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Feedback From Around The World

People from around the world have shared their feedback regarding their experiences from attending Dr Demartini's programs. If you would love to add your testimonial to below please click here.


Dr Demartini's Work With Teachers
Dr Demartini you are the boss. On day one I was a bit confused and I never wanted to come back. Today I have no doubt in my mind that I will finish the course. I am truly inspired. I teach in a township where I believed that many learners didn’t see a reason to come to school. I nearly gave up on teaching not realising how close I am to changing learner’s lives by making them realise their dreams.
No Name
An inspired educator grows a nation! If you have inspired the passion to make a difference, then you have planted a seed that will grow education in our country. You have planted that seed in me.
Thank you Dr Demartini for this powerful teaching which has assisted us to carry out our duties of enabling young minds to grow. I have been able to apply what I have learnt, both at work and in my family situation.
Brilliant, inspiring and life transforming.
Thanesh Singh
Amazing experience. I look forward to the next session.
Lee-Ann Pillay
Excellent presentation. I have learnt more today at the age of 57 than I have in my 30 years of teaching. I will definitely work with learners to help them know their values and work with them applying today’s lecture.
MP Kruger
The class helped me to link my values to my duties and responsibilities. It has become easier to engage people I interact with i.e. staff and learners.
This is our second session with Dr John Demartini and all I can say is 'wow'. He is an inspiring speaker with a vast knowledge of human behaviour, values and how to empower yourself and others.
Eureke Beukes
Thank you for inspiring me and teaching me how to improve as a teacher and showing me how to mould my students to become better and more achieving students and citizens.
Akhtor Ali
Dr Demartini continues to inspire us and expand our knowledge in order that we implement his methods in our classes. His ideas are practical and we are able to utilize them in order to make a difference. We value your input in our lives as teachers.
Julia Harmer and Kubeshini Reddy
What an inspiring presentation. It has provided hope that there is a way to re-engage our learners to get education back on track.
Trace Rae
An excellent, superb presentation. Dr Demartini’s psychological analysis of human behaviour is an eye opener. Value determination holds the key to unlocking potential in my learners. I think I have latched onto something invaluable. I will definitely pass this on to my teachers, learners and management team.
Pranitha Govender
I have attended Dr Demartini’s workshops since 2013. I have gleaned a wealth of knowledge, which I have implemented with my colleagues and learners. He has delivered 'hands on' information which has been easy to translate at school level.
Kamala Naicker
Very inspiring, informative, recognising potential and the importance of communicating and appreciating children.
Eastgate Primary School
Thank you for your inspiring words which is helping us cope with our classroom challenges.
Mr M Ncube
Brilliant and inspiring. I will definitely try this with my classes.
Sheila Scott
Truly Inspiring. A must for so many South African Teachers, who are demotivated and only focus on the challenges in education.
Mianon Snyders
The course ‘Teaching Today For Tomorrow’ is valuable in taking my teaching to the next level to make the lives of my learners authentic. It brings home how to make the lessons enthusiastic, purposeful and meaningful. Integration between the subject and the learner’s values is important. Once the creativity or task is meaningful the learner starts to have innate discipline, determination and responsibility.
Ms Vivien Cory
Dr Demartini's Daily Update
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