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Feedback From Around The World

People from around the world have shared their feedback regarding their experiences from attending Dr Demartini's programs. If you would love to add your testimonial to below please click here.


The Breakthrough Experience

The BTE is the most amazing thing I have ever done! Never could I have imagined that in one weekend something could change my life. I am beaming with joy!


Anna Lyudin
Thank you John. This has been one of the most life-impacting events in our lives. We have been in the personal development arena for over 12 years and most times when we attend events, we have heard what is being taught in one way or another. We were blown away by your content, we had not heard most of it, ever in our lives...we shattered many belief systems and are challenging ourselves to question even more thing in our lives because of how powerful your information was. We thank you Dr. De Martini for one of the most powerful events of our lives... Yvette Ulloa Playa Vista Ca
Yvette Ulloa
“Really great course and very worthwhile, I’ve been in many seminars in my life but have never seen these ideas before. There were a few processes I’ve done before but never delivered in this format. So some really brilliant stuff that is totally new. Loved it.”
Matt Van Wormer
“Thank you for this amazing opportunity to participate in the Breakthrough Experience and inspire me to shift my perspective of embracing all my traits fully and seeing the higher order of the universe. It has inspired me to learn this method to infuse it into my psychotherapy and training business. ''
Kathy Lorch
“Attending my 20th Breakthrough Experience some may perceive “why?” My why is the inspiration in the Demartini Method using the work. For the last 10 years I have witnessed and experienced inspirational events that have catapulted my life to another level. If you are looking for something to transform you to a place you’ve never been before, this is the real deal.”
Kellie Stewart
 “This was a very transformational weekend that freed me from some of the baggage that I’ve been holding onto in my life. The Breakthrough (Demartini method) has provided me with a skill and tool that I can use to continue the transformation process for me and my clients.”
Mary Margaret Hagen

"Incredible!! Second time attending and so much incredible information and life-changing experiences of breaking through personal blocks and creating balance of my perceptions. The one on one consultation was life-changing in putting me on the path to achieving my higher purpose and values."

Donna Wagner
"The Breakthrough Experience Program and the external and internal challenges have catapulted my life forward. The internal shifts have been huge."
Gwen Hodder

Dear John,

I’m just writing to say thank you. Today I am living my dream because of you.

Three years ago, in August 2011, my wife and I attended our first Global1 event in Brisbane. My wife had read The Breakthrough Experience and it touched her deeply, but neither of us could work out how to do this strange “quantum collapse” process. My wife wanted to attend the Breakthrough Experience, but as we were building a house at the time, I couldn’t see the value in spending three grand on a weekend workshop. But I agreed to attend the free event (and also to get my wife off my case!), so we came to hear you speak in the hope that we would get a clearer understanding of your message.

Well 20 minutes into your talk, I was hooked. There was such depth and power in what you was saying that I just knew immediately we had to do the Breakthrough. And screw waiting for March next year, we signed up for Sydney in September – so after adding airfares and accommodation, it ended up costing me five and half grand. We couldn’t afford it at the time, but somehow, each time a payment was due, the money came in. The best investment I’ve ever made in my life.

Breakthrough is perfectly named, because that’s exactly what happened to me. I broke through 51 years of subordination and fear. For the first time in my life, I found the courage to admit to myself what I wanted to be and do with my life. And after Breakthrough, with your methodology and mentorship, I knew how to do it.

But it all started in that first Global1 event in Brisbane. You were sharing about values and how they influence our lives. You kept repeating the phrase that the quality of our life is determined by the questions we ask. And the question that most resonated with me was this, “What would I absolutely love to do, and how can I be handsomely paid for it?”

I knew the answer immediately. I wanted to do exactly what you were doing at the time. I wanted to travel the globe sharing an inspirational message that touched people’s lives in a way that helped them live their dreams. I wanted to be a professional speaker.

At the Breakthrough, you challenged us to write out our mission and love list. When I got home, I wrote an affirmation on my vision wall next to a map of the world – “I travel the country and travel the globe as a highly paid professional speaker, consultant, author and entrepreneur”.

You know parts of my journey since then, the facilitating, and so on. But what you probably don’t know is that a few months ago, a lady called Tess Bourke attended another Global1 event in Brisbane. Like me she wanted to hear you speak. And like me, she was inspired. Tess spoke to you afterwards about her anxiety attacks – she had never flown in a plane or been in an elevator because of a debilitating fear of enclosed spaces. You suggested she speak to Global1 about contacting a facilitator to help her.

Tess spoke to Maggie, and Maggie kindly referred Tess to me. We did a couple of sessions and cleared Tess’s fear. The method works. She was blown away.

But here’s where it gets interesting.

Tess is the organiser of an annual event in Chinchilla called the RDO for Women. It’s a full day event with 4 inspirational speakers. Tess already had three speakers but needed a forth. She asked me if I was available. My response? Hell yes!

Now I’ve been doing some speaking here and there for different groups and organisations, including workshops and public talks I organised myself. But this was the first event that really fit the parameters of my original vision. I would be sharing the stage with three established international speakers, Kim Morrison, Carren Smith and Cindy O’Meara – and I would be handsomely paid to do it (plus all travel, accommodation and meals taken care of too).

The RDO for Women was yesterday. I was the final speaker for the day, and as I stood on that stage sharing my message with 160 amazing women, I couldn’t help but think of you and I could not stop the tears of gratitude. I was there, right in that moment, living my dream and my vision.

Three years ago, I was on a fixed income, with little hope of financial independence, low self-worth and no sense of fulfilment or satisfaction.

Today, I still do some part-time contract work for the University I once worked for, but now my own consultancy is my main source of income (and my wife no longer needs to work as my income is sufficient for us both, so she is free to spend time with our daughters and grandkids - her highest value). My highest value is education and learning – the university pays me to travel the world to market their education programs. Last month I went to PNG, next month I fly to Nepal. I am doing what I love and love what I do, and there are no longer any limit’s to my wealth building capacity. I’ve already received more invitations to speak at other events, my client base is growing, I have a book coming out later this year, a business magazine editorial later this month, I’ve never been fitter and healthier in my life, and my marriage is amazing.

None of this has been without immense challenge of course, but that too has been equally a blessing.

So here I am living my dream. Just by doing what you do, doing what YOU love, you liberated me to do the same.

John, thank you for shining. Thank you for following your dream. Without you, I would not be living mine. You have helped me BE who I am today. So from the depths of my heart, one high school drop-out to another – Thank you, I love you.

Bruce Williams
Dr. Demartini's books and videos have helped me to rediscover my purpose in life: expanding humanity into outer space. It was a rediscovery because all I wanted to do as child was to build aircrafts and spaceships. I got sidetracked by conflict with my father, but thanks to the last Breakthrough Experience in London, I can see now how this has made me stronger, wiser and determined to do whatever it takes to fulfill my purpose.
Erik Unger
The best gift you can give yourself, to go and to be in the present of a respectful, knowledgeable teacher and learn to love and see the magnificence of your life and learn to the fullest. It's a Diamond you buy yourself and you polish it forever and it will get more and more valuable .... It's the Breakthrough Experience.
Samareh Rahnavardi
I have attended the Breakthrough Experience a few times, first in 2000 and more recently 2011 in Houston. This program made a huge impact on my life. My personal life has grown more than I could imagine. Recently married,  mother of 3 children, juggling a career and being a caregiver for my mother The Breakthrough Experience definitely has put every area of my life in perspective. We as a family are able to work through obstacles and support one another to live a meaningful, and loving life. From a health side of this I have had numerous issues, this program gave me the tools to see that all this happened for a reason and I truly am a blessed and a stronger woman as a result.
Brandi Miranda
I am a fan of many teachers but Dr. John Demartini comfortably sits as my number one mentor. His dedication to learning and understanding what makes us tick, is second to none. Dr. Demartini's legendary Breakthrough Experience is one of the most powerful interventions you could ever wish to experience. If you need to overcome any challenge in life, any relationship, any tragedy or loss or just restrictive issues with yourself, this event will change it. This extended 2-day event is the most transformational experience I have ever had, and I have attended hundreds of events all over the world. Just take my word for it, it is brilliant.
Brian Walsh
I have been blessed to work with Dr John Demartini for the last 10 years.  I initially attended The Breakthrough Experience and found it to be the most profound and empowering program. It helped me develop a clear vision for my life, get certainty about my mission and gave me the tools to overcome any obstacles that stopped my vision from becoming a reality.
I was so inspired by The Breakthrough Experience, I made a decision to start a business working with Dr John Demartini and helping others get to the next level in their life.  Since then I have had the good fortune of having my business grow from a small entity to a multi-million dollar company that impacts the lives of thousands of people every year.  The massive growth of my business, the mastering of my finances and the development in my leadership skills are a direct result of continuing to study and apply Dr Demartini's body of work including programs like The Prophecy Experience.
I am deeply grateful for the profound impact that Dr Demartini has had on all aspects of my life.  I feel blessed that Dr Demartini has given me the tools and knowledge to make my vision become a reality, live an inspired life, do what I  love, become financially independent and have an impact on the planet that is meaningful to me.
If you have an opportunity to work with Dr Demartini make sure you do everything you can to make it happen if you want to transform your life and play at the highest levels possible.
Greg Klopper, Managing Director of Global1

I was very sceptical of the programme when my brother informed me of it. On Saturday I cleared my mind and heart after 17 years of suppressed anger. I feel lighter and relaxed.

Phillip Costa
I have truly moved forward mentally, by overcoming challenges and fears I have faced in my past. Dr Demartini has shown me that it's possible to achieve my goals, simply by discovering my true inspiration and value.
Jason Skelton
The Breakthrough Experience is one of the most confronting experiences I've ever been exposed to. It has made me aware of the fantasies that have been governing my life and has inspired me to take control of my destiny by learning how to govern myself in all areas of my life to become an empowered person that shines and has the ability to change lives.
Francis Jardine Duess
I came with mixed expectations as I was stuck in my way with my son. I never doubted my love for him but having done the Demartini Method on him, it has taken my gratitude and love for him to a whole new level - Thank you John. You have changed our destiny.
Andrew Edwards
The knowledge I gained was amazing and made me have more awareness of my abilities and worth. I relieved myself from a strain I had carried for years. I will recommend  this program to anybody that wants to understand themselves and live a better life.
The Breakthrough Experience is one of the most unique courses I have ever attended. No smoke and mirrors or magic fix if you truly do the work.The shift in perception at your life's events in your past, present and future will be the most profound thing you will ever experience.
Orlando de Abreu
I found the Breakthrough Experience to be an absolutely brilliant congruent method to help me see my self-sabotage patterns and to empower my life. There is far less noise in my head after one day and I feel inspired to explore all of the possibilities of this expanded awareness and knowledge.
Jillian Coury-Taylor
The Breakthrough Experience has brought a calmness and order into my mind. The tools shared equip me to face the challenges in my life; past, present and future.
Stephen Langton
The Breakthrough Experience program facilitated my transition of my perceptions of fantasy to that of reality, from being subservient to reaching my authentic self.
Ingrid Gruen
I realised that there is a perfect order and balance in the world and in my life. The result is empowering.
Mercia Bester
My attendance at the Breakthrough Experience has given me the tools to unlock my potential and dissolve blockages I was experiencing in various aspects of my life. This program has assisted me to discover the balance and have gratitude, enthusiasm and love to make my journey richer and fulfilling.
Andrew Terliem
I already feel the major shifts in various aspects of my life. The Breakthrough Experience has empowered me with the right tools.
Stella Van Der Westhuizen
The Breakthrough Experience is a unique experience that will make you understand and feel love.
Andrea Pitinche
I was at crossroads in my life. I had lost my business, my money and I was contemplating divorcing my husband. The Breakthrough Experience opened my heart with love and gratitude.
Vraja Kishori
I came to the Breakthrough Experience hoping to find direction for my life. In this course, I realized that I already had direction! I worked on a very influential person in my life in the last 20 years. I feel clearer than I have before and I am full of gratitude to the people who have been in my life and who will still come into my life.
Bronwyn Engelbrecht
After the Breakthrough Experience, my business jumped to a new leap that I never knew it would take. My understanding of the world and close people in my life broadened. I am less distracted to things that have no value or less value in my life. The Breakthrough has changed my life and diversified my business.
Unathi Ntshunthse
My attendance at the first Breakthrough Experience gave me the tools to finally reach my true calling. After doing my second Breakthrough Experience and having worked on my relationship with my father, he said he loves me for the first time in my life. Thanks to the Demartini Method I can finally live life fulfilled. Thank you! Now I know my purpose. I will be the youngest senior facilitator by the time I am 26 years old.
Nadia Meyer
The Breakthrough Experience has been the most direct, no-nonsense and life changing experience I have had yet. It has dissolved many useless and unfulfilling mental constructs which I have maintained and opened my eyes and mind to my true potential. Above all, it has provided me with the scientific tools, which I know will help me forward and evolve to my highest purpose. Dr. John Demartini is a true visionary leader and genius.
David Brite
Having completed the Breakthrough Experience I realized there are no mistakes. I can't wait to continue with my journey and am so humbled to Dr. Demartini. You have allowed me to get my life back and be empowered.
Danielle Brite
This experience has opened my eyes to the power of thinking. As an employer of many staff, this course has allowed me to understand and go back to implement what I have learnt. On a personal level I feel that I now have the tool to see where my fulfillment lies. Thank you and I look forward to coming back again.
Tibor Zsadanyi
I have learnt to balance my thoughts and eliminate judgments. I have learnt all along I have had all the traits in me that I see in those who I admire, therefore there is nothing stopping me from achieving my goals. I am perfect, I am more than good enough. I and those around me are love.
Daniela Casetti

After attending The Breakthrough Experience conducted in Denver, I have had a complete paradigm shift. I've gained control of my life, found my focus after truly honing in on what I am inspired about. I have learned to recognize, accept, love and appreciate the beautiful balance that the universe shows us continually. My life has been changed by this work, and I strive to dig deeper and push myself to new levels of achievement and understanding each day. If you want to grow in unimaginable ways and be challenged more than you thought possible by someone who will refuse to allow you to give up on yourself or take the easy way out of any given situation, this is the program to attend.

Juliana Retzlaff
My Breakthrough Experience was nothing short of absolute greatness. Though I study a large amount and practice mind science, there was still a few people and experiences that I held a negative charge towards. Dr. John  Demartini requested that we bring that person/situation to the forefront and face it, using his methods. After the intense session, I released the negative energies I had against that person. I was tested two months later as I had to spend three hours with that person in close confines. Not only was my demeanor under control,  but I felt free knowing that anything that was of neagtion thrown at me was not for me to entertain. It felt great and I am thankful that the Breakthrough Experience was introduced to me. Now, moving forward, I have the principles in place to neutralize the situations. That's true inner power and Dr. John  Demartini helped me to awaken to that power.
Ahmed Vital; Recruiting Analyst, Fox Sports Next
I entered the program feeling depressed and unfulfilled. I was taking anti-depressants and seeing a psychologist once a week. I had my first a-ha! moment 2 hours into the Breakthrough Experience when I learned through the Demartini Value Determination process that I had been subordinating myself to my husband and daughters values, and ignoring my own values. Living under what 'their' idea of what I should be made me lose my unique identity. From that day on I found myself and purpose once again, started living congruently to achieve my dreams and visions. I stopped taking my anti-depressants and seeing the psychologist. That was almost 3 years ago, and I have continued my trajectory without lapse into the low self esteem or depression issues I faced before. Best of all? My family is proud of who I have become, and are inspired by the example I set for them every day. The skills you learn in the Breakthrough Experience are invaluable to overcome anything that life throws your way. I will use these skills for the rest of my life.  
Kay Morris
"Throughout my life, having been surrounded by people whom I perceived to be more educated, beautiful and wealthier than me caused me to have extreme bouts of low self esteem. The Breakthrough Experience brought me to the realization that I had been setting unrealistic objectives to overachieve to compensate for my inferiority complex. Not being able to accomplish these unrealistic goals had only further propelled my low self esteem. Having learned from Dr Demartini that every individual has areas of low self esteem and areas of high self esteem set me free to become aware of, capitalize on and achieve according to my strengths, in turn catapulting my self worth to greater levels than ever before." 
Catherine Smith

"My husband and I were on the verge of a divorce when I attended the Breakthrough Experience. At the program I learnt to determine and understand my values and those of my husband. Also, Dr Demartini has shown me that both of us have the same traits, to the same degree and that our relationship is perfect just as it is. It is with deep gratitude that I can say the Breakthrough Experience saved my marriage."


M. Schwartz

"I did the Breakthrough Experience in 2003 and at the time worked in a PR agency where I was extremely unfulfilled. At the Breakthrough Experience I became really clear on what it is that I wanted to do with my life and as a result proceeded to take action steps to set up my business. Today I run my own business in events and without the clarity of vision and learning the how to of achieving goals that Dr. Demartini taught in the program, I am certain that I would not have had the courage to follow my dream and experience the success I do today."

Frank DuPlessis

"The Breakthrough Experience has truly lived up to its name. The Breakthrough Experience has shown me why and how to develop my true destiny. I cannot put a figure to the return on the investment I made in this course. Thank you to John and his team."

Nick Hawke
"The Breakthrough Experience was the most inspirational weekend of my life. Dr Demartini has brought balance back to my life and most importantly has taught me to rebalance when needed. This is truly a magnificent gift."
Sharyn Goldstien
"I've done many different courses throughout my life and have never experienced the shifts that I did during this weekend's Breakthrough Experience. I am truly inspired by the Demartini Method and am looking forward to fulfilling all of my dreams. Attending this course is invaluable and an absolute must for a guaranteed breakthrough."
Nazmira Saloojee

"I attended the Breakthrough Experience two years ago and my life has changed in so many ways. I struggled with stressful situations in my business that were overwhelming me. Now I see these situations as valuable feedback that add to my business. I am eternally grateful for this change in perspective.

My business income has grown, the quality of my management and staff improved and if I am asked is there a correlation with having done the Breakthrough Experience, I say without a doubt yes."

Annabel Cilliers
"You have brought peace, love and understanding into my once cloudy, troubled and misunderstood life. I know now what I need and love to do. Gratitude, acceptance, harmony and inspiration now run through my veins and soul. This course has taught me to listen and to follow my heart just like my mother told me as a child. You  have altered my way of thinking to better my future and to become an absolute follower of Divine intervention."
Luke Bruner
"If you want to live an inspired life and manifest your fullest  potential, then there is no better program than the Breakthrough Experience."
Sherwin Holme
"What an amazing experience!  I have removed a lot of baggage from my heart. I will live in much greater love from now on. My husband and I will take these lessons home with us and try to pass them on to our children. I will be back next year."
Ronnelle Holmes
"I have a mom who is a schizophrenic and being a psychologist I went through endless blame and shame. Even though I believed that I have worked through many issues, there were moments that took me from composed, to angry, to weeping in seconds. I was angry and frustrated, believing that I had one of the role models for parents.  It took concerted effort and focus and discipline to stay with the [Demartini Method] process. My facilitator had his work cut out for him. I am a tough cookie after all. It's difficult to put it all into words, but some that come to mind "appreciation," "humility", "peace". I thank you for your values."
Karolina Laba
"The Breakthrough Experience  helped me take responsibility for the drama that played out in my life. To realise and become aware of the perfect Divine order I now look forward to all my adventures. Love you guys for the great work."
Sujen Naidoo
"It's been my second time here at the Breakthrough experience and I can really recommend it to anyone. It's been inspiring and a turning point in my life. Thank you John and you are one of a kind."
Luca Maiorana
"John Demartini is the most intelligent and gifted teachers I have ever come across. He is the Plato of our age and provides the tools for anyone to get a better idea on life, love and purpose. I can't thank you enough for enabling me to develop myself and gain control of my future."
Michael Sleeman
"This course has changed my outlook and perception on life to such a degree that I feel life has truly just begun for me. I have been awoken in every sense of the world."
Scott Mac Pherson
"The Breakthrough experience is exactly that. The second I broke through my perception I felt like a pinball clicking through, lighting up, all the cylinders firing. Was it easy? No, but I cannot reiterate enough how much gratitude I felt and how worth it it  was. I can now inspire my life, and reflect on the working of my life in awe. Thank you."
Suzanne Jefferies
"The course has been truly  valuable and life changing, the world feels different, more real and more exciting to be in. I discovered I have always been loved and worthy of love. I have realised more of my worth, I am clearer on my values. My life so far makes more sense and frees me from trying to figure it out. Frees me to move forward and not to be stuck."
Katherine Ross-Dingle
"I would like to thank John for the most empowering and inspiring weekend so far in my life. I am 38 years old. The course has been the best investment I have ever made in myself, I can see how it will give me the most valuable return. The greatest part is that I know I deserve this investment in myself and have set the precedent for my future education, which is one of my highest values.  I have let go of so much baggage. A heartfelt thank you!!!"
Sue Cook
"The Breakthrough experience is profound. It has transformed my filters regarding how I live and view my life. I recommend the Breakthrough experience for anyone."
Assis Pontes
"I had a major aha moment when working through the traits of my "difficult" person. I just could never imagine myself treating another person the way I had been treated. My realisation that we are all capable of every trait and my acceptance of this has literally lifted a weight from my shoulders - I walked away from the Hilton completely calm, without any noise in my head. Not since I was a teenager have I felt this carefree and focused - thank-you."
Sarah Day
"The Breakthrough Experience has shifted my mind and perceptions, clarified my life purpose and bought me to a state of grace, love and wisdom.  If you're thinking of doing this at all, don't intellectualise, just do it and experience your unique transformation for all its worth."
Calina Ouliaris
"A great course.  Contains a huge amount of information and value.  It is mind expanding and unique.  John is a great teacher who lives as he teaches."
Gerard Boerlage
"The Breakthrough Experience has opened my eyes to the balance in the world, that we all have every trait within us, and shown me how to access this.  I know have steps to empower myself by looking at areas I feel were lacking and by working through any resentments or infatuations I experience."
Shelley Smith
"A truly life-changing and transformative weekend!  I did not realise that all the answers were inside me the whole time.  I now have more certainty and purpose as well as the tools to bring these goals into existence."
Tamara Hume
"What an amazing weekend!  Sure it was challenging at times, but it was all in perfect balance.  I'm so excited for what my future holds and I feel I now have the tools to achieve my dreams.  Thank you Dr Demartini!"
Ali Schwarz
"[The Breakthrough Experience] has now helped me with understanding the world we live in, understanding myself better and the structures that were holding me back."
Nigel Fowler
"The Breakthrough Experience released me from striving for only pleasure, peace and positivity.  Dr John Demartini showed the exact equilibrium in the universe at all times and instead of fantasy, I was given gratitude and love.  Baggage, resentment, infatuation and attachment were completely dissipated."
Sofia Minson
"The Breakthrough Experience has allowed me to shed baggage that has been slowing me down. ‘Positive thinking' wasn't working, and now I know why!  I have a rather large calling and I know with certainty the tools John has lovingly given me are going to help.  Tomorrow is a new day.  I can't wait to get started!"
Matthew Isaac Smith
"Although I have read many of Dr Demartini's books, the Breakthrough Experience really is that - an experience, an opportunity to really wake up to the truth of our life experience."
Te Rongo Kirkwood
"I came not knowing what to expect, but looking for help with leadership.  I got more than I bargained for and learnt some very practical skills in understanding my values and other peoples values that could (and probably are) different to mine.  Thank you for helping me clarify my values."
Rob Dixon
"Thank you John, from the deepest of my heart for liberating me and helping me to find my mission in life.  You are a true inspiration and the pioneering work you have shared with us is truly ground breaking.  It has profound applications that will transpire humanity and take them to a new platform of thinking."
Rasika Amarasekira
"I got my mission."
Wendy Kearns
"The programme collapsed my illusions about my ex-partner and our relationship freeing me up to discover my mission and purpose in life.  As a result of the programme I am inspired, focused and have the tools to succeed in my new ventures.  A truly inspiring weekend that I would recommend to anyone."
Jen Burns
"The Breakthrough Experience was an eye opener about the importance of defining highest values and examining the role of money and finances to achieving these values.  The section on how to create wealth was very informative and well worth exploring and working with."
Veronica Kay, Chartered Accountant

"A big thank you for sharing your wisdom.  I feel appreciation and gratitude to you for connecting the dots and presenting it to us.  Thank you!"

