and love I feel and want to share."
Kristin Moses, Dallas, Texas 1998
"I learned so much about myself and, most importantly, how not to play the "blame game", how NOT to react, and how Love DOES conquer all. I'm only 27, and I can not imagine going through life feeling the way I did before attending your Breakthrough."
Dr. Melissa Powell, Alexandria, MN, 1998
"It opened my heart and let me see my mother in a very different light and to feel the love I have for her, and she for me. I was able to really feel for the first time what a gift my former daughter-in-law and her mother are to me. I love myself more than I ever did before and feel on a 'soul level' that everything happens for good. I have a detailed plan of what I want out of my life and a list of specific actions to carry them out. It gave me a process I can keep on doing on all the people, places, or things I encounter in the future."
Barbara Lindorm, Plano, Texas, 1998
"I am clear that I have not fully loved myself or others. I realize that starting with gratitude is how love is accessed. The collapse process is brilliant, and will be crucial to moving through life. The major benefit I received is knowing that I am lovable, contrary to what I previously believed. Now that I know this, I am released to love others."
Darby Lippincott, Seattle, Washington, 1998
"I received permission to be real. The realization of 50/50 was huge. I had previously thought that if I was even a small percentage "bad", I was ALL bad. It seemed all or nothing before your seminar."
Leeanne Shelley, Kirkland, Washington, 1998
"I received freedom from self-bondage, and the certainty that I am worthy of love, as are all others."
Truth Anthony, Seattle, Washington, 1998
"It humbled me to be exposed to such different beliefs and values of each person attending your seminar. In the end I realized I had not judged them, but that I had just been present. That was an important experience to me... Thank you."
Dr. Suzan Kudlick, 1998
"More than what I expected. I gained an understanding that it was more of my misunderstanding of what I believed negatives were that my wife had. I am grateful that I was able to breakthrough those boundaries and now have acceptance and love for myself and may wife. I am committed to love and honor her and my family, as I really want to. Thank you John, your life work has and does mean a great deal to me."
Rick Osborne, Lynnwood, Washington, 1998
"I was able to remove some walls built up in my relationships and came to realize what I thought I dreaded, were actually what I love."
Berry Brown, Olympia, Washington, 1998
"I now realize that there is divine order, not just in the universe, but in my entire life... especially in my marriage relationship. I understand that I have created what I hated, and that my wife is a gift to me to reveal God's unconditional love for me."
Mark Shelly, Edmonds, Washington, 1998
"The benefits I received included a transformation in my attitude and perception of my ex-husband. I also received a vision and skills for what I want to implement in my life. I now have a skill to balance my mis-perceptions and to bring myself to love."
Katherine Veterane, Bellingham, WA., 1998
"I have benefited from seeing the balance, truth, and love in my life. I have a better understanding of my own purpose and desires in life, and I am motivated to open myself further to other possibilities."
Nancy Miller, Dallas, Texas, 1998
"I made several major shifts in my thinking, which I believe will make an important change in my life."
Sheila Barry, Westport, CT., 1998
"I finally have the feeling that I'm on the 'Road to Greatness'. You are a mentor who I truly feel is 'on line' with the Universal Truths. The seminar was inspiring and exciting. It made me feel I can get on with my life and have a tool to really Breakthrough my barriers. You are a most committed individual and a great example of wisdom. Your philosophy on life is one that I attune with and plan to learn more about in order to exist on this planet to the fullest without blame or judgment, just Love."
Paul Ruggiano, D.C., Miami, FL., 1998
"I obtained a greater understanding of the universal laws and several profound moments of gratitude. I became closer to my family members and myself, and met people I will never forget and always love."
Alysa Nahmias, New York, 1998
"The Breakthrough Experience opened my eyes to unseen possibilities. I feel inspired and challenged to go forth. I know that I have a lot of work to do, but now I have a tool to do this work. I feel that I arrived with all these layers of clothing, which I still have on, but at least I took my ski goggles off and know HOW to remove more of them. My goal and vision is to be 'naked' and one with the divine."
Kelly Wood, Katy, Texas, July, 1998
"I unloaded a lot of toxic baggage during this seminar. I am now able to open up to the present and the future."
Janie Cline, League City, Texas, July, 1998
"I recovered the gratitude for my husband, and felt a new sense of freedom and clarity to go forward and perform my work in the world. I feel as if it spoke to my soul and gave me freedom and certainty of expression."

