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Feedback From Around The World

People from around the world have shared their feedback regarding their experiences from attending Dr Demartini's programs. If you would love to add your testimonial to below please click here.


The Breakthrough Experience
"I'm so grateful to all the people and events that helped and happened to bring me here to ‘Breakthrough' with Dr. John Demartini. I know that these tools are what I have been looking for to help direct my life. See you soon."
Celia Z. Gonzales, Houston, TX, July, 1996
"Breakthrough is about love...real love...unconditional love. It is about hope and about balance. Life is beautiful, and to really live life to its fullest is my purpose. The concepts, the understanding I've learned in these two days is the beginning of a journey to truly live my life. Sharing these teachings, these universal laws, is also my purpose, my love of life. Thank you, John, thank you for listening to your soul and teaching me to listen to mine. I love you. Thank you, God. I love you."
Alicia Marroquin, Houston, TX, July, 1996
"Breakthrough has transformed my life. I am grateful to John Demartini for his extensive studies and sharing them and his life's experiences with me. His beliefs have become a new source of energy, courage, and being for many."
Avis Lindsay, Houston, TX, July, 1996
"Profound! Thank you for the opportunity for allowing the love to flow back into my life. I truly felt the power of love and light and know my Dad felt the same back home at the same moment. It is inspiring to know my beliefs and certainty about the Universe are supported and loved through this school. Thank You!
Maria Rose, Houston, TX, July, 1996
"This Breakthrough was enlightening to me. I now realize that everything in my life is part of my purpose...that there are no mistakes in the Universe. I am certain what my calling is, and I can now hear my inner voice, thanks to God and John."
Sharon Coburn, Dec., 1994
"Life is like a river, endlessly flowing with no apparent direction, but with its purest form the streams and tributaries fulfill a divine order and rhythm...such is life. Breakthrough seminars bring about enthusiasm, enlightenment, and direction to the whole...eternally awakening one's soul."
James G. Cronin, D.C., 1996
"I came with an open mind and am leaving with an Open heart! The difference is within us if we follow the path. The transformation that turned my thoughts to a deeper level was the change of appearance in a woman's face after her Breakthrough. I had shared time with this person earlier in the day. She was hard and rigid. After John's collapse with her, I could not identify for a moment, with the relaxed, glowing expression coming from her. It shed years of aging and replaced it with the spark of illumination."
Linda Salek, 1996
"Breakthrough is a guidepost on the path...the only path. Once Breakthrough is experienced there is no turning back. It is the beginning of a changed life."
Bill Paden, March, 1996
"Breakthrough is a gift...if you're ready to deserve; if you're tired if the craziness, this seminar is a step to understanding the process, feelings, significance of events, people, and places in your life. This is a place to love and learn from your experience.
Victoria, 1996
"Breakthrough offers a continual evolution to greater levels of expansion and focus. It is meant to be repeated again and again."
Denise Nadler, 1996
"Breakthrough has provided me with a process by which I choose to live my life so I can listen to my internal voice and wisdom. I have never felt a tool so powerful that it could balance my fears. I thank you for this and look forward to my journey."
Dr. Cecile Thackeray, Pickering, ON, Nov. 1994
"This truly has been a significant Breakthrough in my life. We are many parts and we are all one body - the body of unconditional love, the one and the many. Thank you."
Mary A. Anoni, D.C., Feb. 1996
"The Breakthrough experience has been truly rewarding for me. After struggling with my life and job for the last year I finally discovered my purpose. It was so overwhelming and satisfying to come to this realization. My gratitude cannot be expressed enough. I know I will follow my path, that my life will unfold, and that I will always love."
Kelly McAuliffe, Feb., 1996
"Breakthrough rekindled dreams and relationships that had faded away into the past. To spiritually come clean with myself to face my resentments, anger, fears, and all the other feelings was a great experience. I will use this knowledge and tools on a daily basis."
Nancy Conlin, Feb., 1996
"Life is good!"
Heidi Van Canreyt, Feb., 1996
"Breakthrough opened my eyes and my heart towards my wife. Our relationship had been deteriorating for some time. After participating in the collapse portion of the program, I had the opportunity to talk to my wife. It was the first time in years that just hearing her voice made me perk up and listen and be glad that I hear her."
Dr. Steve Goldschmidt, Bloomington, MN, Feb.
"The Breakthrough Experience teaches the love that many of us do not grasp as a child."
Natalie Deusette, Feb. 1996
"Thanks for allowing me to reconfirm. Thank you for your love and energy. Thanks for the last 3 hours in bringing me down to earth."
John, Feb., 1994
"I have a hard time expressing my feelings in this way, but this course to Breakthrough has profoundly affected me. I feel privileged, honored, and incredibly grateful! This course has opened my eyes, my heart, and my mind. I doubt I'll ever be able to express my gratitude enough."
Christine Gray, Feb., 1994
"I was not expecting the fantastic lecture and amount of information. It was superb! I love the way the collapse works. I'm looking forward to this new way of thinking."
Shelley Rahim, New York, March, 1999
"Thank you for your continued teachings, love and truth. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to love to a higher degree and fulfill my soul's mission and purpose in life."

Russell Reynolds, D.C., Plano, TX, March, 1999
"I now have the knowledge to allow pain, because without pain there is no pleasure. Thank you for the tools to collapse people or events that 'push my buttons.' Thank you for the tools to write down my purpose, and thank you because it is fulfilled."
Helen Reynolds, Plano, Texas, March, 1999
"It was eye opening and heart opening! I got a glimpse of my potential and it kicked me in the seat of my pants. It shook me up, spit me out, and made me a more whole individual. It challenged me to look deeper, question, evaluate, and continue searching. It helped me to understand love, life, and truth...and I've only just begun!  Thank you for a glimpse of reality and love."
Renee Newell, Naples, Florida, March, 1999
"I broke through the myth of right and wrong...good and bad. I am able to see the completeness of every event in my life and accept them with gratitude. I am complete. I am a reflection of the light of my soul."
Dr. Lee Moses, Dallas, Texas, March, 1999
"This seminar is amazing! My wife and I addressed some issues that we had never been able to deal with.  After 27 years together, it has changed our marriage as well as our life."
Edward D. McKenzie, D.C., Holton, Kansas
"The Breakthrough Experience is like a brand new day... a new life beginning. I look forward to the journey ahead."
Cathy McKenzie, March, 1999
"I have the clarity about my purpose and I can face it easily. I'm still afraid, but I know the Universe will support me."
Sylvie LaRochelle, St. Foy, QC, Canada, March
"This experience taught me how to recognize many of the 'myths' in my life, and more importantly changed my perception about many personality traits and events that were previously 'negative'. I learned the mechanics of the 'collapse process' and received the tools to implement this unique way of processing events, emotions, and stimulus. I intend to take what you have shared and implement it as an integral basis for my personal purpose. I'm confident that our paths will cross often and soon.  God bless you and your staff."
Chris Hoover, Plano, TX, March 1999
"I know the benefits of the Breakthrough Experience will continue to be realized. This weekend, however, I came to learn more about myself, my husband, and life. I especially learned how to lead a more balanced life."
Luella Heese, Emporia, KS, March 1999
"I've redefined some very important terms and concepts in my life and made the 'source' more accessible to me."
Glen Heese, Emporia, KS, March, 1999
"I have learned that every experience in life that you go through has a good and a bad side, and that the most difficult times in my life were some of my greatest lessons. I like knowing that everyone is good and bad, and that nobody is better or worse than anyone else."
Laura Doran, Frisco, Texas, March, 1999
"It helped me to understand that love is everywhere and there are no boundaries."
Brian Doran, Frisco, Texas, March, 1999
"Tremendous seminar! I have learned a tool that will help me grow in my marriage, my business, and in my relationships with others. It's the collapse process. The formulation of a purpose statement will enable and empower me to become the person I was put here to be."
Larry DeRamus, Plano, Texas, March, 1999
"I always enjoy a refreshing Breakthrough!  It helps me stay on high priorities and I love having the opportunity to do the collapse with a group of focused people."
Jodi Bennett, Plano, Texas, March, 1999
"The greatest benefit was the realization that our lives are blessed, and the only real prayer is 'Thank You'."
Tony Pisanelli, Victoria, Australia, March, 1999
"The most comprehensive experience and information one can align your-self with."
Sue Parbury, NSW, Australia, March, 1999
"This weekend has been amazing. I was skeptical and scared at first, but it was a truly wonderful weekend. It has awakened a desire in me. My heart is lighter now that the window is open and I am allowed to love myself."
Lynette Mitchell, NSW, Australia, March, 1999
"The presentation was superbly professional."
Andrew Melrose, NSW, Australia, March, 1999
"I received clarification, extension, and keys to the map inside me."
Nichola Kyriakisis, Queensland, Australia
"Breakthrough has given me the tools to take control of my life. I have a blue print for success and I intend to make the most of it. It has already changed my life... so watch out universe!"