Romy Quint
"[The Breakthrough Experience is an] eye-opening experience which draws a line that defines what your life has been and what your life is about to be - excellent experience."
Inaki Larranaga
"A lifelong matter is now closed. I can move on in celebration of a huge shift in both my #1 issue and a new consciousness of how to tackle all issues."
Author Unknown- South Africa
"[The Breakthrough Experience was] an "awakening" of the balance within that will transform the rest of my and my family's life. Thank you."
Ronald Sorban
"I did the Breakthrough Experience this weekend. My reason for doing this was to deal with the grief after the death of my son four months ago. I feel no need to cry anymore."
Judy De Sa
"The Breakthrough Experience will offer any participant attendee an experience so profound that words will be insignificant to describe. I am transformed-positively. I am grateful."
Evangelia Sorban Vargis
"By understanding the work of Dr. Demartini; I realize I am in control of my life and my destiny. My dad was murdered when I was 15 and my mum became an alcoholic depressive and had a complete breakdown over 6 years. I was diagnosed with MS in 2007. I thought it was the end of my world and I was determined to do everything I could to change it.  I attended Breakthrough Experience in +/- 2009 and continued the work with Mark Kahn after, as I felt I still had more issues to dissolve. I feel now that I can conquer anything.  Because of my understanding and working with emotions and dissolving them, my physiology changed as well - I haven't had any MS symptoms for the last year or so and I do feel I have conquered it. My vision and inspiration in life keeps growing to a place I never thought I could be, a few years ago. I am inspired and love life and my job."
Dr. Nicole Puchner - Chiropractor
"I have tripled my reading speed and I am only on chapter 4 of the speed reading book....WOW! I read THE RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON (first book I have read, ie: not on CD, in 5 years) I have started How to Make A Hell of A Profit and Still Get to Heaven. Lesson one took me three hours and 7 pages....WHEW!! I have opened two savings accounts and I have signed up for the facilitator's training.  See you soon! I spent 3 hours, over dinner, with my student Maggie Green and took her through the values tool, linking finances (lowest value) to her family and friends (highest value). She had a shift!  Wow.  Then she told me her real dream was to get her masters in speech pathology, but never could because of the cost. She left to head home, get on line and start the pre-evaluation process for the Masters program with FSU. Then today I get a call from a SPEECH PATHOLOGIST of 25 years who was so inspired by her work, and excited to talk to Maggie about it....and put the two together! The studio phones are ringing off the hook and I have booked 3 private consults for this week. Ay Chihuahua!"
Laura Tyree
"Firstly, thank you. Since I attended my first Breakthrough with you in 2009 and more significantly in March this year I have experienced many changes in perception and living. I have stepped into the driving seat, map still being fine-tuned, but recognizing I can drive HA! I have implemented many changes believing now I do have something unique and wonderful to offer the world and for this am grateful. I'm getting clearer on what exactly this is and fine tuning, open to possibility. Amongst one of the significant changes is selling a baby organic tea business which the accountant had written off as a hobby and which I would have walked away from, instead selling it for 3 times the gross annual turnover, believing in the value. My work and earnings have increased, I have fixed savings in place and for the first time in 14 years have money in savings. The significant shift though is no more spirals of depression and feeling inspired daily to bring some of these teachings into sessions with students I work withthrough yoga. Instead of seeing problems, I am now grateful to be learning and seeing opportunities. My youngest son, Lliam (13), took me out for coffee for my birthday a few days ago and asked: "what would you like to do and achieve between now and your next birthday Mum?" After pausing on a question that first blew me away and deserved a considered answer, he gave focused listening to my reply and then asked "and what would you like to do that really excites you?" As he went to school I walked with tears of love and incredible appreciation to the car. He left this afternoon to go and surf at State Titles on the Central Coast, returns for a day before heading over to Japan for 2 weeks surfing and learning about the surf industry there. It's amazing John how the tears of appreciation and love at the brilliance of life come on so many occasions as I step more and more into teachings to come from my heart. Thank you, with love."
"I attended his Breakthrough Experience seminar the end of May in Calgary. I was an anxious, scared, miserable person. My marriage was in the toilet, and I ended up having an affair. Then I took this seminar, and I became focused, calm, and driven. I told my husband about the affair, and he has changed! He has noticed the positive changes I have made and has decided to forget the past and focus on the future with me! As of now we are acting like we just started dating minus all the uncomfortable stuff. I have attracted into my life many opportunities to work with animals which are one of my top passions, and I have this husband that I just adore! I am blown away by all the amazing changes that are taking place and just wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! My husband is even listening to your CD's which he never would have even considered doing. This is all incredible! I have tears of gratitude!"
Jodie Peters
"Thank you so much for giving me a life changing experience with your "Breakthrough Experience" program. I think I will be using the Demartini Method® a number of times for various reasons and I am glad to have it as a tool. What I appreciate most is that I can talk about Danielle and any struggles we have experienced without crying. I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve when it comes to her. I think that Danielle thinks of you as her new best friend, which is probably why she insisted on putting our phone number on her thank you card. I have included a picture that I made for her album. You'll be happy to know that every time we drive somewhere, she asks me to put in the Dr. D's CD. Luckily I have the one for teens. I have learned a lot from you Dr. Demartini. I do see teaching from a different perspective now. I am focusing on the values. My vision is to work with kid's, through school programs, inspiring them to embrace life and to be all that they can be. I am a fan of "the Leader in Me" program by Stephen Covey but it will be great to incorporate it all- teaching to one's values, the 7 habits, the Demartini Method®. Maybe that's why I am on this journey!" 
Cheryl Linklater
"I feel so inspired to share this with you... when I was facilitating with you about 2 years ago we had a conservation about the purpose of Autistic Kids in the world, you said that you hadn't done much research on that topic. I am currently traveling the world serving others on my way and I see everything in what you teach everywhere, from the rich to third world countries. Your work inspires me so much, thank you for sharing it. What is more inspiring is that I am currently working on a 9 week voluntary placement at the Autism Treatment center of America. This is not a normal western medicine center, this is a non charitable organization run by a family who cured their son from autism and have dedicated their life to helping others. Their program is called the "Son-Rise Program." Their methods provide new tools for the children and the parents. They work with the parents and then with the kids...on love and acceptance....its amazing to see the profound effects of this in the children's lives, it is pure unconditional love. I believe the purpose of these kids is to teach their parents unconditional love, gratitude, and to equilibrate their parents which is what is happening in the family unit and as you know that parents will do more for their children then what they will do for themselves. It's truly inspiring and amazing to see the work you teach, in something so profound. I sit in here every day in gratitude with tears of inspiration, thank you." Love, Hugs and Gratitude"
Katrina Tse
"I attended 'THE BREAKTHROUGH EXPERIENCE' in Melbourne on the weekend with Dr John, and I just wanted to forward some feedback in the 12 hours I have been back in NZ!! I feel an incredible sense of calm, relief, and lightness that I have not felt in many years (if ever). I am filled with gratitude for everyone and everything. Even upon going to the supermarket I found myself smiling/polite and thoughtful (more so than usual). My 2.5 year old daughter has sensed that I am different, and she has been nothing but over-affectionate, helpful, loving and more beautiful than ever. (She normally does not sleep through the night, and we have clashes in the morning upon getting her dressed) NOTHING like that happened this morning. She slept through, and has been polite and affectionate like never before. I actually feel like we have an even deeper connection. I am extremely reflective on the weekend, and I can't wait to see how my life is going to unfold. I will be curious to see if my patients sense a shift in me when I go into practice this afternoon. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to experience John. I would be very interested in a refresher later down the track (and perhaps the trainer program)...and I would also be interested in my daughter attending (when she is of the right age) with gratitude, Sheridan."
Dr Sheridan Brady-Kay DC (USA)
"I never took the time to realize this but recently I looked back and remember when I was 5. My mother took me to school and for some reason the mother of another boy who was in my class grabbed her son's hand, put it on my head and pushed my head into the brick wall that was there. In that exact same moment that I was being negated and beaten my mother who happened to be there was there to comfort me, support me, and accepted me (and the same with those in the immediate area as well). Back when I was in high school I went out for the baseball team in 10th grade. At that time in my life making that team meant just about everything to me. The tryouts lasted for just under 3 weeks. I made the first cut and then the coach was reading off the names of those who didn't make the last cut. As he was reading the names I truly believed I made the team (because he didn't read my name) and then he paused and I thought he was done... and then he read off my name and I was the last person to get cut and didn't make the team. In that exact same moment that he cut me and negated me... he also praised me and gave me a compliment that I always remember to this day. This happened when I was a teenager. After all these years I just realized this amazing synchronous event as I was in the parking lot going into Whole Foods about 2 months ago and I got a tear in my eye. I was recently working with a woman who was emotionally charged and beating herself up because she recently applied to the PhD. Program at Harvard (she has a Masters from Harvard in Education) and was rejected and not accepted (in her perception). So I asked her in the exact same moment that she perceived herself as being rejected to the Harvard PhD program who was accepting her. She said in the exact same moment of rejection into the PhD program that her advisor accepted her and agreed to write her a letter of recommendation, her former professor agreed to write her a long and impressive recommendation despite his lack of time, she was accepted by her research advisor, and she also perceived that her department had accepted her as well. I also want to say that I appreciate all that you do and continue to do and am grateful to be carrying the torch and keeping it glowing and burning brightly. Thank you John, Love and gratitude."
Chaney Weiner
"You're an incredibly inspiring teacher and I feel blessed to have been brought closer to expressing and sharing my authentic truth from your teachings. When you were talking of our memory based on perception and breaking free of the limitation of delusion, I experienced a deeper awareness and understanding yesterday afternoon of what ‘Papaji' meant when he said "nothing every happened" One thing in particular, amongst so many, I would like to thank you for is in appreciating and 'allowing the journey' . . . I have heard this so many times but over the weekend I felt it and my level of appreciation and understanding escalated, feeling this in a more profound way than ever before. I could see the whole richness and perfection lay before me, as I can now and yes, tears of gratitude. I feel freshly inspired to live from my heart with a vision that is becoming clearer; to share my inspirations for yoga, health and wellness on all levels, awakening others to their own innate healing, love and wisdom. Thank you again John!"
Lucy Andrews
"I can see so many of the principles that you teach coming out in my life. I am so grateful to have come across your teachings and thank you for your dedication to studying universal laws and imparting what you know. It has been three years since my first breakthrough and 16 months since Empyreance®. When I look back and see who I was then to who I am now the transformation is incredible. I now have a plan for the future and a mission in life. I was very addicted to being positive and never really understood want it meant to be fulfilled. I was always chasing that short term gratification and had a fantasy of reaching the top without climbing the mountain. Mate now I love the mountain I have become grateful for what I have in life the talents the relationships the ideas the visions and of course the challenges. The more I appreciate the more I get and the clearer I see. I am site managing now on a large building site which is great experience. I am doing triathlons and cycling, learning the guitar and am about to start an investment project with property using the skills and contacts I have acquired. I am learning so much in life now, but am also giving a lot back. I am not teaching your method at the moment only through my life's demonstrations. I am always flicking the pages of one of your manuals as it is one of my driving forces and something I am setting myself up for."
Corey Bennett
"I know that you most likely receive a large number of emails and probably don't get to read them all, but either way I felt strongly enough to write this and sent it to you anyway and hope that you may get it. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have taught me and the door you have opened, when I came home I was looking through my note book and forgot what I had written on the first page as a wish list for the weekend, what follows is what I had written. Wish List Objectives: To finally be able to breakthrough my wall of fear, to learn how to start living, to learn how I can start loving myself, to learn how not to beat myself up so much, to learn how to open the door of my true potential, to stop feeling so guilty about everything that goes wrong, to learn to relax and finally to have fun! I am so proud to say YES to all of the above. I am already working through your book and material we received from the weekend. On my flight home I had another breakthrough and again this evening when studying. I believe you meet people for a reason and I know why at this moment you have come into my life. My life will never be the same again, I have learnt so much and REALLY for the first time in my life I believe I know what my destiny is. You see I really believe I have a lot to give to people and what's been right under my nose I am only beginning to see now. Thank you very much and you will be seeing me again, and again and again. My kindest regards with love to you and of course my total gratitude. I am really beginning to get it! Keep enjoying your life, you deserve it, and I really looking forward to having the great pleasure to meet and listen to you again."
Hugh Murray
"I write you today to give thanks and gratitude for assisting me in making my world a better place to be in. I am very grateful to have been blessed with the opportunity to have done work with you in my space. I also now am very careful about what I write and this is very real and true for me as I speak and write from my heart and not my head, so my words just magically flow through my fingers as I am aligned with heart. All else is illusion except love. I must add that when having done the prophecy with you Doc, it allowed me to give myself permission to live an abundant life. I finally got it and had my ‘Aha' moment of what my purpose on Earth is about. I cannot thank you enough from afar and tell you with my heart, that I love you and I am honored and special to have crossed your path in different forms. It is bigger than me. I have my Goals, Vision and Mission. I must mention that today 17th February 2010 for some reason represents an interesting moment for me. I had a Vision appear in my ‘minds' eye when I woke up this morning and started to give thanks and gratitude for all I have in my life, that I was the 17year old girl that stood in front of you Doc, and you were my Paul Bragg, telling me that today Mary we are going to find out what your destiny is in asking me what I am going to do with my life, and for the rest of my life. And all though it is impossible to turn back the clock. My Birthday is on the 7th February and I was born in the year 1971   And today being 10 days after my actual birth date seems to be a gift in some way , I truly felt the way I did when I was 17 years old. I want to be of service to the world in my own small way by helping people inspire their lives. And what inspires me the most is watching people do just that! I am a Genius and I apply my Wisdom and love. I am here to go after my dreams and no longer playing it safe. I surround myself with abundance and pearls of wisdom, and if I were to allow fear and failure to take over my life, then I would not experience my purpose. I focus on courage to lead, believe, act and do. I have asked myself many times, How do I make a living while I am making a difference to People's lives, and how do I have a life and find out what brings me joy and balance, even in a small way of my being of service to Humanity. If I love what I do, then I allow myself the extra mile to make it happen, and the people will find me, instead of me finding the people. I believe that I will work with you someday! - I truly do! If you were to give me 10 million bucks, I would create an Empire of opportunity, and search the GLOBE for visionaries and people that are neglected in 3rd world countries around the Globe, because I believe there are Geniuses wanting to be found in countries I would probably not even imagine would exist, we are all Geniuses. I want to lead in a powerful way and live and create a life of an impact of existence and if I give people what they want, then I can get what I want abundantly in my life. I hope my Thank you letter to you both will continue to inspire you in your work and allow me to be of service to you, even in a small way, and if it is minuet then I can say I have done my part of service to you, and "when" I have the opportunity to work with you both someday and to also be given the opportunity to create my wealth in a magical way , as I know for sure that my wealth sits in my Social Skill, because it is in the top 3 of my values list, then I would be very grateful even in a small way, to market and share to the Globe and provide a experientially amazing impact, then that is all I can ask for in my life. I now know that if I was to die tomorrow, that I got to say what I wanted to share with you from my heart with appreciation, love and gratitude for you both."
Mary Sirillas
"I have completed the Breakthrough Experience in Perth a couple of years ago. Since doing so I have co-created a TV series and brand (HGM). I'm very grateful to Dr. Demartini for his work I have found it to be the most useful of tools in achieving my goals."
Michael Messenger
"Thank you so much for an amazing weekend filled with so much knowledge, wisdom, new awareness and laughs. I am definitely still processing all the information but look forward to the days and weeks ahead as I embrace and apply all the knowledge and tools. You touched my heart and I left inspired. I look forward to seeing you in Vancouver in April. The world is a better place because of you, keep up the amazing work!"
Kate Muker
"This has brought tears of gratitude to my eyes, your work is truly phenomenal and has inspired the growth through so much change in my life. John I can honestly say that after doing The Breakthrough and working with Renate Landman for almost 18 months my life has never ever been the same, I have totally transformed my perception and would never have made it through the most chaotic, turbulent year in a long time, as I was completely aware of divine order in and amongst the chaos."
"Thank you so much Dr. Demartini. Your work has inspired me in a greater way than you can possibly imagine. I have lived in South Africa all my life and, like many; have been a victim of crime. Amazingly, when I did a Collapse, I was surprised and humbled to realize that I was JUST LIKE the criminals (in one way or another) even though I never ... See more actually broke the law or physically harmed anyone. I expressed myself differently but to the same effect. Amazing how The Demartini Method® can humble you and teach you to love."
Ntyatyi Mna
"I don't really know where to start but I know I need to start out by saying Thank You... thank you for changing my life, along with the help of a pregnant girlfriend who dumped me recently. I have come to live a different life, a life of love, compassion, gratitude and many, many more. I didn't understand how I was living until the day I picked up your books and before this point I never read or retained anything I tried to read. To make a long story short, I resented my Mom for taking me away from potential football scholarships and making me go with her every time she left my father. I also hadn't talked to my older brother in over 10 years but with the help of your two books I was able to see the positives and negatives, and one by one they cancelled each other out. I am grateful for everything that has happened to me. I live my life without the weight on my shoulders anymore and because I have changed, other people in my family have too. My 11 year old nephew comes to me for my new-found wisdom. I just wanted to say that you should stop writing books if you want people to come to your seminars... I learned so much from your two books and if people knew about them and knew the exercises in them, they wouldn't need to go to you seminars. Thank you for all that you have taught me, I promise to pass it along just as she did to me."