Jackie Michel, Utica, NY, July, 1998
"This event has allowed me to look into a collapse or Breakthrough that I was not prepared for.  I found out things that I had not even known were bothering me. I enjoyed this process. Thank you."
Catherine Zacharias, Mexia, Texas 1998
"It opened my heart to a new level of Love."
Brett Scott Davis, Deer Park, TX 1998
"Thank you so much for this experience. Each Breakthrough is a different experience for me, yet each one deepens my certainty, love, and inspiration. I seem to be struggling less and less; trusting more and more; and allowing the flow to flow. I am learning to love. Thank you."
Mary Ann Descant, 1998
"The seminar helped to quiet my mind, clarify my purpose in life, and increase my certainty that I can and will attain it."
Lee Hill, Houston, Texas 1998
"This seminar reminded me of what is truly important in my life, and helped me re-focus on those priorities and actions. It was an inspirational weekend."
Anita Cavallo, Houston, Texas, 1998
"Knowing what love feels like, having a sense of purpose, and having the permission to be who I truly know I am is the benefit I received from attending this seminar."
Mike Jennings, Wichita, Kansas, 1998
"I once again received more than I expected or wished for in this 'experience'. It was well worth traveling across the county to have it. You and it keep expanding my world. Thank You."
Thomas Brennan, Lewisberg, PA, July, 1998
"This program made me get back on track and realize I didn't need to wait for my goals. It also brought up questions that I plan on resolving. It will help me understand my wife more, and to know why she can't be 'just like me'."
John Zacharias, Mexia, Texas, July, 1998
"My entire adult life I lived with ambivalence in all seven areas of my life. I condemned myself for this ambivalence. This lack of love for life stemmed from my belief that I was better than my husband and maybe he was the wrong man. Today I know in my heart that we are one, and my belief was an illusion. I could not hold back the tears of gratitude and love I felt after this program and I feel integrated."
Betty J. Pyykola, Houston, Texas, July 1998
"This seminar was truly life changing. Many things that I have been in confusion about have been made clear. Learning to do the collapse process will be a tool that I can use for a lifetime. I am anxious to get back and begin to use what I learned and to see the magnificent changes in my life.  Thanks, Dr. Demartini."
Chrys Hotz, Vermillion, South Dakota
"Accomplished something with the collapse that I knew needed to be done for a long time but didn't know how to do it. I received much knowledge and organized materials that will help me do what needs to be done to reach my goals and accomplish my life purpose. Thank you."
Heber W. Finnemore, Johnston, Iowa, 1998
"John, before I began my collapse of you, I perceived some great differences between your abilities and mine. During the collapse the differences began to fall away and I began to see where in my life those characteristics occurred and that I had not recognized or valued them. After the collapse I felt more confident and had a greater certainty about my value and ability to fulfill my mission. Thank you."
Lee E. Hill, Jan., 1999
"Each time I attend Breakthrough I become more integrated and get a deeper understanding of the collapse process. I appreciate how it reminds me to stay on high priorities and to keep refining my purpose, goals, and visions. My goal for 1999 is to attend 6 more Breakthroughs."
Jodi Bennett, Jan., 1999
"Dr. Demartini's teachings are truly from beyond this world. He is truly profound and an inspiration. The methodology that he teaches in his Breakthrough Course is a toll that I will utilize for the rest of my life."
George R. Gonzales, Huntington Beach, CA
"This Breakthrough Experience has been excellent. After the experience I felt lighter and a lot freer in my mind, body, and spirit; ready to face the shadowy areas in my life. I'm very grateful that I dared coming so soon after my last seminar. Thank you John, for your presence and your words."
Emmanuelle Fulkerson, LaRochelle, France
The most important benefit I received from attending this seminar was the 'balance concept' It left me with a strong desire to know more...become a practices user... and explore new avenues of knowledge.  Thank you."
Michael Lakatosh, Rochester Hills, MI
"The Breakthrough Experience increased my motivation to follow and work towards a dream that I have had for a long time. It gave me some perspective on my feelings of anger and bitterness towards my husband, and gave me specific strategies to achieve ALL of my goals."
Serinbrai Culberson-Napier, Houston, Texas
"This program was perfectly suited for me and where I am right now in my life. I like this program for a plethora of reasons.  One of them is that this program challenged me and forced me to do the work. When John was helping me with the collapse and he heard an answer that danced around an issue, he would ask it again and again until he led me in the right direction. I loved that!"
B.J. Farmer, Houston, Texas, Jan. 1999
"After attending Breakthrough I feel more confident in listening to my soul. My heart feels much larger and more accepting of the events in my life and the choices I have made. I have begun to understand the divine order of the universe."
Maria Merrill, Houston, Texas, Jan., 1999
"I have attended Dr. Demartini's "Breakthrough" seminar twice and can with certainty state, that it has been a Breakthrough experience. Dr. Demartini is a truly dynamic lecturer. He will inspire you to find new ways to work with mind-expanding fundamentals. I can highly recommend The Breakthrough Experience to all who dare to Breakthrough!"
Dr. Keith Thomson, Toronto, Canada
"I opened my heart!  Your seminar made me realize it was only partially open.  Thank you!"
Jean Dingle, Pittsburgh, PA., Dec., 1998