Anne-Marie Huxley, NSW, Australia, March
"I received balance, truth, and insight into, who I am."

Anna Hunt, Victoria, Australia, March, 1999
"This time I finally got the concept and glimpses of metaphysics. I also broke through a lifelong belief that finally helped me to see my purpose. I can only thank John for this knowledge and his inspiration.  I am blessed to be able to be part of this."
Eli Fjellheim, Sydney, Australia, March, 1999
"I received clarity and the knowledge of how perfect this universe and my life are. I am grateful and thankful for this seminar."
Sylvia Fischer, NSW, Australia, March, 1999
"I showed up feeling lost, devastated and chaotic. I had lost my direction, a lot of my identity, and passion. After repeating the Breakthrough, I now feel I have a new direction. My passion is back and I have made much finer distinctions about the direction of my life. I feel inspired and motivated to manifest my dreams."
Barbara Elkins, Australia, March, 1999
"I had been very confused about what to do with my life, my work, my purpose. I was stagnant.  After doing the collapse, writing my purpose, and hearing John speak, I suddenly became tremendously inspired."
Suzanne Devery, NSW, Australia, March, 1999
"I am now in service as a leader and teacher of inspirational love."
Joanne Louise Canning, United Kingdom
"From previous Breakthroughs and Prophecy our business has grown from a thought to a near reality. This non-necessitates many meetings and the setting up of boards with members coming from opposing groups. Re-visiting this Breakthrough has helped get back in touch with our mission and reminded us that in love anything can be achieved. We have now refocused and are back on track, believing that by loving those we interact with, we can achieve a united sense of purpose. Thanks again John for challenging us with your love."
Neil Costello, Queensland, Australia, March
"Breakthrough is a magnificent experience. It's worth doing whatever you need to be there because it will improve and clarify whatever you do thereafter. What a wonderful gift."
Debbie Costello, Queensland, Australia, March
"In undertaking the Breakthrough experience I received the gift of a new perception of myself and the world around me. A new vision upon which I can continue to build and evolve! After doing a lot of work on myself and certain growing pains, I felt it was time for a major breakthrough. The Breakthrough Experience has given me the momentum to move on beyond the issues I was facing. I can now continue the journey with greater clarity, certainty, and love."
Chrisvele Canard, Queensland, Australia
"I experienced magnificent growth in self-awareness and love and the strong sense of gratitude for who I am and my place in the universe."
Tim Anderson, NSW, Australia, March, 1999
"You have given me such an opportunity to know my true mission. You gave, have given, keep giving, and will continue to give me blessings of such magnitude. I know I have the ability and certainty to love myself to the extent that you love yourself. I know so much it hurts. You are not the all and end all, and yet you truly are.  And so am I.  I love you, John..."
Author unknown, Ritz Carlton, Australia '99
"I was deeply moved by your kind words in my copy of Count Your Blessings which I will read with a great deal of pleasure. I have attended many seminars and conferences in my years as a businessman, and honestly cannot recall receiving a more professional and enjoyable presentation - even if I did not fully absorb all of the advice provided."
Andrew Melrose, Cherrybrook, NSW, Australia
"I am sincerely grateful for the magnificent life changing tool I received at your Breakthrough. My distorted perception of myself and my purpose on this planet had limited my ability to love myself, my family, and the people around me. The gift you have given me is beyond words. I can only hope to thank you by sharing my love and the information I learned in this course with others and by living my purpose. From my heart I thank you."
Donna Cohen, 1992
"After only one Day, John has completely changed my perception of love"
Michael Gilbert, Houston, Texas 1992
"This is not a seminar, it is a transformation process."
Mark A. Silverman, D.C., 1992
"Before my collapse on my wife I was charged with anger about her continual hateful works, demeanor and bitterness toward me. After the collapse I realized the perception of it and have reunited with my wife on our journey toward enlightenment. I feel love and gratitude towards her, God, and everyone along my path. I am truly humbled by the experience. I love you and thank God for you. You have changed my life."    
Author Unknown, Houston, Texas 1992
"Before I experienced the collapse on both my parents I thought my father was a child abuser and my mother was just plain crazy. I realize now that this helped me become a strong person in my life and I am wiser than most people who have lived a completely normal life. In the end I learned that we are all only human."
Susan M. Hartman, July, 1992
"Other than my birth, marriage, and birth of my children, this has been the single most powerful event of my life. Thirty years of beliefs and attitudes have shifted. Without a doubt this is a climactic moment. It's opened my eyes and heart to the beauty of the universe. Each day dawning will be viewed through illuminated eyes."
Allen Helvajian, July, 1992
"Thank you for helping me to reconnect to my vision and mission. You've had a profound beneficial effect on my life. You are a good and loving teacher, and I am truly grateful to you."
Angie Narayanan, July, 1992
"I cannot recommend Breakthrough enough. The growth I received by applying what I learned is overwhelming. I now have the courage to pursue a career, where before I went from job to job feeling unworthy of doing something with my life."
Kim Chi, July, 1992
"Tough - tough! But I know in my opened heart that I leave a better person, or at least I now have the tools to find that spot."
Francis Palermo, July, 1992
"You have helped me open up my heart and mind and made a permanent mark on my life. I am not going away. Thank you and God bless you."
Patricia O'Neil, July, 1992
"What can I say, you have such insight. You know I had feelings in this tough shell somewhere and you wouldn't let me go until I collapsed. What an experience! There is absolutely nothing in this world that I can't accomplish."
Gregory Hermon, July, 1992
"Your Breakthrough seminar was a powerful life changing experience wherein I experienced the purest love I ever felt for all people, places, and things... and total love and acceptance for myself. I thank God for you."
Sarah, July, 1992
"I've spent my whole life trying to find a direction and purpose. No one can go through what I've gone through these three days and not grow. This has truly opened my heart and given me the tools, strength, and courage to continue on with my life. Thanks are to God for guiding me here."
Mary Leiser, July, 1992
"Breakthrough has been a life-changing experience for me. It is awesome, phenomenal and inspiring. I would recommend it to anyone, anytime, and any place. Thank you for your dedication and insight."
Judy Nelson, July, 1992
"Thank you for providing the opportunity to break through the illusion about my father and for sticking with this idiot child when she didn't want to see it through. It was more fun than I thought it could be. You are a wonderful teacher."
D.E. Synott, July, 1992
"Thank you for dedicating your life to this work. You have made a tremendous contribution to this world already, but this program is truly magnificent."
Charles Connell, July, 1992
"This is your chance to begin to understand yourself and love...a beginning of liberation...a process of healing... a confluence of energies... a definition of yourself and your purpose...a collection of useful tools for living. Take a chance to understand yourself and begin to learn to be your own best friend."
I. Thomas, July, 1992
"This program is designed to help you understand yourself and how you are connected to the whole. Just do it."
Dr. Keith Pyne, Stevensville, Ontario, 1994
"Beauty, grace, light and love, thanks for those things I thought were not a part of this list.  Thank you for the forum and time you spent so that my dreams, my love and the avenue of thankfulness are now a path as bright as the sun."
Margaret Mertens, Marshfield, WI, 1994
"I got a magnificent and new start. Thank you."
Sona Lamontagne, Bernieres, QC, 1994
"I am searching. Open my heart. You are a beacon to me now. I will win."
Dr. Jean Denis, Trois Rivers, Quebec, 1994
"Thank you for showing me where the water (the river) was and for letting me decide to drink or not, I drank, and I loved it! Thank you."
Robert Cote', St. Foy, Quebec, 1994
"I feel stronger. I feel love around me and I'm ready to go!"
Denis Pothier, Montreal, Canada, 1994
"The message is simple for Breakthrough: Open your heart, let go of love and thank God!"
Francine Talbot, St. Foy, QC, 1994
"It was incredible! Under your direction I saw change coming into my life hour after hour. I experienced love here. I believe in God again. Thank you for that. When I think of you I will always remember to do what I love and love what I do!"
Sylvie Blouin, Quebec, 1994
"Once again John, a phenomenal experience... Thank you...Thank you...Thank you."
Judith Nelson, Palm Desert, CA, 1994
"Breakthrough helped me...what a relief to just be!"
Julie Dwyer, Walnut Creek, CA, 1994
"I'm finding myself in a wonderful adventure."
Patty O'Neil, Berkely, CA, 1993
"There are no words to describe what is in my heart. This program has transformed my fears and blocks into purpose and action. Universal laws must have been working to bring me here."
Janet Mattin, Palm, Desert, CA, 1994
"This seminar helped me to better understand the inherent laws and voices that I have felt for most of my life. I have always believed that there is a higher standing and this helped me to articulate it. I am now able to see things in a much clearer light."
Paul Phillips, Palm Desert, CA, 1994
"There is a great power within all of us that wants to be utilized. To tap into a greater wisdom is a powerful tool, and to live a life of thankfulness is incredibly peaceful and inspiring. Thank you."
Dr. Jordan Meyers, Coquitlam, B.C., 1993
"The channel to a higher power became so much clearer. Pain and pleasure never looked so inviting. You will teach me, I will learn, we will love! Thank you great spirit and thank you John."
