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Feedback From Around The World

People from around the world have shared their feedback regarding their experiences from attending Dr Demartini's programs. If you would love to add your testimonial to below please click here.


Master Planning for Life

 "It's great to set aside 3 days of your life to plan your future according to your value system and have Dr Demartini right there if you have any questions or problems."

Michael Biribauer

"My life has changed over the 3 days of Master Planning. Now I am at the beginning of a new life, a new journey and I am so excited to see where it leads me. This program is one of the best things that ever happened to me."


"The Master Planning course gave me clarity to define my values and my purpose and answer the eternal question of ‘Why am I here on Earth?' Kudos on a well executed process which strings together many pearls of wisdom."

Nick Herbert

The course opened my mind to the possibility of achieving much more than I had previously considered. I have begun planning greater things for my life in more detail, and further ahead. I really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot about myself and my goals.

Samantha du Toit

The Demartini Methodologies have been a way of life for my family and I over the past 20 years and have moulded my unbelievable and inspiring life. Master Planning will guide you along the journey of life with an ultimate mission!

Dr. John G. Florendo, CNS - Director - Unlimited Wellness Institute
I recommend this program to anyone who wishes to take life by the reigns!
Dr. Oudi Abou-Chacra
The three days allowed me the opportunity to integrate, consolidate and refine my life purpose, goals actions and accomplishments. The course questions, discussion, insight and guidance provided by Dr Demartini helped renew my appreciation of my vision, role and contribution to the whole. Thank you.
Julia Kerr
Master Planning for Life has taught me how to take the reins of my life firmly into my own hands. The tail is not wagging the dog any longer, and for this, I will always be grateful! Master Planning for Life should be compulsory for all!
Amy Kleinhans-Curd - Miss South Africa 1992 and a finalist in Miss World 1992
I've had many passions, interests and curiosities that I have flirted with over the years. Until this course, I was unable to pin down my greatest loves and values, previously I felt that if I concentrated on one I would be limited and lose out. Not wanting to be trapped, I scattered my energies, time and focus and I achieved very few desired results. Master Planning clarified and helped me devise a plan to incorporate all my interests congruently with my values. For the first time I have certainty about what I want to spend my life doing. For this priceless gift - I thank Dr Demartini.
Denise Lundall
This course is the most comprehensive, mind blowing, discipline enhancing course that I've ever taken in my life. If you want to really challenge yourself, look into your soul and know what you want from your life then state it clearly, making sure that it is what your inner self asks from you, detail it, plan it, then action it for the coming years of your life. You will keep adding and refining this master plan, until you reach a point of writing your book of life, your destiny book in very bold letters, where no force can take you away from this path. Thank you John. With great love and gratitude
Khalid al Mahannadi
Thank you John, Clarissa and the rest of the team for the "Master Planning Seminar" last week. I found it to be truly challenging and inspiring. I was seriously challenged as I found myself questioning whether certain goals and dreams were really my own or simply an ideal that I had injected in to my life to subconsciously impress other ‘authorities' in my life... I have been doing this kind of work for a few years now and really thought I understood myself and was clear on my vision and my highest values. Not a chance! I was so frustrated on the course because I kept questioning what I really wanted. I also had to question whether my doubts were based on in-congruent goals or simply a result of huge fear that these dreams may actually be truly my own, in which case I would have to face these fears and challenge myself to really live the life of my dreams.... It was a such valuable exercise and though I only completed half the work in the allotted time frame, I now have a much better understanding of who I am, what my true values are and what inspires me..... I now understand what it means for me to be authentic! What a gift! I know the little time spent questioning and planning my life will alter the course of my destiny... I am already seeing results as I shed things from my life that are low on my values and focus on what really inspires me!! It is certainly not easy but to wake up inspired and full of vital energy is worth it! I am truly grateful! Thank you again!
Louise Diesel
Attending Master Planning has already had an impact on my life - one week later I am being presented with new opportunities and witnessing the beginnings of my master plan coming to life. This seminar has allowed me to plan and fill in all the missing steps to achieving my long-held vision and to crystallise, with inspiration and appropriate action steps, a future that I have held for so long in my mind's eye. I honestly believe that without attending this programme it would take much longer for goals to materialise. Planning and preparing for possible obstacles along the way was an empowering exercise that will change the way I deal with challenges, should they present themselves as stepping stones to success. This programme is truly a 3 day inspirational paradigm shift. Thank you, John, for presenting such an extensive and refined programme in which so many quality questions are presented to us, questions that demand quality answers that enable us to map out extraordinary lives in line with our highest values and potential.
Desiree Marie Leedo
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