"I can now understand the value in the differences between individuals, and can look at a subject and understand the value that each and every person can bring to me."
Dr. Anthony Alves., Hillside, NJ, Dec., 1998
"I received unconditional love and gratitude for my life from this seminar, and the perfection that it is.  Thanks for helping me remember that all events and challenges are part of the perfection and attracted in love."
Lawrence Newman, Madison, NJ, Dec. 1998
"I received a deep mission and purpose in life. This was my second seminar and it has only enhanced my message to get thru the crap and follow my soul."
R. Iwaniec., Clifton, NY, Dec., 1998
"I experienced an incredible 'lightness of being'. A beautiful shedding of uneasy gravity, Thank you for sharing this process."
Kathleen Hartford, D.C., PA., Dec., 1998
"I think this is only the beginning. I had major breakthroughs concerning myself and my family.  Now that I can see that much clearer and can look at my new relationship with clearer vision and more love so that the past will not be repeated."
Dr. Irv Silverstein, Langhorne, PA, Dec., 1998
"Through this Breakthrough I have the feeling that I am worthy of love and gratitude. It is a wonderful feeling. I am much happier and at tranquility. This experience has made a major change in my life."
Dr. John D. Chiaf, Oklahoma City, OK
"I was able to apply the Breakthrough tools to fully experience a powerful "Breakthrough".  These collapse activities will be extremely helpful in fulfilling my purpose. Thanks for this opportunity.  This Breakthrough was as powerful as the first. I still learned a lot and got a totally different experience."
Marc Martin, Ft. Meyers, FL., Dec., 1998
"I received practical understanding of universal laws and solutions to overcoming barriers of emotion & knowledge which shadowed the laws. It had multi-level impact on all aspect of my being and life.  Thank you for the tools to shed the veils covering the radiant light of God within."
Jeanne Ohm, D.C., Media PA., Dec., 1998
"This seminar created a lifetime change in me. John created a space that felt safe and focused. It allowed me to open my heart and mind to love and wisdom. I will never be the same and my appreciation is that I have moved closer to my essence. I see my soul's purpose I know what I need to do. Breakthrough has taken my-self worth and the worth of others in my life to a new level. I highly recommend this program for committed individuals who know that their lives can be bigger than what is now and have the desire to learn powerful tools that can assist in directing their energy."
Roxane Martin, D.C., Fort Meyers FL
"I would love to thank you for being like a brother to me. You helped me to discover that there is no greater teacher, than the voice of my own soul. You are a master teacher who helped me mature and be conscious of my own inner master. It is such a gift. I realize that my life's fulfillment is according to my own inner wisdom. I love you for being a master among the masters. I love you and thank you for every hour you spend on research, studying, writing, and teaching. I know your love for wisdom and truth, and thank you for leading me toward my own inner wisdom. Thank you for teaching me to not let anyone or anything distract me from my purpose, not even my teachers.  Thank your for painting through your words and writing the divine canvas of the universe. I am blessed! I realize that every great being listens to his own wisdom and loves his outer masters and teachers. We deserve the best.  We deserve love.  We ARE Love!"
Carl Rivest, D.C., '98
"The Breakthrough Experience this past weekend was a life-changing event for me. It has enabled me to move into a higher state of self awareness for future growth. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Carol Tanoos, 1/13/98
"I have attended Dr. Demartini's Breakthrough seminar twice and can, with certainty state that it has been a 'Breakthrough Experience'. Dr. Demartini is a truly dynamic lecturer. He will inspire you to find new ways to work with mind-expanding fundamentals. I can highly recommend the Breakthrough Experience to all who dare to The Breakthrough"
Dr. Keith Thompson, Canada '97