Dr. Scott Morrison, Loquitlam, BC, 1993
"Breakthrough really allowed me to find some truths in my life and showed me what a difference it makes when you allow yourself to feel and open your heart through the collapse. I was able to let go of a major event that has been holding me back for a long time. I am excited to leave here and get on with my purpose in life. I know that through all the tools I learned it is going to be more achievable and easier to say focused."
Leanne M. Morrison, Coquitlam, BC, 1993
"Thank you for all the effort and sacrifices and learning that you have taken to expand your potential so that we may experience God's work through you. There have been many profound and valuable lessons, tools, and experiences this weekend that I can use to help me fulfill my potential. I felt the presence of innate intelligence and universal intelligence this weekend like never before. My thanks to you is to do the best to apply what you have taught."
Dr. D. Little, Vancouver, BC, 1993
"To transform disability resentment into an unimaginable total love and to release my guilt over that and feel that warm rush of peace over me is something I didn't even know I wanted, needed, or could have.  I know my life will change and I will change it with love. There aren't words to describe my gratitude. Thank you for my life."
Susan Blanc, Coquittam, BC, 1993
"From this seminar I have learned that the world is full of illusion, and that what I perceived as an abusive adolescence was simply a function of balance in my life. By opening my heart and loving unconditionally, and giving thanks, I have learned that all experience in life, whether it be pleasure or paint is part of the larger picture. There is reason to give thanks for the most painful event-for each experience helps us learn more about life and love."
Dr. Gail Bergon, Vancouver, BC, 1993
"Thanks for allowing me to see the beauty I could never seem to find. I believe you awoke something dormant which I was afraid I would never see again. I truly believe that this has changed my life and life has changed for me."
Dr. Gordon Paterson, Burnaby, BC, 1993
"My heart tells me to be brave and live my life's purpose. Parts of me sabotage this by lying and not seeing the perfection of my love. I learned how to kill those lies and raise my mind's focus to my loving mission." Thank you."
J. Holt, D.C., Canada, July 26, 1992
"Dr. Demartini is a visionary and sage here to open your heart and allow you to experience and feel God's unconditional love. Breakthrough to a Higher Power will allow you to live all the more and be thankful for what leads you to this point of your life. John gives you all he has discovered and you get to say 'thank you'. Don't miss it."
Mark, Canada, 1994
"I have experienced the infusion of purpose and can see the light in my soul. These are not merely vain imaginings, but rather the vision of my future. My life changed profoundly after the first breakthrough 6 months ago, and I eagerly wait the dawning of the 'new age' after this one. John, you are truly an inspiration. I have chosen to learn from you because you are living your purpose with speed and clarity. In you, your love, your sharing, your work I see the possibilities of my own life. It's wonderful just sitting here looking forward with pleasure to my life."
Audrey Depeltau, Canada, 1994
"I felt so light after the collapse it was like a child opening up a present."
Diane Fortier, Canada, 1994
"I feel I am in the first elementary grade of life, that this experience is just the beginning. I believe the rules that I learned and intend to work to feel more love and gratitude. I found my general purpose in life."
Diane Legoutt, Canada, 1994
"Watch your face, skin and eyes shine. You feel light. You are now a blooming flower with the essence of life."
Francine Talbot, Canada, 1994
"Before the collapse I was feeling like a big ball ready to explode. I had difficulty expressing myself. I encourage you to liberate yourself... you will have to do it eventually, so have the courage to breakthrough it all now!  It is a magical experience."
Ricky Lee, Houston, Texas, 1994
"I am working with a tough man who is there to push me to take action to accomplish my life's work."
Clarie, Lavoie, Canada, 1994
"On the morning of the Breakthrough I woke up in a rage. I was rushing - being late again. I felt no energy, no drive. I just wanted to sit back and relax knowing at the bottom of my heart that it would bring me only temporary relief and that Monday morning would bring the blues again. I saw the person I collapsed, my associate, as being in my way to success, as a false and deceptive person. I saw myself as a victim to his wrong doings. During the actual process of collapse, I felt real bad. It was hard... it was tough. I found every distraction possible to avoid getting to work. I would only see occasional glimpses of light; a small tear would come and go. I was resisting and then it came! Like an overwhelming wave, my heart opened and love appeared! It was the perfection of my own deception and falsehood. My judge shut up at last! Love and gratitude took her place. Nothing will bring you more freedom and power than a collapse."
Paul P., Houston, Texas, May, 1994
"Before going to Breakthrough my life was unfulfilled. I could not find any positive aspects in myself. Everybody was superior, better, more successful than myself. I knew it was not right. I knew I had to change this perception of myself, but I did not know how. At the moment I was questioning myself on how to change my situation; I received the information about Breakthrough. I went and saw a dramatic change immediately. My mixed up feelings changed into positive secure sensations! When I finally told my husband that I love him the way he is and that I loved myself the way I was, a feeling of relaxation, peace, and love emerged inside of me. I was finally having that freedom and respect I had been looking for a long time. Now I know how to face life and problems that may occur, and I thank John and his wisdom for it. If you feel you are in the same position, do not wait, go to Breakthrough. It will help you for the rest of your life."
Caroline Anchilde, Houston, Texas May, 1994
"Breakthrough led me to feel deeply inside my purpose in life and the ways to accomplish my goals. I experienced unconditional love and thankfulness for divine perfection. This is one experience that is priceless, and it is the best thing that can happen to a human being. I feel God inside and everywhere."
Dominique Bastien, 1992
"Breakthrough is exactly what the name implies and so very much more. One will never be the same after this experience...I guarantee it! It is by far the finest art and science that we have been gifted to share from the mind of Dr. Demartini. It is an introduction to the inner questions and quest that we all at one time or another have felt pulling on us. Breakthrough gives us the insight into listening, learning, and pursuing the mysteries of divine wisdom. Breakthrough teaches us love and gratitude. I had and inner voice 'calling to me.' I had many uncertainties about the source, meaning, or purpose of this message and what it wanted me to do. I now have these answers and many blessed others. If you are reading this, Breakthrough is for you. There are no mistakes you know!"
Dr. Anita Blessinger, May, 1994
"Now I can begin living my life!"
Derek Mall, 1992
"I was given the tools to become consciously aware of how others in my life are a mirror for me of my areas of growth and expansion."
Joyce Tassone, Lynn Haven, FL 1992
"This has been a wonderful and unexpected weekend of learning more about my-self and opening my heart so that I can give and receive more love."
Colin R. Dingle, D.C., Omaha, Nebraska, 1992
"I have a rejuvenating and lighter feeling in my heart, a renewed purpose in life, a clearer mind, a brighter outlook on the future, and a better feeling about the past."
Author unknown, Canada, 1992
"Now I can live my life because I can love my life."
Paul Preston, Canada, 1992

"When you do it you unveil, awake your consciousness, and discover your purpose in life. You learn a tool to appreciate the duality in each of us, you grow and you forgive the people that made you suffer and realize they only made you grow. Everything you ever though before will be shifted and your perspective on life changed."
Stefania Capitanio, Torino, Italy, 1998
"I now see the big vision of the universal laws which makes me feel out of my boundaries. I feel in my heart that all the limits I see are mine, that love now rules, and that life is much more than living!  This is such a beautiful journey, which one by one destroys all my former lies."
Serge Chicme, Paris, France, 1998
"It helped me understand there are two sides to everything, to all events we think were bad in our lives. There was a good part that balanced it. I will look at things with a different view, no judgment for me or others. I will try to continue the process of collapse in my life until I set free my heart. It helped me set goals. There is purpose in my life instead of having it run by other people or events."
Eric Bussereau, Paris, France, 1998
"I want to understand the world, the low side of the world of life... attending this seminar has made me feel more peace. After the first Breakthrough I bought a book of physics for refreshing my mind about elation. Thank you and your team for another wonderful experience."
Marie Claude Rocheteau-Gontard
"It brought out what was settling down in my-self. Now I can express my gratitude and raise my inner sense of love. I realize how powerful I am when I let my heart express itself.  There are no boundaries to my thoughts in order to achieve my purpose in this life."
Fabien Mathieu, Dijon, France, 1998
"I know I'm not the same woman as before, for now I know that if I haven't progressed before it was because I hadn't done what you taught. Now I can be successful. Thank you so much."
Taro Valerie, France, 1998
"Thanks for the suffering you helped me to endure; growth to repair some of it. Change and flow goes too, but I would rather drink from a flowing stream than from a stagnant pool."
Unknown English author, 1998
"You are a devil's artist spreading esoteric knowledge on an everyday level while this is normally only shared with candidates who take vows of secrecy and service. I realize times are changing and I am not condemning you for it. You are a man, partly good and partly bad. I respect you and the courage you have."
