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Feedback From Around The World

People from around the world have shared their feedback regarding their experiences from attending Dr Demartini's programs. If you would love to add your testimonial to below please click here.


Empyreance V
"This course took my mind back to the beginning of my existence and propelled me far into the future to help me see what is possible. I have expanded to a new sphere of thinking and I am walking away with a deep appreciation for the development and evolution of humanity."
Lisa Dion
"We had a great time following Dr. John Demartini on this wonderful journey investigating human origins. [We received] a better understanding of our world, where we came from and an astonishing explanation of awareness. [The seminar] opened doors through our past, pushing us further and further through our knowledge of our history. Many thanks of gratitude,"
Dr Arash Zarrinpour & Dr Mani Hesam
"The vast amount of work that went into compiling this course is humbling. To gain this wealth of knowledge in 5 days is truly gratifying. Thank you."
Jacobus Malan

"The amount of information is mind blowing."
Pieter Jamneck
"I am a student who is interested in sociology and anthropology.  I came to Empyreance V to advance my knowledge about the history of humanity. It was a very knowledgeable and interesting time to learn about the beginning, evolution and development of humanity."
Natallia Park
"Thank you for a truly inspiring journey through time. The wealth of information has given me a vastly bigger understanding of the evolution of man and all its implications. My mind has been stretched yet again and will no doubt assist in the ‘evolution' of my own life in many areas. I am truly grateful for yet another powerful and inspiring course. With love and gratitude,"
Louise Diesel, South Africa
"[Empyreance V] completely changed my previous perceptions on our origins and is a course that would impress even the most learned anthropologist or archaeologist."
Alina Judge, Australia
"The amount of information we received over the 5 days of Empyreance V was mind blowing and transformative. What an investment in my personal growth, empowerment and leadership."
Ilze van der Merwe, South Africa
"I am deeply grateful for being part of a very few and select individuals to have a glimpse of the history and wisdom of our human race. It is a truly inspiring compilation of the evolution of the greatest challenges I support that the human race has faced in the process to transition. Thank you John for the dedication to put together a masterpiece of wisdom of the ages. Wealth and wisdom,"
Roelf Alberts, South Africa
"As always, [this seminar was] extremely well researched - WOW. John, thank you for an amazing, mind altering, awareness expanding and very challenging 5 days. With gratitude,"
Thomas Tschofen, South Africa
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