"I know of no other program that has such profound transformations on people's lives. I have struggled throughout my life to find my truth and this program, 'Breakthrough' open my heart which I had closed up all my life. I would like to thank God for bringing me here and Dr. Demartini for facilitating the experience and sharing his love."
Margaret Freihaut, D.C., Fenton, MO '98
"This has been an incredible and highly motivating experience for me. Unconditional love is a very powerful and life-changing tool. I greatly appreciate Dr. Demartini for sharing his knowledge, wisdom, and sensitivity with me thru the Breakthrough Experience."
Rebecca MacKenzie, Carlsbad, California
"I always knew there was a fantastic chiropractor innate within me. To this point I had not been able to bring it out. Breakthrough has given me the knowledge and tools to dig deep and bring out the power I needed to begin the path of my life."
Dr. Matt Dillman, Kokomo, Indiana '98
"I have just completed my seventh or so Breakthrough and I am once again amazed how much I learned this weekend and how much life has been simplified again. It's like coming home with a mental, emotional, and spiritual alignment or adjustment. Thank you and bless you, John."
Dr. S. Arcuelo, Chicago, Illinois '98
"I learned to be accepting and understand what love means. I feel inspired to go out and live my dreams and be true to myself and to others. I learned some things about myself as well, which I believe will help me to grow. I am looking forward to sharing my experiences and the seminar exercises with my boyfriend."
Jessica Dean, Chicago, Illinois, '98
"Dr. Demartini presented to me an opportunity to realize what potential lies within me to open my mind and heart to life. I was overwhelmed by his dedication and compassion for teaching principles, philosophy, and perspectives on universal intelligence. He is truly a genius and a remarkable human being."
Dr. Susan Duncan, Blue Grass, Iowa, '98
"This seminar has created a major 'Breakthrough' in how I perceive my reality more so than any other seminar or class ever has. On my quest for improving the quality of my life, I have had many different experiences.... and this was one of the best.  It had the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time I have ever invested. Impressive and refreshing is the congruence and unconditional love exuded from Dr. John Demartini."
Linda Yellin Claps, N. Barrington, IL, '98
"This seminar gave me a whole new way to live, and a different way to look at life."
Micha Marquardt, Chigaco, Illinois, '98
"I received resolve, closure, and a tool for perpetual self growth.  I received LOVE."
James E. Wilborn, Chigago, Illinois, '98
"Prior to the Collapse Process, I was extremely fearful and nervous of leaving my comfort zone finding out stuff about myself that I would have to change. Dr. John Demartini created a safe and comfortable environment for all participants. During the Collapse Process, I managed to 'Breakthrough' which enabled me to release feelings I normally kept hidden inside. The experience was extremely healing. After the Collapse Process, I felt lighter although I felt I had regained the strength that had been hidden. My power was turned back on.  I was no longer fearful."
Marc D. Martin, Ft. Meyers, FL. Dec. 1998
"The 'Breakthrough' experience helped me to see through the myths & fairy tale fantasies I had about the 'married happily ever after' I was living and hoping for. I was able to understand finally that the injuries and accidents I actually attracted and sub-consciously created, and learned valuable lessons about myself. During the collapse process, I was able to talk to my former fiancé through Dr. Demartini. His eyes became Mark's eyes of unconditional love, and John's voice became Mark's tone of voice. I had closure with Mark and could let him go. Then he turned into Dan, my present boyfriend/partner.  I can now fully love Dan with unconditional love and gratitude."
Sally McJoynt, Boulder, Colorado '98
"Hosting the 'Breakthrough' was a Collapse Process in itself and has transformed me to move forward in other areas of my life-and to host future seminars in the Concourse of Wisdom...for myself, and others. Thank you from the depths of my heart, Dr. Demartini!"
Dr. Joanie DeBever, Boulder, Colorado '98