Y Brandsma, D.C., Sneek, Netherlands, 1998
"I have shared a spiritual growth filled weekend with others and thereby contributed with them to the promotion, development, and recognition of the spiritual component of the universe's existence and of the co-existence of what we commonly define separately with the terms 'science', 'religion', and 'philosophy'. This weekend was another important step in my life to achieving my goals and purpose."
Laura Armstrong, Paris, France, 1998
"Every Breakthrough I have attended has been Fantastic. Experience its power!"
Marc Fulkerson, LaRochelle, France, 1998
"My life and practice was off track. Dr. Demartini made me realize what needed to be done precisely. Thank you with all my gratitude."
Jean Ropars, Antibes, France, 1998
"I have learned a valuable tool to open my heart to gratitude and love."
Scott D. Johnson, DC, Pau, France, 1998
"Since I took my first Breakthrough seminar my life has changed. Even more so after this one!  I now understand the divine law of the universe and am applying it daily to my life, be it professional or familial. I know for sure that I have clearly defined my purpose and words of power and that I will achieve my goals. I hereby acknowledge that I am grateful to the whole universe and to you for being this incredible teacher to the world."
Dr. Dan Nicolle, Paris, France, 1998
"It's about time for our profession in France to take its deserved place and time for all of us to open our hearts and live in love. I am glad to discover there are two sides to everything. I would recommend this experience especially for adolescents so they can start the early life free to choose and follow their purposes and goals through love."
Ruthy Napee, Royan, France, 1998
"I got a tool that I can use for the rest of my life and can see the purpose of my life."
Tina Pedersen, Denmark, 1998
"I received a feeling of total well being, security, faith, and power; the wish to be myself without limits in the midst of peaceful love."
Murrel Yvroux, Como, Italy, 1998
"It is a quick simple way to shatter the illusions that keep us from being ourselves."
Dan Elliott, Cannes, Frances, 1998
"Tomorrow I will have; love to share, give, and receive. I already knew I had to do more, and now I know that I can do it."
Gilles Duteil, Montignac, France, 1998
"This is the fastest, most mind-blowing way to get rid of fears, limitations, and grief of any kind. The laws of the universe are so powerful. This program will help you understand yourself more than any thing I know."
Bruno Coffree, LaVarenne, France, 1998
"I have requested the accelerated course in tapping into and following the axiom of my soul - my life has certainly created the many experiences through which I've grown and accepted as the divine perfection. On December 10, 1997, I had an incredible vision that I knew would catapult me through many levels of existence, and I came to breakthrough to clarify this vision, to renew my purpose in an environment supported and magnified by the love pouring forth from my souls as well as the other participant's love. With John as our guide, and with Francine as his assistant, I have reached the point of clarity of accepting the vision, the mission with certainty."
Audrey M. Depelteu, Boston, Massachusetts
"Knowing my-self is loving my-self, thanks to John and Francine's Breakthrough experience.  What else is more important in life, than loving our life?!"
Harold Fages, Cannes, France, 1997
"It changes your vision. You can see the unconditional love, and feel its power."
Vincent Alreras, Coito, Italy, 1997
"This seminar is my 2nd Breakthrough. The benefits of the first were enormous and life changing. My perceptions immediately changed and the experience freed up my heart. I can't imagine going back to living without this love in my heart and soul. I know it's always been there, but I needed help feeling it, and I know it will radiate more intensely now! Thank you."
Ariane Lorda, Biarritz, France, 1997
"I feel complete and have found my purpose in life with all the tools to use to make it to be true."
Unknown, 1997
"Thank you John for your patience and concern. I will use this tool to my advantage."
Helle Henriksen, East Sussex, England, 1997
"The program has opened my eyes to the dynamics of the universe and the truths and falsehoods we hide behind via our daily eyes."
Joseph G. Morelli, Jr., D.C., Waipahu, HI, 1997
"The time I have spent with Dr. Demartini and the breakthrough experience has enabled me to see and appreciate the greatness of this world and my role in participating in that equation."
Maria Merrill, Houston, Texas 1997
"That was my first seminar and I was afraid to find a "guru" but don't be afraid, (he doesn't ask me to put his picture in my bedroom!!). Dr. Demartini is just somebody who's helping you to open your eyes and your heart, and watch the life with a truth vision. Maybe it's hard for me to explain to you the seminar, but what I'm about to say, is I feel better to go back home and start working like a great chiropractic assistant!"
Nathanaelie Portal, St. Cyr/Loire, France, 1997
"I feel more gratitude, love, compassion, and let go towards some relative situations. I feel un-stuck and free. I'm convinced we are beings of light, since I saw auras during the Breakthrough seminar.  It was heart opening, and each time in my life it's like a domino effect. The work is not done, but each time the experience is different but leads me to unconditional love that helps my professional life as a chiropractor and my personal life. Thank you."
Frank Chastellas, Manosque, France, 1997
"I'm not yet chiropractor, I'm still in the chiropractic clinic in Paris and during this seminar I realized what the source of my problems was. I realized how to open my heart to love: because it was my problem: I felt unloved but I realize it was because I wasn't able to open my heart to love and to show my parents, friends, and especially my boyfriend know how much I love them. I grew up during this seminar and determined the way I have to plan my life, and I realize that Frank is my unconditional love."
Valerie Dreco, Paris, France
"This is the third time I've been here. My heart is getting more and more open each time.  I breathe better and better in my life. Thank you John, I love you.
Nicolas Proupain, Chambourcy, France, 1997
"I feel I can be myself again because I feel myself, tell myself, and listen to myself about what really is, what I really do, and what I really have. I realize I was judging people, and I love them now.  This weekend I will show my husband how much I love him."
Caroline Remondi-Johnson, Peyrecave, France
"This is the most enlightening experience I have ever lived. This is my third Breakthrough and since the first one my life has never stopped evolving. Feeling true love without any judgment is so beautiful that I cannot wait to go one step beyond, and feel larger and larger love like an infinite expansion."
Martine Coffre, Paris, France, 1997
"I realized how great life is, how grateful I have to be that I live. I also realized that we don't need this seminar to collapse, because it's possible in daily life. I realized that I do this a lot in my life; I do it with my partner, for example. But I never did it on my behalf as intensively as we did this weekend.  So I realized that sometimes I do need such a seminar, because it gives me that extra push."
Liem Depoorter, Como, Italy, 1997
"John's teachings helped me open my heart, and like an adjustment, empowered me, aligned me with my design and my purpose. This is a powerful tool to use in order to express the wisdom and vision of healing through the principles of chiropractic. Love to you, John, I am profoundly grateful."
Marc Jubelin, Torino, Italy, 1997
"It was a strange experience, nothing like I expected. I came here to do a collapse on my father, and ended up understanding more about why I am a mother. People kept asking me to act as their mother and disrupting me from my work...and then I realized all those people had given me a gift. I know now why my mother died; she sacrificed herself in dying and gave me the opportunity to become myself a mother. Thank you, John."
Patricia Jubelin-Belig, Torino, Italy, 1997
"Now I know the path that goes deep into my-self, and that I can follow to find the truth and answers to my questions."
Cyril Angoujard, Loudeac, France, 1997
"The Breakthrough seminar has opened my life to possibilities I wouldn't even have dared to imagine.  Thank you."
Tina Holm, Helsingor, Denmark, 1997
"The knowledge that I have the possibility, a true possibility to be an actor, and not a mere reactor in this world, took all my fear away instantaneously."
Christain Hubschmid, Turin, Italy, 1997
"When you feel too low in your life, you feel you are not contributing, the Breakthrough experience is a Golden Door that opens on new perspectives. As I keep going with Dr. Demartini's programs, doors keep opening. The direction in my life has become exciting, inspiring, and so fulfilling.  I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to experience the Breakthrough and be helped to be born again in my real life thru the spirit of Dr. Demartini."
Emmanuelle Fulkerson, LaRochelle, France
"Every time I come to Breakthrough I learn something new. In fact, even after completing Prophecy I and Empyreance I, I have learned more this weekend from Breakthrough than ever. Love is there for the taking and the creator is generous. I am grateful to learn more about how to tap into this limitless source of almighty love."
Amelia Case, 1997
"It is changing my life and vision. It helps me have a more profound understanding of my family life, career, my spiritual well-being, and every other aspect of my life."
Michael Ramon, Chartres, France, 1997
"For me this is not a seminar, but a life experience.  It was a short moment in time affecting one's life for a life time."
Emanauel Joseph-Dijol, Gaillard, France, 1997
"For me this is not a seminar, but a life experience.  It was a short moment in time affecting one's life for a life time."
Emanauel Joseph-Dijol, Gaillard, France, 1997
"When your spirits are low because you work in a country where chiropractic is not recognized and baffled by the medical corporations, which is omnipresent and omnipotent; when you are stuck with a legal problem, when your number of patients lowers because of economic problems, come to a Breakthrough seminar. You will go back home ready to punch and fight back...with ease!"
Christine Frey, France, 1997
"The joy of bringing my wife and the great moment of her collapse was a revelation and a moment of true love for us as a couple. As for myself, I had a loving weekend that brought me lots of love, comprehension and vision."