Solomon Terry
"I still can't sleep after arriving home from Breakthrough in Sydney. I haven't been this inspired for a while and I thank you for sharing your love with me.  I was literally glowing leaving the hotel and was stopped by a few Breakthrough participants who just had to tell me they saw it, too!  I - who had been continually, reminded how hideous I was while living in Houston - was getting genuine loving hugs from strangers.  What a high! My life has (newly-remembered) purpose and I'm looking forward to all that awaits me - wanted as well as unwanted contrast - because all is well and growth is where it's at. How lucky am I that we share the same time-space-reality!"
Eva Lopez
"Thank you so much for working with Caroline last Sunday. She is lighter, happier and full of ideas and hope for her life. It is such a joy for me just to feel her contentment and relaxation. It has been so long that she has been burdened by all the events and experiences of the last 6 years. I think she just set her sights low so as not to be disappointed. Possibly both of us and all the family have had a sense of keeping up an "alert "just in case, in the background, that we have really just been living on the sidelines of life. So what you did last Sunday has given her a chance to feel free and new and fresh and even excited! She was on a bit of a high and struggled yesterday with the ups and downs but has bounced back so quickly today rather than slip further and find it hard to recover. I do believe you have fast tracked her recovery that could have taken, maybe years. Thank you for the gift of that for Caroline and for us - as we were affected too. I feel so much more focused and inspired and hopeful too for things in my life that I suppose I did not spare the energy for. She is looking at moving out of the rehab service to the YWCA in the interim, in town and nearer to work and life- maybe next weekend! I don't know how I can thank you enough. I appreciate how you are touching lives and enhancing and repairing them. So knowing it is possible I hope I can give others hopes to keep going until things shift for them."
"Of all the seminars I have taken, and there are many, Dr. Demartini's still has made the greatest impact on me.  A funny thing happened when I finally finished my 1000 reasons to create wealth.  Earlier in the list, money/health/celebrity had shifted, but by the end, the area that has been the most problematic - relationships - transformed. Suddenly, it was raining men, and I've since had more than my pick of possibilities. For the last few years, I have visualized a relationship with a man who embodies magician energy, who is a star, who gives me white roses and who is cute as Eli (my celebrity chihuahua.)  A young celebrity magician saw me on a dating reality show in early February, tracked me down and asked me out.  On our first date, he made me a white rose out of a cocktail napkin. Last week he gave me a dozen white roses.  He loves Eli and sometimes dog-sits him, loves red carpet events and fundraisers, as do I, and is into attracting media attention in the same way I am.  He and Eli have a common spiritual mission too, interestingly. The things that Dr. Demartini says are with me on a daily basis.  I watch his DVD's and read his books, as needed, and keep up with his latest creations. Just listening to his words of wisdom is enough to make a sudden shift in my consciousness, to move me up into a higher zone. These products are truly the gift that keeps on giving, immortally woven into the halls of time.  It's not a one-shot workshop deal, no "wham, bam, thank you ma'am," like some of the others. This is the real stuff, which clearly comes from the highest realms of the soul."  
Karen & Eli
"I must say THANK YOU! You emphasize listening to inner guidance and always discourage people from getting too caught up in any teacher/guru. Your teachings are so clear and come from a high place of intent, a pure spirit. You do not encourage taking extreme risks. Your teachings feel safe and sound and true. I went to Modern Magic with your teachings, and they proved invaluable. I had a great time there, as an independent free spirit who listened to my inner voice above everything else.  
As a result of your encouragement, and seeing me as okay as I am, I am alive and living my path, not having my life dictated by anybody else. I feel like a person who knew not to get on an airplane that crashed."  
Karen Biehl
"I'm truly grateful to you for the Breakthrough Experience and all the wonderful wisdom. You're an amazing genius, a hell of a great guy and very special; and no I'm not going all funny. Thank you John, you've changed my life, I have gone on to read several of your books. Since my breakthrough experience, business has started to grow, it won the Medical Futures Best Patient Care award 2008 (Dec), I'm selling Clip & Pull in the UK & USA, launching in Japan this month and market testing in 5 European countries. My dream now is to sell Clip & Pull at a reasonable price for a few years in each country, then give it free to all disabled and persons aged 65+ starting in the UK by 2013 and free around the world by 2020. Since the Breakthrough experience, I've not needed Prozac, thank you; I'm removing negativity from my life everyday and expressing gratitude and love, thank you for that too. God has and will continue to bless you; because you are a true inspiration."
Cintra Jaggan-Vince
"Last week I attended a Breakthrough Experience in Melbourne.  I wanted to thank you on so many levels.  I walked away from that (I'll call it a lecture) with a new perspective on life, but you knew that would happen, I personally wasn't prepared for such a shift in my thinking and perception in life. I am presently 36 but throughout my life I have always thought that I was destined for something special, always thought that I had something great and wonderful to bring to this world and to offer the people of the world.  I have searched for that special something all this time. Two years ago almost to the date I was introduced to the secret and I was at that time unhappy in my life, I put my entire faith in the secret I was at the time writing a book and believed that the secret could take me out of the hole of despair I was in.  I finished the book, and as per my vision I had the book published but I didn't take it to the level that I truly wanted, and that was for that book to make me rich. I didn't ask for enough, I didn't envision to the degree that I truly desired. I became despondent that the secret failed me or I failed the secret.  My husband and I then hit rock bottom financially. I blamed everyone except myself for our woes. (I now know that I am responsible for this). March 2008 we were at an all-time low and I was determined to not go through it again, with my back to the secret I began to read all the books I could get my hands on in an order to gain financial control of my life. I read books on wealth, how to build wealth, how to be a millionaire, think like a millionaire etc...This sparked my thinking and awoken a dream that I have held for a long time where I would love to open a café called the graffiti café. The café would be run by kids for kids housing the talents of the kids who express themselves through graffiti, some of this artwork is beautiful, some of it down right awful but I have always thought how I would love to harness the talent and to guide them into a more purposeful life. (Constructive rather than destructive) This would be controversial in that I would be encouraging youth to do this but if I could save one soul from going off the rails I believe it would be worth it.  I have had this dream since I was 11. I realized that whilst I wanted wealth I had no real reason for it, in truth I was not a materialistic person, possessions were not that important to me but now I had a purpose. I want to be able to use the Demartini Method® as a tool for letting kids observe and deserve the love that they have and able to give. (I do realize that I would more than likely have to learn the teachings of the Demartini Method® and pay a fee, I am more than ok with this. I went to a seminar you held in May this year in Melbourne to promote your Breakthrough Experience and I thought that I could benefit. I saw a lady with the Breakthrough book and I went home that night purchased it online and had it in my hands two days later. I was only half way through the book and I had dissolved issues of guilt I had in relation to my mother who passed away 12 years ago and I can now speak of her without falling into a blubbering mess. Thank you. I have affirmations that I have been saying since that date. One of these affirmations "I am beautiful" after 3 weeks of saying my affirmations I was speaking to someone on the phone at work and they said that I was beautiful without ever sighting eyes on me, when I asked him why he thought I was beautiful he said that I sounded beautiful. I knew at that moment that whatever the affirmations I spoke, they would come true. I have since added more affirmations to those and I keep them in a book that I look at every morning as I have my breakfast. I attended The Breakthrough Experience last weekend feeling apprehensive as I was unsure but I knew that it was time for a change.  I walked away from the event blown away, I had been handed a gift I was at peace and knew that it was time for me to set the wheels in motion for the change to manifest."
Valissa Enever
"We have now moved from Calgary back to Sydney, Australia and I wanted to write to thank you for the big part you have played in making this a successful venture for me.  I am about to start a new job as Chief Operating Officer of The Leading Edge, one of the multi-national market research firms here, and I wanted to say that I don't think I would have landed this role without your teachings.  I went into a very competitive series of interviews and managed to land the role because I was able to provide them with a balanced perspective on the current economy and internal issues relevant to them and the industry. I was sure that I wouldn't be a strong candidate given I have been away from the industry world for 6 years but I went in thinking "I have no less to offer these people than any other candidate" as you told us we are needed in some way by everyone. I use your teachings every day of my life and feel I know myself better from the work I have done in your workshops.  I won't take up any more of your time, I just felt like giving you a hug today.  You've been such a diamond in my life.  I strive hard not to look for the weaknesses in others but only those that sit within me and strive only to improve on what I can with more compassion and "love" than I have known in the past."
"The irrefutable elegance of your sublime logic, planted a Micro-chip into my brain which exploded this afternoon. Driving back from picking up my dog from my niece's place, in the lush hinterland behind Byron Bay where we live, gently, it started to rain. The golden last light of the western Sunset shot its rays into the rain clouds rising in the east. I thought how immeasurably inspiring the weekend with you had been and how very grateful I was to have been able to hear you speak. How very grateful I was to all those other human beings who have gone before us and through whose genius and inspiration, down the ages, humanity has realized itself. My heart took wing, in infinite gratitude to you and all human genius and the profound synthesis you have formed through your dedication to finding human meaning. You are truly a Post-Modern Man. The Micro-chip exploded. I felt myself poised in acceptance and gratitude. Weighty ghosts of old resentments and remorse fell away from my soul, like dark vestments shorn. The rainbow's bright colors, framed in gold, proclaimed joyously the perfection of all things, on my way home."
Jeanette Krohn
"It is wonderful to find out how insignificant we are for the Universe. There is a perfection and balance out there, in everything that happens to us. Not to discover it is as hard as the resistance of a man to see the duality. We are so polarized that feeling the duality is very difficult. But, in the end, we can reach that that you talked us about: "Where is not God?" During all this time I've been crying so much that I have no tears left. Till one day the tears of pain became tears of love and inspiration. As you know, it is the best moment a man can live. Your book "Gratitude Effect" is a wonderful work. One can approach your philosophy from the experience of others. It truly reminds us of your teachings. In every chapter, in every word you wrote, I felt your love. My cheeks were full of tears of inspiration, of love, towards every person and the Universe. In just 18 months, I have suffered all the disasters that one can foresee for 10 years. I can assure you that the only tools I had to fight that feeling of desperation were the "in situ collapses": in every situation, moment, instant... I didn't have to write anything. Everything happened in my mind. My mind was collapsed at a high speed. I can assure you that you always be my "EMBASSADOR OF LOVE" because your teachings are those which change people and the world, as we know it. To share your knowledge, your wisdom with all of us is something that makes the humanity to evolve, and go through a new quantum, that I'm convinced that it will be a global one. During this time I've developed the ability of experiencing my collapses actively, (loss, profit) (profit, loss). Balancing was the only solution that I had if I wanted to overcome everything that was happening around me. I knew that I needed to love it if I wanted it to finish. The only magic potion and Aladdin lamp is love and gratitude. Not because I didn't know it, nor experience it, but because looking for it and find it in the worst of situations that's the Holy Grail. Everything you explained to me. All the love you give me was with me, in my heart. When I think of the past events, the experience that I've lived, I can nearly hold back my tears. Tears of unconditional love to life, tears of gratitude for everything it happened to me. Being grateful when there are so many misfortunes is very hard. Being grateful when someone is threatening your life, is even harder. However, when we reach that state, everything undergoes a transformation. You make me find out the secret of life, my dear John. You change people's destiny. You are someone special who means a new stage in the human being's knowledge. I'm still cautious because I'm not sure if I've finished my learning stage, or there is something more to overcome. If I knew that my God let me some time off, I would tell you that I'm pleased to attend to the trainers' course. That will depend on what I feel if it's the moment or not. "John", you are one of the best things I experienced in my life. Thank you because my life has a meaning. Thank you for having given me your knowledge because I can share it with those who I love. Thank you because with you I learn to balance my life, that is, to have God by my side. Thank you because you make me find love in everything that has happened, and that's the real finding. Thank you because you make me find out that love and gratitude takes you to a new dimension. Thank you, for been so far, thousands of miles away, but always so near."
Sergio Regol Soler
"Honestly, this was the most inspiring weekend I have ever been on- and there have been a few. John, you really made us work hard and I had a great breakthrough. What a great gift! I also realized how much we all seem to carry an unconscious understanding of the equilibrium or whatever else you called it in us. And why it made so much sense. I am now very grateful to my mother, something I never thought I would feel. I feel truly liberated. And you know what, as I had said, I used some of your method at work on Monday in our hospice. The two people I shared some of your understanding with, including a social work student and a son whose mother is dying at our hospice were both extremely grateful, and told me so. This is so encouraging. It makes me want to really deepen my understanding of your method and to apply it to help other people to be liberated. Still, I'm very grateful to you and if at all possible, I'll be going on this prophecy course of yours. You are, as we say in London, "a diamond geezer"!"
"I attended the Breakthrough Experience in Dublin. To sit in a room full of people with their hearts wide open with unconditional love was amazing. I wish to applaud Dr. Demartini for his 30 years of research and knowledge in bringing this light and awareness to the world. I am truly grateful for learning this tool in self mastery."
Regina H
"On June 21st and 22nd Dr. Demartini was in Dublin doing the Breakthrough at the Radisson Hotel in Golden Lane. There was a lively group of around 50 people there, some of whom had attended before and some who were experiencing this amazing work for the first time. People come from all walks of life bringing issues with them from all possible areas of experience. It makes no difference; who you choose to work on over the weekend since the "Demartini method" is simply universally applicable without exception. He has worked with tens of thousands of people all over the world and knows from his personal experience that every single emotional charge based on either infatuation (+) or resentment (-) can be neutralized. This brings about deep gratitude for all that is, exactly as it is, opening the person's heart to unconditional love. I'm going to share with you my personal experience of last weekend with Dr. Demartini. The day began with him explaining to us what he has studied over the years, what the main influences in his life have been and then he talked to us in detail of the incredible realizations he came to as a result of his endless research in many different disciplines. The basis of his revolutionary work is that you cannot have pain without pleasure, joy without sadness, depression without elation, which is demonstrated to us by the magnet; no matter how small we cut it, each piece has its positive and negative pole. We need to understand that we cannot separate two opposite principles, as one cannot exist without the other and to pretend that we can leads to lopsided perception and disease of some kind. When we perceive something, the opposite is inherent within it and his teachings lead us to see that if we pause to bring our awareness to this fact, always seeing both the benefits and drawbacks of everything in creation, the opposite charges are then neutralized, which dissolves the charge and creates light. This is a scientific principle which enables us to return to wholeness, experiencing deep gratitude and love. Understanding this principle is crucial to the Breakthrough Experience. The practical side of the weekend began after Dr. Demartini had taken time to share all of the above with us. We then had a short lunch break and I had the pleasure of having lunch with a small group with Dr. Demartini before going on to the practical part of the workshop, the Breakthrough Experience. We were all asked to think of a relationship which we perceived to have the greatest emotional charge. We then had to write down on two separate sheets 7 positive and 7 negative traits this person had. The process involved us going forward step by step, taking ownership of all the traits the other person demonstrated and then seeing drawbacks and benefits to them doing this to us, as well as us doing these things to other people. We continued to answer the questions in the process in great detail to continuously balance out the experience, seeing both sides at all times to bring us back into a place of equilibrium. The whole process took on a completely new dimension when we were brought to experience the divine order underlying everything. Nothing is ever missing. It is only our lopsided perception of a situation that brings us pain, so changing our perception in this moment, seeing the other side providing perfect balance, enabled us to experience deep gratitude for the perfection within everything. The final step allowed us to go further into this experience to fully experience gratitude for everything exactly the way it happened, not wanting to change anything at all and truly humbled and grateful for everything that had happened. At this point you look around the room and actually find the person you were working on as they manifest energetically before your eyes. Communicating with this person is a deeply moving experience, flooded with great love for them and actually for your-self. I was picked by a few people to do the final sharing of love with and so was deeply blessed. In addition to that, both Pete and Michael worked on me, which was something I would so wish to happen for many of you reading this. It was a truly magical experience, filled with lightness of mind and heart, love on a level I hadn't experienced before. Being able to see the other person in their totality and feeling the beautiful presence that intertwines all of creation, sculpting everything in absolute perfection, seeing this and being part of it sets you free to be magnificent. There are no words to fully describe this. I cried from this space of deep gratitude and love with my heart wide open. The same happened for many of the other people there. Just imagine being able to say to someone you thought had done you an injustice: "Thank you so much for having that trait. There is nothing I would want to change about you. I love you just the way you are. I hope my children have that trait, too." Seeing the whole picture showed us that nothing, absolutely nothing is ever missing. Energy only changes its form and it is up to us to dig deep to find the new form and to see the truth. I want to say a huge thank you to Dr. Demartini for being who he is in bringing these amazing tools to us. There is nothing I have experienced up until now that even approximates what I have learned from him. I can only say that attending this event could totally change your life. Free yourself from the conditioning that you have to strive to be only happy, or joyous or one-sided in any way. When you learn this process properly and apply it consistently, you have the means to become magnificent in every way in your wholeness. When you live your life in gratitude and align yourself to what is valuable in your life, and then you can set goals to create a life beyond your wildest dreams."
Fiona Stolze
"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the recent breakthrough experience that I attended with my wife in London on Mar 28/29. I admired (or perhaps I should say respected) your conviction and enthusiasm, as these are two traits that I hold very dear to my heart. For what it's worth, you certainly had an impact on me and my wife, and helped us to challenge the traditional one-sided perspective that becomes so commonplace in day-to-day society. Indeed, my wife as part of her mission wants to immerse herself in your teachings as a means through which to promote spontaneous healing to others, and plans to attend one of your upcoming training sessions. I, on the other hand, am still working on refining my mission statement through the close examination of my highest values. John, you are a spirited and inspiring individual. I guess in summary I wanted to thank you for that and in particular for rubbing off in such a big way on our small family. While I know you are constantly on the move and in high demand, I very much hope that our paths cross again in the future."
Sterling Grol
"Since attending The Breakthrough Experience, I have changed from my usual vegetarian diet to an almost 75% Raw Food Diet, lost 12 kg's in 2008 (since attending the BTE end march 2008 and Now I am 6 weeks with child (after 5 years of attending infertility clinic). My husband is over the moon, me...  I'm hungry but oh so delighted! Thanks Dr. John. F Demartini for showing me how to find and recognize the truth that was already within me. I got nothing for nothing but something for taking action."
Renecia Scheepers
"I've just finished my first official consulting job with a very large international corporation that has one of its biggest operations out of Trieste. They are either second or third in the industry of motor and power-plant building (and servicing) in the world. I believe he told me they employ 1,350 people in their Trieste operation alone and do 800 million dollars a year in business. My kids go to a private, American International school in Trieste and during a school-parent-children-interaction-encounter I mentioned my work in healing and wellness and he proposed a program to help his employee's balance their work and family life. It was only an afternoon program (3 hours) but after the program ended, I was able to inspire him on the "employee motivation and loyalty" concept, and he has requested me to go into their company and work with their managers. I'll be setting up an appointment this week.  This opportunity has given me a lot of inspiration for building a system- program for bigger corporations in which I will offer a 1/2 day, full day, (or even 2 or a 4 day program).  My dream has now expanded into working with big corporations in creating and heading up programs in what I have now called "The Life Balance" system. Needless to say, I'll be studying a lot of business in this upcoming year so that I can launch this as a part of the new direction I want to take my business. Antonella has been communicating a lot with the people who have now published "The Breakthrough Experience" book in Italian and are requesting that you come help promote your book... finally. I can only say that I am ever so grateful for these opportunities that I've been dreaming and scheming about for some time. I realize more and more that your work, your gifts, your inspiration has meant so much to my-self and my family. Thank you, again."
Howard Dwight
  "The gift of gratitude: my previous partner and his 2 Harvard graduate sons would be condescending and ask me to go bake cookies while they discussed Quantum Physics and String Theory.  I just wanted to let you know the empowerment you helped awaken in me.  Departing London I flew to Victoria BC Canada and sat next to a gentleman on the plane who was a physics teacher carrying on a full three hour conversation with him and was able to do so because of the teachings I received in your class. I also have been reading your new book 'The Riches Within' and thank you for opening my Treasure Box and defining the prioritizing of my values. I'm in the process of negotiations to speak in Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand in the spring! You are truly a man that is not only living his dream but helping others awaken what only lies within themselves, making it surface, and shine bright. As you will one day stand on a balcony over a giant square and speak to thousands, I know I will stand in stadiums speaking to thousands also! You're a gem John Demartini!"
Cynthia Manner
"Recently, I attended your Breakthrough Experience workshop in Denver, Co. and it was amazing and insightful. Before attending your workshop, I had a good sense of my purpose in life and had also incorporated my company to begin completing the vision I had in mind. Many people like the concept of my company which is to educate, empower and inspire fathers who have children with autism. I love the opportunity to share with others what I have learned from the journey during our child autistic challenge. Today, he is recovered and what a blessing it has been. I could not always say that. From the experience I formed the above-mentioned company but I wasn't attracting clients or manifesting any financial gain. After attending your workshop and living with an attitude of gratitude, what a difference it makes. Opportunities are everywhere and I am starting to get real busy. I love what I do. Thank you for the real tools to go where my imagination will take me."  
"I forgot to mention that since Breakthrough and our chat on that Sunday evening late May, I have stopped taking all mood stabilizing medication for bipolar. Over the last few months, it feels like I have experienced a significant shift in my brain chemistry - it actually feels like a chemical change."
Laurent Labourmene
"I just wanted to say thank you for changing my life. The blocks I had for years are gone and actually my relationship has gotten so much stronger because of what I learned at your course. Very powerful!!!!!! It's so interesting how so many people can change their lives if they would take your seminar. I have a lot of friends and family in the area that I told about the seminar and they are very interested. I would love to bring that mentality into my classroom as well in September. I would like one day to complete all of your seminars and eventually be able to become certified with your program so I could help others. It was amazing and life-changing. When I think of my purpose, I think of how your seminar changed my life and I would love to be able to help others. Keith and I will definitely attend other seminars this year, he already promised."
"Thank you for another mind blowing weekend in Toronto. This Breakthrough, as you know was quite different for me; I did not anticipate working with Ginger for 6 solid hours in the hotel room on Sunday morning. Although, I missed your speaking that morning, I know that I was destined to be in the room with Gin, learning about disowned parts of myself, thank you for the tool to accomplish that goal. In Calgary 2006, you had me collapse my sexuality, and as we have discussed for hours...and hours...and hours since then. As you know, over the past few years, I have just not dated; you also know that I have added much pain/pleasure to Ginger in the process. At this point, based on the hierarchy of my values, I still cannot identify whether my one special person will be male or female, someone from my past or my present, but I am open to whoever walks into my life (or people who are already in my life)  and helps me to fulfill my values. The past few years, I have been closed to the idea of "the one" special person, now I am open to it and for that I cry a tear of inspiration and gratitude for the brilliance that is within me. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher to me and for millions."
Chrissy Jones
"What is our potential in the world?  What does the Universe seek through us?  What are our limitations and how do we pass and move beyond them?  The Demartini Method® is a formula that addresses these questions and paves the way to harnessing our pure potential. The gift it can contribute to the world as a tool for healing, transformation and rising to new possibilities is nothing short of profound. Individuals in our world community predominantly live in a mindset of limitation and constraint, of fear that they are not enough, that what they want and seek is out of reach, or what has happened in their past is preventing them from living a fulfilling enriching life. The Demartini Method® addresses the very heart of these illusion and self-created limitations. How inspiring that such technology for the mind exists and is available to us!  I have yet to come across another process as capable and effective in producing authentic healing and "breakthrough experiences" for individuals as The Demartini Method®. That is why I am interested in mastering The Demartini Method® and taking individuals through The Breakthrough Experience for the pure purpose of the healing and possibilities it will bring to individuals and to the world.  As we face a more complex and delicate balance in the world, I think it is essential for our world as a community to have effective tools in expanding our ability to see the larger perspective and dissolve illusions of resentment and separation. The Breakthrough Experience is one such invaluable tool and method."  