"I must thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing me that I no longer need to hide my true desires and dreams. My 'Breakthrough' was something I have been working toward for ten years. Today was the first day I have not had an intense ache in my shoulders and can feel the spiritual transformation begin. I am looking forward to crossing paths with you again. God blessed me through you and the others, and showed me how much more life there is to live and love."
Tracia Tayon, Aurora, Colorado '98
"Entering into the 'Breakthrough' experience, I was resistant, reluctant, and quite skeptical.  Throughout the program these feelings slowly began to dissolve and I experienced an awakening to a wider world and a tremendous feeling of gratitude and love. Thank you Dr. Demartini."
Pat DeBever, Telluride, CO '98
"I took the 'Breakthrough' course because of a woman I respect and admire. She didn't have the money, but then manifested it. I didn't have the money, and then sponsored two other people I love! I trusted her, I trusted the process, and I trusted myself. When I quit risking, I figure I'm either boring or dead."
Mary C. Mich, D.C., Denver, Colorado '98
"I have been given an opportunity to reintegrate myself with my beloved family. I am free to live, love, and create my dreams with profound gratitude."
Reverend Helen Melody, Traverse City
"I've spent the past five years really focusing on my personal growth, but never could get past that 'stuck' stage. I now feel my heart has truly opened and I feel truly ready to conquer it all! Thank you."
Tom Bodeau, Boulder, Colorado '98
"I came to 'Breakthrough' because my partner thought it was a great idea. I didn't have a clue what it was-never heard of Dr. John Demartini before Saturday. What an eye opener! Thanks for giving me the foot-up. We will meet again."
Jess Provost, Denver Colorado '98
“I have been coming to John’s talk since 2007 and this one has been the most impressive. I took 2 pages of notes, amazing as I am a Trained Demartini Method Facilitator since 2007. Well done John. You just get better and better.”
Jasmine Grindlay
“Once again thank you for an inspiring weekend. I can highly recommend to anyone who has done the Breakthrough once to do it again. There is just too much information to absorb in one go. The most amazing part of the process is that every time I do the method, it dissolves more delusions and often uncovers stuff that was holding me back that I didn’t even know was there.Thank you John for doing this work, I look forward to helping you heal people across the world.”
Tim Holmes
“No matter what I do, I keep coming back to John’s work and his Demartini Method. It is ground breaking, inspirational and the biggest mind and body shift you will ever have. You owe it to yourself to learn this forever life changing method and begin your true purpose in this life.”
Jasmine Grindlay
“This was a magical experience. Thank you Dr. Demartini for teaching me about gratitude, love and for turning my grief into relief. It has been a phenomenal weekend. Thank you for pushing me to face my fantasies and illusions. You have enlightened my soul.”
Tania Hartman
“After doing the Breakthrough Experience in September 2010, my life changed in so many ways for the better. The shift was momentous. From an unhappy single mom, divorces, corporate executive who was tired and miserable; I became a content wife, an entrepreneur and I am studying to be a life coach and an inspirer to the rest of the world. Thank you so much Dr. Demartini for being my inspiration, for reaffirming your techniques during the sessions I attended this week. I am truly grateful.”
Michelle Tondy
“I am incredibly grateful to be given practical methods based on original insights that help expand one’s awareness.”
"The Breakthrough Experience this past weekend was such an amazing experience. I learned so much about myself.  I did [the Demartini Method] on my dad and halfway through it I just wanted to laugh (and cry more) when I realized I was writing about me!  Going back to everyday life was so different; everything seems so new and I will never look at things in the same way. I look forward to learning more from you in your other workshops and thank you again!"
Kay Yava