Michel Frey, France, 1997
"It opened my heart and soul. I will be back so I can achieve my destiny."
Dr. Jeffrey Downs, Pasadena, Texas, 1997
"The power of love is indescribable and as awesome as describing the universe."
Mary McDermott, San Diego, CA, 1997
"This was the most eye opening and fulfilling Breakthrough yet (my 6th). I couldn't have learned about myself without it."
Mike Jennings, Carrolton, Texas, 1997
"Prior to Breakthrough I had lost all my vision, inspiration, and purpose. But as they say, ask and you shall receive. This experience is the door that most of us are searching for, but probably never find in an entire lifetime. I'd like to thank Dr. John Demartini for providing the key."
George R. Gonzales, Houston, Texas 1997

"I have opened my heart to love and gratitude and have learned to love myself. We are all worthy of love in this divine plan."
Carol Tanoos, Houston, Texas, 1997
"My eyes are open, clearer, with a lot more clarity, peace, calmness and love in my being. Things, the events of my life, seem so much simpler. They were there for a reason, not because I was bad, but because I was and am Eliza learning life lessons the way I am meant to learn them. I have a feeling of love for my parents and brothers that have not been there for a very long time. I have a vision of raising my daughters in a simpler way, not over analyzing their every actions, but letting them endure and be who they are, knowing that they have their own divine purpose that is much grander than me. Life is positive and negative and what a huge relief that is."
Eliza Duncan, Houston, Texas, 1997
"I received confidence that I can and will know what my mission in life is as well as being able to lead a fulfilling life instead of running, running from pain. Thank you!
Bill Prince, Houston, Texas 1997
"I am so truly grateful for Dr. Demartini's wisdom. In fact it's difficult to express right now because my heart is open and I feel speechless-like these words are ineffective in conveying my meaning.  Don't change a thing...I love this course."
Lyndol Descant, Houston, Texas, 1997
"Imagine blowing a candle on, having certainty and loving what you said you would never love - then being speechless in truth and walking back into the world with a fine clarity and confidence about your purpose and dreams."
Sheila Cloudt, Houston, Texas, 1997
"Unconditional love is what I received from this seminar."
William Kok, 1997
"This highlighted areas in my life that I needed to work on. It brought more clarity to my goals."
Brian McKay, Darien, CT, 1996
"I have clarity of vision that gets to the heart of the matter, a foundation to build on!"
M.P. Yang, New York, New York, 1996
"This is the first time I experienced the possibility of eliminating damaging feelings... leaving behind the false belief of forgiving. I truly opened and welcomed myself in to my heart."
Luis Wertman, Naucalpan, Mexico, 1996
"Thank you for the gift of your radiant wisdom and the teachings of the magnificent universe.  Thank you for getting me and keeping me on course. I am learning to be grateful to others, to God, and yes...also to myself."
Denise Nadler, Stamford, CT., 1996
"I received a new vision, the idea of being grateful and thankful for the magnificence of every day. To read my goals, purpose statement and affirmations everyday and not stop like I usually do. To love my son, my wife, and my profession unconditionally and not hold back on fulfilling my dreams for which I was chosen for by God."
Dr. Drew, Cresskill, NJ, 1996
"It enabled me to open my heart to love my father. This allowed me to recognize what I didn't love about him was only a reflection of me. I am grateful for the inspiration that this experience has had on my life and in my relationship with those I love."
Elizabeth Simoes, Philadelphia, PA., 1996
"I finally realize the true magnificence of my life and what I am to myself, my profession, my family and the world. I am eternally grateful to learn the secrets of the universe. I am truly grateful."
Edward O. Cubrano, D.C., Clark, NJ, 1996
"I have received more clarity and gratitude about my life. Love is in the air!"
Thomas Brennan, Lewisberry, PA., 1996
"I better understand that I am already where I am supposed to be in life, and that what I have done or experienced, and those I have known have contributed to my arrival at this juncture. I feel more loving toward myself and others than ever before in a simple, quiet way. I feel ready to take on aspects of the journey to doing what I love most with ease and determination in incremental ways as each day goes by."
Linda Keller, Westport, CT., 1996
"I took a review of Breakthrough and was once again struck by the enormous difference between what John Demartini teaches and almost every personal growth, human potential, and consciousness raising program teaches. It is the only program I know of that dares to tell the truth regardless of how much those truths are generally denied or ignored. It impacts on people's lives in ways that I have not seen elsewhere. Dr. Demartini has introduced a tool, the 'collapse' that is destined to help those who are interested in reaching a quantum leap in consciousness."
Beverly Nadler, Stamford, CT., 1996
"Gratitude, love, peace, serenity, and personal understanding were the magnificent gifts I received from attending this seminar. Distance, finance, and previous commitments became insignificant as obstacles to not taking this program. I have a certainty of changes that will occur in me for the rest of my life. Thank you."
Fred Richards, D.C., Stamford, CT., 1996
"Thanks so much for the help and guidance you have given me. Thanks for being persistent when I needed it. I am going home to visit my parents to tell my father how much I have loved him, and to thank him for the lessons and experiences he has taught me."
Janet Walker, Richmond, Hill, Ontario
"Breakthrough broke through to my heart and soul. The sense of divine order in my life is awesome and the experience of that has transformed my life and inspired my life's purpose. I am so grateful to Dr. Demartini for his vision and his expression of love. I am also grateful to myself for having the courage to listen to my heart and follow my inspiration to attend this seminar."
Susan Churchill, Sharon, Ontario, May, 1997
"Thank you Dr. Demartini for your inspiration, for I have received a new perspective on life and my future well being."
P. Holmes, Greenwood, Ontario, May, 1997
"I had no idea of what I was getting myself into - The Demartini method® was a term I heard in reference to this program. After having spent 27 hours with 25 people and Dr. John, I feel centered and clear beyond belief. I've never felt like this before. Don't hesitate - sign up - then show up - no matter who you are.  I know you can feel like I do now!"
Ingrid Druissi, Guelph, Ontario, May, 1997
"It opened me up."
Chris Linberg, Shelby Township, Michigan
"I have shifted my family and contributed to my family dynamics. I've been shifted in the past and now I'm doing the shifting. I am the catalyst in my family dynamics now."
Eileen Lindberg, Utica, Michigan, May, 1997
"Taking this seminar made me realize that the death of my husband has actually given me life... a new, different life. Jan will be a big part of my journey, because I know he is with me, in my heart and in my soul. He wants me to live and to be happy."
Mrs. Sandra Tuckett, Mississauga, Ontario
"This is the second Breakthrough I have attended in the past 2 1/2 months. What a great experience! It was wonderful doing it with a larger group this time. In the past couple months I have made so many changes in my life and know that I am taking small steps towards my purpose. I love waking up in the morning because I know that the day will give me an opportunity to grow and move towards my destiny. Thanks John."
Jodi Bennett, Black River, Michigan, May, 1997
"I have been in conflict with my father for many years, and my way of dealing with it was to attempt to bury my affection whenever I was in his presence. I collapsed him and realized that I saw myself in my father as clear as a reflection in the mirror. I realized that because I had perceptible 'hatred' for my father, I was 'hating' myself, and until I could love my father unconditionally and have the gratitude to say 'thank you', I was unable to love myself. Now I can start to love and nurture myself, and the people I love."
Dr. Marsha Black, Downsview, Ontario
"This is my fourth Breakthrough and I am repeatedly surprised at how much I learn and expand each time. Thanks John."
Steve Arculeo, Chicago, Illinois, May, 1997
"The Breakthrough seminar helped me realize that there is nothing missing in my life. That which I thought was most missing in my life lead me to that which sits closest to my heart. Thank you."
Suk Mun Lum, Toronto, Ontario, May, 1997
"Thank you, John, for holding your vision - it has inspired me to hold my vision. Breakthrough is a necessary step in learning the truth of the soul. This truth is where love can be found."
Liz Hardick, London, Ontario, May, 1997
"Breakthrough has been a paradigm shift for me! Wow! I now look forward to seeing my mother. The gift I can give her for Mother's Day is my love. Something I've blocked from her for so many years. I can actually tell her that I love her. Thank you."
P. Gizinsky (Shawn), May, 1997
"I now have many more insights on love and light (life). I now know how to respond in many situations and how to express my feelings to a much deeper extent. I also know that the past and future are on a mental level, and that the present is on the level of the soul. I am a soul - NOT a BODY.  Everything is in balance.  I will be on purpose at all times."
Jeff Stickel, D.C., Demoines, Iowa, May, 1997
"The Breakthrough process helped me open to the love and support within us and around me. I feel released from the years that held me back from success. This process affirmed for me my own wisdom and revived some of the bliss and confidence in trusting in myself. Thank you."
Laurel Kidder, Life Stuff Seminars
"I did a Breakthrough on myself and I found it to be an enlightened experience that helped me to clarify my purpose and see my 'self' honestly. It will bring me the inspired writing that I have within me."