Bella Dodds
"When you take a life, life itself changes, forever.  That dark Cold June 1990 Night when I took out my revolver and fired that fatal shot changed my life forever. In some ways great in others not so good, the term in the Police is not ‘you are not guilty until proven' for us it is ‘Guilty till proven otherwise by media alone' which was the case. I was very lucky to have a close family, who rallied around me with love and strong support, not to mention the comrade of my fellow work mates. As stated at the workshop, the Coroner took twelve months and a lot of evidence to show that I acted in self defense and in the protection of the community on a whole. It was a great decision, however long it took; a few weights were lifted off. Believe it or not, each passing day takes another weight off, and at your workshop yesterday, I felt a great weight lifted. Possibly the weight of balance as we spoke of, the balance of, be it guilt or responsibility where one feels unbalanced when one takes a life and is searching as you so pointed out, for a birth. No one has ever shown me the balance or the birth I was looking for, you did and I thank you for that, deeply. I feel a sense of closure occurred yesterday, it may be too early as yet, but I will let you know."
Unknown Cop
"When Curtis read the Breakthrough Experience and was Yada Yada Yada about this book I kept on saying yes love and carried on with my own life.  Once he checked on the internet and saw you had courses/seminars in South Africa he said come hell or high water he is going on this seminar. I left it at first and then when I heard how long it was for and I would not see him for a whole weekend, I thought what the heck let me go and see what all this ra ra is all about. We never really see each other much during the week as work is hectic between the two of us the weekend is really our only time together so there I was. The first thing I remember was Dr John Demartini telling us that we did not always have to be positive and that was great for me got my attention. Decided perhaps this Seminar was not going to be so bad after all.  And all I can say is it's been life changing for me. I just wanted to say that I bottled up my rape case for about 8 years, never told a sole about it not even Curtis, I eventually told him after about 8 and half years of trying to deal with it drinking myself into a stew and after many days of wanting to plant my vehicle under trucks nearly every day of my life, and trying to jump out of a hotel window (but luckily got caught). I went through some difficult times going for HIV/Aids tests etc after the rape all on my own, waiting for the results on my own, not even telling doctors really why I was wanting the tests, and trying to tell myself to be positive, and move on with my life. I booked myself into a rape centre for a so called counseling session and cancelled it on numerous occasions. I tried to go to Church to get help there and whenever I booked myself in with someone to talk to I cancelled that too. I threw myself into alcohol and drank myself silly every time I could not deal with it. Caused a lot of pressure on Curt and I, I am really lucky to have a husband like him I swear he put up with a lot without really knowing the truth he said he always suspected I had been raped but I would not talk.  After having a huge life crises and goodness knows why I decided to fling myself into a Sales Career dealing with men day in and day out all on my own it made no sense to me but I went a long with it anyway.  And now that I went on the Breakthrough experience I can see exactly how much I have grown as a person and why this happened to me, and why I made the moves and changes in my life that I have. I used to feel so guilty for what happened and always blamed myself etc. I know I am on the right track to healing now and why it happened as mentioned on Sunday I had an extremely possessive family over me, a boyfriend (now my husband) that gave me too much freedom. When I did the breakthrough as well the collapse my first time round it was amazing, I had pretty much the "white light"  where the person I chose out of the audience's face became one of my rapists and I could truly say thank you for what you did to me and how I have grown from my incident. I could not hear a single person in the room other than my two rapists sitting in front of me it was amazing. The freakiest thing for curtis and I was about 2 - 3 weeks later going on the Relationship seminar and one of my "rapists" was there and he said he was into swingers clubs etc before well that blew us right out of the water as my rapists were both into this too - we heard or Curtis read that on some occasions in the breakthrough experience people who had been raped picked a person out of the audience that in some way was either a rapist or had done something similar. We were absolutely freaked out to say the least, and then even more so than the first breakthrough when we realized this really works in life."
Gillian Dumas
"Your wisdom was the most tremendous birthday present I could have given myself and I meant it when I told you that for the first time in a few years I no longer feel my age! I have lived an incredible life to date and I do what I love every day.  Do I feel guided...You bet! I was seven years old when I was taught my very first history lesson at school. The first person we learned about was Mother Teresa as she had trained to be a nun in Ireland.  I'm not sure what it was that came over me, but I just knew that I was going to meet her. I didn't know when or where this would happen, but it was as clear as day in my mind. So in 1997 I funded my own trip to India and with the help of an Irish N.G.O. agency I spent a number of weeks in the slums of Calcutta making a radio documentary on street children.  Every moment of that experience just seemed to work out for me and little did I know that the day before I flew back to Ireland I would get to 'hang out' with Mother Teresa. That was a rush I can tell you - but nothing prepared me for what was to happen later that same morning that will stay with me for the rest of my life.  After Mass Mother Teresa was taken upstairs to her quarters and put on oxygen. Not being the shy sort I had been chatting away with some of the Sisters of Charity downstairs when (wouldn't you know it) the Irish Sister filled Mother Teresa in on what I had been doing in Calcutta.  Next thing I knew Mother Teresa had whipped off her oxygen mask ditched her wheelchair and walked downstairs to greet me with outstretched arms.  I have tears of gratitude in my eyes as I write this as it was an incredible moment when all time seemed to stop. We chatted for a good half an hour and one of the Sisters took a couple of photos.  I remember how physically tiny and frail she was but by golly was she a powerhouse of strength and a pure ambassador for good.  So there I was having just secured what would later transpire to be Mother Teresa's last interview and I was posting her mail!  I still draw enormous strength from our meeting. Obstacles I have overcome in life have made me who I am today - an exceptional human being with an acute knowledge of right and wrong.  I know without a shadow of a doubt that I am a genius at the work I do and I can be called upon to be a hero at any time. Thank you for all that you do for mankind John - we need more people like you.  I finished reading 'The Heart of Love' and I can't nor do I want to get the following line out of my head.  'Yet when you're humble in the presence of divinity, in recognition of the magnificent order of life, you can have confidence in humanity."
Marie Riordan
"WHAT I HAVE LEARNED FROM THIS WORK...Primarily this work has taught me that perception is everything! There is nothing that cannot be transformed through perception. I have experienced this profoundly in many different areas. Every time I see the perception change in myself and in the clients with whom I work, I experience this power. I watch their faces, their body language. I see them soften, loosen, I see them smile, relax. They move from heaviness to lightness. And I experience the gift of lightening in myself as they do. Many of them think that the ‘other side' of a situation just doesn't exist. If I ask them what the benefits are of someone being unkind to them, they say such things as - ‘my mind just won't go there'. The conditioning around this creates the most monumental resistance to equilibrating their perception. Our culture does not want us to go there. To see unkindness as love is a ‘perceptual gift' of indescribable proportions. Psychology just doesn't understand this. Psychology in the traditional formats as I have studied it is based on fantasies and addictions. The fantasy comes in many forms. One major form is that we think we need to find ways to experience less pain. Pain is not seen as love. Freud saw the impulses of the ‘id', as destructive and negative. And so we have to find ways to dissolve these impulses. This is a rejection of who we are, of the ‘instinctual traits' that serve us. And so to discover that we need all of our traits, that they do serve us, that we can come to appreciate them and appreciate ourselves in the process, this is transformative. This is a paradigm shift in psychological perspective that is immense. What has been equally amazing for me has been to discover that ‘there is a universal law which says that nothing can manifest without two sides.' So when a deeply depressed young woman comes into my office, complaining about her awful life and she says to me: "I have no control over anything!" I just think of the multitudes of hours I would have wasted in the past, empathizing with her, listening to her, while she moans and complains about everything, everyone, staying depressed....And now I say simply: "And where do you have control?" And 45 minutes later I see her beaming in front of me, the depression starting to dissolve. Psychology is addicted to supporting clients in their victim consciousness. To release myself of this addiction has been amazing. And all of this magnificence has been double sided! As many rewards as there have been, there have been drawbacks. They came at a price. I have been a psychologist for 26 years. The creation of a new psychological identity in adopting the Demartini Method® meant that I had to go through the destruction of my old identity, a confusing, chaotic and very painful process. And this creation-out-of-destruction resulted in a truly deep understanding of the very concept of build and destroy; another incredible gift. So there is a cycle: the destruction of my old identity, the creation of a new identity and in seeing this, the verification of the theory. Another extraordinary gift of this work has been that I have seen how a cognitive process can create an energetic shift in the heart. None of the previous cognitive therapies I have worked with or have read about can do this. If you had told me how this happens before I had experienced it, I would not have believed it possible. I would have fought you. What is fascinating about the Demartini Method®, is that it is a quantum leap upward in terms of making the unconscious conscious. Freud said that judging someone who was un-sophisticated was simply a projection of one's own judgment of one's lack of sophistication, onto another person. This is precisely what Dr. Demartini is saying. However Freud did not have a method for working with this. By getting the client to own their un-sophistication and then to find the benefits for others of this as well as finding the benefits of another's lack of sophistication for oneself is astounding. The deeper levels in the Demartini Method®, that enable this, produce a transformation that is in fact for myself, with 26 years of traditional psychotherapy behind me, magical. Dr. Demartini's statement that: "No therapy is complete until cause equals effect in space time," is profound. Traditional therapies approximate doing this at times, but lack the clarity, purpose and certainty to do this. For example, Existential psychotherapies attempt to get the client to take responsibility for their lives, but they simply do not come close to the Demartini Method®, in terms of power, focus and outcome. In addition no other therapy births ‘love' as defined by a synthesis and synchronicity complementary opposites, in the way that the Demartini Method® does. This is crucial in terms of its impact on the therapist. Finally - I have experienced transformation in my previous years as a therapist, but never have I experienced an opening of my heart in degree and energetic quality, as I do when I witness the opening of the heart of my clients as the Demartini Method® draws to its conclusion. In the face of grief, trauma, severe loss and rejection, this truly is remarkable."
Lily Fitz
"It has been just over one week since the Melbourne Breakthrough and I have had time to process, reflect etc. I wanted to say 'thank you' again for the lessons that were presented to me. Firstly, the interactions during the weekend revealed to me the extent that I devalue myself and my ability by deferring to others. It is one thing to be humble, and another to defer to others at the expense of self. A powerful lesson that has been presented to me on many occasions but I had not seen it nor learnt it up until now. My very first Breakthrough in October 2006 in Sydney was life changing for me yet it also threw me into what seemed to be chaos.  I'd spent a long time in 'therapy' many years ago only to recycle the same issues in a different form. I knew then that there had to be another way but had no idea what it was or where to find it. That was the driver that directed me towards the Personal Development industry and ultimately to The Demartini Method®. That Breakthrough made me see how I had spent most of my life looking for parental love yet it was there all the time; I just did not see it due to my imbalanced perceptions and emotions. I knew from then on that if I could facilitate this process with others to get a transformation such as I had in such a short space of time that was what I wanted to do. As always, I have nothing but respect and love for and of you and your work. I am progressing and have had significant insights. Additionally, since I am a Secondary School teacher by profession, I have been able to connect with a Principal friend of mine and have secured an opportunity to give a presentation to him and his leadership team. That is just one of my desires; to open the hearts of teachers for their own sakes as much as for the sake of students. I spent my life in teaching saying, 'there's got to be another way' and didn't truly understand just what that meant or what 'the other way' was until I decided to leave the teaching profession. I also realized that I couldn't make a difference if ever I was going to, while being in an 'institution' such as education is."
Lilly Fitz
"My heartfelt thanks to you for the profound results I received at the break through experience last week end in Melbourne. With love in my heart and a tear in my eyes I thank you for giving me back my freedom to walk. I am now walking everywhere without my walking stick and I have three new movements in my leg, to think after five years of therapy and hundreds of thousands of dollars. One week end can transform a body and a life. A new life filled with love was born and an old story ended. I learnt from you there is love in everyone we just have to look and we will find love in everyone we meet. The neuron psychotherapist in Melbourne cannot understand why my hand is not moving more as all the pathways are now there. They are saying it is hysterical paralysis. I was wondering if you felt it was worthwhile for me to book some time with you next week in Sydney so we can try to get this hand moving again."
Carolyn Buchanan
"Thank you for this amazing experience the effect on my life and the lives of those around me has been profound. I sincerely thank you for this revelation, gift, honour, greatest opportunity and true transformation. I remain Prozac- free!!! And I have since read many of the books you recommended including some of yours and some by Deepak Chopra; and I thank you for sharing your knowledge sources. Reading my purpose statement, love list and affirmations daily plays a major role in my life and it helps me to maintain a significantly clearer vision, gain inspiration and express gratitude and love; and I sincerely thank you for that. I am delighted to tell you that I have since taken a very significant step to grow my business and help humankind."
Cintra Jaggan-Vince
"I did the Death process on my son Michael who died 7 years ago, while John was doing his demonstration on the Death Process yesterday morning. I somehow realized I should be listening to him, but just could not stop myself once I started. I followed his instructions in my mind, and wow, did the tears of gratitude flow when I finally realized the huge benefits and the opportunity to have been blessed to experience his death. This issue must have been very important to me to have been able to "tap" into it mentally. I did receive counseling before and after his death and here it took a mere 35 minutes to receive the benefits of his death. This weekend for both Kath (daughter) and I was another journey in our quest for Eternal happiness. Thank you so much."
Pat Wili
"Thank you for the wonderful experience that I had this weekend, I would just like to say that every year I buy myself a birthday present, this means that along with the toaster or pyjamas or other such gifts I always get something that I really want, this year I decided to give myself the gift of The Breakthrough Experience, a bit of an early present because my birthday is only on the 3rd of May, but it has been the BEST present I could have given myself, I had life changing experiences, I have decided that I will also give one person a year the gift of having this experience, starting with my children."
"John...I know how busy you are but I'm guessing never too busy to hear about successes that comes from your work.  After I collapsed my ex-husband and had that profound experience at Breakthrough, our relationship completely shifted. I became so grateful to him that I was able to clearly remember and see his highest values, where before I was too charged by emotion to be objective. I began communicating to him in his values and the dynamic opened up completely, just as you said it would.  The negativity has been a dark shadow in our lives for years, and now it's transformed to light. I never would have believed this was possible. Here's the biggest news:  just today, he let me know he is putting everything aside and we are no longer heading for court, even better, we are communicating and working together to give our sons a better life. So from my heart, I send you many thanks, on behalf of all of us."
Elizabeth Bryan
"Easter time signals an anniversary for me, the time of journeying to Double Bay on the Sunday, the Ascension into Heaven, and from then to spend a week with you in various programs, ending with a Breakthrough I believe.  It was at that Breakthrough that I received the message "you will teach many". I remember thinking what could that be - acting? I remember strongly the painting on the wall opposite to me, reminiscent of early Europe, somewhere I thought. And I remember saying during the closure "I feel as though I have known you all before and sat with you around a table such as this". This Easter it is either 13 or 14yrs I believe and much has transpired in that time.  Australia and teaching here has grown very strong for you, impacting many lives and hearts. The depth and refinement of the teaching has evolved to greater heights, and the simplicity of the message remains strong and true. Your dedication has not faltered and your commitment to "being there" for people has grown and expanded to newer levels of mastery.  Inspirational! I am inspired to take this moment to thank you for being the carrier of the wisdom, the message, and the knowledge. Thank you.  You are in my Heart and present as I journey and share with the arts world the wisdom and truths and heart we shared that week.   From my perspective it has seemed slow and yet I know I am on track. And the depth to which these messages have already filtrated through to the world of theatre, film and television cannot be measured. The Heart of Drama day seminars continues to impact and as a result I have many more from the arts wanting to participate in a Breakthrough weekend. I have much appreciation and gratitude John!"
Faith Martin, Casting Director
"Thank you for your light and inspiration it has changed the way I perceive the whole world now. I am on the radio everyday from 11 to 1 pm as an invited guest of Shaya. He is himself teaching it on TV as little as he has learned; he is all ready impacting the lives of many people in other states when he makes them see the underlying order in their lives. My last boyfriend is transforming horror life`s stories into love stories in Morelia and Cancun, the word is spreading through Mexico like hot cakes to people who would never even dream of going to the states, let alone paying 1200 dollars or meeting you. You have inspired me from day one till this day and beyond and my inspiration is reaching many thousands on the A.m. radio frequency in Mexico. I still don`t have an overview of the world impact but I sense it and it gives me an "anchor" (the object that ship`s through in the water to stay still and not drift) to want to stay here in this world for a bit longer, you know that has been my life`s challenge, to want to stay. Well with your intention and this tool this has been possible for me, I struggle with it on an everyday basis, and I think I am still euphoric a bit about life still. But here it is: Spiritual: I feel my power and don`t need anyone to fell loved. Mental: I am able to see through life`s perceived misery`s and see through the masks of people and myself. Vocational: I love my service of helping people to detangle their nuts and to understand their lives why`s. Financial; I am making enough money; I am financially independent and saving! Family: My son is free from my value system, I appreciate him and recognize him and we are in love and not war/peace. Social: I have over 3000 students/patients who have taken the collapse. I am invited to more radio stations little by little. Physical: I only eat raw fruits and vegetables and everything alive and fresh with color. When I met you the first time I perceived I had none of the blessings above. Thank you again for BEING and EXISTING at the same time as me on this planet. I love you now, not on the pedestal but in my heart!"
Angel DeVine
"All my life I have been asking questions... it all started when I asked my mum at 7yrs why it was that I could see lots of dots in the air... after sending me to many eye doctors they were baffled. When I was older I noticed that I could see energy and it was heightened when I was in a meditative balanced state. After years of studying many forms of personal development and experiencing GOD  through many different mediums including dance, Reiki, meditation, Massage etc... I feel like the missing piece for me was answered when I did my first breakthrough in 2006- all the other methods seemed too 'positive' and fluffy- so thanks for the big wake up. I am a trained facilitator, having attended 2 trainers, 1 prophecy, 3 Breakthroughs and facilitated at 4 Breakthroughs (I was a facilitator in NZ last Nov). I am about to sell my dance school that I started 8yrs ago (at 19) to follow my heart and consult to dance schools around the world introducing The Demartini method®. This information would be life changing to so many dancers and teachers; I get choked up writing to you about how I strongly feel this wisdom is needed in this industry. When I was 15 and 16 I studied my school work by correspondence and attended a full time professional school in ballet and dance 6 days a week 8hrs a day, then I would go home and do 6hrs of school work. I would compare myself to others, thinking I was not good enough (and boy I was) then I would do the whole "positive thinking" and visualize I was something I wasn't, then beat myself up and the cycle began- this is what my teachers and many sports psychologists taught me to do, was the positive thinking! It is not the whole picture and this is my calling to share this profound wisdom to my industry. I have three schools booked in so far for 2008. When I work with dance schools I want to introduce the method, and encourage them to come along to Breakthrough for themselves. I really want to get started this year and get my full certification. I love working with people and guiding them to tap into their magnificence... to me that is what I was put on this earth to do."
Kate Histon
"24 hours after finishing the Breakthrough Experience in London, I am still stunned at what an amazing experience it was. I feel very privileged to have been part of the group and for you to share all your work and being such an inspirational teacher. I did a lot of thinking and planning today (and took some actions!). I feel really motivated to study and expand my horizons and business. It is amazing how time spent reading news papers and magazines and watching TV can be transformed into doing productive, meaningful work. I was searching a long time for someone who could help me answer all the questions which have been buzzing round my head and stretch and challenge me. I have already signed up for prophecy in November and I look forward to studying with you further and applying all the wonderful tools you have taught."
"I just wanted to thank you again for a truly valuable and life changing experience. I must admit that I did not quite know what exactly I am going to experience and you have fulfilled and exceeded every possible expectation. I guess it is up to me now to convert this knowledge and make it mine for the rest of my life. I just wish I would have known what I learnt these past days 30 years earlier, I am sure my life would have been differently. Having said this, I am very grateful where I am now and how everything has panned out thus far. I am going through a rather rough spot in my life (again) and you assisted me greatly in breaking down the resentment and even hatred towards my father in law. I can honestly say that I do appreciate him and love him with all my heart. Thank you for giving me a gift, which will influence my life going forward - I know! I will start right now to draw up my vision and mission, review my values and get action going towards achieving what I always wanted to. I have put into action already some steps to change my career and make changes in my relationship. Why does nobody tell you this truth at school level? What a change this would have been for me in my life ... and all the other children?! I will teach my children this knowledge from tomorrow onwards. They are little geniuses too and I will treat them with the respect and challenge they deserve and require. I feel deepest gratitude for you and for the work you do. You are someone I do aspire to become - and the next one on my breakdown list! Keep following your vision and bring this gift to the world."
Armin Philipps
"I just want to say thank you for a most interesting and enjoyable weekend (I did the Breakthrough Experience with you in London). It was excellent and I had a wonderful experience, doing your method: after I owned the traits, and had said ‘thank you and I love you' in tears of gratitude, I had lots of little shifts in perception etc, - and when I wrote the letter the experience became even stronger and I had a physical feeling of my father (the person I chose to work with) energetically merging with me. It was most strange and wonderful and at the same time not a big deal at all, very natural. Anyway, I am very happy that I have done the weekend, and I'm now integrating it all and doing more collapses and seeing how it changes the more you do it. I so would like to do the Trainer Training course and hope that you will be able to do it in London. If not, I'm thinking of going to SA in December (haven't checked yet whether there are still places but will do so today). I love this work as for me it is a practical way of applying what I've been studying and learning for many years. I was going through a rough patch and decided to choose a word every day, and write something uplifting around that word. Not just positive thinking but a bit deeper and more meaningful. I did that every day for a year, and ever since I have been thinking about publishing those writings. And this year I am finally working on editing and partly rewriting the Words and I'm totally loving it; and I hope to publish them towards the end of this year or next year as the ‘Words for the Day'. I want to thank you once again for the weekend and the gifts of your materials, and for doing what you love doing and having a mission that involves giving other people wonderful tools to understand and love more. Thank you!"
Maartje de Wolff
"Giving Thanks for friends old and new and that most certainly includes you!  Sharing and caring in tune with Gratitude. Somewhat recently I learned about "The Law of Lesser Pissers" from a teacher of Love, Gratitude and Wisdom - Dr. John F. Demartini.  He says if you've got a choice between pissing off yourself or another, always choose the other since you're connected to them off and on and you live with yourself every single moment. Makes sense to me along with the rest of his heart opening, mind expanding teachings presented through The Demartini Institute. Upon my return to NYC in March this year - after a 3 month honeymoon with Maui, HI, I met Dr. Demartini and now have entered a marriage with myself - all parts of myself, particularly the parts I didn't know I was ignoring. I did the first Breakthrough Weekend in March, the second in June and experienced the 17th Annual five day intensive Training Certification Program in Houston TX over Labor Day. That initial $1,000 investment in my-self for the first Breakthrough weekend was akin to an act of desperation. If you haven't started the career of your dreams by age 70...what's up? It seemed to me that time was running out and if I didn't do something soon, I could die taking my unreleased gifts and unrealized dreams with me. It was up to me to dig up the money, the courage, and the trust that this Breakthrough Experience would serve me and free up whatever was "holding me back." I can now review my almost 70 years from a full spectrum lens - the Rainbow Lens for Goddesses sake! ... I am so happy that the rose colored glasses have disappeared and Balance Blooms.  I saw my very first full rainbow in Maui, both ends.  Now I know that one end is gratitude and the other is love.  Thank you for the lesson of Balance and the reality of rejection as a necessary part of the whole. That surely frees me up to complete half-finished heart projects to full-hearted completion. Until now no one could convince me to plan and set goals.  I chose to live spontaneously, in the moment, trusting totally in the safety of a benevolent, loving Grand Organized Design (thanks again Dr. D.).  I was willing to make the best of what showed up - and to love it to the best of my ability. The wisdom around loving what is, developed after fifty years of starring in victim roles where I gained great expertise in drama, trauma, pity parties, etc. For so very many years it has been my dream to write, to teach, to speak, to play, to sing and to inspire people of all ages.  I am Thanking the G.O.D. for Dr. John F. Demartini and The Demartini Institute for the living example and inspiration.  His words are, "If you want to thank me, stand on my shoulders," which touched me deeply. Well, at 70 I MAY have a little challenge balancing on shoulders AND, in Great Gratitude I am giving THANKS for the invitation - to Heart fully and Lightheartedly express ALL MY LOVE - from EVERY angle!  Now that I have a perspective based on the TRUTH of Universal Principles, the purpose, vision and mission is emerging naturally and I'm creating a master plan for the next 55 years!  I want results!"