"The Breakthrough Experience workshop is a must for any person wanting to move their thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, and personal wellbeing into a space that will change their life forever."

Hilary, South Africa
I leave today knowing that a one-sided life is not a balanced life. Wanting both sides & being grateful for both sides is true divinity.
Tallen Chow

My boyfriend died a few months before I attended The Breakthrough Experience. I was a mess, I hid from the world because I didn't want anyone to see how much I was hurting and most people found my raw emotions too confronting. I questioned what was the point of it all if you can just die in an instant, gone, just like that. I'd cry constantly. I hated him for leaving, and I hated myself more for not loving him enough. My heart ached to have another moment with him, to feel his strong arms around me, to laugh with him, to be affectionate with him.


The Breakthrough Experience has changed my life in so many ways. Now, I have purpose, clarity and vision for my life. I have moments I see him around me but I don't cry with a pain in my heart, I burst with love, with my heart open knowing nothing is missing and that he is everywhere. Thank you to Dr. John Demartini and the Demartini Institute for opening my eyes to the divine perfection of life.

Tanya Cross, Sydney

"The [Breakthrough Experience] course was simply amazing.  As a cardiologist in private practice, I have been searching for years for a method that would help my patients deal with the various causes for their ailments.  The Demartini Method is an amazing method that will greatly enhance my approach to the treatment of my patients.  I have not met a more knowledgeable  man.  I simply loved the science of the approach.  This was the first time I have not fallen asleep in a seminar.  The facilitators were of a high standard and greatly enhanced the experience. I think that all medical practitioners should learn this approach.  Without it, they are missing out on an opportunity to grow themselves and their practices."

Dr. Riaz Motara - MBBcH (WITS), FCP(SA), Cardiologist

"I would like to thank Dr John Demartini and the whole Demartini team for a wonderful 'Breakthrough Experience' I now know why it's called that and I'm very grateful to Dr John Demartini for making me break free from the prison that I have been living in of guilt and resentment. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted from me and I'm just so very thankful for the whole experience and the wonderful weekend. The experience was amazing and one that I'll remember forever!"

Nazley Chotia

"The Breakthrough Experience provided me with a much needed (needless to say perfectly timed) endorsement of my unanswered questions regarding life and our place and role in the Universe. If one (including Dr Demartini) is necessarily not distracted by the worldly and financial success of Dr Demartini, one grasps the true profoundness and immensity of Dr Demartini's Life's Work and Mission in evolving the consciousness of man, re-discovering man's capabilities and purpose in the Universe, and the concept of a God."