Apryl Boomhour, Toronto, Ontario, May, 1997
"Every Breakthrough keeps getting better. I'm starting to understand and implement the principles it teaches. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and love."
Mike Jennings, Carrollton, TX, May, 1997
"After many other different workshops, programs, and meditation, the key for getting in touch with the love inside of you and those around me has been revealed through the collapse process. What a gift to the world!"
Deborah Rose, Houston, Texas, May, 1997
"How can I explain the value of opening my heart to more fully loving my family and my life?  That is the value I received from 'Breakthrough'. I loved the course and will definitely take it again."
Lee E. Hill, Houston, Texas, May, 1997
"I learned to forgive and be more loving of others. I learned what my purpose in life is which freed me to pursue it."
Candice Fullenkamp, Laguna Hills, CA
"The ability to identify, focus and acknowledge a loving environment. I have the vision to continue on with a dream as large as the universe. To know and accept no matter what I have done or not done I will be loved and can love."
Jonathon Fullenkamp, Laguna Hills, CA
"I have been able to release the resentment I felt at the ending of a five year relationship. I am clear. I now see the perfection of that event in my life and now it is helping me to get on with my purpose.  Thank you John, for making this available to us!"
Alexandra Star, Houston, Texas, May, 1997
"I have never looked at life as John has presented it to me in the last two days. I know now I have a lot of work to do so as to have a better understanding of myself, and why I am here today. We all need to work closer to the light!"
Dale Cooper, Pearland, Texas, May, 1997
"I'm grateful for the experience of opening my heart and understanding the technology to share that experience with others. I now have a clear vision of my purpose, and I know that it will allow me to be the catalyst for inspiring hearts to love's presence."
Patricia Tyler, Pasadena, Texas, May, 1997
"This is the greatest seminar for my life."
William Kok, Austin, Texas, May, 1997
"I had clarity of purpose and a vision for my life revealed to me through this mind expanding course.  Thank you, Dr. John for your teachings."
Margo Timmins, Houston, Texas, May, 1997
"An awe inspiring, heart opening experience that changed the way I look at love, balance, and wisdom in my life. I will never be the same after this. It gave me the purpose I sought and the tools to make the different in my life. Thank you Dr. John."
Charles Anstead, Houston, Texas, May, 1997
"I am very grateful for Dr. Demartini's work and teachings of unconditional love. He is a true leader. His love and wisdom is helping me to breakthrough my old patterns and diseases. I encourage you to continue on this path of love and mastery. Thank you for opening my heart and touching my soul."

Maryam Zahedani, Houston, Texas, May, 1997
"As a participant of Breakthrough for the second time, I was able to anticipate the process and apply the wisdom without as much of the sensory overload I experienced in my first Breakthrough.  As I practice the collapse process, I see more and more clearly the soul-guiding potential. Thanks."
Dan E. Timmons, Jr., Houston, TX, May 1997
"If you want to truly see the symmetry, proportion, and order in your life (the beauty) and you persist... you WILL Breakthrough!"
Harold 'Bo' Smith, Houston, TX, 1997
"I feel that I have been handed a gift that will launch my life in the direction I've always dreamed of going. I feel that this beautiful tool that I was introduced to, will be a benefit on a daily basis."
George R. Gonzales, Washington, 1997
"I crossed a boundary, a threshold that a few days ago, I could not even fathom. I had been living out of pain from a past experience and was convinced that it would remain with me for the rest of my life. In a way I had built my identity around it. Through the help of this course I have freed myself from my own imprisonment. I will always be grateful to Dr. Demartini for the Breakthrough and to myself for allowing this transformation."
Wendy Wells, Austin, TX, 1997
"It was by far the best investment of money, time and energy. Breakthrough takes you to discover the magnificence of who you are, what you stand for, and how to manifest that into the world."
Blanca Diez, M.D., LaPorte, TX 1997
"How can I describe the feeling of returning to true self? You have reminded me once again of the love overflowing to each and every one of us, and yes, I am worthy of that love. I nearly didn't come, fears and doubts came to me in many ways, and I thank myself for hearing the call and coming in regardless of those fears. You are a blessing in my life and an inspired teacher who has touched my life in so many ways. Thank you from my heart and soul."
Darlene Smith, Houston, TX, 1997
"If I could wish anything for my fellow human beings it would be to have a Breakthrough Experience."
Tina Holm, Denmark, 1997
"I read somewhere that all human beings are like rubber bands, they have to be stretched to be effective. I sincerely feel that my mind has been stretched, and am truly grateful for this gift of wisdom and the conviction of knowing that all I ever dreamed of is truly possible with this wisdom.  Everyday I will wake up being grateful and count my blessings."
George R. Gonzales, Washington, 1997
"This weekend was a terrific experience. I never imagined I had the power inside myself to overcome my 'problem'. Now I know it wasn't a problem but a blessing. It's made me who I am today. I have the courage now to confront my fears, depression, joy, hopes, etc., and appreciate all my feelings. Thank you John, for overcoming my biggest fear...loving myself."
Laura E. Doran, Frisco, TX, 1997
"My first experience with Breakthrough was an introduction to understanding God. Now many more times again (6 or so) I keep getting deeper understanding and more trust in myself. Thank you John, for sharing so much with us!  You are truly a genius."
Alicia Marroquin, Carrollton, TX, 1997
"Learn a real, livable, and meaningful way of looking at and understanding the unconditional love that Christ represents. Learn how to understand and apply the concept of loving someone for whom they are to bring about the one you love."
Dr. Dwight Stewart, Little Rock, Arkansas, 1997
"I received of sense of simply being...and loving."
Cindy Tyska, Grapevine, Texas, 1997
"This seminar broke through my perceptions and facades. My heart is truly open to love."
Trish Coughlin, Irving, TX, 1997
"I have attended numerous self-improvement seminars and found that each has its strengths and weaknesses. However, I feel that Dr. Demartini's Breakthrough Experience is in a class by itself. I have a deep desire to learn further and attend all his other programs because I sincerely feel this information and technology will allow all of us to better serve mankind and the universe."
Dr. Rick Housewright, Lubbuck, TX, 1997
"Best method to know what a universal law is!!"
Shinji Asai, Fountain Valley, CA, 1997
"It is all about reality, illusion, and self worth. It gives you the ability to master life with resentment, guilt, or painful feelings of denial."
Mary Noonan, Princeville, Hawaii, 1997
"To consciously open my heart in regard to my mother was not only a moment of true beauty, but since I was holding my children within my heart and mind at the time, it was the first experience they have had of true love for their grandmother."
Carole Kahn, Kapaa Kauai, Hawaii, 1997
"Thank you for helping me open my heart and finding the unconditional love my father has for me and me for him. This program has wiped out all the negative feedback I have carried around for so many years.  Now I know that love is within us and is the most powerful healer of all."
Dr. Nathalie Reynier, Paris, France
"This experience for me was a blessing. I was sabotaging the relationship with my sister so much that I almost lost her. John helped me to find my problem and correct it. I was so much affected by the collapse that I could not stand up. This process is something you have to experience for yourself. If you are religious, it is like having the holy-spirit enter your body. If not, it is like being 'born again', a second chance to fully experience the real you."
Adam Wild, Santa Rosa, CA, 1997
"I was able to relax regarding my ex-fiancé. I also learned a lesson and an entirely new idea: that people and events are not good or bad, they're simply perfect the way they are. I finally got over and past my childish naiveté and realize that the natural law of balance will be manifested in everyone and everything. I learned laws of the universe/God/Love that will assist me in fulfilling my dreams and my life's purpose."
Carla Herd, Beverly Hills, CA, 1997
"My third Breakthrough and I can finally stop beating myself up so much and realize I am where I am supposed to be. This certainty keeps me on my path to my purpose. Thank you again Dr. Demartini, I am eternally grateful."
Kristin Koliss, San Francisco, CA, 1997
"This Breakthrough Experience has made a large impact on me. I have been confronted with various challenges along the way as the years have gone by and the tools that I have learned here have allowed me to remain centered. Being centered at times of difficulty (or elation) has allowed me to avoid many headaches, injuries, and unnecessary hesitation on my road to realizing my dreams."
Dr. Steven Mills, Hayward, CA, 1997
"I found my problems, what I lack, and how to show love. I now realize what my life is worth."
Jesse Billauer, Pacific Palesades, CA., 1997
"My discoveries have been many. The support and love were much. I thank Dr. Demartini and all staff and plan to spread the words of wisdom and the collapse."
Christina Muscat, Austin, Texas, Aug., 1997
"If there is an experience in life, this is it and Dr. Demartini will take you there!"

Joaquin Schulmann, Houston, Texas, Aug, 1997
"I wish I had listened to Dr. Diaz five years ago when she begged me to attend this course. I am truly a better person - a different person. Thank you for providing the space, inspiration, and knowledge. Earlier this month I was feeling rather hopeless, depressed and suicidal. There didn't seem to be a light in the darkness - but because of my kids I knew I'd have to tough it out. But I know now that God had a plan for me."