Ohbeeb Cavalcante
"Just wanted to touch base and let you know what a profound week I have had. The events of the weekend and knowledge presented were truly evolving in every aspect. I can't remember the last time I felt this grounded! The clarity I have been given through this amazing process is remarkable and I can simply say that I feel like I am at the very beginning of an incredibly wondrous exciting journey both personally and professionally. Interestingly enough is the fact that I now have a more clear understanding of the theory of Yin and Yang despite my practicing and studying of the discipline for over 10 years. I just wanted to let you know also (residing in the East Coast of Canada) that you can look forward to having me as one of your leading facilitators in the Atlantic Provinces in the near future (wink). I am confident of that!"
Natalie (The Artist/ Acupuncturist)
"I wanted to express appreciation for this last weekend I have for five years been seeking to break attachment to old repeating pain I achieved that this weekend and am creating a piece of art to celebrate that! I have had a pain in my chest arising like the precursor to tears for a couple of months.  In that space I have been yearning to connect with my mother who has passed. I see now it was overwhelming gratitude which at that point I could not identify. Now I see her in many people and am in awe! I have added wealth to my top 10 value list and experienced it already, I returned home in an altered state and in that space have taken back my power. That gives me a great sense of satisfaction and appreciation but mostly peace. I have been a good worrier! I have been conducting monthly Abundance and Gratitude dinners for the last 18 months and will continue to foster them with renewed vigor. I invite contribution and we disperse to whoever appears with a need to be supported. Each is themed with a spiritual or creative exercise to which I now will add some more quantum dynamics. I will be doing your training program and will connect with the Prophecy one as well. I have been working with women with breast cancer and people moving through grief and loss.  In that space I am experiencing profound intimacy with the physical being of the human form.  You will be one who will relate to that. I am writing my second book called Once Were Worriers. I will be able to complete it now. It is full of paradox and synchronicity, some poignant and some hilarious. Dr. John Demartini I honor you for your contribution to humanity and I would like to continue this association."
Natalie Bears
"I have recently completed the practitioners training with Brandon Bays, and thought her work was great, but have to say thank you to you for showing me this weekend that forgiveness is not the key.  Your techniques for finding true gratitude, depth of love and openness that comes with that is so profound - I can't find the words for this experience, in fact I don't know if there are any. Just thank you!"
Joanne Manning
"I attended your Breakthrough Conference in Denver, last weekend. I wanted to thank you for providing the Demartini Method®. It is still "collapsing," even after the event, and I make additional Equilibrations each and every day. I tell everyone about it, and some people are interested in attending your future seminars. Even my therapists appear to be interested. I wanted to thank you personally, and purchase your book. I had to go to the ATM.  The ATM was down, and had to go outside the hotel. When I returned you had continued on to your next appointment. However, I bought your "How to Make a Profit" book and read it on the airplane. It was uplifting (pun intended) to say the least. The biggest thing that I learned is that it is my responsibility to nurture myself, and that I have a "voice" to express new ideas and innovations. I have made strategic improvements in my business since returning from the seminar. It's amazing! Anyway, I want to thank you for sharing your research and method of healing. I find it thoroughly fascinating and ingenious! I am thinking of attending the Chicago Breakthrough."
Michael Margerum AIA
"WOW!! What a weekend, I cannot tell you what a profound effect this has had on my life. I have studied so many topics over the last 30 years of my life. I have experienced a full life. I have quested and been thirsty for knowledge of, "Why are we here" and "What makes a person happy?"
I knew it wasn't money or material things from an early age. I have found TRUE HAPPINESS. When I called your offices it was so my son could possibly find some peace around a stabbing incident he was involved in several years ago. He is an angry young man and I was searching!!! When I called your offices I was told how beneficial it may be for me to attend. So I decided to go and had NO IDEA how transformational it would be for me, never mind the transformation my son has undergone, and continues to undergo daily. You and your work were the missing pieces to the puzzle. I have created some wonderful things in my life, but at times found myself in situations and experiences that were causing me great stress. This wasn't making sense to me!! Then YOU came along!!! What a gift, what a blessing! Dr. John, you are love and grace and I thank you for affirming your genius. I send you boundless amounts of gratitude and blessings for the work you do!"
Patti Tucker
"I just want to send another wave of loving gratitude your way for the great gift you shared with Shalom and I in the San Francisco Breakthrough Experience, (referred to as the BTX below).
Shalom just sent me a letter yesterday where he shared this about his experience at your BTX weekend: "It was a great blessing to do the Dr. Demartini Workshop with you. I gained a profound insight that will remain with me as long as I am me" I have a recurrent image that keeps coming to mind as I think about how the BTX impacted me. I keep having the experience of imagining my life line from birth to this moment as if it were a string. Before the BTX experience the string was loose and lopsided with my "positive" experiences on one side in clumps and my "negative" experiences in clumps on the other side. After the BTX, the best words I can come up with is that I've had a "quantum meta-psychological chiropractic" done on my feels like the BTX was just like  having my entire lifeline drawn tight and snapped with all my "positive and negative" life experiences suddenly perfectly lining up. I shared the above experience as best as I could with Shalom on my ride home while riding thru the beautiful empty city of San Francisco at 3AM after day one of your was such a strange and beautiful feeling to suddenly feel my whole life lined up in perfect balance...everything felt so new and fragile ...and I was afraid at the time that I would lose the realization and corresponding feeling. But guess what? It continues on to this day, it is so incredible and such a great gift to feel and deeply experience the perfect balance that has always existed in my life! The body of work you have assembled is the crème de crème that I have found so far in my lifelong studies. I am feeling totally inspired by the gift you shared with me via the BTX and continues on with me as I study 5 of your books at once. With great love and gratitude for you and the incredible work you have shared with Shalom and I and continue to share with the world at large."
Richard Marks
"I just wanted to say how grateful I am that you had time to meet with me last night. Your tireless dedication to your mission is inspiring. Thank you for helping to bring further clarity to my ideas. When I was much younger, I used to study astronomy and other sciences. Somewhere along the line I became very bored with the education model that I was in, and definitely "tuned out" (the only thing that got me through science class in 7th grade was teaching astronomy to the students). Since then I have yearned to find teachers that are truly inspired about what they teach, because I love to learn from people who are inspired, regardless of the subject matter. Thank you for being a part of my life and for giving me the opportunity to learn, especially in these areas that I've always dreamed about learning. Every time I have the opportunity to join one of your teachings, my heart opens more and I am inspired. I have tears of gratitude as I write this email, and I just wanted to say thank you."
"I am in the process of reading The Breakthrough Experience. Within the first pages you convinced me of three things: Why my positive directed thinking was not working. Why professionals that I retain, lawyers, real estate agents, doctors, always fail to do their job. That you alone understands what happened to me some thirty years ago when I came to such an emotional imbalance and when it broke lose all there was, was this unconditional love. It was such a strong feeling that it took me to my knees in tears. It was almost suffocating as though each particle of air and life was nothing but love. I knew at that moment that I had found truth. You have put it all together and I want to thank you for it and to thank myself for sticking to my guns, knowing that it was truth. I also want to thank myself for recognizing it. I know now that what some people experience, like Eckhart Tolle is Quantum Collapse. I like your term. It is when our emotions are so far out of balance that survival is fairly dependant upon the Collapse Theory and all that is left is the Truth that nothing is real but this universal Love that we have named God. What man perceives as love has absolutely nothing to do with what Love truly is. Man's understanding of Love is nothing but a shadow of the totality of love."
Unknown Author
"Thank you for the blessed opportunity of phenomenal growth I undertook after attending your fabulous Breakthrough Seminar last year at the Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica California. There are no words that can express how much my life has changed since then. I have been totally committed to integrate all the info you shared over there and to follow your principles and advised. After this new info was integrated on a body cell level, I kept growing while reading The Breakthrough Experience and Count your blessings books. Many of my friends around me have noticed such a change that they are now being inspired to read your books!"
Unknown Author
"Many, many thanks for a powerful week-end! I energetically felt that you and I are on a similar "wavelength." Much of what I've learned and understand comes from my education  (Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology, Psychology and specialized educations in AC/DC,RF/VHF/UHF, Lasers, Religions just to list some...); however, the most profound insights appear to have come to me from "tapping into" a "pool of knowledge" or delivered through "unsuspecting messengers." "Awe-ha" moments that I realize are not from me but from that which flows to and through me at every given moment -Omnipresence. When I receive an insight and share it with others, most people respond as if I am from outer space or have no interest - even the "enlightened ones" I know and love. While that is recognizably part of the Divine Balance; it can be very lonely (Before your training, I've never looked for where I was/am receiving "support"). Discovering that in my grand design's perfection lies the opposite was insightful. Discovering that it is likely to crash around me makes perfect sense and although I absolutely, positively see that its destruction is for my soul's highest and best growth as well as that past growth experiences were perfect... it's freaking me out! This week-end, you shared much of what I've learned and shattered much of what I hoped. It feels good to see and hear validation; challenging to reassemble... On the other hand, yes there was much learned to support the change process, for which I am grateful and is mostly calming! Thank you for the realization that in the conscious grand design of my present life experience I unconsciously recreated the fantasy life of being married to a perfect father... now that I am aware of this illusion I can grow up and finally be an adult. Thank you for the quest-ion: why was I unable to see, feel, and recognize my dad's energetic presence in the process? What more do I need to know, understand, learn to complete the collapse process on him? Thank you for  launching me on the path of redesigning my next screenplay in which I play an adult contributing to the advancement of planet earth and perhaps even its introduction to solar systems beyond... who knows. Thank God for Spirit's guidance and filling in the blanks! Laura, Elexis and I discussed completing your Certification Program. Thank you for making it available. It is an answer to my prayers... Look forward to working with you again in future seminars."
Jan Ingersoll
"This weekend, you awakened the monster that has lain dormant inside of me for a time far too long. You have inspired me to remove the layers of affectations I have applied to hide my true self in order to fit into a society where I was born to stand out. I will be published before the end of May this year, which is my new goal. I am going to be working on a piece about Iraq and the war from a very national and worldly perspective. Couple of good quotes that touched on a few things you talked about this weekend. "Sovereigns and subject become intoxicated together at the cup of tyranny... Tyranny is the handiwork of nations, not the masterpiece of a single man" Marquis de Custine.
"Totalitarian states fascinate us because of the way they reflect buried parts of our fantasy life." Adam Hothschild. "A man does not have himself killed for a few half pence a day or for a petty distinction. You must speak to the soul in order to electrify the man." Napoleon. "A wise man will be the master of his mind; a fool will be its slave." Publilus Syrus. I am always looking forward to our next encounter. I know there will be many."
Jason Jones
"I don't know if you remember the Breakthrough in Dallas in Feb. 2001, this was my ninth one with you. I was sitting in the back on the second day and an energy that felt like a cone just engulfed me. It just sat down on me and I started crying instantly. You had your back to the class writing on the chart, you instantly turned around to ask me what was present or something as such. I just cried and answered that I just had a realization I can do this or something like that. I did not answer you fully to what was there for me at that moment and that I carry with me every day since. That energy sat on me and I knew instantly I owned Breakthrough. The voice just keep repeating over and over I own this, I own this and so on meaning I own Breakthrough, the understanding of the material and that I can do this and that this was my life's calling. The energy was present that I can do this bit as powerfully as Dr. John. Well I answered the call and have been doing my version of ‘Breakthrough' ever since. I don't call it Breakthrough however. I was afraid in the beginning, how can I do this, what is my role in the Breakthrough Dr. Demartini is doing it all, he has it covered he owns this material in the physical how can I use it. However I have pushed on knowing this is holding me back from fully being as big as I can be with my programs. Well this weekend on the way back I had a realization my model may look like Breakthrough but it is my soul that speaks to me when I am present at my seminars and that I have combined elements I have learned from many teachers in my life including, Dr. Ted Morter, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins and Dr. John Demartini. I am thankful for the gift God has given me to be a healer, teacher and philosopher. I can feel, or sense what hurts in people's hearts. I can feel when their heart is open or not. I can sense, as people are finishing the process when they get stuck and what it is that is still hurting them and stopping them from opening their heart to love. I am humbled by how many times I speak words that are not mine to help them be willing to let out what they are holding on to that is keeping the door to their heart closed. John, thanks to you I have had some profound experiences while working with others. I would love to share them all with you but I have more questions than answers at this point on many subjects, all because of your work, thank you. I am dedicated to reconnecting with you and the Concourse on a formal basis. John I love being a part of your work. Thank you for your love and dedication to the work."
Gary Steele
"My girlfriend, Trudy Pelletier, and I just finished an amazing Breakthrough Experience with Dr. Demartini in Santa Monica.  One of the many ‘take-aways' that we received was the notion of no longer needing to or it even being appropriate to "apologize". This was huge as we realized a life-long habit of doing so. We of course caught ourselves throughout the day yesterday constantly saying "Sorry", "I'm sorry", "Excuse me", etc. We decided that awareness was great but now we needed a replacement. We came up with the phrase "I'm graced" or simply "graced" vs. "I'm sorry" or "sorry".  It is also a way of saying "thank you for giving me that situation" - in other words, a replacement for "I forgive you" since again, there is nothing to forgive. What we realized is that it equilibrates the situation and recognizes the Grand Organizing Design. It takes into account both or all parties, it balances the "negative" and the "positive" and it creates a state of gratitude since whatever occurred, we are graced by GOD. This is applicable both in seemingly insignificant as well as in emotionally charged situations. It just felt beautiful and we invite anyone to try it on and see what happens. Thank you again for the work that you do. We are graced!"
Janice Kobelsky
"I had another amazing time at the breakthrough, thank you for staying true to your vision and mission and spreading this wisdom around the world." I would like to send you this letter of gratitude for the impact your wisdom has made in my life. I have attended 3 Breakthrough's and have had many huge shifts in my life. I was introduced to your work in April this year, since then I have changed my perceptions on events and experiences in my life, which has set me free to focus on my mission. This last weekend at the Sydney breakthrough, you triggered something in my heart which rang truth right to my core. On the Sunday inspirational session you mentioned that there wasn't any information that you have come across that says that the body and spirit are connected. John at that moment I knew what my life has been working towards. I know I have the answer to that inside me, but I have resisted it, made myself believe what I knew and felt was psychotic, delusional, nonsense etc. I finally realized what it was by your explanation on Sunday. I now know that what was happening in my healing sessions and my life, I was connecting the mind and the body together in one state and as I did this I reached a state of gratitude which allowed the emissions of the soul to charge the person's body and mind to connect to their soul, this in recent times has been felt much stronger and to a cellular level, since collapsing illusions and raising my vibrations. Thank you for inspiring me to Break through the illusions and be present in my heart."
Chafica Zalloua
"Thank you for the great method and teachings you are giving to the world, and your brilliant mind! I attended your Breakthrough seminar in Sydney on the weekend and found your method to be a truly effective and practical tool for collapsing the emotional charges we have in our lives and the results happen! I wanted to share with you that I am a student of Ramtha's School of Enlightenment (RSE) and all weekend I was thinking it would be so cool for you and JZ Knight to meet. I was so very curious to know what these two great minds would think of each other's work. When you mentioned you will appear the Larry King show, I nearly fell of my chair! The universe is perfect and answers you every time - I love it when that happens! You helped me to lock in my Mission which is to be the RSE Marketing Director for the Asia-Pacific region, to be a light to the world and assist in bringing the teachings of RSE to the world. I want to work alongside you in showing all people how magnificent they are!"
Kylie Fox. Events Marketing Manager Gartner
"Before the Demartini method®, I was questioning God. How could he put me in such a situation? What was I to learn? I had visited a family lawyer and I was ready to leave my husband full of fear and resentment with gloves on prepared for the child custody battle (sept 05). Since the Demartini method®, I have learned my husband's traits that were most challenging were my greatest teachers. He has endorsed my soul's purpose and set me free to empower my life. I had particular challenges around his spirituality until I realized that his "after death experiences" made him the most spiritual man I had ever met. In fact it is through this "shake-up" I have let go of false ideals of organized religion and moved to a closer one-on-one connection with God. I was a kind, healing, peacekeeper seeking tranquility and health. He was a combat system military engineer seeking war, death and disease.  Truly, my books were light in color and subjects of life energy healing and his books were dark grey, black and subjects of war and destruction. Many other exactly opposite parts- he is dark, left-handed, French and I am light, right-handed and English.  I thought this was some flaw in universal design until I met Dr. Demartini. When I heard "love is the synthesis of exact opposites" I had tears of gratitude for suddenly I knew God had not forgotten me but graced me with this amazing experience that was perfect in every way. Trusting in and awaiting for the next lesson."
Dr. Dena Churchill
"I attended the Breakthrough experience last weekend in Melbourne, and I'm totally spun out. I'm still in a haze and I LOVED the weekend totally. It has changed/shifted my perceptions inside out, utterly and completely. You have inspired me more than any one else in this industry and I KNOW that what you teach is TRUTH. I'm a Life Coach and all I want to do is to incorporate some of what you do, such as your method into my coaching. Thank you infinitely Dr Demartini."
Tania Lambert
"I want to thank you for an amazing weekend. Your Breakthrough Experience reconnected me to the love inside of me. I was able to communicate my love in my Thank You letter to my son. I've NEVER been able to communicate love like THAT before. Perhaps, I've always been disconnected from love. John, I want you to quickly see that I see you and your mission in my life in the future. I have a strong affinity towards your work, having retained a MAJORITY of what you taught throughout the weekend.  I recall or understood MOST of every little detail that you taught. You are one of the great masters!"
Michael Levenson, The Anthony Robbins
"Thank you all for a really mind-opening break through experience. It was truly inspiring and my heart has been switched on ever since. I'm looking forward to everything that lies ahead."
Drew Heriot, Film & Television Director
"I went to BTE and collapsed my father on incest and adultery. For almost 20 years I have searched for universal laws and spiritual truths. I cannot tell you how much gratitude I have for John and his work because I have finally found something that really speaks the truth. I have seen my relationship with my husband transform and so with my children. I cannot be other than authentic. I cannot dummy down my experience even if for some that can be a challenge. If someone asks me about my first experience, I cannot pretend that incest and adultery were not the top most character traits of my father that I collapsed and where I clearly got my clarity from. But I don't also go around telling everyone I know or meet that I was involved in incest. The unconditional love and gratitude, ‘everything serves', ‘nothing is missing' ‘ the great discovery' principles I believe are what set John's work apart from the rest. In my opinion they cannot really be expressed in theory. They have to be expressed on a more fundamental basis of life experiences like incest, anger, family dispute, physical abuse. This is what makes me wake up in the morning and say "Every man, woman and child deserve to know this!" The more I do one-on-one consults and methods, the more I realize the scope and truth of what all those principles mean. I keep learning and learning every day. I continue to see the divine order every moment of my life. Whenever I further uncover the depth of the truth in John's work, the more I realize that this message has to be unleashed and kept a secret no more."
Helen Shoshana Jutsen
"Thank you so much for inviting me to the Breakthrough Experience! I am still integrating the experience, finding new insights and breakthroughs on a daily basis. I have experienced so many different modalities, processes and teachers from around the globe, but none had the grounded mentality, integrity, wisdom, unconditional love and practicality of Dr. John Demartini. In the end it is not even about him. We are not converted to his process or teaching, but rather to find the equilibrium within ourselves. Thanks and gratitude."
"I wanted to let everyone know that my wife, Nicole and I, are going to have a baby!!!!  We are so excited!!!! We've been trying for the last 9 months with no luck. So, I decided to do The Demartini Method on not being able to get pregnant because Nicole and I were very disappointed and thought there might be something wrong with one of us. I really started to get down on myself and then I thought "How does not being pregnant serve me?", I wrote down all the ways it served me. For example one way is that without the baby Nicole would always give me her full attention. I could stay focused on my business without a baby and so on. Then I completed the other steps and within 5 weeks of doing that...Nicole is NOW pregnant! This stuff is AMAZING! Thank You for teaching me the method!"
Chris Burfield
"I am continually being amazed by the TRUTH in all the things that you had shared and taught, most of which had been trapped in my head for a long time and now lives in my heart! I don't know how you worked them all out but on a day by day basis I am discovering more truth and certainty to them. I had since taken some people through amazing Demartini Methods and for myself, and some of them even experienced seeing me as light (I don't feel any different [except connected in spirit at heart with this person], but they say I look different, having an aura around me  - this really intrigues me because I had heard it so often !!) I had only experienced weightlessness myself. Been working with the DID subject, and I discovered my lesson is to love all the personas for whatever they are (I was initially a little scared of the 'dark side'). I think that's the key. When the dark persona knows it is worthy of love, I believe there will integration. Just theory at the moment, but I can 'see it' for this person. If you are interested, I'll let you know how it goes. I am speechless about the magnificence of your teaching - thank you from the deepest phantom of my heart."
Frank Tung
"I am very grateful to participate in his mission as I further develop and clarify mine. For the last 6 months I have basically spent most of my time and energies on discovering what my mission is and reconnecting with the source, my soul and God. For so long I was trapped in the past (guilt) and future (anxiety) and coming to the breakthroughs, San Francisco and Hawaii, certainly helped to really reconnect. I wanted to share with you Dr. Demartini that I was skeptical with my own path about being a chiropractor and how I started in the work comp scene where I was completely uninspired and even got myself into some legal troubles (marketing etc..) then  one day I decided to just make a complete transition from the help of a life coach and it's amazing how I look back and can now see the series of events that have led up to now, and as I got into Chiropractic for many reasons, one was to be like my brother (another chiro) and to please my parents. It's amazing to learn about how I injected other people's values into my own and how that led to burn out, legal troubles etc... But now I can truly look back and see how perfect it was and that those reasons brought me to you and the redefining and gratitude for getting a chance to live purposefully & inspired. I have been in some real financial difficulties and reading your books and listening to your talks on valuing myself and the value of money through appreciation has brought great light and understanding to the importance of material and spiritual wealth, you have really set the grounds and framework for my WHYS and the HOWS to surely follow. I have shifted my value of wealth higher because now I really understand the concepts behind wealth and not some overly altruistic side that I had. The moment I practiced some basic gratefulness every day, money just appeared enough so that I can get by, and I spent every single penny on buying your CDs and putting myself on a payment plan for your breakthroughs. I literally put purpose, spiritual awakening and now wealth to the top of my values. In just these 4 months I feel like I have taken some quantum leaps and I'm very grateful for it, not cocky!!! Now I can see the divine perfection that I was really called and chosen to become a studier of life and healer. So I thank you from the deepest part of my heart. I will dissolve these fears of public speaking and anxiety that have kept me bonded and my vision/purpose will supersede and breakthrough them."
Victor Flores
"In October, 1989, I had taken your Breakthrough Experience program at your office on the 52nd floor of the Transco Tower Building in Houston, Texas. You were one of the invited speakers at the British Columbia Chiropractic Association's annual convention in September the same year. After your presentation, I was the only person in the awe struck audience that presented a question to you: "Dr Demartini, how will the Breakthrough Experience change my life?" One month later, with $37 left in my bank account, after paying $777.77 for your program, I flew down to Houston, Texas and sat with Rhonda, your CA; your lovely wife; Dr Sam Simpson, a chiropractor from Sechelt, British Columbia; a local image consultant, a Naturopath from Texas; a German lady; a woman that exhibited constant "happy tears" through her experience; and two other woman from Houston, one of whom returned to repeat the program. I still reminisce about my wonderful experience with you and the group. Some of your catch all phrases have become part of my lexicon. I hope you will join in my celebration that I have made your phrase a part of my professional life. Royalties to you come in my humble, heartfelt and sincere gratitude for allowing me to remember what I discover my heart to be true and that chiropractic has chosen me to heal and inspire the masses with love, certainty, hope and enthusiasm."
Dr. Peter Wolodymyr Mulyk
