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Feedback From Around The World

People from around the world have shared their feedback regarding their experiences from attending Dr Demartini's programs. If you would love to add your testimonial to below please click here.


Teaching Today for Tomorrow
The workshop with Dr Demartini is helping me find ways of teaching learners more effectively.
Future Zikhali
I urge every teacher in our country to learn to do The Demartini Method which helps one to balance one's perceptions - whether these are perceptions about a learner's behaviour in the classroom, or perceptions about Government's expectations of what must be achieved in the classroom. Applying this knowledge has enabled me to become present while teaching, and assisted me in diminishing the occasions where I respond reactively to apparent circumstances or behaviour, causing me to feel more certain and clear while teaching. I've been teaching the underlying principles of Dr Demartini's work to my learners, as well as applying them myself, and they have been blossoming as they discover their own powerful abilities to look beyond the apparent circumstances of their lives. Some learners are even passing this information on to their parents. Dr Demartini's work enables us to experience accelerated learning.
Renette Nel - Teacher
An amazing workshop! We all work hard but don't always feel that we reach our goals especially mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The workshop was entertaining, intense and gave me new methods to cope with everyday life and to break through obstacles in my life. His method is a powerful tool to assist with personal transformation and enabling you to accomplish massive paradigm shifts. Dr Demartini is filled with knowledge, wisdom, introspection and great ideas. His inspiring way of conducting the workshop is an inspiration in itself. The workshop assisted me greatly in my dealings with students and with professional and personal problems and balancing my life. A truly wonderful experience.
Janneman Pieterse - Teacher
I had the privilege to attend the Teaching Today for Tomorrow seminar conducted by Dr. Demartini. His philosophy is truly reforming and groundbreaking. He presented it in current, practical and clear language that spoke to each person on his or her level of interest. I believe this modern psychology is practical in that it emphasizes a person's talent and responsibility to make his own choices and create his own happiness. The seminar transformed my life in that it empowered me by bringing balance to my mental, emotional and physical reactions. It gave me an effective tool to use in my daily life and in my contact with my friends, colleagues and students. It broadened my perspective of the universe and strengthened my belief that all is possible for him who believes it so. It motivated me again to live my values and chase my dreams. It confirmed that those dreams can truly turn them into reality if I apply my wisdom every day. I experienced it to be very effective. I benefit from the skills learned on this course on a daily basis, and I appreciate the opportunity that came my way to experience this program. Should I ever have the opportunity to attend a course by Dr. Demartini again, I would gladly do so.
Leonie van Dyk - Teacher

"Having been afforded the opportunity of attending one of the world's renowned, educators seminar, namely "The Teaching Today for Tomorrow", I have experienced a breakthrough in my personal growth and development.
It has impacted me so strongly that I believe I am not the person I was before having attended this course because of the way in which I see and experience my relationships with others in this world. Dr. Demartini effectively gave me the tools I needed in my life to understand the importance of the value systems we as individuals are only true and committed too. The way in which I have learnt to understand other people and what they are, without judgment of their actions, but rather experiencing appreciation and love, I realize the growth that is continuously taking place within me, which I attribute to the tools that Dr. Demartini empowered me with.


I am fascinated by Dr. Demartini's philosophy and education principles, so much so that I have made attending his training sessions to be a facilitator under the Demartini Method, as one of my long term goals in life. Each time I use the Demartini Method the results I get are awesome. Once again, I would like to express my heartiest thanks for affording me a once in a lifetime, life-changing experience, which I am truly grateful for."

Shereen Dindar - Lecturer
Attending the Demartini course was a life time experience and a long way towards personal empowerment and intellectual enrichment. The valuable experience I have gained from this course has enabled me to enhance my ability to co-ordinate my own personal values with those of my students. It was indeed a holistic course which integrated all dimensions of life. I wouldn't have second thoughts if I was given another chance to attend the workshop, for it's very worthwhile
A.B Mathenjwa - Teacher

I found the course extremely interesting. Bringing it into the classroom will definitely open doors of understanding between the lecturer and the student. To know that what the student values at that particular moment can cause the lecturer to address that need, link with it and open methods or skills to satisfy the need. Sometimes students can have too many excuses for not doing anything to solve their problems/ move on in life/ realizing dreams. They must be pushed to think and get solutions. The lecturer can help by leading them with well thought questions.


Dr. Demartini's positive and energetic presentation inspired me, made me feel excited about teaching again! Thank you for the opportunity to attend the course

M. Rautenbach - Teacher
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