Anita Cavallo, Houston, Texas, Aug. 1997
"This is a whole shift in my self-concept. I loved this very intense seminar."
Robert Kessler, D.C., Philadelphia, PA
"Excellent, it broadened my horizons in a big way. I appreciate everything I received at Breakthrough."
Joseph I Galbraith, Houston, Texas, 1997
"John, you affirmed what I intuitively had bits and pieces of. Thank you for bringing order into my life. I have been on a journey searching for I knew not what. I now know I am underachieving, and that is not acceptable to me any more. Thank you for sharing your mission and your gifts. I am grateful for the blessing I received from this group."
June Tilden, Wilmington, NC, 1977
"Breakthrough was a powerful experience for me to facilitate my remembering the Truth. That I am deserving of love and that there is only love. Unconditional love and gratitude are the keys to healing my-self, my family and my world. I am grateful to have had this opportunity to change my perceptions and better understand how I am responsible for my life. Thank you God! And so it is!"
Pat Snyder, Shippensburg, PA., 1997
"I received certainty and direction toward that certainty. I'm sure I received things that I don't even know about yet or can't quite see, but it is a process."
Alysa Nahmias, New York, New York, 1997
"This was my first seminar.  It was excellent!  I was able to rid myself of long believed lies, and I can't wait to meet with the person I performed my collapse on.  It is going to be a great reunion."
Matt Tellez, Irving, Texas, 1997
"Thank you for letting me see that I can love myself. I have been working on this consciously for at least two years... not knowing how. I was afraid all the 24 years I spent with four beautiful children that I did not give them 'real love, because I divorced. Thank you for showing me how much love I really have for them by doing what I felt I must do despite longing to be with them... thank you...thank you... thank you!"
Mary Descant, Houston, Texas 1977
"I remembered that I am truly connected with my Divine Source and that everything that has been in my life has served the purpose of teaching me about my-self and my mission leading me to remembrance of my Divine Nature. I am not alone, and have everything I need. I am grateful to the light in John and to God."
Rev. Claudell Hefner County, M.A.
"Excellent experience, I would highly recommend it to anyone!"
Dale Ellis, Houston, Texas, 1977
"This course ought to be mandatory for all residents of psychiatry and all other persons in the helping professions."
Dr. Larry Nahmias, S. Houston, TX, 1977
"I would love to thank you and your staff for making my refresher breakthrough experience another magnificent event in my life, and especially or helping my nephew experience a 'Breakthrough'. I am confident and thankful that his attendance will help him unfold the great magnificence within him."
Michael Billauer, Marina Del Rey, CA, 1977
"The profound truth that love is unfolding in every moment and every molecule is a truth that transcends time. That's why I keep repeating this process. Thank God for this experience."
Margaret Mertens, D.C., Marshfield, WI
"I am eternally grateful to you for facilitating the opening of my heart in love and gratitude.  You are truly an inspired being. Your love and certainty of your purpose inspires me to expand and live in love and to share my light with others."
Avis Lindsay, Houston, Texas 1977
"Thank you, John. You have inspired me more than you can know. I appreciate all you have taught me."
D. Lee Hill, Houston, Texas, 1977
"This experience was a turning point in my career. I was inspired to get off my position about the educational system and to share my knowledge and inspiration during Breakthrough in my new course for all high school freshmen. I have already incorporated some of the breakthrough principles and now I'm prepared to develop the balance."
Patricia Tyler, Pasadena, Texas, 1977
"Thank you for the opportunity to once again experience, and remember the balance and love in God's universe."
Nancy E. White, PHD, Houston, Texas, 1977
"To me there has come an awareness and humor into my life. John's teachings has given me an explanation and humbleness to what was going on in my life - things that scared me, because no others seemed to know or follow inner noises or visions. John made me 'escape'/transform my forward action which will serve to change my life toward living a life and purpose and unconditional love filled with inspiration for myself and others."
Susanne Thelsd, Svendborg, Denmark
"I have seen the way to love in life."
Peter Munch, Denmark, Oct., 1977
"Breakthrough has clearly inspired me to move beyond fear and guilt and to live my life focused on love and gratitude. I specifically know my purpose in life and now have the tools to live that purpose on an ever expanding basis."
Bradley S. Rauch, D.C., Stowe, Vermont, 1977
"My perception of life has changed after completing the Breakthrough seminar."
Gunnar I. Hetland, Norway, Oct., 1977
"This is my 4th Breakthrough... and I am speechless, or maybe there is too much to say! I can only add, my heart is open, my life is being remodeled.  I have gratitude for this new 'kick in the butt'!"
Emmanualle Fulkerson, LaRochelle, France
"I don't know how to thank you for all you have brought to me so far. I know that there is so much more. Every seminar, every breakthrough experience is a new adventure into knowledge and understanding, and I appreciate it. Thank you."
Marc Fulkerson, LaRochelle, France, Oct., 1997
"My role as a parent and wife has changed a lot. I see myself as a more complete person."
Inger H. Hetland, C.A., Norway, Oct., 1997
"I learned to see and be grateful for all my and other people's faults, and that love is something you feel and not say."
Antonio Gil, Milan, Italy, Oct., 1997
"It has been a pleasure to meet such an energetic and powerful teacher at my first "Breakthrough Seminar. I will surely be back to another seminar to learn more about myself and the Universal Wisdom. I am truly looking forward to that."
Jonnhild Janusarson, Roskilde, Denmark
"This is my second Breakthrough seminar. The first one took me by surprise and I was very grateful that I had been guided to Paris in April of 1997. This time it has been even more powerful.  The energy in the classroom was so intense that I was able to see it, or I opened up so I could see it."
P'all Haralosson, D.C., Roskiloe, Denmark
"It was a self-revealing experience that everyone should go through at least once. Barriers are broken down and obstacles removed so that at last you can reach into your heart and recap the love that is there for all."
Chris Hadley, Murcia, Spain, 1997
"I've been shown a tool that I may use to lift the veil from my eyes and let my heart emerge."
Renny Glover, Nederland, CO., 1997
"This weekend was NOT a seminar, but an incredible gift to evolve and share love in gratitude.  I have been inspired to pursue other levels of learning in The Concourse of Wisdom. Thank you, Doctor Demartini."
Dr. Joanie DeBever, Boulder, CO., 1997
"I truly had a Breakthrough! It was tough. I thank you for your kindness, persistence, and your warmth and wisdom which shines through you and made it possible for me to open my stubborn mind and heart.  I am very grateful!"
Helga A. Foster, New York, New York
"This seminar is a must, an essential for spiritual growth. Dr. Demartini is a master and an inspirational human being."
Margarita Farmer, Houston, Texas, Nov., 1997
"The Breakthrough experience repositioned my life in a manner beyond easy description. The techniques which I use daily have opened my heart to love and fulfilled my marriage, my workplace, and my family with love. Like sugar to the body, this experience has rekindled the love of my soul.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"
Dr. Jamie Neely, Ontario, Canada, Nov. 1997
"This was not my first Breakthrough Experience. As usual it was another step of the journey made clearer. Since I took my first seminar over 7 years ago, my life has taken a quantum leap towards fulfillment. I thank God every day for the love that I have found because of these seminars."
Dr. Lise Janelle, Toronto, Ontario, Nov., 1997
"I learned to follow my heart and let my divinity shine though illuminating my life as a result... Thank you!!"
Paul Meschino, Richmond Hills, Ontario
"The collapse is powerful technology for dealing with issues that may be affecting you - both in the present and from the past. In a short period of time it lets you integrate your life."
Jeffrey Goodman, Toronto, Ontario, Nov, 1997
"I worked through what I thought were negatives in my marriage and now I see the balance and am grateful to my husband for the lessons. I have no anger - I see the balance in my brother. I had guilt that he didn't, following my belief in chiropractic. I collapsed this and saw the perfection of who he is.  Thank you for letting me see the perfection in my past and for preparing me to see the perfection in the things yet to come. It has allowed me to live with so much peace."
Dr. L. Shulman, London, Ontario, Nov, 1997
"I would like to thank John for helping me be able to love my father again. I know I am not yet where I want to be, but now I have the tools and the awareness for what I need to do. John, you are a very wise man, and you have developed a wonderful program to help people enter new levels of their lives. Thank you for being you and the knowledge you have to share."
Carolyn Dickinson, Toronto, Ontario, Nov, 1997
"It clarified my purpose, removed the blinds, and opened my eyes to a whole new reality.  Thank you, John."
Jonathon Shepherd, Sudbury, Ontario
"Breakthrough truly helps me to melt away illusions and see my life with clearer vision. Thank you, John."
Susan Meyer, West Montrose, Ontario
"Thank you for the weekend. I feel so free now. I would never have thought I could love my mother, but now I see without benefit of her actions, I would not feel such great love... and in reality, I do love her."
Miranda Carrigan, Bridgenorth, ON, Nov, 1997
"After the seventh collapse, I can now love both sides unconditionally. It is a true transformation of the perceptions of life.  To live in gratitude and thankfulness! John, thank you very much."