Andrew Spencer
This is a mind blowing seminar which every human being should attend and understand.
Dr. Willard Bepete
This must be the greatest wake-up call and eye-opening conference we have ever attended in our lives. The tools and systems we were exposed to will definitely assist us in the revival of our purpose.
Marcos and Anne Marie Nel
If you have been searching for your journey to a much more rewarding life, then this is the door that opens up that pathway.
Yusuf Areington
I wold like to say thank you for a wonderful 2 days. It has opened my mind and I will definitely apply [the tools] to my current employment and get started on turning my hobby into a business.
Jean Murison

I would like to share my amazing breakthrough experiences with you. I attended Dr Demartini's seminar, The Breakthrough Experience in Brisbane, Australia, 2008. I had a challenge at that time. But thanks to the seminar, I found my challenging blessing. The names of people on the video clip are tentative names but the contents are all TRUE. Enjoy!


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Mr Monaka, Australia
‘The Demartini Method has given me a breakthrough in the way I perceive the world. It has also shown me a formula that when implemented will allow me to move upward and inward with exponential bounds, allowing me to make the most of this life. I look forward to practicing the Demartini Method and awakening my higher self so that I can make a valuable contribution to this world.'
Sharan Munsamy (23)

‘If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired of your life repeating its cycles then The Breakthrough Experience is for you.'

Dr P. Wolodymer Mulyk

‘Attending Dr Demartinis  Breakthrough Experience has completely revolutionized my thought process. I am confident enough now to detach myself from idealisms that my brain and heart has been conditioned by.'

Tej Padia

‘This is a great system to find one's values'

Pragnesh Desi

‘Understanding that my current reality is doomed if I continue to live my life through fantasy and unrealistic expectations is worth so very much to me.  It is they key I required to unlock the rest of my life. I am truly grateful to the Demartini Method.'

Michelle Vosloo

‘The Breakthrough Experience is a truly unique and honest, albeit at times confronting, approach to human behavior. A sensational and inspiring weekend.'

Graham Evans

‘The experience was great and mind-blowing. I will apply these principles I have learned - it's time to be stepping on the shoulders of giants!'

Jemima Bruinders

‘I found this experience amazing and very inspiring.  It didn't take long to accept that I have spent much time in therapy and even though it was worthwhile it does not compare to this experience.'

Liz Linsell

‘My perception on my life has changed. The greatness I see in my life will make me strive for fulfillment in all areas, everyday, in every way. ‘

Nima Gagjee

‘The Breakthrough Experience provided me the opportunity to filter out all the ‘baggage' and grow as a person.  It was a total mind shift - the most profound I have experienced.'

Anthony Mederer

‘Now I can move forward and attend to the values that are important to me. Thank you.'

Carl de Wet

‘I feel I have a greater understanding and gratitude for those events that have transpired and people I have encountered. [The Demartini Method is] an incredible process to identify and breakdown traits that I either am infatuated with or detest in myself or others. The Breakthrough Experience is short, intense and life changing. Thank You!'

Laura Greaves.

 ‘I have a deep gratitude to Dr Demartini for his Demartini Method and the impact it has on peoples life.  After attending The Breakthrough Experience many times, I continue to grow, expand and empower myself as a psychologist and a Demartini Method Facilitator.'

Ilze van der Merwe

‘This program has changed my life in numerous ways: I am clearer on who I am, what I am aiming for and most importantly I now have the tools to embark on the journey into the future calmer, more balanced and with a clear focus.'