"I attended The Breakthrough Experience hosted in Johannesburg on the 4th and 5th of March 2006. I would like to share a few of my views on it. I do not possess enough superlatives to describe The Breakthrough Experience and Dr John Demartini. The Breakthrough Experience was for me something that is immeasurable and its benefit cannot be quantified. The two days on the Breakthrough Experience have been far more beneficial than many years using other mediums. There is in fact no comparison. John Demartini and his methods are incomparable to anything. Dr Demartini has awakened me to the magnificence that is all around us. I can never express my gratitude enough for this awakening. Since doing The Breakthrough Experience I no longer live with regret for the past nor fear for the future, just gratitude for the present. The Breakthrough Experience may consist of 2 days, but its benefits keep growing. Life is never quite the same again. Dr Demartini has lit the flame so I can navigate my way to my true mission in life. John Demartini does indeed hold a beautiful diamond in the palm of his hands, for two days I got a glimpse of it! I do however, have one regret about The Breakthrough Experience, and that is not doing it sooner. I would also like to commend you personally for your efficiency and professionalism. Every detail from the moment I made a reservation for a place, to the confirmation e-mails was handled superbly."
Darren Saksenberg
"When I first heard John relating love and gratitude (being in the heart) as a science, I could not quite relate to this as I experienced many who study science as "being in the head".  So I was quite curious. Then, on attending the Breakthrough Experience and hearing John's scientific explanation of how everything fits together (setting the scene for the breakthrough experience), I confess, I was totally blown away.  He truly is a genius for putting this together and for tying up all the threads! I knew that I would have a significant breakthrough by attending the workshop but I had no idea how much it would impact my life! The workshop has been life changing. I have attended numerous and varied workshops before and have had breakthroughs (big and small) but the Breakthrough Experience has been phenomenal! This particular workshop addressed every single concern that I have had since birth (no matter how subtle) and it has provided me with tools to handle future concerns too. It helped to explain a lot of my early childhood experiences and more. Growing up, I totally dreaded conflict situations and of course, I would avoid it at all cost. Eventually, it cost me my health. My healing started when I finally learned that I needed to take a stand for myself and start to fight back when necessary. I also learned that I did not have to solve the problems of everyone in my life. I learned that I needed to promote myself too, and not wait for someone else to do it. I recognized that when some folks loved me, others did not.  I hated this too. Somehow, I understood that with every positive action or feeling there was also a downside. Murphy's Law:  You can try to please everyone but guaranteed, someone is not going to like it. Through the Breakthrough Experience, I got to see that although I understood this as a natural law, I still wanted the positive things in life only, and of course, I was thwarted by this desire. I was in a state of inertia for years and experiencing great frustration, so much so that I was chronically fatigued and incapacitated. Through the Breakthrough Experience, I have come to understand this dynamic and the result is that I have been set free!  For the first time in my life, I am free.  I feel free to be me and I am no longer afraid of conflict. I also find that I am able to accept others (myself and my family included) - warts and all!  It is so magnificent. The result is that all that I have dreamt to have and accomplish in my life, I am excited about achieving again.  I am in the process of turning my life around and for that I am truly grateful."
Meryl Abrahams
"I would like to sincerely thank you for sharing what you've learned and caring so deeply about others to help them along their journey in life. After spending time with me at the end of the course, I got what I came for and much more. I haven't felt this free for a long time. I had been carrying a lot of sadness and frustration about the loss of our baby and our struggles getting pregnant. It has been worth the journey to come to the realizations I have had this past week. It truly will change the way I experience my next pregnancy, having a baby and what a family is to me.  Thank you also for the advice on how to handle a professional career and being a mother (I always thought the best thing was to raise my child and wondered how that would impact my career). Thank you for pushing me in class to take a closer look at my relationship and how to see that my husband gives me affection in different ways.  We've both been really busy and haven't had much time to spend together lately. By appreciating that we have different priorities and value systems, I have just tried to honor that and love him and that's exactly what I've been getting in return. My husband left me a message the other day wondering where his beautiful wife was when he walked in the door he came over and
hugged me and told me how much he missed me. That night he shared what he loved in me and it was very special. You've helped me to realize that families all have their issues and that mine was no different (divorce, death of sister, split family, difficult step-brother etc.). That has really helped to release some of the disillusions that I've had. The Breakthrough Experience was truly perfect timing.  We are in the process of preparing for our next fertility treatment. I believe what I have
learned will be instrumental in our success for conceiving. So from the bottom of my heart, I thank you."
Alana Constance
"I just had to write to you to try and express the magnitude of what I experienced this weekend. My heart was so filled with love, gratitude and inspiration upon saying goodbye, that I could hardly say anything about what was happening inside me. I knew with certainty from the moment I saw the ad about the seminar, and I knew that I was going to attend the Breakthrough Experience and that nothing or no-one was going to stand in my way - even though I have never heard of your work before. Upon seeing the course schedule, I realized that it was going to be quite intense with a lot of information, so I purchased your book beforehand to familiarize myself. You mention tears of gratitude in the beginning of the book and the second night that I was reading it; I went to sleep with tears of gratitude on my cheeks. Many of the things in your book challenged my beliefs and perceptions and I started to feel a little apprehensive about the course. I can write 300 pages right now, but I'll try to condense it - you touched my mind, heart, body and soul this weekend by sharing your dream with me. I had three incredibly profound moments of gratitude and love (apart from the many other illuminating realizations and awakenings) and I would love to share them with you. In each of these moments I experienced total light, an open heart, inner stillness, 100% clarity and tears of gratitude - they are still running down my cheeks whilst writing this letter to you. I did the method on my grandfather and towards the end of the method, I had to put down my pen - everyone else around me disappeared and I had the most incredible awareness of my grandfather's presence the world stood still as I experienced only the most incredible love and gratitude for my grandfather and his presence and influence in my life. He passed away when I was seven years old and I finally had the opportunity to thank him and to tell him that I love him - setting myself free from the guilt, fear and resentment that had ruled my life for the last 25 years and realizing my own brilliance and beauty at the same time. My second moment of light was whilst completing my love list. I asked you a question regarding this and with your advice looked at how these two values support and balance each other. Upon completing this, I had another moment of unbelievable gratitude and love - the most incredible inner stillness and knowledge in realizing how magnificently balanced these two components of my life is right now and will continue to be to enable me to live my dream. The third moment was whilst you were sharing your dream with us - I shared your tears (as did many others) and in that moment I had the most unbelievable connection with God and the Infinite Energy. I realized that I was experiencing a shift in my life and a transformation of body, mind and soul. I have known for a long time (I guess forever....) that I have an incredible purpose in life, but have never valued myself enough to be truthful about this. I was shying away from my own light and brilliance and you helped me to unlock that by sharing your dream and vision with us. Thank you for the laughs, the tears, the jokes, the profound moments, the questions and the answers - it was the most incredible 48 hours of my life and I am filled with gratitude and love."
Ansel Biesenbach
"What I love about The Breakthrough Experience it is the synchronicity and the perfection of the universe. I was able to do two methods this weekend which was a real bonus. I arrived at the "experience" Saturday morning only to see that one of the participants was someone I had met at another breakthrough weekend (however this time it was "Breakthrough to Success" a Christopher Howard weekend).  Sometime last year I had attended the seminar and had met a chap, who I became infatuated with, he was seated next to me in at the time. This was before I had come across your work and yes I was very distracted by this man. As the universe works so perfectly in its placement, going into you seminar, he ended up sitting across the room in direct line of sight with me. I had subsequently read your book and was aware of what was happening, however that infatuation was still there and still distracting. However as the weekend wound on and I began to do the method on my husband I became engrossed in what I was doing and was no longer focus on this "other".  After I did the method on my husband, I was grateful for him being the way he is just as he is. I decided to go and speak to this "other man" and share my story with him. Up until that stage we had not spoken and I was unaware whether he remembered me.  At first he did not recall me (thinking I meant at the previous breakthrough experience) but that didn't matter. As I shared the situation with him, how I had been infatuated with him because he was not only gentle, sensitive, handsome but also on a spiritual path, and my husband wasn't interested in spirituality, he also realized just as I did about Greg, that his last girlfriend had been in his life to ground him just as my husband does for me. While I still saw him as a lovely man, I was no longer infatuated with him and was grateful to be going home to my husband that evening. So not only had I collapsed my husband but also this other man and he in turn collapsed his girlfriend. I did have a sense of calm and poised power within myself."
Marion McKay
"What you did teach me was to let go of that which I was still holding onto that no longer served me...for that...I thank you. I have since received many kind words (some chose to put it in emails to me), that I've been a bright light in their life. Not just believing in the silver lining...but helping people see it themselves...for that I thank you. You having signed: ‘Neil, you are a leader.' Inside one of your books for me...thank you for that Dr. John (you are a kind rubs off on people...but I know you know that). Your ‘Count your Blessings' I'm trying to buy for friends (it's my favorite book of yours)...and John my good man...that book is as ‘rare as flying reindeer droppings'. John my good man, I'm so glad you're in ‘The Secret.' I know they could not have made a better choice."
Neil Fifer
"It is with heartfelt thanks and tears of gratitude I am writing this note. In October I attended both your financial mastery seminar in PEI, Canada followed by my first breakthrough experience in Halifax, NS. WOW!  I'm still on fire. I am changed forever and each day there is a new awakening. I have never met anyone who has touched me so deeply. The truths of science, religion, sickness, health, life and death are concepts I can now embrace. I have always known I am a powerful healer but I was afraid of this gift. I feel so liberated in my life and chiropractic practice to acknowledge my mission. At the breakthrough my purpose flew off my pen with such power I was overwhelmed with tears. Even though I couldn't see the pages my hand kept writing almost as though it was disconnected from my body. Thank you for lighting my fire. You are a true Messiah, awakening the God in all of us. For this gift I am grateful and with these gifts I will serve."
"I did not see you when you appeared on the chat show in South Africa however my daughter heard your talk and she was so impressed that I went and bought your book. I have attended many courses, read many books and each time I have thought, maybe this course, maybe this book will be the one that will give me the insight to change my life. You have done this John - I felt your love and sincerity throughout your book - The Breakthrough experience. I had an epiphany when I finished your book today knowing of my perfection and waking up to the balanced perfection that already exists, perfect equilibrium. Know to trust my inner vision and voice, to embrace challenges, be determined and know the direction I am going."
"At this moment, I am doing as you so beautifully modeled on the weekend, and that is letting those healing tears of gratitude flow. I am sure that you feel them and that you know that you are so genuinely loved by all the people whose lives you touch, without putting you on that precarious pedestal. I don't think I have ever met an individual who so graciously and humbly allows others to see directly into their soul as you do. If I can develop that genuine ability in myself, and offer the same inherent gifts, I will certainly be even more grateful. I know that you would tell me that I can. So I guess I can be grateful already. I will tell you though that I have come home with a sense of order in my head which is now allowing me to access my heart and soul without all that judgmental angst, guilt, and struggle and crap that I have lived with for so long. I now love my husband just the way he is and have thanked him for being in my life and for loving me as he does. We have moved from a place of distance and isolation,uncertainty and hostility to a place already, where we are now identifying and sharing our values and learning to accept, appreciate and love each other as we are. Either way, I am more relaxed about having to do everything "so right" so as not to stuff up the kids and I no longer fear for my children's futures nor that I/we will be responsible for their devastation through choices we may need to make. I no longer fear for myself. I feel liberated and free, where before the weekend I was feeling trapped and hopeless, hanging on by a thread, despite the plethora of personal development I have consumed and digested. I had run myself into the ground trying to be positive and "the best I can be" ALL the time. I arrived at Breakthrough, feeling as though I was gasping for air in my last ditch effort to make it to the shore before going under completely. I now realize that I can be a wife, or loving partner, and mother through honoring my divine purpose and my unique and authentic self, not at the expense of it. I realize that life will always be full of challenge and support and that in understanding this I can negotiate my way through it with fewer extremes of emotions. I feel that I am on my way to becoming, "whole" as opposed to trying to find that elusive state of "happiness and peace" all the time. I will also cheekily tell you that, for your information, I am now an accomplished and talented singer, songwriter, author and speaker! I am giving voice to my own beautiful spirit through my abilities and carrying the torch for you through my gifts also as you continue your journey."
Bernie Ryan
"I have carried painful emotional baggage regarding my mom all of my life (I am 45 years old.).  My mom died when I was nineteen. I have read books, completed Hospice programs - made numerous attempts to deal with my emotional baggage. I have been married (and divorced) three times and I have attracted painful vocational opportunities to realize that the perceived pains in my life were merely illusions or opportunities to grow and balance my life. Dr. Demartini's ‘Demartini Method' finally allowed my mind to understand that there is only LOVE - everything else is illusion! It also showed me that what I perceived as a negative trait was only my perception and the emotion I attached to my perception created my painful reality! Now, I can consciously see that everyone has every trait and every value I attach is my reality only because I allow my perceptions to create my reality. I have learned that by being positive all the time I set myself up for negative situations.  Through this method I have accepted the importance of embracing all traits in me and in others and consciously detaching from any perceived value judgments.  Thank you, Dr. Demartini for having the courage to be authentic and for dancing in your passion and playing in your joy!  Through expression of your passion, so many others now have the opportunity to "know" love in a human suit!"
Jennifer Robbins
"I had such a fun, inspiring, connected, hard, challenging, and moving, friend regaining, and independent weekend at the workshop. I laughed so much, cried so much, felt the love so much. When I got home the next day I felt a bit jumbled... truthfully very jumbled. My husband said I seemed very relaxed. I am recovering...never really to be the same I am sure. Yeah! I would say things with my Mom have been feeling less connected and loving then they had been in earlier years. We were having a conversation about her living circumstances and general life stuff when she just blurted out in the middle of our conversation "Colleen you are such a great and really special daughter and I really love you." It was the way she said it that was so touching to me. This was a very unusual thing for her to say we usually just do the  the auto " I love you" at the end of a call . I am sure it was a direct effect of my state and the way I was feeling in our conversation. I also spoke to my sister in the AM and just felt really at peace in the middle of her life drama. I am usually much more hooked in. I can't wait for my son to go to public school...I hope his teacher says something to him that will inspire him as much as yours did you. I have so much less fear now. I say bring it on! I am giving the Mother hen in me a rest. So thanks for being you and working so many hours to give your teachings."
Colleen Pollard
"I'm Lyndol Descant, I took your breakthrough (Houston), Prophecy (Sydney, Australia) and Empryeance (Houston) back some, maybe 6 years ago.  At the time I was in my early twenties, and appreciative of the knowledge and exposure, but time has deepen this appreciation greatly. I've followed your advice, and done my own studies, and man, o man; it's a beautiful universe we live in. I want to thank you for being such an inspiration. You said this would happen, but it doesn't lessen my surprise at how many times the truths you revealed made all the difference for me and I'm left thinking... John was right, that stinker. Thanks Dr. John. You've helped me so much! And it seems to be growing with the more I learn."
Lyndol Descant
"Good news, I completed my Breakthrough with Leslie Chorn and had my eyes opened to the benefits and very humbled. It lifted a huge burden off me."
Carol Watkins
"Thanks so much for your inspiring presentation at the breakthrough on the weekend. Quick change for Dave into chef's gear and away he went, telling everyone about the weekend, but saying YOU have to go to do it yourself!! So I thought that perhaps because he said he did not get that Epiphany at the end, where you want us to concentrate and listen to our souls message, he said ...he got a message to hug his wife! (Great for me) I feel that there is more for him, but know the master will come when he most needs it.  Thanks so much for not making him feel silly because he comes from a very upright traditional background where his father would not show emotion and still does not, but they all just know that they are there. What you did was pick away at the ice, thanks very much. I know our world will definitely change, and Mr. Bragg can feel that too. Thanks for being that high school drop out! Thanks for following your own soul at such a young age."
Kathy Willmington
"I managed to attend the breakthrough experience and it was one of the most phenomenal weekends I have ever had. It was paradoxically both humbling while at the same time gave one a sense of one's own potential magnificence."
Joy Wilson-Price Carte Blanche
"Your work is a timeless legacy. We may all honor it by contributing to this legacy in our own perfect way. Many thanks again for opening my heart and mind, John!"
Gerry Lodder
"Clearing my mind of emotional baggage and getting enthusiastic about life is a tremendous benefit we all receive from The Breakthrough Experience. And the first time my wife and I did the program 12 years ago it was obvious it was a great gift and life skill we wanted for our kids as well.  Well now all 4 of them have went with us, making another dream come true. What a tremendous opportunity for them, to have a clear mind and clear vision of their lives and to learn an approach to thriving through life, no matter what. I can't think of anything more important I could give them. His programs have been the best investments in my-self and my family I have ever made. I owe a lot to Dr. Demartini's programs. But the greatest thing has got to be what it has done for my family and my kids. From the deepest source of my heart I thank you John."  
Dr. Paul Preston
"I have a new love and inspiration for my business again, thanks to the Demartini Method. You may not find this that remarkable.... But the next day, I was reviewing my collapse, and I was struck by the realization that every trait, both positive and negative that I had listed for myself was traits that were Dr. Demartini personified!  Turns out, you ‘were' me personified, when you so heart fully became my surrogate on Saturday. I only hope that I manifest as much genius in my mission as you have.  You're truly an inspiration and a respected mentor to me, John! Thank you for your magnificent work, John. You're making a tremendous difference in my life."
Gerry Lodder
"Life is a journey of increasing conscious awareness to learn how to love and appreciate with gratitude the very possibilities in our lives, the possibilities which are stepping stones to the fulfillment of our purpose. Once one "sees" their purpose, true abundance arises from within. An appreciation for the events in our lives becomes evident. We then have a greater picture to see and to fulfill with action. The Breakthrough Experience allows one to see at a glimpse the magnificence of our lives, and to see purpose in everything called life."
Ron Strohan
"From the opening words by John I knew I had done myself and my loved ones a great deal of good by making the effort to attend the course. The fact that John has taken the time and effort to research the greatest teachers and philosophers of all time and link there teachings with that of the most brilliant mathematical minds ever and then be able to balance it all with quantum physics, was just amazing. I have been to many "Self Development" courses and have been trained in the "Covey Method", read De Bono and have seen and listened to Zig Ziglar and Anthony Robins, but this material being presented was far more meaningful to me than anything I had ever heard. I had, for 41 years been carrying around baggage which has reduced my effectiveness as a human being and in one long evening, night, early morning, I was able to release this burden. The unconditional love and support given by all participants to complete strangers was enormous and it didn't matter if you were young, old, male or female, professional or tradesman, it was a genuine support. The Sunday session was a healing process and a strengthening of ones "Soul" with the knowledge that with work one could maintain this spiritual state and achieve the greatness of life that was meant for all."
Alex Aitken
"What I experienced through this course was that I was living to some ones else's values. When this dawned on me I realized what truly matters to me. I experienced freedom for the 1st time and moved closer to the manifestation of my dreams."  
Sandy Williams, West Beach
"One weekend I would recommend to anybody who really believes' that "there's something missing in their life and they are not sure what."
Simon Fraser
"One truly feels as though one will never sever see the world in the same way again. An epiphanies experience!"
Bruce Young Kenilworth
"The Breakthrough Experience has given me insights into the workings of the universe. I am left in a state of grace. The gifts from this experience have changed my perceptions about life."
Dr Hugo Jankowitz, Constantia
"I have just touched the tip of an iceberg on the possibilities of dissolving and collapsing attachments in my life. It has been a long time since I last felt so inspired and enthusiastic about life and its infinite wisdom."  
Andrew Krein, Green Point
"I have received an understanding of the divine order. It was un-awareness, but is now clearly obvious."  
Anne Worthington-Smith, Kenilworth
"This course has been transformational. It is guaranteed to change my life I have learned how and where I need to apply a new system of thinking to completely alter my life experience. I realize that I own my values and my life according to them and change them as I grow. I feel empowered to take on my life and live it more authentically."
Ruby Ovenstone
"This course opens up a whole new perspective to the ways of life that we have been led to believe. Try it and you will break on through to the other side, and discover there is more around the corner."
Patrick Symington
"It was the most amazing, mind-blowing experience. One of the best courses I have ever attended. Life changing!"
Joy Green, Pinelands
"This course provided the principles and the methodology to explain a few things I had observed happen in my life, but not knew how to express/explain and understand them. It helped me see that the death of my girl's father was a gift to provide them with a better life, an opportunity to fly - to discover my true self. It was also a vote of confidence on his part that I could take care of our beautiful special girls without the ‘aggro' and resentment I may have carried with me for the rest of my life.  It also allowed me to resolve the conflict I perceived with my father and that my perception was not the reality I have a more balanced view of my relationship with my father due to this breakthrough experience."
Heather Brogin
"It was an awe-inspiring course! If you are interested in universal reality you have to attend.  I've learned much about myself and our world in the last 2 days than ever before. The journey has just begun. Dr Demartini is an incredible teacher."  
George Zacharias
"It has been the most profound experience I have ever had the honour to be part of. It will forever shift my understanding of what it means to be a human being in the world, and how the universal principals can assist us in how we live our lives. This is something that needs to be shared not just with those we love, but also with as many people out there, that are available to hear the universal truths that govern us. I am filled with love and gratitude to John Demartini for sharing his wisdom with us, in the most magnificent way."
Lesley Nortjie
"If you are seeking to own your life with greater accountability to yourself and influence those around you, then this course will "blow your mind" of myths, perceived truths and your values setting you're free to achieve your highest potential/value in all spheres of your life."
Debbie Zacharias
"I've spent 10 years searching for tools to create fulfilment in people's lives, The Demartini Method® is the most powerful and effective tool that I have ever used.  It is the fastest and deepest fear detoxifier that I've experienced."
Rene Prinsloo
"I truly feel that I have seen the mystery of life this weekend. It is as though I knew the door was there, knew the magnificence that was behind it, but could not open that door. John has given me the handle.  Thank you for opening my heart to love."
Denise Hadden
"This has revealed the most significant reason so far in my journey in healing and health and the inability to master this was uncovered in the breakthrough experience and put me in a state of gratitude and love. I thank Dr Demartini for sharing his infinite knowledge in a form of entertainment.  The wonderful experience of absorbing such profound information that time becomes immeasurable."
Karen Fraser
"Whatever truths my mentor learned from you are much needed in this decaying world of ours. I wish you success, peace, harmony and prosperity. Continue to be a light in this dark work. Once again, thank you."
Russell Dimartino
"I received recognition of the truth and the areas which I used to block the truth, in such a way as to provoke the realization of many ideas I had been not owning and discouraging. I received the ability to believe I can achieve, for today, tomorrow and beyond. Wow!"
G. W.
"I love and appreciate Dr. John Demartini for loving humanity, with all his heart, more than humanity and our culture loves itself. He is a rare person who looks at you with his heart. This course has set off a series of mental breakthroughs that have empowered my life and altered the course of debilitating chronic disease. For this I am grateful. I am more grateful for the 'side effect' of the profound enrichment of my life and human experience. Thank you for doing what you do!"
M. S.
"Having done a ‘Demartini Method' I now have an elevated awareness of the true purpose of God and his influence in all aspects of my life. The confidence and peacefulness imparted upon me through this has and will continue to positively shape my life as well as all of those within my sphere of influence."
M. R., Chiropractor
"This experience allowed me an amazing opportunity to say to my Mom what was truly in my heart; what I didn't get to say when she was alive. This experience allowed me to reconnect and heal the old history and change my perception forever. I see the love and gratitude and have learned a tool and will continue to use."
S. R., Okotoks
"I saw the basic source of my discontent was my perception and attitudes I had chosen and not what other people had done to me. It has been a liberating experience and I thank you."
E. R.
"In redefining love I have secured my family's future and the future of my blessed marriage. In redefining my-self worth I have developed a perfectly feasible plan to achieve my goals, dreams and admissions. In meeting Dr. Demartini I have been charged by his love and energy."
S. R.
"The Breakthrough Experience gave me a completely different outlook. Listening to the wisdom of Dr. Demartini and then watching other people let go of their burdens allowed me to see something I probably never would've noticed. I walked out of this room with love and gratitude for everything that has ever happened to me in my life, positive or negative. I have learned not to compare myself to others nor compare others to myself. I know that I am magnificent right here, right now and always will be."