Janet Walker, Richmond Hill, ON, Nov, 1997
"Thank you so much for the Breakthrough Experience. It came at the perfect time for both my husband and my life. I have never grown so much in so little time. In learning gratitude and love, I am able to face my fears and from that I feel free for the first time in my life."
Mrs. Kris Story, Peterborough, ON, Nov, 1997
"Pure Magic"
Eva Sommers, Toronto, Ontario
"John's wisdom has helped guide me through my heart to my life's mission here on earth. The collapse process saved me about 10 years of tic toc, helped me listened to my heart, and gave me inspiration to do what I love."
Gemma Girimonte, Malton, ON, 1998
"Dr. Demartini took me back to a special class of anatomy. But rather than dissecting a corpse, he allowed me to dissect my BE-ING. Thus I am closer to my immortal spirit, and life will teach me how to uncover what is already there - LOVE!!"
Dr. Mike Story, Peterborough, ON, Nov, 1997
"Wow! This is my 4th one and each time I become clearer with divine purpose. Breakthrough has given me the tools to use in my everyday life. When someone pisses me off, I think of the collapse.  Therefore I am able to see how they have actually served me and where I have done the same thing to someone else. Thank you John, for sharing and fulfilling your purpose and for giving me the ability to learn."
Helen Reynolds, Plano, Texas, 1998
"Thank you for this wonderful collapse even though the work was difficult. Who said the spiritual journey would be easy? It is worth the effort and the work."
Janet Walker, Richmond Hill, ON, 1998
"I have now completed two breakthrough seminars and each provided immeasurable blessings.  The freedom I received when I collapsed my father has given us a new relationship...friendship. There is no fear, pressure, or guilt...only a wonderful gratefulness for the perfection of our history. During the most recent Breakthrough I received clarity of purpose, motivation, and humility. I received liberation from my own illusion that allows for clarity, humility and persistence. I also received hope for the future with acceptance of the upcoming challenges. Thank you, John, for hope, humility, and love."
James Watanabe, Toronto, ON 1998
"Thank you John and Linda for helping me to know that I am beautiful just as I am and that I am worthy of love!  Thank You!"
Sandra Diebold, Kitchner, ON, 1998
"Thank you and God bless you on your continuing quest to reach thousands. A superbly well done job!  It was awesome!"
Betsy Vourantoni, Malton, ON., 1998
"I managed to realize, understand, embrace, and collapse an important problem in my marriage relationship. I affirmed my purpose and obtained the necessary steps to achieve it. I found out that I was not the only crazy spirit here... you are too. God bless you and I'll see you up there soon!"
Jimmi Vourantoni, North York, ON, 1998
"Thank you for following your heart and soul guided inspiration. You've made my life and people around me more loving of themselves and of life."
G. Girimonte, Malton, ON, 1998
"I feel quiet and peaceful inside with a deep sense of gratitude for 'what is'."
Dr. John Baird, Markham, ON 1998
"Warm, honest, loving...remarkable. We all saw new sides of ourselves and opened our hearts to absolute unconditional love. I got rid of so many myths. God bless you and your journey to unconditional love!"
Julia Deal, Petersborough, ON, 1998
"John, you are a wise facilitator if wisdom. It was a long process but our personal work is always on going...therefore it unfolds as it should. I give thanks and love for this weekend, and will take these tools and improve my new 'balanced' journey. I will be back."
Maureen Nichols, Petersborg, ON, 1998
"I have been a spiritual student for over 30 years and I feel that with all that knowledge the Breakthrough Experience has brought me a better me projected to a higher level. I truly 'broke through' my level of consciousness into a higher one. Thank you."
Hans Wilhelm, Westbrook, CT., Oct. 1998
"For years I had been curious about self-help, motivational speakers and been tempted to buy the cassettes or books. But now I know now there is nothing that can compare with this personal upheaval in my soul created by my attendance at Dr. Demartini's seminar. I know it has changed me forever, and I will tell everyone I know who is in turmoil... just DO a BREAKTHROUGH."
Shelly Wright, Weston, Onatario 1998
"It was a cleansing experience. It is indeed apparent that many audits must follow that many audits must follow and after many years of procrastination (fear & guilt) I am now freed from the bondage to move forward. The time has come."
Dr. Vince, Sinclar, Missassauga, ON 1998
"I have benefited greatly from opening my heart once more. With this breakthrough I truly received the significance of letting my light shine so that I may honor it by passing the torch. John has been my spark and god is my fuel; may I have the courage and wisdom to honor them both. Thank you and I love you."
Tracia Tayon, Trainer, Oct., 1998
"I have a clearer focus on my life purpose, a deeper understanding of self, relationship and past events. I learned to love myself and to be grateful for my life and the world and people around me."
Sally McJoynt, Boulder, CO., Oct., 1998
"My world has been blasted open.  Myths shattered.  I feel an enormous load has been lifted from me - the role of enforcer & judge. I see that I do not need to change anyone or anything, but to be grateful for the lessons learned from that person, even, or issue. I was driven by what I perceived as an altruistic need/calling to "change the world." I now realize that it's not up to me! My job is to follow my own inspirations and share those with others as gifts of love, not manipulative offerings. I have completely new yes and feelings toward my brother. By collapsing him I feel able to rise to my highest level without fear of hurting him. I can accept and celebrate our relationship, rather than feel worry and anger.  I see everything more clearly!"
Pattie Logan, Boulder, CO., Oct., 1998
"I received renewed hope and courage to continue my life's journey. This was a good reminder of the power of the unnecessary roadblocks in your life as well as the power of unconditional love. It was a very powerful experience that will continue for a long time to come."
Betsy Heppner, Boulder, CO., Oct., 1998
"Many of the ideas presented I have believed and thought about for so long. It is affirming to know that I am not alone in these, my strong beliefs, and the one-ness of science and spirit are so clear and fundamental. I have suspected and seen this for a long time too, I guess. I learned to pay attention to my own dreams and aspirations - to take a first step - at this weekend's experience. I have been able to let go of some fear - illusion that has held me back and kept me confused. I now have the tools to take more constructive steps to simplify and honor my life, my life's work and experience. This is a great gift indeed. How much wonder there is in this word; how many lessons to be learned, things I could accomplish? I thought life was a rush before!"
Marsha Fenner, Telluride, CO., Oct., 1998
"I am now able to see my reflections on the issues at hand without being slapped in the face with them; to understand that those issues I have can be resolved in such a way that will benefit me and allow me to learn see more clearly how to let go and go forward; to share again another aspect of my child's life."
Diana Buskirk, Westminister, CO., Oct., 1998
"I experience changes in my consciousness during the Breakthrough that I know will always remain with me the rest of my life. I had been on a quest for many years for the means in which to make this shift happen. I can honestly say that quest is complete. I can now move on with new freedom in my life."
Lorraine Cleveland, Boulder, CO.
"You've helped me to see that there's no reason not to follow the path I choose, and if I felt something was holding me back, collapsing it will show me the truth of it. I am worthy of love and self love."
Renny Glover, Nederland, CO, Oct., 1998
"I felt powerful collapse(s); continued evolution of my process; affirmation of life purpose; loving this 'unconditional love state! Thank you, again John for coming to Denver, sharing your love and lessons. I will continue to make it possible for you to make Colorado one of your 'regular' stop-overs. Love and Gratitude!"
Joanie DeBever, Boulder, CO., Oct., 1998
"I pin-pointed the biggest block in my development and evolution. I am aligned with my purpose. My heart is filled with over-flowing gratitude and appreciation for my life, and all the experiences in my life. I appreciate and love all aspects of myself and see all aspects of every experience as a profound learning opportunity and exactly what was needed to provide my greatest growth."
Melissa Malcolm-Peck, Boulder, CO., Oct., 1998
"I got a different perspective on life and what is happening. I am more grateful for the things and people in my life. It gave me a jump start on my thinking processes and will reduce my stress and allow me to do more."
Kirk Peck, Boulder, CO, Oct., 1998
"Finally I learned I was worthy of Love no matter what I had or had not done in my past. I am now able to identify my illusions and follow the line of light to achieve balance. I was able to love my father after 46 years and thank God for giving him to me. I was able to create a mission for myself that I know I will achieve. Dr. Demartini is inspiration with un-measurable wisdom. He has enabled me to know I will succeed."
Raldolph L. Groninger Houston, Texas.
"This is one of the few places where I get my inspiration and gratitude."
William Kok, Dallas, TX, Oct., 1998
"I have now realized that I am truly loved and a very special human being."
Bryan Cummings (age 17), Rockwall, TX.
"Every time I attend a 'breakthrough program' I get new insights; John delivers the material in a different way, etc. This was my 8th ‘Breakthrough Experience' and every one of them has been different. I'll be returning soon with my significant other. She would love to attend as well. Thank you for helping me take my life to the next level!"
Mark Lorenson, Ohio, Feb., 1999
Dr Demartini's Daily Update
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