Stephanie Burton
"The Breakthrough Experience is phenomenal - everyone deserves to learn the secrets taught in this powerful seminar. From The laws of attraction to empowerment and how to apply universal laws - wow, this is life changing and a hugely powerful new paradigm. This has been the most significant of any of the workshops, seminars or trainings that I have ever attended. Thank you!"
Ilze van der Merwe - Psychologist
"The Breakthrough Experience is a mind blowing seminar. Dr Demartini's delivery of his experience and thoroughly researched truth about all areas of life is truly enlightening."
Dr Shadrick Mazaza
"What an incredible weekend. I the hell am I going to concentrate for 17 hours, but Dr D's energy and commitment is really infectious. I don't know how he does it."
Craig Mc Cormack
"Dr Demartini's Breakthrough Experience has given me a tool for life. My perception and understanding of people and circumstances has changed. I have made closure with so many instances in my life that I thought were wrong. I have come to realize it's all okay and part of my life journey. I no longer have regret, remorse or resentment of the past and can look forward to the rest of my journey with love and an understanding that I have a great part to play in our universe. It was a great privilege to attend this experience. Dr Demartini is such an inspiration to me, and I am sure to many others that have attended his seminars."
Iola van Ginkel
"As you describe the impact Paul Bragg has had on you, you have had the same impact on me these last two years in no small manner. My concept of the world and my role in it has been expanded to a point that is difficult to describe. Amidst the trials and tribulations which have been a great adventure in the past two years, the best thing is I know I am doing what I was put here to do and be, living a purpose that is unique to myself and true to myself, which is liberating and inspires others!"
Hamish Petrie
"There is a very good chance that today you saved my life or gave me the opportunity to do this for myself (i.e. concerning my cancer). I appreciate you and the work you are doing very much and will go now with the intent to apply it. This is a great gift. Thank you."
A Swanton
"Thank you for such a revealing, confronting, inspiring, loving, and magnificent weekend. Without all of your incredible wisdom and hard work over the years to develop your amazing philosophy of human existence and your dedication to the Breakthrough Experience I certainly wouldn't be where I am today. I thank you for opening my eyes and giving me the opportunity to live a more loving life."
Jane Cameron
"We were destined for divorce because my wife wanted to change me and I wanted to change her. The Demartini Method has saved our marriage and probably our lives. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
Dr. Murry Dowell
"I want to thank you for the powerful impact you have had on both my brother and myself after attending breakthrough in La Rochelle, France. It has been an enlightening experience!"
Annette O'Neil
"There are few moments in life that become the pivots of our dreams. The Breakthrough Experience is one of those. It has been a gift to myself. No man, woman or child should live their life without the wisdom and knowledge that is shared in this program. I attended this program 2 years ago and the changes and opportunities I have created in my life due to the understanding it gave me has had an impact in almost every area of my life. I can truly say for the first time in my life that I love what I do and I am doing what I love!"
Richard Bevin
"I came expecting to experience closure and the end to a painful episode in my life. What I experienced was a new beginning. My life will be forever changed. Thank You."
Philip Roberts
"The benefits are way beyond words. My life and the future will not be the same. When I came on Friday I was consumed with grief. And today (Sunday) I feel full of life. I was afraid to live, but now look forward to the future. Thank you."
John Garner
"Thank you from my heart for sharing your life work with me. You have touched my heart and inspired me beyond words. You are truly a powerful teacher with great vision and pure universal intent to make a difference and inspire others. I am grateful to have had this profound experience."
Janet Slom
"This is the most powerful process I have ever experienced! After completing The Demartini Method I felt nothing but pure gratitude. I would recommend this process to anyone who is ready for healing. Thank you!"
Yolanda Bradford
"The Breakthrough Experience is one of the most significant and profound teachings I have ever experienced. I have a heightened appreciation of my life and my mission and I know that the tools I have learned will assist me and all who I share these insights with, in awakening even greater lessons that exist in every experience and encounter throughout the journey. This event is truly magnificent and I am committed to doing whatever it takes to bring these inspirational teachings of love and appreciation to as many people as possible."
Vikki Kelly
"The two days on the Breakthrough Experience have been more beneficial than many years using other methods... I can never express my gratitude enough for this awakening."
Darren Saksenberg
"Considering the wisdom and knowledge we can learn from others - rarely do great minds cross our path, and when they do, to pass them by is a lost occasion and opportunity. I am certain that Dr Demartini is a genius in every respect, offering a gift of love to humanity; consider if you were given the opportunity to meet a great mind like Einstein, Newton, da Vinci, Galileo, Jung, Plato, etc, would you not jump at the opportunity to be in their presence? John ranks with these former great masters and it will not be long before he is awarded a Nobel Prize for his contributions."
Dr Hugo Jankowitz
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