J. R., Gr. 10 Student
"Through Dr. Demartini's Breakthrough Experience I discovered a kinship with other like-minds. We were all given the very special gift that sets us on the right path of understanding and fulfillment. It was, without a doubt, the most pivotal weekend of my life."
J. R., Graphics Animator
"Dr. John Demartini didn't set me free. He went one step further and taught me and gave me the tools I needed to set myself free. Before coming I had no idea of the things that were weighing me down and holding me back. Now I am free!"
K. P., Linden, AB
"Opening up my heart to see both sides of love and realizing there are dreams, love and healing that I have in me that I can share with others. I have the power in me to heal. Thank you Dr. Demartini, for sharing your wisdom and love to help others heal!"
J. P., Montana
"A feeling of gratitude and love is in my heart like I've never felt for my husband before. I am not as hung up on his value systems being so different from mine - because I now know they're not bad or good - just different."
J. P.
"I know in my heart and soul I've lost the fear I had prior to this seminar. I can just love."
S. M., Homemaker
"I am 41 years old and was living a life of fear and guilt for as long as I can remember. I have managed through life but now, by going through the Breakthrough Experience and the Quantum Collapse, I have the tools to LIVE my LIFE and to fulfill my dreams."
V. M.
"I knew I needed a change somehow but that somehow eluded me until I sat and worked the Breakthrough Experience. I learned that all perceived conflicts acted towards us are actually acts of love.  Find the love and take the time for yourself. Love yourself."

M. M., Veterinary
"I've gotten a clearer understanding as to what my obstacles consist of and a tool that will enable me to overcome them."
J. M., Woodworker
"I am no longer afraid to acknowledge and pursue my purpose in life."
J. M., Lawyer
"The collapse process is a tool to center people in love. I found it invaluable. I would like to see a list of 'therapists' in the area that are trained to assist in collapsing as I also found that I needed help in seeing some issues more clearly. I look ahead to being part of that network in two years."
C. M., Homeschool teacher
"This experience broke many of the myths I lived my life by, thankfully, that this planet and the people in it were doomed, sick or needed fixing. By 12 o'clock on Saturday, I got my money's worth and more and by the end of the process on Saturday evening I realized that this was priceless. This experience has changed my life. I would recommend this to anyone. It is the most advanced process on the planet."
G. M., Business Owner, Personal Coach
"I went from anger, aggravation, broken heartedness, fear into love and freedom in one evening. Now I recognize the love that surrounds me every day."
J. L.
"I'm grateful to have been in the presence of a master of the universal laws. John has answered questions I've had for many years in a single sentence. He's taught me how to use my intelligence to open my heart and experience the divine magnificence of my life and of this world. Thank you for sharing your insight, wisdom, mind and most of all, for opening your heart."
S. K., Office Manager
"I was given tools to help me strategize how to obtain my vision, balance my emotions and see that life does not have to be a roller coaster. I was inspired by John and Bruce as they have shown me it is possible to do this. They are both fantastic role modelsFinally, I was shown how to deepen my love for my partner and appreciate him for who he is."
C.K, Engineer
"I learned that love exists in many forms and many places. I learned pain is an illusion. John Demartini is a brilliant and inspiring man, a true gift to all."
A. J.
"Realizing that there is a positive and negative for each experience was powerful. Realizing that many of my thoughts were infatuations and not the truth was life changing."
B. F., Chiropractor
"Some people may worry about traveling seminars. Dog and pony shows, smoke and mirrors but you are truly a gift to the world, sharing your technology. Thank you for your technology. Showing me (teaching me) to let it all go. . . that which does not serve me, and for teaching me to hold on for (my) dear life all that does serve me."
N. F., Business Owner
"I learned to be grateful for all the things that come into my life and that they are coming to me to help me grow."
J. E., Sales Representative
It's okay to trust after you feel hurt, to stop responding to past pain, to live with an open heart, to hope after you've known serious illness and its okay to experience gentle inspiration.
A.B., Housewife
"It will transform your life, open your heart and be the gateway to actualizing the magnificent light of your being."
A. B., Nutritionist
"Discovery of a process that changed my perceptions of love and truth and to know that is available to everyone who seeks it."
B. B., Realtor
"The Breakthrough Experience Seminar has given me the understanding I needed to see the positive traits and the benefit of the negative traits that I perceived my partner had. It has allowed me to appreciate him for everything he has brought to my life. The collapse process "brings to light" the love in everything and everyone. Thank you for this amazing gift."
L. B., Risk Management Consultant
"The elegance and completeness of the Quantum Theory to provide a model of understanding the manifestations of human behavior and the myths of perception that we buy into was breathtaking for me. The clarity and concreteness of this model will revolutionize the way I view the world moving forward. The addition of this elegant tool to shatter the myth and move us back to balance and love and joy is a true gift to the world (and to me)."
C.C., Business Owner
"I am a three times breakthrough attendee. The first time I understood what love is and that I had it in every aspect of my lie. I also realized what the purpose of a spouse is and that my ideas were nothing but a fantasy. I broke through and found a deeper purpose, clearer goals and inspiration. It has allowed me to marry my soul mate that I have waited so long for. I no longer go through life in fear, knowing that everything is love because all else is an illusion."
T. C., Chiropractor
"This is just one of those moments when I know what I know what I know.  I received a delicately masterful, articulate gift of insight, wisdom and knowledge - so simple, so logical, so profound, labeled "The Breakthrough Experience". To be able to deflate and move into truth and love, my past illusion of negative is sincerely most valued and appreciated. It will help me in my part, making this world a better and safer place for my family and all other families in this world community."
B. B., Farmer
"As a medical doctor and integrative physician for the last 19 years, I've struggled to adequately convey the multifaceted nature of the manifestation of physical disease with my patients, colleagues and friends. Though my years of research and learning has clearly indicated that disease rarely arises from one single agent located only in the physical body, raising my patient's awareness in this paradigm shift has been undoubtedly one of my most significant challenges. I was deeply moved this past weekend at another one of our Breakthrough Experience workshops with Dr. John Demartini when it became clear to me and to everyone else present, by a show of hands from the participants, that they realized that unresolved mental and emotional conflicts were underlying their presentations of physical disease. The real significance of the weekend culminated in the closing moments when I asked the attendees (who were all mostly patients of The Hoffman Centre), whether they realized that underlying all of their physical disease presentations, there were significant mental and emotional unresolved conflicts that were running their physiology. To a person, they all put up their hands in agreement. For the first time, many of them linked cause and effect, realizing that highly emotional perceptions of past events in their lives were running their physiology and preventing them from actualizing their true magnificence and maximizing their full potential. With The 7 Levels of Healing model, we now have a profound opportunity to reveal the truth about what antecedents and triggers underlie a person's sense of ill health. Using various methodologies, including the revolutionary technique of the Quantum Collapse Process, we can truly begin to unlock some of the mysteries that trigger symptomaology. One of the most challenging causative agents to remedy in a person's journey to wellness is often the dis-equilibrated emotional content and belief systems that limit an individual from moving forward. I'm deeply grateful to many of my patients who attended this past weekend as it became clear to me that they share this truth. I was inspired by their responsiveness to this process which will undoubtedly help them to understand the sources of stress and imbalance in their mental, emotional, and physical lives. For those of you who continue to experience health challenges, emotional conflict, and unrealized goals in life, I encourage you to read the comments below and consider embracing the principles contained within the Quantum Collapse Process. As I've said before, I truly see Dr. Demartini's tool as one of the revolutionary methodologies on the planet in resolving mental and emotional conflicts to achieve optimum wellness, balance, grace, and integration."
Unknown author
"Today, I found myself needing to do a collapse on you and was quite surprised by the outcome and thought I would share it with you. Firstly you have turned my life around from another bout of depression which I was spiraling down into, to a confident person questioning and re-evaluating every aspect of my life with enthusiasm, purpose and visions. Confident that I can take control of my life, have self worth and be a valuable visionary in Gods Universe. I have balanced you in my life John and I am growing everyday because of the gift of having you come into my life. I have so much to look forward to and I am driven to work on my purpose and visions every day. Every minute I am questioning how and where I can improve. I will be a master of all aspects of my life and you've helped me to realize that everything will be o.k.  I feel connected universally and now I not only love myself but also all others whom I meet. I know its o.k. to make mistakes. I am aware of all of the areas in my life that need changing. I perceive them to be appearance, presentation, mental application, health, voice, financial awareness, social enlightenment etc. I want to embrace the world, I want to run, to fly, to travel, and learn. I want to communicate love and light to all whom I meet. Sincerely thank you for your life's work and study. I'm off now to do more collapsing."  
Cara Joseph
"Thank you for coming to PEI to share the practical application the "Breakthrough Experience." I discovered and wept, as I was writing my mission statement; something that took my breath away. I want to live how I want to die. So through the learning's of gratitude and other areas that included the CDs of the Dalai Lama, I recognize now how I want to die, and what words resonate in my soul. What truly humbles me is that my "mantra for death" is also my "mission for life." Each moment, I am awakening more fully and through the Breakthrough, I see steps before me that take me there. I feel shifting within my body; alignment within my spirit and wonderment in the awareness around me; the experiences each moment seemed even more alive than before. Thus, sometimes it feels things may be taking too long for some things. Some times for the outcomes to manifest - it needs to take it beyond ourselves and see that the touch is passed on and trusting it makes its destination. Thank you Dr. Demartini for seeing the destination of your work beyond today's time and space as we know it. But also planning what you have visualized within your heart of gratitude. I am nurturing these skills as I may see and visualize the legacy of my journey beyond my life so others may continue. But also visualize and manifest my vision for today. The Breakthrough Experience has changed everything about how I do and experience things. I am more aware and recognize my infinite wisdom. So much I don't understand yet, as in many moments of gratitude, I am reduced to tears and laughter. As I write this and then again reread this, I am grateful for your gift of yourself. When I first heard you, and people were concerned about your remarks about women - for only an instant, so was I.  In the next instant, I felt what you were doing was challenging us out of our comfort zone, that you did. Challenge: Is meant to inspire us to live, not scare us to death. I see challenges that had seemed huge, all of a sudden dissolve. I see activities and people in my reflection and learning ~ all part of the plan."
Wendy Waite-Snow
"I am very grateful because you have helped me to overcome an important difficulty in my life: To love and to be grateful to people I hated. This is IMMENSE. I thank you because you have helped me to find negatives in positives and positives in negatives. This is also immense. I feel I have more freedom, more independence, more love and more gratitude. Now I have my heart and my mind more ready for love."
Isabel, 1.5.2004
"I thought you might like to know that I'm still green and growing and at the age of 61 years am busy reinventing myself. I have been a technology teacher for years but am in the process of changing tack and have just completed the first university paper for a master's degree. I was recently notified that I am the winner of the Joy Cowley Award, for the script for a children's picture/story book that I wrote.  Joy Cowley is one of NZ"s best loved children's authors. I'll get published - which is a great thrill, as it is so hard to break into the publishing world over here.  At the Breakthrough in Sydney, a woman said to me that she could see me standing in front of a large group of people, giving a speech. I have never forgotten that and on Saturday 13 March, that's exactly what I'll be doing, when the award is announced. So, I'm not able to attend the seminar in San Francisco on the 13 March, as I'll be busy, but I wanted to you to know that I think of you as my mentor and when I have to dig deep, it is your teaching and inspiration that gets me through."
Jean Prior
"I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to you, John, for being so very instrumental in my life through your teachings, the Concourse of Wisdom, and the Quantum Collapse Process. When our paths crossed in 1985, I had no idea of the impact you and your work would go on to make in my life. I am also very grateful to you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read my manuscript and, if you see fitting, write a testimonial for the back cover."
"I wanted to thank you for another mind blowing breakthrough experience. All of your staff did a wonderful job leading us, and supporting and challenging us. You know it has been said the "When you think you know it all learning starts." Well I can't express how deeply I am moved each time people open their hearts at your seminar. It truly is a beautiful experience both to partake and to witness and for that I am truly honored and grateful. It is like a drop of water turning quickly a wilted rose into a blooming marvel. I am dedicated to furthering my understanding of the collapse process and helping people see that to balance the mind and honor the wholeness of life, ourselves and others is to fully open the heart."
Dr. Oudi
"I'm sitting here in the mountains of Vermont just having presented day one of BT to a group of four people who have become friends in these recent months. They are involved in Spiritual work and offer people a Soul Recognition Experience, which I experience as the feminine principle path to the soul, and your BT Experience being the more masculine path. Both of which complement and serve each other beautifully. The opportunity to present this BT came about quite spontaneously, and was morganized in a day. I even had the BT work book on my computer with me and all the Collapse forms I could poke a stick at. Whilst I had some trepidation at presenting to a more "woo woo" group, I knew the profound truth of your work was available to them, and would do whatever it required to show it to them. I am so grateful to you John for being such an inspiration to me, and teaching me ways I am able to share my truth with the world and fulfill part of my mission. This is what I love doing more than anything - and hasn't come without its challenges of course. Words aren't coming too easily at this time, I just wanted to thank you, and let you know I honor you and your work."
Desiree Vermont
"I want to thank you for sharing your time with me. You are a very wise man. I want you to know I am making progress....lots of thinking and remembering. Perhaps I am having a harder time than most with The Quantum Collapse Process...due to my memory loss 7 years ago. I was like a vegetable. I must say during and after reading your book my mind has opened more and allowed me to visualize memories, which is something I have not been able to do in 7 years. I also noticed time has slowed down and I have enough time in my days to accomplish my tasks and more. My days were racing by for 7 years. You have inspired me to master this process and I will. I will attend the seminar on The Breakthrough Experience. I am also looking forward to the Prophecy 1 course. Dr. Demartini I am so grateful for our meeting and I look forward to many more eye opening experiences through your books and classes."
Connie Taylor
"I was invited to the breakthrough experience so that I could incorporate Dr. Demartini's principles into a children's book. Little did I know that by participating I would collapse a deep personal issue in my life. The breakthrough experience I can best describe as a breaking down of walls in our thinking that confine us and that interfere with our ability to see all of life as a perfectly balanced and flawless master piece. Afterwards I felt more grateful for the people in my life and all of my personal life's experiences. I now see everything with enhanced clarity and certainty and I am overwhelmed with the power of unconditional love for life. The breakthrough experience I believe enables people to walk through life under the guidance and leadership of your heart and soul. I am so deeply grateful to have been part of the Breakthrough Experience in Calgary and I am truly changed for life."
Unknown author
"Adele and I just wanted to express our love, gratitude and thanks for you for the gift you have given us - The Collapse Process. The more we go with this work, the more we are amazed and grateful that we have received this work. The impact, which you are having with this work, will grow exponentially. Your programs inspire us and we know that as a result, we are inspiring others. We have been moved by the thanks and support from people who attended Breakthrough and the obvious changes, which they experienced. In fact, yesterday we held a Collapse afternoon at our home with some of the Breakthrough attendees. I am sure you remember Jacque, whose father shot her. Well, she has made great strides and I believe is now committed to the work."
Adele and Ely
"I just wanted to write and express my thanks for your coming to Perth. I had listened to your tapes while a student at Logan College, and have been blessed to meet with you in Perth in Sept 2001 and again this weekend. I listen and study to your work and every time everyday it keeps me in balance and inspired. You have been a guiding light for me back to reconnecting with Chiropractic and my true purpose and showing me how to manifest my goals and live the life I love, one day at a time. You have been a true inspiration and our profession does not know the true genius that is unfolding with your visionary work. Every time I see you though I go home and write so many more questions I want to ask you! You are a genius applying your wisdom!"
Dr Stacey Burke Perth
"Thank you for your collapse program in Toronto. I will never forget how Peri and the two young ladies who represented my daughters have affected my life. My breaking down and telling complete strangers my innermost thoughts are not a normal thing for me to do. To find out afterward that one of them had left home and had a child at a very young age is almost beyond belief. The other gal had to fix up her relationship with her dad, who was going in for a radical prostrate removal. To also find out afterward that I helped them, made it an unforgettable weekend. I have since that time talked to both of my daughters and things are working out great. My biopsy has turned out great, no cancer!"
Your friend Dan.
"During the last couple of days my life has taken a complete turnaround, and I wanted to share my appreciation with you for the gratitude and direction I am experiencing now at this moment. I have resisted this life for a long time, since the day I was born I have come to believe. Like a child stuck in a permanent temper tantrum, I have laid on my back fighting. I always felt a deep sadness for being here...empty and out of place. I attended your Breakthrough Experience with my wife sometime within the past year in San Francisco. I enjoyed your Inspiration tremendously, and I left feeling that I might just want to stick around after all. Beauty has always been there by my side......glimpses here and there. I just was not listening. I couldn't get it. Now I realize; I wasn't listening. It was all there right before my eyes all the time. I was just too busy denying it. I feel powerful, charged and confident. I just KNOW that it's going to work out. Sure there will be ups and downs, but now I am committed to life! I am alive, I feel vibrant!"
Rene Blackstone
"I wanted to thank you for the gift you've given me in the information you've gathered and share, and in the process you were inspired to create. I attended a weekend facilitated by Ken Pierce and am forever changed. Now aware of what was always there I am in a position to evolve my life awake!"
Dianne Northrup
"My mother is quite taken with you and found the weekend very valuable - I think she may do Prophecy. Her friend Carol was also extremely pleased with her experience. My mother was so calm when I talked with her after the weekend - a very unusual state for her. Thank you for your relentless commitment to evolution! Also thank you for Empyreance - I continue to benefit from what I learned and the usefulness seems to grow exponentially day to day."
Kim Rice, Managing Director
"Thanks for the beauty of finding back to the real Hans Hendrik. I respect you for the love and knowledge you bring to the world."
Hans Hendrik
"I want to say thank you to you for all the things that I've learned because I've become another person. I have more love than yesterday in my mind. There's more light and inner peace."
"Thank you for the love you feel for everyone, for helping us to remember that we are beings of light, that we are here to remember who we are, where we came from and where we go to, that we are parts of God (Light) and that the secret of life is to give love, give the most out of ourselves and be thankful to God. This is how we achieve balance, we dominate the ego, and we see that the rest are like us, we learn to live together and one day we will integrate again in light. Thank you for existing."
Doris Morales
"The Breakthrough Experience has begun to change my thought system. You have inspired me with new hope and new perceptions. Thank you for ‘passing the torch' You exemplify all that you aspired to be - a genius with an abundance of wisdom, a teacher and healer and above all, a reflection of God's light and love. May you be blessed in every essence of life."                
Barbara Pursley
"It's hard to top what's already been said. It's all that and more. I don't know of anything else that can bring ‘enlightenment' about unconditional love like The Breakthrough Experience."
Siri Pritam Khalsa
"I want to share with you one of the ways that Count Your Blessings is touching people's Iives, and inspiring them to heal their bodies and love their lives! Two weeks ago my husband Steven's 45-year-old sister Paula was diagnosed with cancer, Paula is married and has two sons in high school. When she first called to tell us about her diagnosis, she was very afraid, and she really believed that she had received a death sentence. Soon after she and I talked about her condition, we agreed she would attend my next Transformation session after her surgery, and schedule as much time as needed to collapse a number of Collapses. (Her surgery is Wednesday). I sent her a copy of Count Your Blessings, and last night she called to say she feels like a different person. She said, "Two weeks ago I was thinking things like 'Well, this is probably the last season I'll get to see my son play basketball,' and this is the last year that I'll teach." But she said after reading just the first few chapters in Count Your Blessings and doing the exercises, she felt like a different person, I really have a different outlook. I've been finding myself thinking of things and planning things far into the future...l love this book. The steps are giving me something to focus on and I feel better than I have in two weeks. This is a great book that I will give as a gift to a lot of people."
"I had a lot of anger, resentment before, not a lot of emotion. I was flat. During the process I felt frustrated and didn't think I could do it. I pushed through it and as I continued I felt the support of those around me. It was very difficult to force yourself to go back and think I cried a few different times. I wasn't sure why. As I was reading back over my pages I realized all the attributes I didn't like about Joe, I saw in me. The realization was very painful, but understanding that no matter what I've done or haven't done that I was worthy of love (was comforting). With that came relief and an ability to see clearly the benefits that happened because of my experiences in my life. I now know that if I hadn't experienced what I experienced I would not be where or who I am today and that I am so very grateful."
Unknown author Toronto
"I received a far greater sense of self and purpose."
Unknown author
"I have tried the collapse myself many times, I never finished, coming this weekend I had expectations of elevation, lightning and loud voices from above, but instead I feel peace with a refreshing presence that I am on the right course."
Mark Dudley Lethbridge, AB
"The obvious benefit was the understanding that life is balance of the good and bad and not always pleasant, the benefit of seeing ourselves more clearly with a plan of future direction."
Unknown author
"This is my third breakthrough and each time it is a new revealing experience. I was in fear of collapsing my father; I had him in elation and not knowing where I would be after getting home. After the collapse I felt a peace and then saw my world differently. It also brought up other charges that I collapsed and now I am in a transformed state. I know that leaving this seminar will produce a new reality for me. I am thankful for this opportunity to lead the life of my mission, my dreams and my inspiration."
Elaine Elgin
"I have received the gift this weekend to yet again experience another glimpse of the magnificence, the beauty, the love, and the light within ourselves, and others within the most infinite universe. This weekend served as a tool to help me become more intimate with my purpose at a deeper level in which is to show others the true magnificence that lies within them."
Dr. Ginger Andrews
"Before the collapse today it was a collapse on an elation I had fear of letting go what I knew, letting go of the past. Losing control and not knowing where I will go from here, enjoying the elation I thought that was where I was supposed to life. I was afraid of letting it go. While the collapse was happening I thanked my dad for everything he brought me, even though his death - my void - his lack of health - helped me became a chiropractor. I also discovered that I was an alcoholic and that his alcoholism was a blessing for me. After the collapse I felt the tension in my shoulders go away. The headache slowly went away, now I feel a good fatigue. I am at peace, not in elation, simply a state of being of open honest communication."
Elaine Eglin
"I have felt less stress than I have felt in the last 10 years over this weekend. My life, I know will be different. Letting go is a difficult process and Dr. Demartini helped me to dig deep inside and look at what was causing most of the pain. It was an awakening experience and experience that I will carry with me for a lifetime. I feel more rested more love and no anger. I have more clarity and my brain doesn't feel clogged anymore. I can move forward and get my dreams and goals back on track, ready to accomplish, and take myself to the next level."
Angela Zinck Dartmouth
"For the past four years, I've carried guilt about my marriage breaking up. I felt like there was something wrong with me for not being able to fix it or make it work. The guilt was so intense that I haven't been able to live in the moment, but only past regret and future fear. I much felt both tormented with massive fear and guilt, fear that I'd never be at peace, during the collapse I felt like I couldn't possibly find a benefit in the traits I disliked in Rob. I felt angry about being here and wasting my time. Then slowly, I began to see the mirror! I was looking at myself with truth for the first time! My whole consciousness shifted in quantum leaps. What I realized in the collapse is that Rob was what I needed to discover my true self and my purpose, to lead others and myself to healing. I realize that I don't have to be with him to know that I love him unconditionally. I realize that the break up was not a tragedy, but a blessing and that I'm thankful for every moment. I have no regrets. I love him with all my heart. Now I can release him in love and allow my life to unfold divinely orchestrated. I recognize that my life has happened perfectly. Now I can open my heart to unconditional love and blessings. I can release the block I had to new relationships. I feel light and peace vibrating from within my innermost soul. I completely surrender to and see the inherent perfection in the divine order." I almost feel that the benefits are so immense that words are inadequate to describe the all. I have experienced a complete paradigm shift. My life is transformed. I know from this point forward my life is about having love and gratitude and being a teacher for others to reach this place of divine truth. Also I'd like to add that I have been to many motivational seminars and been so elated that I'd go home and inevitably crash into depression. With the collapse I now have a tool to take everywhere. I can balance my perceptions at home and no longer need to look for outside motivation. That is an amazing revelation and I can look forward to balance."
Melissa Forsyth
"Before the collapse I didn't think I needed any help in loving and appreciating my husband. I resisted listing anything negative about him because I thought negative qualities I had noticed were a threat to my love for him. I was repressing negativity because of fear. When I began the collapse I began to list negative qualities and I came to a few conclusions. I was imposing my values and ideas on Mark. He was not living up to my unrealistic expectations. I acknowledged ‘Faults' in him are really ‘faults' in myself. Until I learned to love the things I thought I disliked about Mark they would fester and eventually outweigh positive traits and things I ‘love' about him. I feel that my collapsing him at this 5 year anniversary point in our marriage I have saved myself hours of future grief. I am now empowered by the collapse and I will use it in the future as new issues arise and must be dealt with. I no longer fear sadness; I no longer feel burden with the pressure of chasing happiness for myself and providing it for others in my family. I embrace the divine law and realize that Demartini and the collapse process have changed my life along with changing my values."
Shawna Dudley
"I have discovered that the profound order of the universe knows, embraces, encourages and inspires me every moment, that this breaks my bonds of time and space and transforms them into light links of infinite and endless instantaneously accessible grace."
Maureen Stark Ottawa, CN Toronto, 2001
"It was wonderful to experience the energy level of everybody's presence."
Elizabeth Tucker Sillery, Quebec Toronto, 2001
"More inner peace, more clarity, more humor, more love. The universe is now all things at the same time, all love, both war and peace. It just amazes me."
Dino Zuppa Toronto ON. Toronto, 2001
"John is a wonderful teacher, healer, speaker and mentor and The Breakthrough Experience shifted my thinking process. I now understood the benefits of opposites. I was reminded of universal divine order. I was inspired to hope. I became more aware of and now practice gratitude. I am now more aware of my negative internal thinking and how it blocks me from having open heart. I learned to awaken to my beauty. I had wanted to go to school. I am now a student of the Concourse of Wisdom School of Philosophy and Healing."
Barbara Purslay Galveston TX. Houston
"Thank you for the program, we both really got some good ideas and appreciate your hard work."
Mary and Cathy La Port, TX and NASA Houston
"I said goodbye to a deep friend who has died and now send my blessings as he takes on his new journey."
Beth Macy Houston TX Houston, January
"Dr. Demartini you have greatly touched the lives of my loved ones. You have opened our eyes to a whole other world of opportunities and experiences and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless you Dr. Demartini. Thanks a million."
Michael Ladmerault Stafford TX. Houston
"At first I was not sure about coming, but now I am glad I did. You helped me realize that everything happens for a reason and everything equals out. This breakthrough helped me with all the past and I know it will help me through the future. The Collapse on Michael made me realize how deeply I do love him and made me thank him for the way he is even though I didn't do a collapse of my father that passed away it made me see that even though he's not physically here he still exists through others around me. I just want to say Thank You so very much."
Jennifer Ngo Stafford TX. Houston, January
"Obtained a language to provide structure for ideas and knowledge I already had but had not articulated in such a precise way."
Peter A. Demas League City, TX. Houston
"In over 40 years I have lived my life in a victim role with many years of therapy. The Collapse Process allowed me to begin to see there was a truth that wasn't judgment, wasn't forgiveness, but was love. I still have work to do but it was a beginning. Also the work on finding your purpose and mission has inspired me and clarified for me that my work with the frail elderly in long term care is where I am supposed to be. Again, still a lot of work to do, but a seed has been planted for my garden."
Nancy Flowers La Marque, TX. Houston
"I have made a fundamental self-identity and paradigm shift, which will change my career and life for the duration of each. This was the universe choosing the next step on what seems my interminable journey toward the enlightenment. It has been good up until now. This step was timely and crucial. Thanks again."
William E. Brenneman Houston, TX. Houston
"The Breakthrough Experience helped me breakdown the principle of perception and eliminate the illusions."
Kevin Shaw Newton, N.J. Houston, January 26
"I came expecting to experience closure and the end to a painful episode in my life. What I experienced was a new beginning and an opening to now enjoy complete and uncompromised love. I realize my entire future is in my control, nothing in life is put in my life to assist me on my ascension to the spiritual mountain top. My life will be forever changed and more properly guided by my experiences because I now see the perfection and balance in every event and relationship. Thank You."
Philip Roberts Fort Smith, Arkansas Houston,
"The benefits are way beyond words. My life and the future will not be the same. When I came on Friday I was consumed with grief and today (Sunday) I feel full of life. I was afraid to live, but now I look forward to the adventure. Thank you."
John Garner Webster, TX Houston, January
"I want to thank you for the powerful impact you have had on both my brother and my-self after attending breakthrough in La Rochelle, France. It has been an enlightening experience!"
Annette O' Neil
"Thank you for this last weekend in Brisbane. In addition to the personal healing I have learned a great deal about cognitive doors to emotional healing. Your Breakthrough process is a much faster and more effective door than I imagined. I had previously assumed emotional learning (a slower process by far) was about the only way to do this."
Scott Arbuthnot
"I was a participant in your Breakthrough Experience in Sydney July 21-22 2001. I experienced a major shift in my psychology on this weekend and had quite a profound collapse. I decided I really needed to speak to the person I collapsed on and tell her - as I had done on Saturday night - how much I loved her and thank her for all she has done for me. The time came on Monday for me to go to her house. I was really scared, butterflies going crazy and again I was wondering, "If I am this scared, have I truly completed my collapse or have I got more work to do here." I took a deep breath and drove to her house - as if drawn there by a magnet. I knew deep down she would be there. I went inside and before I could really say anything to her, we just looked into each other's eyes and both started to cry. We stood there embraced and I told her how much I loved her and thanked her for being her. She said she had wanted to tell me the same thing for some time. It was one of the most profound, loving moments I have experienced in my life and it happened exactly as you said it would - I just couldn't see her without love. The most amazing thing was she was waiting for me to come. If I hadn't gone there she was going to come to me. I have for a long time been wondering why the search for positivity and happiness has felt so elusive. I understand that trying to be positive in my outlook all the time and trying to be happy all the time is just a myth. It's an amazing revelation and an inspiration to do some hard work to find my true destiny and work towards creating it. I want to thank you for such a revealing, confronting, inspiring, loving, and magnificent weekend. Without all of your incredible wisdom and hard work over the years to develop your amazing philosophy of human existence and your dedication to the Breakthrough Experience I certainly wouldn't be where I am today. I thank you for opening my eyes to the truth and giving me the opportunity to live a more loving life. Thank you."
Jane Cameron
"The weekend was great and just what was needed for some new perspective. As John describes the impact Paul Bragg has had on him, he has had on me these last two years in no small manner. My concept of the world and my role in it has been expanded to a point that is difficult to describe. Amidst the trials and tribulations which have been a great adventure in the past two years, the best thing is I know I am doing what I was put here to do and be, living a purpose that is unique to myself and true to myself, which is liberating and inspires others! How can you thank someone for opening your awareness to that?"
Hamish Petrie
"Thank you for a great breakthrough seminar in Toronto. It was really eye-opening. I realize the importance of collapsing both parents, it allows perspective for looking at everyone else in the world. When I was leaving for home on Monday, it felt like a new world. Not a "positive" "happy" world, I was simply content. What a great change. Going to the clinic on Tuesday was a really good experience. I booked on Tuesday for the breakthrough in Chicago, knowing full well I am heading to do the Certification Training in August. On Wednesday I saw Marc at the clinic, we "collapsed" each other on the spot during our meeting at lunchtime. What an amazing experience. Now we cooperate and talk at a different level. I am seeing big and I have big ideas and dreams, and I am putting action steps down for it all to happen. Thank you for doing so much for the world.  What you have is precious; it needs to be known all over the world and I want to participate."
Elaine Eglin
"I was so excited to see your article and name in the Family Circle Magazine! I just wanted you to know that because you talked me into taking the seminar on unconditional love, my life really did change. You told me it would, and it did. I was able to heal my relationship with my dad before he died and my relationships with everyone I know has improved. You really do make a difference in people's lives. I will definitely be visiting your web site often."
Sandy Bowersox
"I am writing you to share some extraordinary experiences after attending the 'break-though' seminar and to express my thanks to you for some insight that you helped me find. When I left early Saturday morning, I had escalated the dynamics in my marriage to the point of us each talking about separating and then not speaking to each other before my departure to your seminar. After collapsing my wife, I felt a sense of appreciation for my wife. On the way home, I still felt a tremendous amount of fear and judgment towards my marriage. Finally I got to a point where I was truly grateful in my heart for the very thing that I felt I could not tolerate in her (and what I realized later was also in me). This quality was, of course, intolerance. I owned my qualities of self-pity, blame and depression and realized that I married a woman that was helping me in not enabling further exaggeration of these traits. Her intolerance perfectly balanced the over tolerance of people like my mother and it was providing me with a perfect environment for one of my highest priorities: personal growth. When I talked with her Sunday night, it seemed that she (and I) had dramatically changed. She seemed open and accepting! I thanked her for all the wonderful qualities in her, especially the ones that previously I had seen as negative. I told her, with deep heartfelt feelings, that I did not realize what a magnificent person she was and how lucky I was to be married to her. The dynamic in our relationship has dramatically changed and I sense more love, openness and gratitude than I have felt in a long time. I do not expect miracles from a single seminar (although it appears that I have already experienced several of them) and I understand that I need to continue my work to see progress and growth. The thing I remember most from your seminar was ‘do the work' and ‘continue to do the work'."
Len Silverston
"Thank you for all the time and energy you have put into illuminating the path."
Janine Houston
"Thank you for showing me the beauty of love and the power of my communication. I look forward to seeing you in Denver soon!"
"It's with gratitude, joyfulness and gladness of the heart."
Wing Hong Lew
"I think your insight about the horizontal nature of infatuation and resentment and how purpose is on a vertical and quantum reality is brilliant. I am watching this sink in to my over-all philosophy. I think you are doing a good thing and do appreciate you and encourage and support you to continue to make it a better product."  
"Late last year, I attended The Breakthrough Experience for the first time. I must admit that I was a little skeptical, as I had kept a secret inside me all my life that slowly ate away at me and blamed every bad situation that ever happened to me to this secret. I was so scared when I went first to go through The Quantum Collapse Process that day. There was a great relief after. I excitedly went through it with my kids as well and they really understood the concept. I also told Dr. Jeff Jenkins about it and he suggested that I write to you to let you know that I felt the experience was tremendous and so very fulfilling. However, I didn't feel at that time that I had a concrete reason to do so. Today, I do. My father called me out of the blue and informed me that he decided to move to the U.S. At first it was a roller coaster feeling, but when I saw him, I ran up to him and said, "Dad I love you, I'm glad to see you and I am grateful for my life and how you taught me so much." He was shocked! He started to apologize for having womanized in the past. I stopped him in mid-sentence and told him that he did not owe me an apology because that would mean that he had done something wrong. He has been humbled and I am grateful for everything you have shared with me. Thank you Dr. Demartini, I'd like to thank you personally the next time I see you. Keep up the great work!"
Anamarie Fox
"Thank you from my heart for sharing your life work with me. You have touched my heart and inspired me beyond words. You are truly a powerful teacher with great vision and pure universal intent to make a difference and inspire others. I am grateful to have had this profound experience, with love and light."
Janet Slom (Artist)
"This is the most powerful process I have ever experienced! After completing the Collapse Process I felt nothing but pure gratitude. I would recommend this process to anyone and everywhere who is ready for healing. Thank you!"
Yolanda Bradford
"Thanks so much for coming to Melbourne recently where I had the opportunity to do the breakthrough experience. There is so much of your life that I can relate to. I was and am in awe of you all, so honest, walking the talk, living the life we see, helping others work through challenges and grow, and doing it all without having your head so far up your own ass that the rest of us wonder if we are worthy. Prior to your seminar my largest PV week was 189, I just had a PB of 235 and for me that's special...but I know there is so much more that we are capable of. I have ordered 2 of your cassette tape series and expect to receive them in the next week or so I am looking forward to your Melbourne seminar in May. The capacity that you have to coach us to clarity, the radiance that some of your students gave off during their collapse. People physically change when they finally see the truth. Your own capacity for physical presence...I used to think I had no problem with presence but I was underestimating what it really is. My big message for my life mission... Lift it and you will find it! Thank you John!  We have some good things coming up; there is a lot to do! Man! These are exciting times! I love you."
Scott Springer Family Chiropractic Centre Shop
"It is a linking process to breakthrough what has blocked me. It has inspired me to do and have what I love."
Micheal DeMarse, Houston, TX, July, 1996
"Are you asking questions like, 'Who am I?'.'Why am I here?' and 'Where am I going?' The first step to those answers is Breakthrough. It will set your feet upon the Concourse of Wisdom and you deserve it!"
Carla Hill, Houston, TX, July, 1996
"Breakthrough was very interesting and deep...and it was fun too!"
Michael Bellamy, Houston, TX, July, 1996
"It was a great Experience! One must keep hearing the things that John says often to keep focuses and on the path of love."
Daniel Parker, Houston, TX, July, 1996
"Breakthrough has opened my eyes to see that judging does not love. It has shown me how to truly love someone, something, or a feeling. I also learned that with pleasure comes pain and with pain comes pleasure. Thank you. I truly appreciated the experience."
Gabriel Gonzalez, Houston, TX, July, 1996
"My experience of Breakthrough is the opportunity to experience the light that I am to the future. I have all I need. I am grateful for the 'me' that has been born in my past. I intend to share the message of love and gratitude to all I meet."
Diane Sweat, Houston, TX, July, 1996
"The Breakthrough experience was totally uplifting. I am closer to my father now and my little brother. When I came in I was unaware of what the program was and skeptical of its promises. I now am a true believer and feel the power and magnitude of this program. You can be assured I will pass on this knowledge I have gained to the best of my ability."
Carlos Ryan Benavides
"I did not think such love could be I know! The experience is uplifting and breaks you free.  Thank you."
Helen Reynolds, Plano, TX, July, 1996
"Thank you for the vision that you share. Thank you for the light that you shine. May your mission be filled with love."
Rusty Reynolds, Plano, TX, July, 1996
"Breakthrough has really opened my eyes and heart to love. It was an experience I will never forget."
Lora Villagran, Houston, TX, July, 1996
"Breakthrough happened at the perfect time for me. It will change the way I look at life, myself, and others forever. I recommend it to those who want a life road-map to follow."
John Rible, Houston, TX, July, 1996
"I thank you for the experience. I have a greater understanding of why I attracted my ex-girlfriend into my life. She helped me focus on school, gained relationships with many new people, and humbled me tremendously. I thank you John for sharing your studies and for giving me a larger vision for myself and of the universe."
Mike Jennings, Houston, TX, July, 1996
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